tagLoving WivesEsther and Me Ch. 02

Esther and Me Ch. 02


Chapter Two: A Conversation Overheard

Tuesday all my stuff arrived at work. I unpacked it, read the instructions and told my wife I'd be a little late and to go to the town square without me.

"Babes, go ahead and I'll meet you up there when I get home from work."

"You sure? I can wait for you if you want."

"Naw, go ahead, enjoy yourself but not too much," I laughed.

"All right, but don't be too late."

I got home at my normal time and the first thing I did was attach the GPS to her golf cart. I next put the wiretaps on the kitchen and bedroom phones and the video cameras in our bedroom and living room. The receivers I hid in our garage behind a box on my workbench and tied them into our home computer in the den. The cameras worked okay, and I called the house phone from my cell to check the phones. So far I was satisfied with the results. Within a half an hour I'd bugged my own house and set something in motion I hoped wouldn't end my marriage. I had remote access from my laptop and could tie into everything just as long as my home computer was on. I waited ten more minutes, changed clothes, and headed down to the town square.

It was packed, as it was every night. The plaza was the high point of the community from about five o'clock until just before nine. The only time it was quiet was if it rained and in Florida there wasn't much of that in the evenings.

I saw Sarah and a group line dancing in the square and noticed Esther talking to two other older ladies just off to the left side of the DJ. I grabbed two beers and made my way over to where Esther was sitting.

"I saw the Misses come up alone. Thought maybe something happened to you."

"I was busy bugging my own damn house," I told her with an angry edge to my voice.

"Steve, sometimes it's better to be blind and dumb if you know what I mean," she said with a concerned look on her face. "You're my friend and I don't want to lose you." She squeezed my arm and was looking sad for the first time since I've known her.

"I'd rather know one way or another because not knowing is driving me crazy."

"I just don't want you to go off half cocked and do something stupid. I've got plans for you and it doesn't include bailing you out of jail or worse. Hell, maybe we're both wrong and she's still the girl you married way back when." She looked at me and we both knew deep down she wasn't.

More than once Sarah came over to get me to dance with her and like a good husband I did it with a smile, even if I was making a fool of myself out there on the plaza in front of God and everyone. Finally at about eight thirty we were heading back to our place. We didn't make love since I had too many things on my mind and probably wouldn't have been able to get it up, anyway. She asked if anything was wrong and I just gave her a tender kiss and told her I loved her. I went to sleep or at least tried to.

There was nothing out of the ordinary Wednesday or Thursday. She must have talked to a dozen people making plans about this activity or that; she sure was one busy lady. I watched her get up in the morning and get dressed after taking a shower, which made me hard wishing I were home with her. She had coffee with a few of her friends and then was gone on and off for most of the day.

On Friday at lunch I decided to check to see what she was doing. I watched as she slept in, wishing I were lying next to her. She then hit the bathroom for a shower. I heard the phone ring while she was in the shower, it was Judy, she left a message to call her. Watching her dress I noticed again that she still looked great after all these years. Shorts, a halter-top, and sandals were the uniform of the day, every day, it seemed.

The camera in the living room was pointing towards the kitchen so I could make out that she was having coffee and a bagel when she started listening to her messages. She had two from groups she belonged to and a short one from Judy that just said to call her. I paused the video and went to grab a cup of coffee from the lunchroom.

Walking to get my coffee I thought about the differences in our life since we moved. It was more chaotic, at least for Sarah. It was like moving from a Wisconsin dairy farm to the heart of New York City. It was fun at times especially with the wide variety of restaurants, but the nonstop running is not how I pictured my retirement. The one thing I knew for sure was that when I retired I was getting my own cappuccino machine. The crap they had in the lunchroom left a lot to be desired. Back at my desk I hit the play button and sipped and watched my wife have breakfast.

I almost turned it off because how long can you watch some eat, boring. I decided to let it run a few more minutes. When she picked up the phone I had to switch from the video over to the audio feed from the wiretap; isn't technology wonderful?

"Judy, this is Sarah, what's up?"

"Just making sure you didn't forget about this afternoon." There was a pause.

"Not sure I'm going today," my wife told her. "I told you that Steve would never go for it, he just isn't that type of a person and doesn't swing that way so to speak." Judy laughed.

"Well, you still seem to be enjoying yourself, or appeared to every time we get together, and you're all Carl talks about since last Thursday."

"Last Thursday was pretty crazy wasn't it? I'd never been with two guys before and it was fun, strange, but fun just the same." My heart started to sink into the abyss listening the two of them talked on.

"Well, there are only going to be the six of us today, Connie and her husband have a doctor's appointment maybe we can all get together at your place?"

"I told you from day one, it was never going to happen here and I haven't changed my mind, especially after the last party Steve went to. I love my husband to death and would never do anyone in our house."

And "Well, then we'll all meet at my place again. If you can make it a little early I could use a some help setting up." Judy sounded all excited now. I disconnected the feed.

I spent the next two hours doing basically nothing but trying to breathe. I pressed the do not disturb button on my office phone and turned off my cell. I should have been angry, screaming at the top of my lungs and rushing home to confront my wife, but in a way I wasn't surprised. I was handling it like someone I cared about died. Shock, sorrow, and regret were all I felt. That fucking Esther was right again. She had to have a crystal ball or be a damn witch to know what she knew about everyone else's business.

I told my boss I wasn't feeling too good and needed to leave. The reason he looked concerned was because I probably didn't have any color left in my face. It felt like the blood had been drained from my body and I was barely moving. This must be what it felt like being on life support. Looking at my watch I didn't even want to think what my wife was doing and with whom at this moment in time. I got in my car and just drove.

Even on autopilot I ended up back in the area where we now live. If I weren't so distraught I probably would have gone to Judy's house and kicked everyone's ass but what would that get me. A night in jail wouldn't give me the answers I really needed. I pulled into my driveway, got out of my car and stood there in front of my house; I just couldn't go in.

I found myself at the town square sitting in a chair sucking down some suds. When I got here it was just after four and now it had to be going on at least six thirty. I must have been on my fourth beer when I saw the wheelchair pull up next to me I briefly smiled; she didn't.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be, you don't have anything to be sorry for. Besides, I officially owe you a beer starting tonight," I reminded her and walked or should I say slouched my way over to the open bar. "A fresh Bud for my lady," I said with a deep bow.

When I returned Esther looked at me and asked, "How much have you had to drink, anyway?"

"Not nearly enough," was my quick reply.

"Well, getting drunk isn't going to bring her virginity back."

"I know, but after so many years you'd think I would have seen and heard it all."

"Steve, she just got caught up in the excitement and got in with the wrong group of people. Not everyone here is exchanging wives and shacking up with everyone they meet. Look at me, I haven't been properly hit on in years." At least that brought a little smile to my face. "She doesn't know you know yet, does she?"

"Nope. But leaving my car in the center of the driveway unlocked will make her think something isn't quite right."

"What are you going to do?"

"Haven't a clue yet, it's still sinking in. My biggest question is why. I've pretty much figured out how long."

"I know I keep saying this, but don't do anything stupid. I know you're not drunk yet, and I think you should keep it that way for at least tonight. Hell, if you don't want to go home tonight you could stay at my place. It's just fat Lucy and me knocking around the place, and I've got an extra bedroom so you wouldn't have to double up with me; Lucy might like it though." Esther had a way of making me smile and I liked that about her.

"I don't know what I'm going to do yet. The only thing I know for sure was that my sex life with her is over. No more sloppy seconds for me, anymore."

"You know she's going to come looking for you here, don't you?"

"Esther, I'm not hiding, especially from her. However, if she's smart she'll keep her mouth shut." With five beers down I toyed with having a sixth but decided against it, at least for now.

"Well, my offer is still open if you need a place to stay." She slipped me her address and phone number. "My daughter is coming to stay for a couple of weeks, but there's more than enough room for everyone."

I was about to say something and get her another beer when out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of an angry woman heading my way.

"Esther, I think I'll be saying goodnight now," I told her pointing at my wife storming my way. "Maybe I'll see you up here tomorrow night, if I'm still alive." I tried to laugh but nothing came out.

"Don't you be getting yourself into trouble you here me? Like I said before, I've got plans for your ass."

"Steve, where the hell have you been and why don't you have your cell phone turned on?" I looked up at her.

"My wife, I think it's time we have a heart to heart," I said getting up and walking back towards my house leaving her there. She started talking a mile a minute at me trying to catch up. I turned to her. "Will you just shut the hell up until we get home, for Christ's sakes?" The look she gave me could have frozen salt water. We walked the rest of the way in silence.

"I had to move your car so I could park on the driveway," she said opening up the front door. She walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, poured herself a glass of wine, and sat down at the table "Mister, you've got a lot of explaining to do."

I thought about getting another beer but had really drunk more than I probably should have to start this conversation with my wife.

It was time to start. Glaring at her I tried to find some way to control my voice or I would just lose it. "I already know with whom and about how long it's been going on, I just want a good reason why?" And don't give me any crap that you weren't being satisfied at home." With those words she knew the jig was up. With more than a few sips of wine taken, the seconds ticked away while I waited for some type of reply.

"You know, you would have enjoyed it. It's not like I love you any less, but once you got into it, you would have enjoyed it."

"That's not what I asked. All I want to know is why?"

"You were one of only two men I've ever been to bed with. And don't think for a minute that you didn't do it for me, because you always do, but I got curious."

"You know what they say about curiosity and the cat, don't you?"

"Steve, I'm just sorry you had to find out. I knew you were too smart for me to hide it forever and eventually you'd find out, but everyone said you come around sooner or later. I knew they were dead wrong."

"So why did you continue with it? You could have gotten your jollies, had your fun, stopped, and I'd never would have known."

"Steve, I'm going on sixty. I've been a wife and mother since I was in my early twenties. I didn't sow any wild oats. I was a good girl, a better wife, and mother. Hell, I was hit on by most of your so-called 'good friends' at most parties. And while other wives had fun I remained true to you like I know you have remained true to me. I guess I got tired of being the good little girl. I haven't been with that many men and most couldn't hold a candle to you in the sack. They're not better only different."

"I guess you now like them two at a time?" That took her back.

"I don't know how you found out about everything, but yes, I did do it with two men, but only once. It's not as much fun as doing it with only one guy because there was so much going on all at once but at least I got to experience it. I love you as much now as I did when we first got married and you've benefited from what I've learned over the last months in our bedroom. As you can see, I'm not the shy blushing bride I once was, and I can give a mean blowjob if I put my mind to it. I'm just saying that nothing has changed and we can go on like before. If you want me to stop, I will if that's what you want. If you want to try it yourself, well, there are more than a few women I know that would love a shot at you. This doesn't have to be a deal breaker."

Now I wished that I had gotten that beer. My mouth was dry, my hands were sweaty, and the anger I was trying to control was starting to brew.

"Why didn't you just leave me in our old house where I was naïve and happy. You could have driven here, fucked to your heart's content, and come back to me at night and given me your well used cunt."

"Steve, I never did it with you on those nights. I never would have done that to you. I love you."

"Damn, I'd hate to see what you would have done if you really hated me. But in my book a wife doesn't give it away to every guy that asks. Did you make Carl smile today? I know how much he was looking forward to you at Judy's this afternoon."

"Steve, I can't say it enough that I still love you and this was just me sowing a few wild oats. It's not like I was going to get pregnant or anything like that."

"Did you use a condom every time? With all the shit out there you could already given me an STD or something even worse. Sarah, these guys have been putting it to every woman who would spread their legs for them. Can you tell me in all certainty that you haven't picked up some social disease? I know tomorrow the first thing I'm going to do is get checked out, and I suggest you do the same." I think what angered me the most was her cavalier attitude about the whole things. She wasn't sorry at all. She would stop if I wanted her to, but not otherwise.

"Steve, where do we go from here? Like I've said, I want to stay married and I love you."

"While I may still love you, Sarah, I'm pretty sure I don't want to stay married to you any longer. You've lied to me for who knows how long, you've made a mockery of what was once a good marriage, and I no longer have any trust left in you. I'll sleep in the guest room tonight, that way if you want to invite someone over I won't be in the way." She shot me an ugly look hearing that statement, but I wasn't done yet. "Tomorrow is not going to look any better, but at least now I know where I stand with you." She tried to say something else but I told her I'd heard enough lies for one night. I went to the other bedroom and tried to sleep. I listened to her cry and talk to someone on the phone until I finally managed to fall into a restless sleep.

I was right; my problems didn't go away overnight. I showered, shaved and went to work. I still looked like shit and although my boss told me to leave I needed to be away from her for as long as I could.

On the Internet I found out I was basically screwed. Florida was a fifty/fifty state and everything would be split down the middle. The house, our nest egg, both of our 401K's, everything. I wanted to fucking cry.

I sure as hell didn't want that house, but for her to buy me out would take most of our savings. Since I made more than her, I would end up giving her alimony, and because my 401K was a lot bigger than hers, she'd end up with fifty percent of mine. I was screwed anyway I looked at it.

For the second night in a row I went directly to the town square. At least tonight I knew that Sarah wasn't going to be all worried and looking for me, at least not until later in the evening.

"Well, don't keep me in the damn dark. What the hell happened last night? And don't leave out any of the juicy details?" I handed Esther a Bud and told her how it went down blow by blow.

"I checked it out on line, and I'm going to get fucked in a divorce to boot." I looked up as a tall woman walked up and handed Esther a beer. This time it wasn't Lucy.

"Steve, this is my daughter Catherine. She lives up north and will be spending the next two weeks with me. She's not a beer drinker and loves to dance but don't hold that against her."

"So, you're the infamous Steve Moore I've heard so much about. By what mom has told me, I half expected you to be an eight foot Robert Redford who could walk on water." I looked at Esther.

"To tell you the truth, I just told her you weren't an asshole like most guys." We all laughed.

"I understand you're going to be staying with us for a couple of weeks." I looked at Esther again.

"Is there anything you haven't told her about me yet?"

"Let me think. Nope. Can I help it if you're the only guy who keeps me amused and cares for me?"

"Has she always been like this?" I asked to her daughter. She laughed.

"This is tame compared to how she used to be. At least she doesn't smoke pot anymore." I gave Catherine my chair and went looking for another.

"See Dearey, I told you he was nice and a real catch."

"Mom, when are you going to stop playing matchmaker?"

"When you've got a decent man or I'm laid to rest, whichever comes first."

"Well, ladies, and I use the term loosely in your case," looking at Esther, "What's on your agenda for this evening?"

Esther immediately replied, "I plan on listening to the music and getting wasted. I thought it would be a nice gesture if you'd show my daughter around. She hasn't been here in several years. Also, maybe you can get her to eat something. The girl is skin and bones and could use a little meat on her." Catherine and I looked at one another.

"I guess I've got my marching orders."

"Steve, you don't have to," Catherine started to say before I stopped her.

"It'll be my pleasure, anyway I haven't eaten a thing today."

I showed her the shops just off the square and gave her the nickel tour. The music playing in the background was a nice touch.

"Sorry to hear about your wife. Was she cheating on you long?" I looked at her.

"Did your mom leave out any details of my life?"

"Not really. She even pointed out a few of the guys your wife was having sex with." I wasn't sure how I felt at that moment so I just shook my head.

"Name your poison. They've got every food known to man here." We settled on Italian.

We talked or I should say that I did. I filled her in on the details that her mom had failed to mention. I told her that I was still working and probably would be for a while.

"Has your mom always been this wild?"

"Steve, she's relatively tame right now. I thought she and dad would divorce a million times before he died. The best way I can describe my mom is that she was a free spirit. She smoked, drank, partied, but was true to my father her entire life. To look at her you would have thought she was a tramp, but that's what she wanted people to think. Those that would still associate with her and talk to her became her close friends. On the other hand those who took a holier than thou attitude with her, she went out of her way to embarrass. You my friend, she likes."

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