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Eternal Hearts Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Exploration

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

This story continues on from Eternal Hearts – Chapter 1: The Beginning, which you will need to read to keep up with the story.

Sitting up alone in huge four-poster bed, Kylie let the intimate, blood-scrawled note slip from her hand and float down to the silky red satin sheets. With a smile, she fondly remembered the night she and Lucretia had shared, sliding back down into the bed with a sigh, lying back comfortably and just being still for a moment. As she lay, she noticed the lack of a heartbeat, her heartbeat, no rhythmic thud in her chest, no racing pulse as she started to get a little turned on. She wasn't sure why, idly reaching up to rub her neck where she'd been deeply bitten for her turning, feeling the smooth perfect skin, no hint of wound nor scar, as her other hand idly slid down her body to rub over her bald pussy, her finger gliding up her slit, which was quickly wettening.

It became more than an idle motion, her hand now thoroughly rubbing her soft, smooth lips, her middle finger just teasing her clitoris as she spread her legs a bit more. Pausing, she thought for a moment. Usually when she got aroused she'd have the company of her girlfriend and sister soon enough to enjoy a romp with so would hold off taking care of herself. However, that wouldn't happen now, and she saw no reason why she shouldn't masturbate. Settling with a little sigh, Kylie started to work at herself, nice and slow, taking her time as she started to softly rub again, stroking her vulva and teasing with her fingertips, her nails adding interesting sensations as she let them scrape and graze at herself a little. Rubbing at herself with the palm of her hand, she created a mixture of general sensations, letting out a murmur of pleasure and a little smile, imagining it was Dannii rubbing at her pussy with her skilful fingers, about to sink them into her.

Kylie let out a little cry as she sunk two fingers into herself, feeling her body contract snugly around them, pushing against her muscles to squeeze them right to the knuckle with a groan of pleasure, just letting them stay a minute, squeezing down on them a couple of times herself before letting her thumb stray to her clit, rubbing in gentle little circles through her thin hood, goading her clit beneath to complete hardness as her body felt alive with arousal. Pulling her fingers back, she allowed her thumb full access to her erect button, pushing up under the hood to stimulate it, letting out a throaty grunt of pleasure, her other hand straying to her breasts, stroking over and giving a firm squeeze to her modest chest. Pulling slightly at a puffy nipple, she pressed quite hard and ran her thumb over her clit, giving a choked gasp as the intense sensation spread through her, making her whole body tighten up and tremble, squeezing tightly at her fingers.

As the contractions subsided, she pulled her fingers back, wiggling them a little to tease her slippery walls before pulling them right out, rubbing them over her shaven lips, spreading them with her abundant juices before pulling them up over her clit, moaning lightly in pleasure before she pushed them down again. Carefully guiding them, she split her engorged outer lips and let her fingertips glide easily down between her inner and outer labia each side, reaching the bottom and then lightly gripping her delicate pink inner lips with her fingers. With a murmur, she wiggled them a little, an interesting sensation since she hadn't really done this before. Pinching them hard between her fingers, giving a light whine at the slight pressure, she pulled outwards, stretching her soft inner lips away from her pussy, out further than they'd ever been. Pushing her limits, she pulled at the delicate lips, feeling the tension till she could take no more and let them slip juicily out of her grasp with a sigh.

She could feel them as they protruded from her bald lips, stretched like never before. They'd protruded a bit at times, especially when Dannii had been sucking at them, but this was something new. Reaching down, she brushed her fingers over the puffy flesh, feeling a pleasurable tingle, using her fingers to just tease at them before she rubbed them firmly, pushing them back between her puffy outer labia before she took three fingers and sunk them into her entrance. Wiggling them into her tight pussy, she gave quite a push and buried them in herself, giving a cry of pleasure as her body throbbed with excitement, her clit giving a definite twinge as her body contracted and clenched on her impaling digits. Pushing them as deep as she could get them, she again attacked her clit, only this time with her other hand, which could be far more precise and graceful than simply her thumb. Using her middle finger she rubbed at her rock hard clit through her snug hood, making little vertical movements which gathered pace rapidly with her breathing, letting out little grunts with each one as she dropped her head back onto the pillows.

Wasting no more time, she pulled her hood up a little to access herself completely and went to work with three fingers, pressing just right and rubbing in circles, teasing both round the edge and over the top, giving little squeaks as she let her polished fingernails just catch her most delicate area a little, the little jolts of pain shooting through her feeling magnificent, lighting up nerves she never knew she had. Twisting the fingers inside her, she groaned as she stretched her vagina, her velvet walls slipping over her before she pushed a tad deeper, hooking her fingers and seeking her G-spot. Searching with her fingers, she continued to rub at her clit briskly, not wasting any time now, pushing on for an orgasm, though she wanted the most she could get.

"Hmm Dannii's so much better at this," she growled, finding it a bit tricky to find her G-spot. She knew where it was but hadn't stimulated it herself in a while since she usually had Dannii between her thighs doing the work for her. Almost about to give up with the idea, she found the spot, feeling an immediate surge of pressure in her body, almost like she needed the loo but different, and she knew exactly how it was different. Biting her lip, she got to work on herself, using her hooked fingers to press and rub at her heavenly G-spot, giving sexy little yelps of pleasure as her body was wracked with it, her fingers working fast at her erect clit. Her juices were plentiful, making herself delightfully slippery, her pussy squeezing at her trio of fingers as they stretched her tunnel and attacked her G-spot, her fingers sliding easily over her stiff nub. She was glad she got so juicy, else she swore she'd give herself a friction burn or something with her energetic rubbing during masturbation. Getting close, she pressed the ends of all the digits on her right hand down on her clit, circling and smothering the tiny button, which was the button to release a huge orgasm on her as this point.

"Oh god..." she whined, quickly starting to twist her fingers back and forth on her clit as fast as she could, a move she'd discovered herself, rocking her wrist as she worked her G-spot from the inside, her thin, stretched out inner lips sucked round her embedded fingers as her muscles clenched on them. It was all too much to bear. Rubbing at her G-spot and using her favourite little move to attack her stiff clit, having only just woken up, was far too strong. Her body gave a spasm, almost making her stop but spurring her to continue to push herself right to the brink, pushing her limits of endurance. Her body shook with imminent release, her arm aching from the exertion on her clitoris as she tightened up, growling as she held on as long as she could, till she could take no more, letting out a loud, long scream of ecstasy, her hands both stopping, fingers being almost crushed as she surprised herself at how hard she contracted, her body giving a huge shudder and arching up from the silky sheets, a little burst of juices released from her pussy and leaking over her hands onto the bed.

"Fuuucckkk..." she squealed as a secondary wave hit her, arching almost painfully tight from the bed, her nipples and clit giving a throb, feeling like they might burst as she squeezed her fingers out of herself and drawing her knees up, her eyes squeezing tightly, face contorted in the rush of sensations as she pressed her head back into the pillow. As it washed out of her she sagged back onto the bed, letting out a breath she didn't realise she'd been holding with a stuttered gasp, her hands dropping limp as she gasped for air she didn't need, her body covered in a sheen of sweat as her knees wobbled and then sagged over to the right, pulling her hips over. She followed, rolling completely onto her right side, hair falling down over her face as she recovered. Regaining her composure, she probed at her dripping slit, finding her clit again. She gave a huge gasp and quivered, her mind almost overwhelmed by the surge of sensations. Her clit was still far too sensitive to be touched, which wasn't normal for her. Usually she gave it a little rub after to get a nice little aftershock, but not this time. It had been a big orgasm though she mused, and she was different now. It'd take some getting used to this heightened state of senses, but she was sure it'd work out nicely in the long run.

Breathing in deeply, she caught the scent of Lucretia on the pillows next to her. Leaning over, she inhaled the soft, feminine musk deeply, the smell conjuring up memories of the delightful romp she'd shared with her just the previous evening, making her sigh contentedly and stretch back in the bed, the sensation of the cool sheets slipping over her smooth legs quite pleasant. Giving a stretch, she yawned and settled back down on her back, just intent on enjoying a few minutes laid in bed. She'd have liked it more if Dannii had been with her to snuggle with, but it was still nice, though there was no daylight since the room had no windows, only the soft lighting that the Countess had put on the night before when they'd lustily stumbled in, which had been burning all night. After a few more minutes, she pushed the luxurious satin covers back to reveal herself, not feeling at all shy as she stepped naked from the bed, giving a stretch that would've let anyone have a nice look at her and then padded over to the large bearskin and picked up her gown. She didn't bother to put it on however and simply went to the door, taking the keys from the handle and opening it, blinking as the brighter corridor assaulted her vision. Stepping out into the light tentatively, she turned the lights off in Lucretia's room, leaving the door to let some air in, making a mental note to tidy it all later, lest she return.

Sauntering naked down the corridor, she resisted the urge to strut along the halls as she walked completely bare back to her bedroom, intent on using the large en-suite bathroom. Walking into her bedroom, she squinted a little at the bright sunshine and threw her robe and keys onto the bed, the sheets still stained with blood, picked up her wash bag and then walked through the door into the huge bathroom. It was a magnificent room, tiled black with white grout, a large round black bathtub recessed into the middle of the floor with gold taps and towelling mat all around it. Looking over the room, she took in every contour and shine, her sharp eyes seeing more than she had the day before. The bathroom contained a sizeable shower cubicle in the corner, made of clear glass top to bottom, two polished golden showerheads to cascade the occupants. A basin and mirror were in the corner along from the shower, against another wall with a large window, a shelf running all the way along beneath with candles on, which was mirrored on the opposite wall, above which was a long rack of soaps and bath oils, salts and much more. Just inside the door beside her was a heated towel rack, already sporting a large, soft red towel.

"Very nice, a girl could get used to this," she murmured to herself, stepping inside. She suddenly thought about the window and shied, then carefully stepped forwards and looked out, since she was completely exposed. All there was to be seen was the, her, estate, the lovely countryside, trees and hills, a river. Nobody could possibly see in, and it meant she could enjoy looking out as she had a bath, which would be nice.

Eyeing the tub, it had a thin seat down each side, which barely protruded to leave room for bathing, where she could see she could easily lay flat with her limbs out without touching the sides since the tub was so big. Padding over the cool black rubber floor to the tub, she looked down into it, taking in how deep it was, immediately thinking of the kind of romps she could enjoy in it with Dannii, compared to her more simple tub at home, though that didn't stop them.

"Delightful," she murmured, kneeling down to turn the taps on. The water burst forth noisily, startling her a little at the high pressure, but then the tub was so large it needed lots of flow to fill it. Balancing the taps she found just the right temperature for a hot bath, watching it flow down the curve of the bath before she stood up and looked round for something to add into it, looking up to the rack. Stepping closer, she dragged a finger curiously along it until she stopped at a simple bottle of strawberry moisturising bubble bath, which she selected. Uncapping it, she added a generous amount to the bath and stood it back in the rack, enjoying herself strolling about nude as she turned the towel rack on. Without thinking about it, she walked along past the window, glancing out as she reached the basin and glanced in the mirror, stopping suddenly at her lack of reflection, still not used to it. She pouted a little, then spent a couple of minutes to brush her teeth as the bath filled, foaming up and smelling delicious, noticing it smelt so much richer and fuller than usual. Kylie realised it must be her senses changing as she walked to the bath, now almost full, pushing the taps off with her dainty foot, careful not to slip.

Stepping over into the water, she stood on the seat and then down into the hot, bubbly water, the bubbles lapping up round her toned thighs before she lowered herself into the water, cooing as it spread over her smooth, sensitive pussy. Letting out a deep sigh, she gave a little shiver as the warmth penetrated her body, pulling herself back to the seat and sitting on it, her shoulders just above the surface. Kylie stretched her legs out and then laid her head back on the edge of the bath, letting her body go limp as she relaxed completely, just letting the warm, soothing sensation of the bath invade her. Lifting her head again and opening her eyes, she looked out the window for the first time, out at the clear blue sky, sunlight streaming in across the floor at an angle. She just watched a wispy cloud, the only one to spoil the clear blue sky, drift serenely across and then out of view, giving a sigh and resting her head back again, closing her eyes and sinking a little lower in the water.

And then a thought entered her mind. She didn't have a heartbeat or need to breathe, but she'd been naturally doing it anyway since she was used to it, and it looked better as well she figured as she thought about it. But she hadn't actually tested whether it was true or not, sitting up and pondering a moment. Deciding the only way was to test it out, she breathed out and then let her pert arse slip off the seat into the middle of the tub, her body sinking down, letting herself descend into the hot water. She was only tiny, so submerging herself wasn't going to be a problem, as she let herself drift under the hot, strawberry water, sinking below the bubbles and cutting herself off from air. Sinking till her back laid on the bottom of the extravagant bathtub, she looked upwards through the water, noticing her vision was much better than normal. Like most people, underwater her vision was blurred and fairly useless, but this was different. It wasn't perfect, but it was much clearer, her eyes weren't stinging and she was able to almost make stuff out properly. She knew what stuff was here though; the bubbles floating on the surface, her body and so on.

Kylie felt no urge to breathe, to gasp for breath, desperately escape the water and haul down air. Calmly lying back on the bottom of the tub, she looked around, quite enjoying the completely submerged sensation, the heat of the water all consuming round her little form for a couple more minutes as she lay there, reaching up to run her fingers through her silky wet hair as it floated round her head. Deciding she had more than proved the point to herself, she let herself float back to the surface, breaking the bubbles and taking a breath as normal, slicking her hair and the foam back from it, shaking her head a little and opening her eyes again, the room seeming bright after the gloomy water. Staying in the middle of the bath, she took a breath and laid back, letting herself float flat out on the surface of the water, enjoying the interesting sensation as the top half of her was exposed and cooled in the air, floating out in the large space before sinking back in, just enjoying the generous volume of the bath, something she didn't have at her flat in London.

Deciding she should get out, since she was clean and relaxed, she slid towards the taps and reached for the plug handle. It had a plug that was operated by a handle rather than conventionally on a chain, which she pulled, a loud rush of water breaking the quiet room as she stood up, slicking the remaining foam from her body, standing in the thigh-deep water, her gorgeous wet body looking stunning. Kylie thought for a moment, thinking Dannii would love to be slicking the foam from her at this point. She felt a pang of guilt as she thought of Dannii. She'd cheated on her, become a vampire and not spoken to her since the night of her arrival. If she didn't get home soon there wouldn't be a relationship to enjoy, and the thought of that scared her more than anything. Clambering out of the bath, she quickly nipped across the towelling matting to the towel rail, where the, ironically, blood red towel was warming.

Snatching it from the heated bars, she wrapped the large, luxurious towel round herself, giving a loud sigh of pleasure, smiling and pulling the hot cotton snugly round herself, just standing and enjoying it for a moment. She might be a vampire but she still liked the same things, and one of those was a hot towel. She quickly rubbed herself down and then turned it to the dry side and wrapped herself in it, finding another towel to do her hair. She sauntered back into her bedroom, setting about towelling off properly and then finding a hairdryer after searching a few drawers, getting to work. Without being able to see herself she found it quite difficult to do her hair, so used to just glancing in the mirror. After thinking about it for a couple of minutes, she decided she'd get it dry first and set to work, which took quite a while by itself.

Once she, and her hair, were dry, she slipped back into her long robe and went to clean the bathroom, taking a couple of minutes to clean the tub, and then went back to her new bedroom, to address the blood stained sheets. Wasting no time, she stripped the sheets from the bed, gathering them up and dumping them in the corridor before heading off to find more. She managed to find where Lucretia kept them after a few minutes hunting round the huge castle, selecting a clean white cotton set for her own bedroom and a red satin set to directly replace those on Lucretia's four-poster bed. Heading back to her room, she fitted the new white sheets to her bed and then collected her keys. Picking up the other fresh sheets from where she'd left them in the hall, she headed back into Lucretia's chambers, turning the lights up and walking back up to the tangled bed, left by her earlier after waking following their luscious romp. She stripped the bed and put the new sheets on, making the bed and then quickly sweeping out the fire into a nearby bin, leaving it as it had been before, ready for use. Kylie turned the lights off, then locked the door and carried the old sheets, collecting her others and looking for a laundry basket.

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