tagErotic PoetryEternal Moment

Eternal Moment


In the mornings bird song,
I slip into your dreams.
As you awaken, to the reality.
That I've become the dream.
Your eyes kissed open.
Your lips softly brushed,
Gently persuaded,
To have your tongue taste mine.

Softly bound.
The only sound.
My warm whisper,
That gently breaths.
Carnal intentions.
Evoking images,
That makes your heart beat faster.
Your nipples to yearn.
Your loins to burn,
For my deft.......and knowing touch.

Your anticipation,
Sends chills, goose bumps, slight tremors,
To all that I touch.
With gentle but strong wise hands,
I hold your soul,
Deep within mine.
You belong to me....only me!
In this moment.
This time.
That becomes an eternity,
Of sense, and sensation.
Of trust....and,
Complete surrender.
For my love demands it.
Commands it.
Lays you on my alter.

All that I wish,
You become.
All that you've dreamed,
I am.
As I taste you.
Fill you.
Become you.
An orgasm........that begins,
Deep in your belly.
Where no man before me,
Has sought to find.
I am.
Until that exquisite,
Almost painful,
Surreal death.......is released.
An eternal moment.

I flow with you.....in its torrent,
Swim with you,
In its eddies,
Holding you.
Enfolding you...in my strength.
My unbridled love,
That firmly...takes you their once again.
And then again.......and then again......and then.........
Till you have become me.......I you.
Never, ever again alone.
What more could you ask of love?

For my Lil one
(c) Bo 9/4/03 all rights reserved

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