tagLetters & TranscriptsEuroLetters Ch. 06

EuroLetters Ch. 06


Oh Clara,

Today I did one of the dirtiest things ever!! It was so hot... but so wrong!

You remember Lauren Lay, the girl with the really young Dad and how we all joked about hooking up with him after he got divorced from her Mom?? Well, all of us girls having kinda been flirting with him on the trip - not too much though cuz it makes Lauren uncomfortable - but today he came into my room! He said he wanted to talk to me about the amount of nights that I've been off with strange people who weren't in the group, and saying how concerned he was about me... and I don't know what came over me, but all the concern and the sympathy started to really turn me on!

I started wondering if I could really score with him, I mean he's only in his forties and he's pretty damn hot for an old guy! Plus he probably hasn't gotten any in a long time, you know how Lauren was always saying that he never dated because he didn't want to upset her... well she'd probably be pretty damn upset if she knew this!

So he's talking to me and I start nodding my head and just telling him that I'm out having a lot of fun, really trying to be young and live free... and I start leaning forward. See, I'd just taken a shower so I hadn't totally dressed yet, and I was wearing this really low cut top but no bra, and it was kinda loose so when I leaned forward he could totally see down my shirt. And his eyes just like, LOCKED ON to my tits, not like they're easy to hide or anything. So I started shaking my head a little while I was talking to him, telling him how sweet it was that he was concerned and make sure that my titties were swaying back and forth under my shirt. It was like, this incredible rush of power, he couldn't take his eyes off of them.

I stop talking and he's still staring and I asked if something's wrong. And he looks up at my eyes and he's just like, "No, no of course not, I'm fine."

And then I decided to stop playing, I was like, "It looked like you were looking down my shirt Mr. Lay."

He like stopped dead and started fiddling around with his collar, he couldn't even look me in the eye, "Oh no, Gina, that would be totally inappropriate. I would never..."

I was just like, "I don't mind, Mr. Lay... would you like a better look at them?" I didn't even give him a chance to answer, I just pulled my shirt off so that they were hanging there. I swear, his jaw actually dropped, he was like, sweating while he was sitting there, totally tongue tied. Watching him, I reached up and started to pinch my own nipples, tugging on them, and he actually MOANED.

"Would you like to touch me Mr. Lay?" I asked, getting up and pulling off my shorts and thong, I was totally naked and standing in front of him, posing! It was so hott, he kept looking from my boobs to my shaved pussy and back... I mean, can you imagine how turned on he must have felt? This young woman his daughter's age and I'm like, throwing myself at him?!

I walked right over and put myself over his lap, with my head hanging off one side and my legs hanging off the other side, "You're right Mr. Lay, I've been a very bad girl," I pouted at him a little, "I've been going all over and having wild sex adventures with strangers... and here you were needing a little fun and I didn't even think of it... I got spanked for the first time last night, would you like to spank me?" He had a vein like, standing out on his forehead and I could feel his dick poking into my stomach, it felt like the biggest one yet, "Please spank me, Mr. Lay, I know I could learn to be a good girl."

I was a little disappointed, he just sat there, straining... I could tell he didn't know what to do at all. So I decided to do it for him. I just shrugged and got up and started unzipping his pants. He tried to grab my wrists, but I just pushed my bare tits against his hands and he let go of me like he'd been burned.

"What are you doing?" he was practically yelping, like a little school girl.

"I'm just trying to help you out, Mr. Lay," I was giving him my best wide-eyed innocent look, "I know you want it... I can feel it..." I pressed my tits against his crotch and he groaned, his hands went to my shoulders and I think he meant to push me away but he ended up pressing me against him even harder.

I opened his zipper and pulled out his dick. I was right, it was HUGE, like 9" long but as thick as my wrist, I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to fit it in my mouth it was so wide around! When I tried to put my fingers around it they didn't even touch.

"Oh... you're so big..." I told him, and he just sat there, staring at me like he couldn't believe what was happening. So I just smiled at him and then licked the tip of his dick, and he jumped and his head fell back. That was hot... so I started sucking him into my mouth, just licking and trying to get him wet enough to work in. By the time I got his whole head in he was panting and his hands were working their way down to my boobs. Both of my hands were on his dick, trying to work him... it was just so wide!

He groaned when he finally got his hands on my tits, kneading them and pinching at my nipples. I moaned around the head of his dick, trying to shove more of it into my mouth... I'm not sure that even Good Head would have helped me here! What do you do when it's too wide anyway? He jumped every time I brushed him with my teeth.

It didn't take me very long to get frustrated, so I pulled my mouth off of him and hopped up, straddling over his lap. He tried to pull away, asking me what I was doing, but I just started kissing him and his hands were still on my boobs, and when his dick started nudging into my wet pussy all his resistance crumbled. Using my boobs he started pulling me down more forcefully onto his dick, I ran my hands under his shirt and pulled it off over his head. His chest was hairy, and I ran my fingers through it, using my nails over his nipples.

That dick felt so good stretching me open, I just started moaning loudly and couldn't stop, it felt like my pussy was splitting in half it was so big. And he just kept pulling and pulling so that my tits and nipples were aching as much as my pussy while I was sliding down him. When he was finally all the way inside me, he like totally lost it. He just rolled over so that I was underneath him and started pounding me so hard that I thought we would break the bed. This man had definitely not gotten a lay in a long time - that selfish bitchy daughter of his wouldn't let him go on dates... well he was making up for it now!

I kinda wish that I could tell her... I bet she wouldn't feel so smug about stealing my boyfriend last year if she knew that I banged her dad!

Anyway. Even though he was going at me like a mad man, it was still one of the most skillful fucks I've ever had... there is definitely something to be said about an older man. Every thrust he hit my clit, and he was grinding himself into my so that my whole pussy felt like it was on fire, even though he was acting like a rampaging beast he was still taking care of me!! How's that for gentlemanly?! It was just a good hard fuck, and I was gasping and moaning, clawing at his back, everything just egged him on.


And he just fucked me harder than ever. I actually shrieked when he came, he thrust so hard, it felt like it went all the way up into my stomach and knocked the wind out of me. Because he was so wide I could feel him actually pulsing inside of me, and it gave me another little orgasm - which I know he liked cuz my pussy was spasming all around him while he was still cumming!

"You know," he said into my ear while we were lying there, "You could call me Michael now."

"But Mr. Lay's so much sexier." and I bit his ear!

Can you believe it? And that's not all either... just wait till I tell you about dinner that night and the show afterwards and then what we did after that!

OK, so I didn't expect to make it with someone on this trip, I mean, I came to Europe for wild sex, but it's pretty wild to sleep with one of our classmates Dad's! Especially one as hot as he is.

I can't wait to write to you again, but I have to go! We're going to some Escher Museum or something.

*kisses and finger in your pussy*


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