tagLetters & TranscriptsEuroLetters Ch. 07

EuroLetters Ch. 07


Dear Clara,

ok, so I think I was going to tell you more about me and Mr. Lay!!! Well after we fucked he had to go back to his room and I had to take another shower.

That night at dinner I made sure to sit next to him, although he'd tried to avoid me while we walked over to the restaurant. He was totally blushing and everything, but we were sitting in a booth and I was blocking his exit so he couldn't do much. Lauren was sitting right across the table from us, it made me want to laugh in her face. All throughout dinner I kept pressing my thigh against him and running my fingers along his thigh... the first time he jumped so bad, I thought he was totally going to give us away! But he didn't, he just kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I was wearing one of my lowest cut shirts, remind him of what he was playing with earlier! I know I should be looking for another guy probably, but it was a lot of fun to be teasing him... and I'm not sure if I got my fill from just that one fuck!

Well, halfway through dinner I needed to go to the bathroom, so I got up and told them where I was going... well wouldn't you know it but Mr. Lay apparently needed to go too! He pretty much followed me over there... and you can't see the bathrooms from our table... he followed me into the bathroom. I told him that I really did need to pee and he was just like, "Ok, go ahead and go."

He actually watched me go to the bathroom! It was really dirty and kinda naughty but I liked it... I felt so slutty! As soon as I was done and wiped and the toiled was flushed he like, grabbed me and pushed me against the wall! We were kissing like mad, and I could feel his hand opening his pants up, and then he just like lifted up my skirt, picked me up so that my legs were over his arms, and pushed into me!!!! If his mouth hadn't been on mine probably EVERYONE would've heard me scream! It hurt so bad in that really good way, where you're not quite ready for the guy and he pushes in anyway and he's so big and hard and it hurts but you wish that it felt like that every time...

It was one of the fastest fucks I've ever had, no mercy at all, he just pounded me hard and was cumming in less than a minute... the crazy thing was I was really close to cumming too!!! He pulled out of me and was just like, "I have to get back to Lauren..." and walked out.

That was fine... it's not like I wanted him to get caught and get into trouble or anything! Although I was a little pissed that he couldn't even finish me off... one thing for sure though, he was definitely making me want more and more of him! I masturbated there in the bathroom, feeling his cum leak through my fingers while I played with my pussy.

Later that night we all went to the movies... I decided that I wanted to see one that no one else wanted to see. Of course, they didn't want me in the theater totally alone... so I asked if maybe Mr. Lay might be interested in seeing it with me... because I knew that the other two teachers wanted to see the Italian movie. They were happy enough to have him volunteered, although he looked a little worried.

I think he didn't like not being sure who was in control here. It probably didn't help that there was NO ONE else in the theater. Well, it was a totally Dutch movie with all these naked people, and they were showing some pretty graphic sex scenes... it was getting me so hot.... so I just reached over and put my hand down his pants. He didn't even try to stop me this time, just let me start stroking his dick - it was already mostly hard. As soon as he was all the way up and kinda softly moaning, I hiked up my skirt and hopped onto his lap, pulling my panties to the side. He just rolled the spaggetti straps of my shirt off so that my tits were hanging out and started playing with them. It was the hottest thing ever, a totally empty theater and his did sliding into me while my tits are out in the air for anyone to see.

I started bouncing up and down on his lap, while he used my nipples for leverage, and I was moaning "Mr. Lay... Oh God Mr. Lay... You're so fucking huge..." just over and over again. All of the sudden he pushed me forward and I was bending over the seat in front of us and he was just fucking me from behind, so hard that the seats were rocking!!!! My tits were hanging over the seat and it was pushing into my stomach, and he still hand his fingers pinching my nipples so hard... I started cumming while he fucked me, right during a big chase scene on the screen. That was good though cuz it meant that it covered up a lot of the noise for it.

After he deposited another load in my happy little pussy I spent the rest of the movie licking the juices off of his dick, cleaning him up. I think he liked that almost as much as the fucking... poor guy, he went from celibacy to me! Well, not really poor guy, but what a shock to the system! We all know that I've got more of a libido than most guys!

Well, at 3am that night - morning, whatever - I showed up at his door wearing nothing but my hair. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. I suppose it would be kinda hard to explain if one of the other teachers or students had seen me out there, but no one was up. No one except me because I couldn't quite kick that tingling in my pussy... I've gotten so oversexed since I got to Europe!

Well he pulled me into the room and he was immediately hard and all over me... it's so good for a girl's self-esteem! This time he really took his time though, laying my out on the bed and going all over my body with his mouth. First my arms and my legs, traveling into the center of my body, never quite getting close to my pussy. Then my boobs and nipples, and then finally, finally he started sucking on my cunt... I thought I was going to die, he ate me out until I came TWICE! What other guy is like that?! I kinda wanna keep him around, you know?!

So after that, he piled up a couple pillows in the middle of the bed and had me get on it with my stomach on the pillows and put one under my head. And then he started pressing into my, doggy-style again, and pulling on my hair and my tits. It was the hottest thing ever... but then he did something totally unexpected. He pulled out of my pussy and started pressing into my ass!!! I started screaming and struggling again, it hurt just as bad as it had the first time!!! Probably even more so since he was actually wider than either Micael or Vincent... he didn't care at all though! Just let me scream into the pillow and cry while he slowly worked his way into my tight hole! It was so unexpected of him... finally I just kinda quieted down and tried to concentrate on not hurting so much... it had ended up feeling good at the end of that first time... maybe it would now too, you know?

He's really starting to work my ass over, and it's still burning, but it's a good kind of burning you know? Like, it's starting to feel really good and before I know it I'm moaning and pushing my ass back at him, begging him to fuck it harder. Which is apparently all the incentive he needed, I started screaming again while he reamed my ass, and it just seemed to turn him on more. He started slapping my ass cheeks, telling me that he was giving me the spanking that I had originally asked for... it reminded me of that night that I spent with the guy who handcuffed me. I felt so little and helpless, but so turned on and hot at the same time!

When he put his hand under my body and started playing with my pussy I came almost immediately, I was so revved up then. And he just kept playing with my pussy, pinching my poor sensitive clit until I was having the most intense orgasm of my life... and it just kept on going! He didn't stop playing with me until he was cumming in my ass, and by that time I had tears running down my face and I was actually asking him to stop! My whole body felt like one big nerve-ending, like if anything touched me I would just die.

Later I went back to my room with his cum dripping out of my ass. I liked that.

I don't know what I'm going to do about Mr. Lay for the moment... but I think I'm going to try to find another group... now more than ever I'm thinking about that sandwiching thing... hell, if I can fit him in my ass, maybe I can fit two other guys in me at the same time! You know?! And maybe I'll keep fucking him on the side. He's a damn good lay.

*kisses and lick on your ass*

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