tagMatureEv and Kev

Ev and Kev

byMr Anything Goes©

Let me explain first of all, that I like older women. And, as a man of 28 years, that doesn’t mean women who are in their thirties, or even their forties. If she’s not twenty years older than I am, forget it. Not that I can’t get turned on by a girl my age. In fact, I’m seeing someone now who’s 25. But what gets me harder than hard is a lady over, say, 50. And none of your older women who look years younger. If I wanted a 65 year old who looked 40, I’d sleep with a 40 year old. Nope. I want her to look her age. I want to know I’m doing someone thirty or forty years older.

I’m not sure what started this particular craving. Perhaps it was seeing my mom naked when I was a boy. I masturbated to that image and the fantasies it generated for years! Maybe it was the woman from next door who took me when I wasn’t much older. She was my mom’s age. Whatever the case, I started targeting much older women when I was a teenager and haven’t stopped.

I met Ev (short for Evelyn) when I started volunteering at the local food bank. I was set to work sorting out donations and Ev showed me what to do. She was about five foot nothing, with curly grey hair and green eyes. Her face was cute but nature had taken its toll and when I guessed that she was probably about 70, I wasn’t surprised when later I learned she was 71. She dressed casually and I could tell from the start that her body, though in good shape for her age, was sagging in all the usual places. Nonetheless, she seemed really nice and pleasant and conservative. Those are three turn-ons I can never resist!

Over a month or so, we got to know each other, chatting every Wednesday morning as we worked at the food bank. As the month wore on, I asked her if she wanted to go for coffee after one work session. We’d been getting along really well and she agreed without hesitation. This was the start of a usual thing, and within a couple of weeks it turned into lunch. Ev was surprised that we got along so well and that the conversation between us was so natural, considering the difference in our ages.

One time, after we’d finished eating and were enjoying coffee at a small restaurant, the discussion moved to men and women and, naturally, sex.

“I know you’re married, Ev,” I said to her (the ring on her finger was something I’d noticed right away), “but you don’t talk about your husband much.”

“Well, he has Alzheimer’s,” Ev replied slowly. “He lives in a care facility. I couldn’t take care of him anymore. I think it’s best that way but I miss having him around.”

“How long has he been there?”

“Five years.”

“You must be lonely,” I said.

Ev nodded sadly, her pale blue eyes wistful.

“Yes, I miss male company. Having a man around, talking to him, laughing with him, having…” She almost blushed as she sipped her coffee. “Well, you know…”

“Sex?” I smiled as Ev nodded shyly. “You can mention that to me, Ev. I’m a big boy, I know what it is.”

“I’m sure you do. You probably have a pretty little thing for that.”

“Well, I don’t want to be immodest, but it’s not really that little, Ev, though some have said it’s pretty.”

“No!” Ev burst out laughing, drawing attention from other customers. “No,” she said more quietly, “I didn’t mean that! God! I meant a girlfriend.”

“Oh, no,” I lied. I was actually bedding down a neighbour of mine. A woman in her mid-60s, her husband went bowling every Monday night. That’s when she’d slip over to my apartment and get satisfied for the week. But I wasn’t going to tell Ev that. “No, there hasn’t been anyone for a while. We’re in the same boat, I guess.

“But Ev, I don’t mean to shock you but, well, have you thought of finding someone? I mean just to provide some of your more basic needs? It wouldn’t mean you didn’t love your husband.”

“I know.” Ev put a bony hand to the wrinkles around her face. Then she said, in an even lower tone, “I have thought of that, Kevin. I actually have…” She seemed astonished at these thoughts. “But, well, I’m 71 and the men my age mostly don’t have the stamina to, well, perform… Never mind perform well.”

“Go for a younger man, then.”

“Oh sure, young studs don’t want an old hag, Kev. Be serious.”

I was, I thought to myself. I was. I drove her home as I had started to do every Wednesday afternoon and said goodbye to her until the next time.

It was a couple of months after Ev and I had first met that it happened. After work, we had lunch where we laughed and chatted as we usually do. I drove her home and as we parked by the curb, I asked her if I could use her washroom. I figured even if she wanted me, she wasn’t going to ask me to come in and service her, so it was up to me. She of course agreed. A few minutes later, I had washed my hands and strolled out into her living room.

“This is a really nice place, Ev.” It was roomy and decorated with taste. Ev was a classy lady really, which was another thing I liked about her. I poked my head around one of the corners and saw the door open to the bedroom. “Still nothing going on in there?”

Ev smiled, a mixture of embarrassment and regret.

“No. But that’s all right. I’ve had a good run. Would you like some iced tea, Kev?” She turned toward the kitchen and I moved up behind her.

“Your run isn’t over yet, woman,” I whispered as my hands slid around her waist. Before she could register a reaction, I kissed her lightly on the side of her neck.

Ev gasped and put her hands on mine, to pull them off. I slid my tongue up her neck to her ear, feeling her tremble suddenly.

“Let it go, Ev. Just let it happen,” I told her. For a split second, her body froze, while her mind wrestled with a decision. Then she sank back into my arms and her hands slid over mine svereal times, as if to confirm that she was being held. “That’s it. Do whatever feels good.” She bent her head so as to give me more neck to lick. My tongue traced her skins around her ear and inside it. I kissed her face and she turned it to me.

We kissed long and passionately. He lips were thin but her tongue was hot, wet and strong. She started pushing frantically and whimpering, too eager. I pulled away with a smile.

“Easy, baby. Everything’s okay.”

“I just…” Ev gulped and blinked tears from her eyes. “I just don’t want this not to be real… I don’t want you to go…”

I took her shaking hand and placed it on my crotch where she could feel the long hardness of my erect cock. She gasped again.

“I’m not going anywhere until that gets what it needs…”

We kissed some more as I eased her down onto a sofa. I was getting so turned on like I do with every senior citizen I bang. I pulled off my sweater and Ev ran her wrinkled hands over my hairy chest.

“Oh God,” she whispered, the tears now falling down her sagging cheeks. “I can’t believe this is happening.” She leaned forward and kissed my chest, licking it with her pink tongue.

“It is, baby. You’re going to get everything you’ve craved,” I promised. I unbuttoned her white blouse and pulled it off. Her frilly bra held two large breasts; even with the bra though, they drooped lower than the average woman’s. I ran my lips over her cheeks and neck and shoulders, while I unfastened her bra. As I was pulling it off, she clasped it to her chest and shook her head.

“Kevin, please… I have a 71 year old body…”

“I know, Ev. It’s a body that I want. It’s a body that I’m going to fuck. Whatever you say now, it’s too late to turn back. I’m so turned on by you. If you resist me now, I’ll just have to rape you. Do you understand?”

It was what she wanted to hear. She wanted to know that I wanted her, no matter what. She nodded, smiled and let me remove her bra. Her breasts drooped almost to her belly button and rested on a slight paunch that she’d probably had since middle age. Her round, pendulous tits were the only things about her that weren’t wrinkled. They were big, saggy bags of flesh and I feasted on them. I gently lay my woman back on the cushions and slowly caressed each nipple with my tongue. Ev moaned as the nipples grew hard and large. Though big and fleshy, her tits weren’t firm and I could take almost all of one into my mouth. Her nipples were so hard now that they almost hurt my tongue as I licked them. When my lips let her breasts go, they flopped off to the sides of her body. I loved it.

As my tongue ran down her lined and loose tummy to the waistband of her slacks, Ev moaned again and said my name. She was enjoying herself. I pulled open the snap of her slacks and pulled them down. Many men would have been surprised to see the stain on the panties over the 71 year old cunt, but not me. With the right coaxing, a woman of any age can get wet. I gently pulled down her panties and Ev’s sweet pussy smell struck my nostrils. I let my tongue glide around her outer lips, as if it were seeking a way into the treasure room beyond. Ev’s breathing came in little gulps while I continued this but I thought for a change of pace the gentleness should end. I jammed my face into her hairy grey cunt, my tongue ramming her vagina. Ev screamed and grabbed the back of my head with her hand.

“Yes! Yes, Jesus, oh yes!” she cried. I kept at her, licking and thrusting, even using my teeth very mildly. Ev flailed her arms, used them to cover her face, stop her mouth, pull at her breasts; her body twisted and turned but her sweet pussy stayed right under my tongue. Then, suddenly, she stopped and relaxed completely. I thought she had fainted, but when I glanced up at her face, her eyes were open, blinking away tears and she was gasping for breath. She had come, though her vagina hadn’t given any signs of it.

I moved up the sofa, wiping her wetness from my mouth and kissed her lips.

“Oh, Kevin… That was… That was…”

“It’s okay, baby. Don’t say anything. That was just the beginning.”

With that I stood, picking her light weight off the sofa. Her arms automatically went around my neck and she watched my face. I carried the naked 71 year old woman into her bedroom and laid her on her bed.

I started unbuckling my pants, and Ev followed my movements with her eyes. She looked apprehensive and eager at the same time.

“Do you know what’s going to happen now?” I asked her.

She nodded and said, “We’re going to make love.” She was breathless.

“Not a chance,” I corrected. “I’m going to fuck you. Plain and simple. Say it.”

“You’re going to fuck me.” I could tell Ev wanted that to happen much more than love-making. I pushed down my pants and underwear at the same time and my long, hard cock sprang out. “Oh, Jesus…” Ev eyed my organ hungrily. She hadn’t seen one hard - or at least that hard - for decades. “It’s beautiful, Kevin.”

I slid onto the bed beside Ev and kissed her, letting my hands caress her body, squeezing her floppy tits. Then I moved up and presented my dick to her mouth.

“Kevin, I’ve never done this before,” she said. “What if I’m no good?…” My lover was scared she would displease me but I set her mind at ease.

“It’s fine, Ev. Just do what you want. You must’ve seen it done on tv or read about it…”

Ev blushed a bit and bent her head. She took my shaft with one hand and slipped her mouth over the big, red head.

“Ohhhh.” I groaned with that wonderful velvety feeling one gets when a new mouth takes your cock for the first time. To be honest, Ev wasn’t very good. She was all over the place. But the very fact of watching a woman as old as my grandmother suck my dick turned me on completely. Besides, there would be plenty of opportunities to hone her technique.

After a minute, I laid her head back on the pillows and said, “Beautiful, honey. God, you get me hard.” I gently spread her legs with my knees as I spoke.

“It was all right? If I-“ She stopped talking abruptly as I slid my cock fully into her still soaked pussy. She opened her mouth wide and, breathing in, closed her eyes. “Oh, yes, please, please, do it, yes, oh, yes…” I slowly fucked her grey bush, kissing her face, her lips, her eyes all the time. Her words degenerated into moans and I moved my mouth to her breasts. They so lacked firmness that I could suck on them in any position I was in. Ev’s moans changed to a kind of grunt as she started squirming while impaled on my organ. She got louder and her movements wilder. Then I felt her pussy muscles tighten on my cock and relax. She lay quiet again for about half a minute. Then she started once more.

She just had another orgasm, I realised with a smile. And I wasn’t even close to mine!

I bent my head and watched as my dick, hard and long, slid in and out of my aged lover’s cunt. My shaft was slick and shiny with her juice. I started to pick up the pace, as she came for the third time this afternoon, then a fourth. Each time she started squealing and moving her arms around, until she finally settled on gripping my wrists.

“Oh, Jesus, Kevin…” she whispered, “I can’t take any more of this wonderful feeling. It’s like I’m about to explode each time.”

I ignored Ev as I began pounding her harder and harder. She grunted with each thrust and started saying under her breath, “Yes, fuck me, Jesus, fuck me…” A moment later I was banging away so harder I thought I might be hurting her. But I didn’t care and wouldn’t have stopped even if I were. “Jesus, again, yes!” she managed to say. Just as she shuddered and screeched for a final time, I shot my load into her. I kept pumping until I was empty and Ev lay still underneath me.

I gently lowered myself on top of my new lover. She wasn’t bearing my weight but I could feel her heart pounding, her breath exhaling and inhaling like an engine. My chest was against her ribs, with nothing in between: her shapeless breasts hung on either side of her.

“Oh, Jesus Christ, Kevin… Thank you, baby, thank you.” She kissed me sweetly on the cheek. I was exhausted. I hadn’t done much work really, but I was always completely wasted after these sessions with my older girls. I was so emotionally turned on by them that I put so much into fucking their old bodies. “Do you want something to drink?”

“Sure.” I pulled out of Ev’s cunt and watched her slowly swing her legs to the floor. She was aching in her pussy, I could tell. But when she stood she smiled and sighed. As she walked to the kitchen, I watched her sagging ass jiggle. That’s the next arena, I thought to myself.

Ev and I still meet once a week or so. She doesn’t mind that I see other women and in fact encourages me to date a girl my own age. But I don’t think I could ever stop humping beautiful grannies like Ev. My only problem is how will I do older women when I’m Ev’s age?

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