Eve’s Halloween Daddy (and Mommy?)


There was no 'dirty' in sex for her! It was the most natural and healthy of things two people could do and that's how it was presented to me. And it was fun. I told her when I was kissed for the first time, when my breasts were touched for the first time, and she held me and smiled when I told her I'd lost my virginity.

So it wasn't like sex was something new between us, it was just that I'd never really extrapolated what she said about sex to her and dad actually doing it.

They did it a lot. I listened. And spied. There was a box hidden at the top of their bedroom cupboard that contained sex toys and accessories. Like the stuff you see on the internet. I found it. And just this past summer I'd found a film hidden under mom's panties. I know I shouldn't have looked but what the heck. I had just turned eighteen and there was no way I could deny my curiosity. Mom was dressed as a nurse in it. Dad was playing a patient lying in a hospital bed. ROLE PLAYING? My mother and father?

When nurse mommy pushed down patient daddy's sheet my plan was born. Daddy had a penis to die for! A porn star penis. Fortunately I copied the film to my computer that first day because when I looked for it a week later it had disappeared. And I knew they must have others but I'd never been able to find their cache.

Gunther Friday, September 18th 11:30 pm



"Duh! Who else would call you on a Friday night?" I asked down the line. I knew he'd have looked up from his computer screen the second he recognised my voice. Checking to see if I was in my room. I flicked my lights on and off three times. I was naked. I heard his gasp down the line as he took in my body. I turned the lights off. "Come over here."

"Now?" he asked. I hung up the phone and bent over and picked up my jean shorts from the floor. I had them pulled up legs and had pulled a tank top over my head by the time he timidly knocked on my bedroom door. We both had keys to the others house. I hadn't put on underwear.

"You're dressed?" he whispered, disappointed.

I ignored his statement as I signalled him to come into my room. "Have you got them?" I demanded.

"I ordered them. They'll be here next week."

For five minutes I questioned him on what drugs he'd selected, how they worked, how long the subject would be under. "It's like rohypnol, the man's one? He'll still be able to perform?" I'd demanded.

"Better," my co-conspirator boasted. "It's a new cocktail, the Latino gangs are getting it from factories in Mexico. Its new up here. Hardly anyone knows about it. The subject goes all horny, if it's a guy he gets a Viagra like mega hard-on, lasts forever, but he also goes dissociative, remembers but doesn't. You can plant stuff in his mind and when he comes to the next morning he'll only remember what you've told him to."

"We better try it on you when it comes, see how it works before we use it for real."


"Of course you."


"We have to be ready for Halloween."


"Halloween night, that's when we do it."

"We?" I nodded yes. "Who are we going--"

"I'll tell you next week."

"Will I need a costume?" I shook my head no in answer.

We talked for a few minutes further until I clearly indicated that it was time to call it a night.

"I guess I better go." He'd been stalling, clearly hoping I'd ask him to stay.

"Yes you better," I agreed. As he turned to go I added, "Oh hey, wait, I forgot, I've got the design."

"What design?"

"I talked to three different places, it shouldn't be too expensive. Maybe two hundred and fifty."

"For what?"

"Here, I'll show you on the computer." I clicked a few keys and brought up my MY PICTURES folder. "I found a picture on line and then I coloured it and put the letters on with photoshop," I explained before clicking open the picture.

"NO WAY! I mean it Eve, no fucking way!" Gunther was staring in horror at the tattooed cockhead that filled the screen. The shaft untouched under the bright, sky blue bulb with the letters E...V...E printed across it in white.

I leaned over and lowered his zipper. My neighbour cowered back even as my fingers slipped inside his boxers and grasped his soft shaft.

"Please." Gun was almost crying.

"It's beautiful," I said as I tenderly caressed it to life. "Bigger than Rob's."

"It is?" I could hear the interest in his voice even as he backed away. I didn't let it go.

"About the same length," I said as I stretched him, "but fatter ... and your cockhead is much bigger. Do you want to see?" As I talked I clicked open my NUDE ROB folder on MY PICTURES. I pushed play SLIDESHOW. My boyfriend appeared in all his glory.

"Gross!" he said as he carefully examined my boyfriends erect cock which suddenly appeared as a closeup on the screen.

"See, you are bigger." I held his up against the screen to compare them. "You know, yours is almost as big as Daddy's cockhead. Yours has such a big bulbous head; it'll be perfect for the tattoo."

I watched as his mind tried to take in what I'd just said and knew before he'd said it what was coming.

"Your father's? You have pictures of your fathers'?"

"Of course not! Daddy's is much longer than yours of course."

"You've seen your dad's penis?"

I ignored his comment as I reached to pick up my camera. "I'll take a few pictures now and then photoshop the design on ... so the guy at the shop will have a good idea of exactly what we want. I'll make a NUDE GUNTHER TATOOED PENIS FOLDER."

"I won't. Never, never in a million fucking years," he promised as my camera clicked. "Did you make Rob get one?" I shook my head no. "The other guys you've slept with?" I shook no again. "Then why me?" I could hear the desperation in his voice.

"Because Gunther, those other boys are not part of my future."

"And I am all of a sudden?"

"Are you crazy? Of course you are. We're going to the same University next year aren't we? And you love me don't you? And I love you don't I? You'll always be mine Gunny, always," I promised as my hand closed around his straining shaft.

"It'll hurt. That's not love," he protested.

"Well it'll never go in me until it's got my name on it," I promised, then sank to my knees between his legs and slowly brought my moist lips to its tip. One quick kiss to its one eye was followed by circular tonguing of the fat head. Then I jumped to my feet.

"Tomorrow Gunther," I instructed as I led him to the door.

"Tomorrow?" he sounded desperate.

"It'll take at least three weeks before you'll be able to do it. It has to heal," I told him as I led him to the head of the stairs. But then I changed my mind and instead led him past the stairs and down the corridor towards my parent's bedroom.

"What?" he mouthed quietly. I held my finger to my lips to quiet him. We heard the first groan of pleasure just as we reached the bedroom door.

"They're fucking," I announced but anyone would have recognised the noises seeping into the hall for what they were.

"Your parents?" Gunther mouthed. He tried to move away but I held his arm.

"She's noisy isn't she?" I asked into Gunny's ear, then ran my tongue into it. We listened for five minutes, my hand constantly caressing him through his pants, before I let him go. He came of course, spilling his seed into his underpants even as he heard my mother scream out her passion.

'that was so sick' he texted five minutes later from his room.

By then I'd been able to photoshop my tattoo design onto the picture I'd just taken of his cock. I emailed it to him with the message, 'tomorrow at ten'.

Tatoo Parlor Sept 19th

"On his penis?" I could see the doubt in his eyes.

"Yes, exactly like this, that's my name," I insisted as I pointed to the picture I'd just given him.

The man who was going to tattoo Gunther's prick quickly turned and looked at Gunny. "It's going to hurt man, you know that don't you?" he warned.

"A lot?" Mr. Tatto Man nodded yes. "Maybe we should--"

Enough of this male bonding shit. "We're doing it!" I announced in a voice that brooked no complaint. "Aren't we Gunny?" He was on the table two minutes later. With his pants around his ankles.

It took an hour and a half. Gunny cried. I held his hand throughout the procedure. Talked him through it. Repeatedly told him how much I wanted his beautiful blue tattooed monster deep inside me. During the worst parts, when I was afraid he couldn't take any more, I lifted my skirt, and grabbed his hand and put it inside my panties.

The tattoo turned out beautifully!

The guy who did it liked it so much he begged us to let him take pictures of it. He even asked if he could take some pictures of me, of the bare mound he'd been catching glimpses of for the last hour.

"When you get a tattoo buster," I said with a leer as we turned to go.

Gunther - October 6th

"How is it?" were my first words after I'd entered his bedroom. It had been over two weeks since he'd been tattooed.

"Okay I guess."

"Let me see." I didn't wait for an answer, instead slipped to my knees and quickly undid his belt and zipper. "She's beautiful," I complimented as my fingers circled his shaft and lifted him.

"My cock is not a SHE."

"Does little Eve still hurt?' I asked as he lengthened in my hand.

"Not too much."

"Next week? You'll be able to by next week?" he nodded his head yes. I gave my namesake a quick kiss and then tucked him back in Gunny's pants.

"What's in the bag anyway?" Gunther asked suspiciously. I'd warned him earlier in the day that we were going to try the drug out that night and had brought certain 'things' with me.

"Sexual accessories," I answered. From my parents secret cache. It was nine o'clock on a Tuesday night. "Where are the pills?"

"It's too early, we'll have to wait til mom's gone to bed," he said as he edged toward the desk and the bag I'd dropped there. I watched as he peeked inside. "Handcuffs?" Fortunately he hadn't seen what was under them.

"She's bringing us up cake and milk." I grabbed the bag away from his prying eyes. Gunther's father was out of town on one of his innumerable business trips.


"I told her we're having a Chemistry exam next week and that we might have to study late. She insisted that I try her carrot cake. Now where'd you put the pills?"

"I got ten of each," he said as he pulled two small plastic pill containers from his pocket.

"Which are the ones for the guy?" He offered me one of the vials.

"And this one puts the subject under much deeper?' he nodded yes as I took the other one from his fingers. We both turned when we heard his mom's timid knock on his door. I palmed a pill.


"Can I come in?" Of course she could! And friendly little me, moi, insisted that she join us for our milk and cake. She was delighted! Five minutes later Gunny's momma was passed out on his bed.

"You drugged her? My mother?"

"I told you we were going to test them. We'll put her in her room. We'll find out how long it lasts."

"You shouldn't have."

"Help me carry her," I ordered as I moved to grab her arms. A minute later we'd deposited her on her bed. "What does she wear when she sleeps?" I asked.


"We have to put her to bed ... so she'll just wake up tomorrow thinking she went to bed normally," I explained as I started to unbutton his mother's blouse.


Oh god, boys can be slow sometimes I thought but didn't voice. "Take off her shoes."

"Me?" he asked mechanically even as his fingers grasped her left shoe. His eyes were locked on the bra I'd just exposed.

"I can't see her naked!"

"Why?" I asked as I unsnapped her bra and exposed his mother's breasts. Immobile, seemingly incapable of movement, he simply gawked as I bared his mother.

"She's sexy," I said in admiration as I inspected her. "Look at her pussy," I invited as I probed into her lush pubic bush and opened her up.

"Don't... please don't Eve," he pled.

"Would you like to touch her?" He fled back to his room. Ten minutes later, drugged, he was lying flat on his bed, naked, his drug induced erection waving in the air, still somehow awake and aware but clearly incoherent.

It worked. On Gunther I mean. I stayed the night with him, did things to him. I used the handcuffs to test their efficacy. And I had the strap-on of course. He had to be punished for taking that dirty movie of me! It was weird having someone so malleable in your hands. I studied how he reacted to my demands. And then I planted an alternative account of what we'd done in his mind. To see whether he'd remember what happened or what I told him had happened.

Of course I filmed it all. I didn't want him to think I was trying to fool him! I also spent a few minutes filming his mom.

"Wake up lover boy." It was five thirty in the morning and almost eight hours since I'd put him under. I still had him handcuffed spread-eagled to the bed.

It took him a few seconds to realize what was holding him. "Eve?"

"I had to," I explained as I unlocked one cuff.

"Why?" I wondered what images of last night were flooding into his mind.

"You were bad ... I almost couldn't control you ... you woulda..."

"Would have what?" but even as he asked the question I saw the implanted memory of what he'd almost done flick across his face. "Mommy?" he asked, the horror clear.

"You ran into her room, attacked her, I had to pull you off. You said you were going to fuck her. You tried to put your cock in her mouth." And as I repeated this made up story I could see he was remembering it exactly as I had described it to him the night before, he was remembering something that had never happened. The drug worked!

"I fucked mom?"

"I've got to go, look at the film first, it's not what you remember," I said, then left without another word.

My cell rang thirty-nine minutes later. I started talking before he could say a word. "I told you you'd have to be punished for taking that film."

"It was rape! My bum." He'd clearly got to the strap-on scene.

"Just one more word Gunther and we're finished." He croaked trying to catch his breath. I hung up.

Gunther - Friday October 16th

'tonight' I texted. Gunther was sitting across the room from me. We were in our first period English class. I watched as he read the message and then smiled at him when he looked up.

'tonight?' came back.

'its better now isn't it? Healed?' I texted.


'my house, bring your video camera'

Dad, mom and Martine had gone to visit grandma for the weekend, I'd begged off, and so we had the house to ourselves. I'd insisted that we do it with a little style and so Gunther had arrived with a dozen roses and dressed in his best duds and we'd proceeded to one of our cities chicest restaurants for dinner, a pre fuck fete. Gun's dad had let him use the good car.

"Was your mom happy?" I asked as we ate.

"She couldn't believe we were going out, dad neither," he answered.

"We'll have to stop in over there when we get back, before we--"

And so we had. Mrs. Klugge, elated, had insisted on taking pictures of our first date. Then made no complaint when we told his parents we were going over to my place to see a movie. I knew he wasn't going to go home that night and I knew his mother wouldn't say a word... she was in heaven, her son finally had a date.

"Do you want to film it?" I asked as I led my beau up to my parent's bedroom. He was trembling.

"You don't mind?" Of course I didn't and we had two hi def video recorders set up on tripods within seconds. "Why here?" he asked but I knew the only thing he was thinking about was his penis.

"Better camera angles," I said, then moved into his arms and stopped any further questions with my lips.

We did it slowly. I wanted his first time to be something he'd remember and treasure forever. I wanted him to belong to me forever.

But don't think for a second that it wasn't good for me too. When I'd started going with boys it hadn't taken me long to figure out I liked sex. I came easily and often. And knew from talking to my girlfriends that I enjoyed it much more than most of them did. I'm pretty sure I'd inherited it from mom.

The first time I sat on top. I wanted to control the action, slow it down and speed it up as the situation demanded. I didn't want Gunther's first time inside me to be one of those two second premature ejaculation things that I knew virgin boys were famous for.

I needn't have worried. The second I lowered my moist pussy over his cockhead I was excited as he was. The thick bulb, so much bigger than Rob's, split me in a way that no other penis had. And as I slowly lowered myself down onto him it stretched my vagina and stimulated nerve ends I never knew I had. I was cumming before he was all the way into me.

Gun's first spurting ejaculation did come quickly but by that time neither of us cared. I was screaming in pleasure. We did it three more times that night before finally collapsing into sleep.

"I love you." It was ten o'clock the next morning; we'd both just waken up.

"You better," I answered.

"I was okay?"

Why does every male need to be told how good he was? "Much better than Rob, much, much better," I complimented, then leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss. Actually he had been! I slowly kissed my way down his body and by the time my mouth got to his cock it was rock hard.

"You can do it again?" I asked in a little girls voice, the wonder clear. Then, after tracing the letters of my name with my tongue, added, "Rob can only do it once, or maybe twice." I know, I was laying it on but you know how men are.

"I always told you he was a loser," my proud beau answered.

"We're going to do it here," I said as I lowered my body over his hard cock and took it deep inside myself.

"What?" he groaned.

"Halloween. The plan," I answered as I started to ride him.

"Here where?"

"In my parent's bedroom, here," I answered.

"We're going to drug somebody in your parent's bedroom? Won't they be around?"

I was starting to get very wet. "They better be," I said, then captured his lips with mine.


"You're going to drug your mother and father? Are you crazy?"

"You're going to be my cameraman."

"It's not right."

We argued back and forth for a while but I wasn't worried. I knew there was no way in the world Gunther Klugge would refuse anything I asked. After about twenty minutes of 'disccussion' I played him my copy of my parent's home 'role playing nurse/patient' movie on their bedroom TV.

"Oh my gawd," he muttered when mom lowered the sheet and exposed dad. I smiled at my friend sweetly in reply. Then I gave him his first official blow job. And of course later he was made to reciprocate.

Mom - Four days before Halloween

"You're going as a fairy?" I laughed as I watched mom pull her Halloween costume from the box. "Little Tinker Bell?" I teased. Mom couldn't help but grin as she held the gossamer like costume in front of her.

"Don't break them," she warned as I pulled the wings from the box.

"C'mon mom, you got to try it on for me," I ordered when she moved to place it on a hanger. She was dying to so it only took me a couple of secs to overcome her feigned indifference. I held it while she unbuttoned her blouse and stepped out of her jeans. My mom still looked pretty darn good. And I don't just mean for a nearly forty year old. She looked good period. As my boyfriend had mentioned to me just a couple of weeks earlier when mom had come out of our house in her bikini and jumped into our pool.

"Pretty sexy underwear mom," I teased when she was down to her bra and panties. Pink lace. "Victoria's Secret?"

"They're not," she answered as she took the pink fairy dress from my hands and pulled it over her head.

"They certainly match the costume, all pink and lacy." Mom blushed. "But I don't think Faeries are supposed to wear bras are they?" I asked as I approached her from behind with the wings which I then carefully slipped over her shoulders.

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