Evelyn's Debt


My name is Evelyn and I have been a student in a West Coast college for only a few months. My family still resides in Asia and they are extremely conservative. I was not allowed to date in high school, and until just recently I was not allowed to even pierce my ears. Now as I live away from home for the fist time, I recognize the moral fiber my parents had diligently worked to imbue within me.

In some ways I am a typical Asian girl I am thin and only 5'3" tall. My breasts are small by American standards I am only a B cup. My hair for most of my life had been long and black, but recently with the help of hair coloring it is now a light brown. I live in an older home near campus and other then the Internet connection I am happy to be here and look forward to my remaining time in college.

I should note here that having come from a strict conservative background I am still a virgin and plan to remain so until I am married. This is my gift to the man who will give me children. Unlike a lot of girls my age I am proud of my virginity and am anxious to see the face of my fiancé when he realizes the gift I have saved for him. Of course I need to find a fiancé, but it is too soon to be seriously looking for him now.

I was on my way back to my apartment one Friday evening after a study group meeting in the library and I was still quite into the discussions we were having regarding our European History class and I did not notice the two men lurking in the shadows of my building. As I began to put my key in the lock I felt a slight pinch on my arm and then two sets of hands grabbing my arms then my world went blank.

When I came to I was scared. I was in a windowless room, tied to a rope and was almost suspended by my arms in the center of this room. Most frightening of all, I was naked and had no means to cover myself. My fears were overtaking my body and I began to cry, I knew I was in a place that was no good and that my life might end right here, and at the very least it was bound to change dramatically if I survived.

My tears had slowed by the time the door opened and as I panicked to try to find a way to shield my body a tall woman, at least 5' 8" tall with long black hair down to her waist and a typical Asian body, probably larger then mine in both the top and bottom, but just as well proportioned. She was carrying a long strap of leather in her left hand and she was wearing a leather dress. It came to a stop an inch or two below her vagina and her breasts looked as though they were fighting to get out of her top.

She was beautiful and very alluring. She took her time circling me and studying my body from every angel before she stopped in from of me. My mouth open to demand answers but she merely put a hand to her lips to quiet me and pointed a plastic object towards the wall in front of me. A large TV screen lowered from a hiding place in the ceiling and turned on. In a minute a video began to play.

I stared with my mouth hanging open when I saw my Mom and Dad on the screen. They were sitting in our living room at home drinking tea and then Dad spoke.

"Evelyn, I know you are scared and wondering why Mai Lyn has taken you from campus. Please understand that the only way we could afford to give you the schooling you desired and earned was to make this deal. I know you will be stunned and will probably never trust your Mother or Myself again but we have sold you to Mai Lyn for the next four years to cover all of your college expenses."

My father was still talking but I had stopped listening, sold, I was sold to Mai Lyn, who was Mai Lyn. It must have been obvious that I had stopped paying attention because just then I felt a sharp pain on my ass cheeks followed immediately by another and another. I was screaming out in agony as they continued for some time. I must have been hit at least twenty times. When I opened my eyes the woman was right in my face and she said.

"You will pay attention to this recording, it will answer all of your questions. We do not have the time or inclination to keep repeating this to you so pay attention or the next time it will be fifty – on each cheek!"

I looked up at the screen that had been paused and focused on my mothers eyes as the video continued. My father was saying that I was her property, which was one of the reasons he and my mother were so adamant about my virginity. It was because a virgin was so much more valuable to a woman like Mai Lyn. I learned that I was to become a slave to Mai Lyn for the next four years and was to be able to continue my classes and resume most of my life. When Mai Lyn needed me she would call and I would be expected to come.

All thought of refusing ended when my Mother said.

"Evelyn, dear I know you are upset at hearing this but this is the way I was able to go to college and your sisters too will need this if they are to be educated in the States. You must not ruin this for your younger sisters. I must also tell you that your father and my lives are at stake in your ultimate decision."

There it was all laid out for me I did have a choice ruin the lives of my parents and sisters or submit to Mai Lyn for the next four years. As an Asian the answer was easy, I had to honor my family. As the recording fell silent I heard Mai Lyn shuffle towards me. Once she was close she began to speak, very softly.

"Evelyn, welcome to my home. You have heard your parents words are you willing to do my bidding for the next four years?"

I had no voice but I nodded my head as tears flowed.

"Very good Evelyn but unless you want to feel the lick of the whip again please answer me verbally!"

"Yes I understand my duty and I will do it for my parents! But I will not go easily into this degradation!"

"That's better but you do have so much to learn. First of all you are to call me Mistress Lyn at all times even if you see me on the street. You will always be called Lillian, while you are in my presence or on the jobs I send you. Is that clear, Lillian?"

"Yes, Mistress Lyn, I am to be Lillian and to obey you at all times."

I do not know how I managed to get all of those words out but I did. I began to look for positives and the fact that I could continue my schooling was nice but I was no longer a free woman. It sounded like I would still have my own life except for those times I was called to Mistresses house for duty. I would be her slave but I would not succumb to her I will find ways to resist. The only thing that nagged at me was why was Dad saying all that stuff about my virginity.

"Lillian, tonight you will be pampered and bathed and tomorrow morning you will be prepared for the auction. Please do not cause trouble and to assure you sleep you will be given a sedative so you are rested. I can promise you that tomorrows activities will be tiring."

Suddenly I felt my arms dropping and two women entered the room. They looked like twin goddesses. They were 5'10" and like Mai Lyn they were slim and sexy Asian women. They finished untying my restraints and led me to another room. I tried to get fee and run but they were far too strong for me and I really had nowhere to run. They subdued my easily. The room they took me to was a spa or something and while I stood looking about the women stripped out of their clothes and led me into a large bathing area. It looked like a small pool but it was filled with water scented with roses and jasmine.

Together the two women used soft cloths and aromatic soap to clean every inch of my body and a few inches inside me as well. They washed my hair and all the while they were doing this their bodies were pressed against mine. It was the first time I had felt a woman's breasts rubbing my back or my own breasts. It was a sickening time for me; I have no desire for women. I did notice however that my body was starting to respond to their ministrations and it disgusted me.

All too soon we were done and the women led me back out and wrapped us together in one large soft cotton towel. I was in the middle and unable to move as their hands now roamed my body. One of them spoke to me.

"I understand you are to be called 'Lillian' while you are here. Well Lillian we are to loosen you up for tomorrow. So tonight you will sleep with Tammy and I. You will be loved by a woman and taught to love a woman yourself. Please do not resist, you ass will be beaten badly so listen and learn Lillian."

Both of the women covered my body with their hands, their lips and their tongues. We eventually made it to a bed and one of them put their head between my legs and began to lick me there too. I have masturbated many times but I had never been this turned on. In mere seconds I was writhing and begging for more. Never had anyone man or women touched my vagina. The other woman lay on the bed next to me and kissed me pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. I guess that due to the first girl eating my pussy a lot of my resistance had worn away and I kissed number two back hard. I knew I was hot and horny and was ready for anything.

For most of the night these two women caressed and sucked my body and they had me do the same to them. At first hesitant I eventually allowed myself to try tasting her pussy and I was okay with it, the taste the feel and most of all the heady aroma that found its way to my nostrils was not as disgusting as I had thought.

In the morning I was bathed again and my body was massaged and rubbed with fine scented oils then I was dressed in a very sheer cotton toga that did little to hide my naked body. I had no panties, no bra and no shoes of any kind. I was led barefoot through the Mansion to a large room with an elevated stage along one side. I was taken to the stage and once again my arms were secured to a ring embedded in the ceiling. I was left alone by the twins for nearly an hour.

I finally heard some voices and Mai Lyn arrived with about a half dozen men in business suits. She had them sit in the chairs in front of me and busied herself with greeting the men and women who continued to enter the room. I had little choice but to watch this as it occurred. It wasn't long before almost all of the vacant seats were filled and Mai Lyn cam up to the stage and stood behind a micro-phoned podium. She addressed the crowd.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a rare treat this evening for someone's pleasure anyway. Tonight we will be auctioning off the right to deflower a virgin."

Oh damn, I said as I realized now what my virginity meant to my parents. All of me dreams are going up in a single afternoon.

"Lillian, as we call her has never had a cock or a hand in her pussy, in fact neither her mouth nor her ass have been touched. I know for a fact that even when Lillian masturbates...

She's talking about my masturbating, how does she know what I do. Shit she's telling everyone I masturbate. I can feel my face reddening I have never been so humiliated in my life.

"...ever penetrates herself even with a finger. So, our first auction tonight will be to deflower her pussy, take her traditional virginity. Will someone start the bidding at $100.000.00?"

One hundred thousand dollars for my virginity, they must be kidding who would pay that kind of money for a first fuck of a small Asian girl? They must be nuts to be so stupid to do this.

"Sold to the gentleman in the Blue Suit for $250,000 dollars. Now sit back everyone while we all get to watch Lillian have her virginity taken by force I believe. You do know you will probably need to forcibly take the girl!"

She was talking about me like I was a box of cereal forcibly take me? What, damn, they are going to have this guy just take me, in front of everyone, no, no, no. I watched him approach, his pants were off and his cock was huge, shit no way. A cry escaped my lips as he neared. I crossed my legs and locked them I was not going to let this guy stick anything in me.

"Nooooooooooo please noooooooo"

But he just kept coming and his cock was getting bigger. Two men came out and grabbed my ankles and they forced my legs apart and pulled them forward offering my pussy to the cock coming at me. He was lining his cock up to my virgin slit.

"Owwwwwwww Shit damn nooooooooooooooooo of helllit hurtsssssssssss meeeeeeeeeee stoppppppppit plesaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

My cries were ignored and the man rammed his huge cock into me over and over again the pain was intense. My vaginal area was being bruised I was sure and he was not wearing a condom. He just kept pounding in an out me. God how does he do it. I could feel his cock all the way in and all the way out. I could not believe how bad he felt. I had waited all my life to give my virginity to a man I loved and now it has been forcibly taken from me. I began to cry. My tears only incensed him and he started to pound into me harder and deeper. God it hurt. Only towards what was to be the end did it start to feel better. I could feel my body starting to respond to the incessant pounding of his hard cock in me. I think I was close to cuming myself when his cock jerked and he spewed a load of his ejaculation in me. I cried harder as I felt this mans seed spraying into me. As he withdrew I could see the final spurt of his cum spray my belly, I felt sick. I could not believe that these people found pleasure in my being used like an animal. I heard Mia Lyn's voice again.

"Well that was entertaining I hope camera man got the right angels. This is a video that will fly off the shelves. Now who want s to bid on her virgin asshole? Lets start the bidding at $50,000, do I hear $50,000?"

In my daze I heard the winning bid was $72,500. I did not realize that the winner was a woman until she stepped on stage. She pulled her skirt off and she was wearing what looked like a large plastic imitation cock somehow harnessed to her. Oh no I thought. I'd read about this it's a strap on dildo; she is planning to fuck my ass with that. Oh, oh this can't be good. Having my ass fucked is bad to begin with but to have it done with a molded piece of plastic. She could go on forever I was already scared about something being in my ass and after the way that guy brutally rammed his cock into my now sore vagina I started to tremble. All evidence of my own orgasm was now gone for good.

The men reversed their hold and held me backwards so my ass was up and spread my legs. This time however, two women came out to pull my ass cheeks aside to clear the way for the winning bidder. I was trying to hold my teeth together and not scream when I felt the dildo invading my ass. It hurt and I stifled a scream, it was not as bad as when the guy forced his way into my virgin vagina earlier, she seemed to be taking more time, being gentle. No matter how gentle she was pushing something in my ass that was not intended to go there and it hurt. The hurt was more of a pressure hurt as the thick cock forced it's way further and further into me, until I felt her abdomen pressing against my ass. She must be in as far as she could go. I realized I was holding my breath and I concentrated on resuming my breathing.

She held the plastic cock there and did not move it and I guess my ass became accustomed to it. She reached her hands around me and one cupped my left breast and the other went for my clit. She began to caress both areas as she withdrew her cock and then shoved it in again. As it plunged into me I yelped as it reached bottom, and each time it did I cried-out in the same fashion. It wasn't pain because my body was reacting to the three stimuli, my ass my breast and my vagina. I had that familiar feeling that I got when I masturbated but it seemed much stronger and I noticed my ass pushing back against her cock every time she pounded it in. My body had started fucking her cock long before my mind realized what it was doing.

It really did not matter as my body took control and had me spinning. My vagina was dripping, my ass was squeezing the plastic cock, my clit was erect and hard and my nipple was dancing in her hand. I never tried to hold back and I felt my body cum so hard I think I may have passed out. I remember opening my eyes and feeling emptiness in my ass, as the plastic cock was no longer there and my breast and clit were equally abandoned.

I hung there by my hands in a stupor, still enjoying the after glow of that orgasm when I heard Mia Lyn once again on the microphone.

"Ok all of you who missed out on Lillian's openings can now come and take her as you wish. Her ass and pussy have been broken in and she may be fucked till each of you has had a shot. Now we don't want to ruin her so only once each. You may cum where you want but remember a cum covered slave is always a photographers delight."

So I was in for a lot more, I was resigned to it, after all I was cuffed and suspended. I had no control and could only watch as men and women climbed the stage and proceeded to fuck me. I can not recall all of what happened it was just too much but I know that my ass and vagina were fucked multiple times at least ten to fifteen times each and most of the time I had a cock in both openings at the same time. They lowered me and a number of men fucked my mouth, what a new sensation that was. I was sure I would be black and blue with the pounding I took there. A couple of guys with longer cocks forced them into my throat causing me to gag a spit up on their cocks. They took the spit-covered cocks and just shoved them back in.

By the time the twins returned to take me back to bed, I learned that I had serviced about 100 men and women. The women all had strap-ons and fucked my ass or vagina, I guess even these folk were a bit hesitant to lick a cum filled vagina like mine was.

I was bathed again and allowed to sleep alone but I was kept naked in case Mistress Mai Lyn had a need. Fortunately she did not and in the morning after I was allowed to clean up again I was brought naked to her suite of rooms.

"Lillian you did all right last night, a little rough but it seemed like you adapted and did ok. Now today you are to be rested and eventually returned to your college and friends. Before you go we will perform on last procedure on you but once you are gone I need to remind you that you need to respond to my call and you are never to speak of this to anyone. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Ok now go with the twins and they will see to your final preparations."

The twins took me to a room that look very clean, almost sterile. A man came in and he had me sit in a chair that had spots for my feet, it was like the chair in the OB/GYN's office. They tried to make me sit and put my feet into the footrests and I kicked and screamed and fought. I was not going to be used without a fight. It wasn't until one of the twins grabbed my hair and yanked back did I stop and settle down some. They had to tie me to the chair and then they threatened that if I moved they would take a whip to my ass and not stop until I passed out. Eventually I was splayed open for him and he took a syringe out and he injected fluid into the lips of my vagina. He then used the same needle and punctured each of my breasts. As he fumbled in his bag I could feel my nipples going numb. When he brought out a tool and used it to punch a hole through my nipple, leaving behind a solid silver bar piercing my nipple I screamed at him to leave me alone and not to mar my body. My screams did nothing more then cause one of the twins to slap me hard across the face, while the other reached for a penis gag. There was no way I would open my mouth willingly, but when one compressed my nostrils and the other pinched and twisted my nearly numb nipple I had no choice. Now that I was quieted, the procedure was quickly repeated with my other nipple and soon both of them were pierced.

He attached a hoop to the ends to the bar in each nipple and soldiered. Both of my breasts now had a thick hoop hanging from my nipples. It was as if prison chains had been placed on me I hated them for it. I was sweating, screaming and moaning into the gag, but unable to stop what they were doing to my body. He started to work down between my legs but I could not see what he was doing. Someone eventually held a mirror there so I could see and I watched as he pierced my vaginal lips three times on each side leaving behind small rings of silver. I begged and shifted in my bondage but it was helpless. They would do what they wished with their slave. When he had finished there were three rings on each lip and he then placed an H shaped silver bar through each of the six rings and used a small padlock to secure it. I had a chastity belt pierced into my vaginal lips!

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