tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEvening Interlude

Evening Interlude


I had been in bed, trying to get some rest in the boarding house where I lived. I had just moved into the big city to find my fame and fortune, and was finding my funds were disappearing at an alarming rate. There were 4 rooms on the top floor. A couple of students in one room, a young couple across the hall and a small storage room next door. We all shared a small bathroom and had kitchen privileges as long as we cleaned up and didn't piss-off the house mother....I mean landlord. My early evening was disrupted by some sort of commotion across the hall. I slid out of bed and opened my door a crack in order to see what was going on. I sleep in the nude, and had been hovering between slumber and reality for some time. When I stood up, the first thing I needed was to pee, so I reached down and squeezed my "little friend" in order to postpone the urgency. The hall lights were off, but a warm inviting glow was coming from the couple's room across the hall.

I stood looking through the crack in the doorway and watched in amazement as the bed was dismantled, with the bedding and pillows tossed to one side, and the mattress heaved toward the doorway, folded onto itself, and the guy was doing something to the bed-frame.

There were all kinds of hushed talking going on between them, but it was not audible to me. The woman was in her early 30,s and to me she looked like an angel. She was very attractive. She had curly dark hair, and always wore a blouse and mid calf length pleated skirts. She was about 5'7" and had large breasts.

She was a perfect match for the guy, who was 5'9" tall, very wiry, and was able to lift her and twirl her around until her skirts kited open and you could see her panty covered bottom. I had witnessed this behavior many times, usually some kind of foreplay that was followed by the relentless sound of bed springs thumping in time with the groans and gasps of the woman. My god they could fuck. Many a night I stretched my cock while they went at it. I could seldom last as long as they did. Time after time her voice would get louder and louder and then fade to nothing. Then she would start to build up again. Sometimes you could hear her begging him," Please don't stop" You would hear her voce and then the guttural sounds of enjoyment while the bed springs sang their song.

As I watched, my cock now firmly in hand, she moved over to the mattress on the floor and lay down on it and started to raise her skirt up until her pussy was exposed. I had seen her a few times before; a "chance glance" if you will, when she darted out of the bathroom late at night. There was no doubt in my mind that she was totally fuckable, but I had never really wanted her with all the lusty passion that comes from wanting a woman This time things were very different. The exposure was enhanced by the way that she moved and teased him.

She giggled and cooed softly, and her fur covered pussy lips started to spread slightly as she moved her legs around.

The guy must have been about ready to "blow", because he came over and undid his belt, button and zipper, and then holding his pants with both hands, he stepped out of them, underwear and all.

They didn't remove any other clothes, but he went over to the mattress where she was lying on an angle, because it was folded onto itself, and he dropped to his knees. He then put a big gob of spit on two fingers and I watched him rub it between her pussy lips. Then he got between her legs and leaned down and began thrusting. Repeatedly he thrust his ass down and up. I couldn't see what was happening because his shirt tail fluttered over his ass.

I started to beat my meat in time with their rhythm. The pressure in my bladder was intensifying the feelings that were welling up in my balls.

What I could see and hear very plainly, was the woman moving and gasping for breath. She giggled and gasped and I could see beads of perspiration on her forehead. As he kept thrusting, the colour in her cheeks became rosy. I could hear lovely squishy sounds as their slamming bodies kept me almost in a trance.

I felt my cum bubbling up, past the point of no return. I jerked and bumped my head against the door. Gobs of gooey spunk shot on the door frame and ran down the wall. I kept stroking my cock, hoping that it wouldn't stop.

I don't know how long it was, but before too long, he heaved and then seemed to freeze for a few moments. Then it was over. He got up, reached for his pants, and went back to what he was doing on the bed.

I looked over at the woman, all hot and sweaty with her dress pulled up on her tummy, and saw her fingers slowly stroking her pussy lips. There on the bare mattress she lay with her legs slightly spread, rubbing her cunt lips while this cream oozed out all over and ran down her crack.

I don't remember much else about that evening except I was so grateful that the door to their room got pushed shut. I had cum all over the place and now I had to piss so bad I couldn't swallow. I grabbed a towel and quickly darted down the hall to the bathroom. I lifted the seat up and hung my dick out and tried to start my stream. God it hurt. I had to piss so badly and it wouldn't start. I tried to relax and after a moment piss began to dribble out. It took a long time and I was shifting my weight from one foot to the other. I wished I could just get some relief. Then there was a soft knock on the door. "Just a minute" I called out.

After what seemed like forever, my dick seemed to be drained and it was now shrinking to its normal resting size. I quickly wiped off the seat and wrapped towel around me as I flushed. I opened the door and looked out into the hall.

There she was, a little more composed now then what was etched in my mind, but she had changed into a robe that was loosely tied at her waist. Her boobs were clearly visible as she sashayed by me into the bathroom. As she passed me she looked deep into my eyes and blew me a kiss.

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