It was a warm Saturday evening and after a quick shower she decided to take a stroll to ease her loneliness. After slipping on a pair of fresh panties and an old white T-shirt Eve wriggled into her tight jeans. Taking nothing but her keys with her Eve headed for the open space of the local park with her cropped blonde hair still quite damp from the shower. Her boyfriend Ted was out of the country working abroad and she was missing him like crazy. Eve's mind drifted as she wandered towards the lake deciding that to watch the ducks for a while may be quite therapeutic. They were madly in love, he'd been away for a fortnight already and without him she felt quite frustrated and very alone. Her agony was heightened as she reminded herself he would be gone for several weeks yet. Desolately Eve perched herself on a bench close to the lake and allowed her mind to wander as her eyes stared out across the expanse of water. Warm evening sunlight bathed her body as eventually her far wandering thoughts had Eve inevitably imagining them making love which of course n turn made her feel more frustrated more wretched and lonely than ever.

Many people passed her by as she sat daydreaming in the warm evening air and Eve paid any of them little or no attention at all until a girl walking slowly around the far side of the lake happened to catch her eye. Watching absent-mindedly at first Eve paid little heed to the girl who slowly made her way around the lake watching the ducks as she did so. Very nonchalantly the girl stopped right before Eve's bench and leant on the low railing to watch the water birds as they began to settle for the night. To her own amazement Eve suddenly found herself wondering what such a sexy girl like that was doing watching ducks. With a figure like hers she should be getting her arse shagged silly not wasting her time here spying on wild fowl Eve found herself thinking.

A peculiar but exhilarating thrill ran through her as she found herself paying the girl more attention than she thought she aught to. The girl stood upright and turned to gaze into the distance, her profile really was gorgeous and her long thick black mane seemed to absorb the fading light into it as it danced in the now cooling evening breeze. The girl wore a thin green silk top and Eve couldn't help noticing how the hard points of her nipples thrust against the clinging fabric. Unable to stop herself Eve found her eyes wandering over the exquisite girl she noticed how the short black skirt and high-heeled shoes she wore complimented her legs perfectly.

What the hell was she doing eyeing up another woman Eve thought, shit she must be getting more frustrated without Ted than she realised. Surprised by her own reactions Eve could hardly believe the erotic perversity of the thoughts that began to formulate in her frustrated mind as she sat there. Of course she'd seen Ted's dirty videos some of which of course had shown women fucking each other and although Eve had found them interesting they hadn't exactly excited her. She was still struggling with the turmoil the vision had created in her when it spoke without moving.

"I love watching the ducks in the evening" the vision spoke quietly without looking at her jolting Eve to her senses, "don't you?"

"Do you think they're hungry?" Eve found herself blurting out without thinking.

She trembled with fearful excitement even before the girl turned to look at her, she felt herself blushing crimson with embarrassment as their eyes met in case the girl had caught sight of her admiring stare. The most beautiful twinkling green eyes latched onto hers holding her breathlessly in their gaze.

"I don't know about them but I am," came the girl's measured reply, the inferred note missed Eve as she continued "Brrr it's getting chilly."

"Do you think so?" Eve actually felt quite hot as the blood flushed her face and also very uncomfortable.

"Lets walk a while shall we?" something in the girl's tone implied she was not asking but telling Eve to go with her.

That was how the conversation started and suddenly Eve found herself impelled to follow the girl when she turned away. The intensity of the panic that welled up as the girl began to saunter off felt as though it would swamp Eve. She scampered after her feeling like a child that had at last seen it's mother after being lost in a strange place As if she was scared to loose her Eve drew alongside the girl, slowing to the same speed Eve slipped her thumbs into the pockets of her jeans as she adjusted her pace to that of the girl. It felt right to accept the welcome intrusion as the girl casually slipped her arm in to link with hers. Time passed rapidly, soon the chilly darkness drew in around them as they strolled about the park and Eve became more aware of the cold. An irrepressible shiver ran through her which the girl noticed, she stopped and turned to face Eve.

"Are you cold?" she sounded concerned.

Eve shivered. "Just a little."

"Would you like something to warm you up a little?" the girl's voice was inviting, soft and warm, it promised something delightful as it flowed over her.

"Mmm, that'd be nice."

"My name's Raven, my place is not far from here, do you want to see it?" the girl smiled enchantingly at her, the girl's green eyes glittered in the fading light.

"Oh, I don't know, err OK yes I suppose I could" Eve giggled nervously unsure if this was a pickup or not "I'm Eve by the way."

Strangely Eve felt no reason to pull away, indeed her heart skipped happily as the girl drew her closer still and boldly slipped her arm around her waist. Welcome of the warmth the closeness brought her Eve reciprocated by slipping her arm around the girl's shoulder and tried to ignore the pleasure and arousal it caused in her. Raven seemed so likeable Eve had warmed to her instantly, she felt confident she could easily handle the situation if things turned odd. Upon welcoming Raven's company Eve felt her earlier painful sense of loneliness diminish to nothing as giggling like schoolgirls they hurried through the gathering gloom towards the lights that bounded the south side of the park. Swept across the park by Raven's firm guiding arm and on through the busy streets in what seemed moments Eve found herself in a strange street alone with the girl.

Standing before a terrace of Edwardian town houses Eve could tell this was a very exclusive area, quietly she followed Raven up the steep front steps towards the huge blood red front door of one of the impressive buildings. After a short but nervously silent lift ride Raven let her into an obviously very expensive apartment. Led into the living room Eve noticed the heavy scent of leather immediately whilst her eyes adjusted to the low light level. Furnished in what was obviously original Thirties leather furniture the room was massed with trinkets and ornaments some of which looked very old and exotic. Eve gazed about the splendid treasures the room held in awe for some time until she became aware the girl was watching her intently and turned to her.

"Do you approve of my taste in décor?" the girl laughed dismissively.

"You've got some fantastic stuff here Raven, it must be worth a fortune?"

"I don't know to be frank" she replied in an off-handed manner, "the beauty of things attract me not their worth materially."

"Yeah I think I know what you mean."

"Ohh I hope so," her voice was thick and low "some times I just see something and I have to have it irrespective of the cost!"

Upon turning to face her host Eve was alarmed but at the same time somehow pleased to see the strangely enticing almost pleading look in those exquisite emerald eyes that gazed affectionately at her. Eve trembled uncontrollably in reaction to the sight and forced herself to turn away pretending to find interest in an old oil painting in a desperate attempt to resist Ravens gaze. Though facing the other way she could sense the girl's eyes boring into the back of her head, Eve could feel the resulting excitement growing in her as she vainly attempted to resist.

"So Eve what do you do for a living?" Raven asked politely but her voice contained an earthy urgent undertone.

"Me, Oh I'm in advertising, I work in a design studio and it's great," she enthused, unable to help herself Eve began to turn "Do you work Raven?"

"No not me, I sort of live off others so to speak" came the girl's measured reply that caused Eve to turn around "I'll show you what I mean later Eve, if you wish that is."

"I'm sure you will" Eve blushed shocked by her own tone as she replied.

"It will give me the greatest pleasure," there was a clear eagerness in Raven's voice, "and for you as well my dear Eve."

Eve couldn't help watching the girl's full red lips and tongue working sensually as she spoke softly. All the time Eve felt increasingly aware of the discomfort this insane situation was causing her. Her breath came in ragged gasps, the moist swelling flesh of her pubis suddenly felt crushed against the restrictive fabric of her tight jeans almost causing her to squirm in response. As she struggled with her own arousal she became acutely aware of Raven's growing interest in her. For a moment Eve imagined how a small mouse felt being examined by a hungry feline. Eve crossed her arms in an attempt to hide the rock hard nipples rearing up beneath her thin T-shirt knowing they must be a dead give away, she knew she was too late anyway as their eyes crossed once more. The enchanting smile that played on Raven's full lips thrilled Eve and she knew that should the girl decide to stop playing word games and actually proposition her it would be incredibly difficult to refuse. Strangely and totally out of character Eve found herself playing along with the girl and smiled back as sexily as she could, exhilaration filling her with confidence.

"Are you going to show me round this great flat then?" she found herself asking brazenly realising she may be tempting fate.

"Oh all right… if you wish."

Following Raven closely catching faint wafts of her intoxicating perfume Eve's heart raced excitedly as the girl led her straight towards the bedroom. A large dimly lit room was revealed as Raven held the door open for her, she allowed Eve just enough room for her to brush past the resultant touches of their bodies were electrifying. Faintly scented with exotic incense the room actually seemed to welcome her, the sweet stimulating perfume invaded her eager nostrils. Beneath the deep red and gold sculpted ceiling the dark wood panelled walls were heavily draped in gorgeous silks and satins with laced trimmings. Eve marvelled how the whole room had a distinctly warm and very feminine feel to it.

Feeling her various senses respond eagerly to the many stimuli Eve realised just how the amazing room had amassed such an incredibly deep sensual feel. As her eager eyes darted around admiringly she noticed the hundreds of items of jewellery that adorned almost every available resting place but paid them little heed. Wide with wonderment her ice blue eyes drank in the opulent furnishings dreamily. Eventually her astonished gaze came to rest on the huge four-poster bed that seemed to dominate the big room. The massive towering frame that supported the canopy rose above the enormous bed. Luxuriously furnished in deep crimson soft velvet bedding it beckoned invitingly to her. It was scattered with masses of satin and lace pillows that matched the crimson satin and lace curtains that hung down in heavy folds from the huge velvet canopy that spread above. Eve could not prevent herself as she visibly trembled with excitement knowing how erotic and unbelievably inviting the huge bed looked.

"Wow this is fantastic!" she gasped in awe.

"I like it."

"All this jewellery, it's amazing!"

"Just tokens that I've amassed over time."

She almost jumped both startled and excited as she felt the intrusive presence invade her as the other girl moved up closer behind her. A seemingly accidental and momentary brush of the girl's hard nipples against Eve's back through their clothing had her whole body trembling excitedly. Eve anxiously bit her lower lip and quietly sighed as the girl's long fingers curled around her upper arms gently.

"Don't worry Eve I won't bite, until you want me to of course!" Raven whispered huskily in her ear."

"You startled me that's all" lied Eve, she whispered as if she was afraid of being heard.

"I don't scare you do I?" Raven feigned sorrow.

"No of course not it's just that I find all this so overwhelming, amazing so to speak."

"I think you've seen enough of my abode to decide."

"Decide?" Eve was confused "Decide what?"

"You must choose now." Raven whispered into her ear giving Eve goose pimples as her soft breath tickled her ear.

"Choose what?" Eve stammered though she knew.

"Stay with me tonight or go, you must decide now."

With that the girl released her and swept past her into the room to stand next to that big beautiful bed. Without another word she turned to face her and began to undress, Eve watched mesmerised by the vision as Raven quickly slipped from her clothes. In this dim exotic light the sight of the other girls firm flawless body glowed as she undressed, it thrilled Eve incredibly. Scared and excited by the prospects that lay ahead if she chose to stay and the aching loneliness that faced her otherwise made her decision very difficult. Eve loved her man deeply but this strangely exciting girl that now stood naked before her was so irresistibly tempting. For a few moments Eve found herself wondering how many other women Raven had brought to this place until she found herself quietly closing the door behind her.

"Good" Raven smiled.

"I'm not sure, I've a boyfriend... I usually date men but I err…" Eve stammered defensively.

"I like men too Eve but girls are so much sweeter" Raven reassured her "hurry up my love I am impatient to see you undressed."

Eve found herself openly admiring the girl's firm hairless body as she kicked off her shoes and her shaking fingers fumbled with her own clothing. Raven had moved to the bed and excitedly Eve watched her sink back into the crimson softness and begin stroking herself. This was insane, as she hurriedly unbuttoned her jeans and wriggled from their hot restrictive grip Eve's mind span crazily. From the bed Raven stared hungrily at her as she tugged her T-shirt over her head and cast it to the floor.

"Hurry Eve hurry" cooed Raven thickly as her long fingers toyed intimately with herself.

Watching the exquisite creature laying amongst the soft cushions wantonly fondling her own rapidly flowering glistening labia thrilled Eve beyond belief. Eve found she was visibly shaking with raging passion as she finally slipped out of her sodden panties. Moving cautiously to the bed across the deep thick pile of the blood red carpet Eve gazed adoringly at the girl who spread obscenely before her in response. Relishing the thrill of pure lust that she felt flowing through her as their eyes finally locked Eve stood before the bed for a moment. Ravens glittering green eyes gazed back at her, they burnt deep into her with their fiery pupils and melted any last vestige of doubt or resistance that had lurked within. About to enter the unknown Eve's pulse raced as she stood scared and unsure what to do next. As if she could sense the turbulent commotion that boiled within Eve Raven spoke softly to her.

"If you allow I will take you to unbelievable new heights of arousal and excitement that you have never even dreamt of my love!" Raven sighed as her slender fingers caressed her own mound "but first you must please me!"

"I've never, you know?" Eve reddened as she admitted her innocence quietly.

"Taste my passion! Quickly my love have no fear," moaned Raven softly encouragingly "I need you my sweet!"

With that Eve found she required no further encouragement or reassurance she gingerly mounted the bed and knelt between the other girl's wide spread legs. Hearing the girl's excited gasp her touch induced as she nervously placed her hands on the hot firm flesh of Raven's thighs to steady herself delighted Eve intensely. As she sank forwards into the soft bedding Eve grasped the girl's smooth thighs more firmly. Unsure what to do next she bent forward until her breasts brushed against her own thighs. Removing her hands from the girl's thighs Eve watched enthralled as Raven spread her legs wider still and the swollen wet flesh between opened blossom like to invitingly beckon her attention.

"Taste me!"

Eves eager pulse pounded wildly in her head as she went to obey Raven's plaintive request her quivering lips cautiously neared the girl's exquisitely formed mound. The powerful hot scent of Raven's intensely aroused pussy's juices wafted forth swamping Eve's nostrils with their overpoweringly erotic odour. Open-mouthed Eve shook with expectant excitement as she approached the soft glistening flesh that was so trustingly offered her. The girl whispered urgent encouragement to her that spurred Eve on to do what an hour ago she would have thought thoroughly depraved and immoral.

"Yes my love, that's it kiss me!" the girl was whining almost begging her "please quickly my love."

Raven cried out softly at Eve's first cautious exploratory flick of her tongue against the hot wet swollen flesh of her labia. Gathering a little of the girl's fluid on the tip Eve withdrew quickly into her mouth to assess the new flavour. The hot spicy bittersweet feminine taste that bathed her taste buds was sensational, Eve relished the earthy sensual flavour and odours as she swirled the thick slippery fluid around her palate. Swallowing down the small amount of nectar Eve craved more of its intoxicating flavour. Once again but this time with no caution this time her eager tongue ran up the length of the girl's swollen lipped slit to gather more nectar.

Pressing firmer still Eve eased her tongue tip between the twitching soft lips gathering more fluid in the hollow of her tongue before she pulled away for a moment to appreciate it's taste once more. Taking the chance to examine the hair free mound before her Eve noted the aroused lips were much fuller and widespread than her own. In mere moments while enjoying the taste Eve's eyes had drank in the beauty of the soft excited reddish brown lips that blossomed before her. Examining them avidly she was amazed at their fullness and how they darkened to a deeper brown at their outer edges unlike her own. Ravens unusually large red-brown clitoris thrust out angrily from between the apex of their neat petals and eagerly beckoned Eve's attention.

Watching enthralled as the creamy fluid welled out from between the glistening folds to slowly trickle down between the girls firm cheeks Eve found it hard to restrain her eagerness. Needing no further encouragement she sank her mouth over the girl's flowing mound crushing her nose hard against the girl's pubic bone in her enthusiasm. At first she began licking haphazardly at the rubbery distended flesh and greedily swallowing all the fluid Raven could produce.

"Slow down my love" Raven chided softly "Take care and you will be rewarded."

Taking heed Eve attempted to calm her passions down and moving carefully started paying more attention to the responses her tongue caused as she cautiously explored the girl's mound. It seemed so natural to her after a short while and Eve learnt quickly as Raven guided her with gasps, moans and softly spoke commands. Eve adored the soft rubbery texture of Raven's aroused labia on her mouth and the seemingly unstoppable flow of potent fluids her toil caused. Eve felt totally amazed at the enjoyment and pleasure she felt from sucking out another woman especially one as gorgeous as Raven was. Now she realised why most of her boyfriends had insisted on going down on her even if she didn't like returning the favour for them.

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