tagRomanceEventualities: Allison Ch. 06

Eventualities: Allison Ch. 06


My ladies, having unusual difficulty in restraining themselves, had skipped most of the usual foreplay (I guess the interlude in the elevator was quite enough) and had jumped directly into a ferocious 69 near the end of the bed. Allison was on top this time and I began to amuse myself by giving her the same neck, back, ass and cunt caressing that I had done earlier that afternoon to Tammy. As I stuck my first finger into her ass she cooed and in-between mouthfuls of moist cunt she muttered, "You're still a bastard but you're my magnificent bastard," and resumed eating Tammy with a vengeance.

With a little effort I was eventually able to redirect a bit of their efforts and we rotated into a very pleasant three-way daisy chain. Allison still devouring Tammy's cunt, Tammy was inhaling my cock with increasing skill and confidence, while I licked and manipulated Allison's ass, clit and cunt with my tongue and both sets of fingers. Delightfully (and oh so rarely), all of us came near simultaneously. Of course, Tammy shared my creamy load with Allison and then the two gave me a long, careful tongue cleaning until my cock began to stir again with life. I knew I had just one last load left for the day (we were nearly at my record as it was).

Allison gave Tammy a last wet kiss and guided her head back down to my cock, moved behind her lover to press her breasts against Tammy's back, kissing her neck and shoulders, wrapping both hands in front grabbing and kneading her breasts.

Tammy lifted herself up and onto her knees giving Allison freer access, while still keeping a mouth lock upon my now firmly harden cock. While keeping her left hand firmly around Tammy's tit, Allison moved her right one around Tammy's backside and, with her long fingers, began twiddling her girlfriend's clit and cunt. Breasts pressed hard against Tammy's back, Allison began nibbling on Tammy's ear and began making increasingly lurid suggestions, telling her to rub my cock all over her face, then between her breasts, back to her face and then down to her stomach. Soon Tammy was kneeling fully before me rubbing my cock across her sparse pubic hair, even brushing her clit and engorged cunt lips.

Time seemed to stand still as if Tammy was locked in indecision as she rubbed my cock all across the entry to her virgin cavity but not yet permitting penetration. Allison had moved both hands back to Tammy's breasts and kissing her earlobe cajoled, "Feel how big and hard it is. Yes, rub your itching clit with it, rub it all over, you want it, you want to feel it inside you, stretching you, filling you completely, deep inside, making you a real woman. You want it, you want it in you now, fucking your virgin cunt and filling you with a man's cum for the first time. You want it now, don't you?"

"Yessssss," Tammy hissed, no longer possessing any control over her lust and moved up to straddle me, nearly but not quite yet mounting me. Allison remained pressed behind her, caressing her all over, kissing and soothing her. Slowly, ever so slowly, Tammy lowered herself unto my cock, first just barely at her cunt lips, stretching them ever so gently apart. She permitted the head of my cock full admittance, then an inch of my shaft, then yet another into her virginal opening.

There was no hymen, she had removed that long ago in her teen years with vibrators and dildos. Her cunt was the almost tightest I had ever entered, excepting for Allison's vice like squeezing of my cock upon orgasm. Finally, at last, I felt her cunt lips reach the base of my cock and, a moment later, I felt her ass meet my balls. She was now fully mounted and had taken every inch of me. Allison gave her earlobe a final kiss, got up, moved up the bed, to straddled my chest and stomach, facing Tammy and snuggling up close to her. Their breasts now mashed tightly together, their lips and tongues became one.

"Ride him!" Allison murmured with her mouth full of Tammy's tongue. "Ride him hard, ride your cock, let me feel him cum deep inside you." Their lips fastened tightly, neither releasing the other for the duration. Having recently cum (and having had a good workout earlier), I could concentrate on just staying firmly hard for Tammy and letting her fuck me at her own pace without me being in any hurry or urgency whatsoever.

My riders shifted slightly, adjusting to scissor their legs between each other in order to squeeze their bodies even more tightly together so that now they could actually rub their two clits together. This set both of the girls off into a frenzy, the two holding each as tightly as they could, Tammy bouncing up and down riding my cock as fast and hard as she could, with each down stroke their two clitoris's meeting and rubbing together.

Both began a long building orgasm that never quite seemed to stop and caused Tammy's cunt muscles to spasm uncontrollably. This was way more than I could take and I filled Tammy's cunt with her first ever load of cum.

The two women collapsed, nearly motionless and just held each other close for a long time, occasionally kissing gently and offering gentle caresses. Tammy's cunt lips remained sealed around the base of my cock, holding all of my precious discharge within her. Eventually, under Allison's urging, she rolled off onto her back and let her lover first gently clean her sopping cunt, then they shared my sperm between them for at least the next half hour, they were still kissing softly when I drifted off to sleep, utterly sated.


We all slept far later than we intended and most of the morning was gone when by the time we had arisen. Since Allison and I had an early afternoon plane flight back to Houston, that didn't leave much time for play. We showered together quickly but enjoyably and we were faced with the decision of having either a last "quickie" or having lunch. The women made the decision immediately for me, diving into an immediate and passionate 69.

Ok, so much for lunch… and I dived in to join them. As we had very little time, we skipped most of the foreplay and got to the serious fucking almost right away. I alternated fucking each of their cunts in turn, about a minute each before switching to the other partner. I wasn't trying to hold back much if at all and it was 50/50 as to who would end up being the final beneficiary of my load. In the end Allison was the winner (I think she cheated using her exceptionally well trained cunt muscles to squeeze me dry). After sharing my cum in their mouths, with much coaxing and swatting of cute bottoms, I managed to get the women at least half-way presentably dressed (Tammy blouse was unbuttoned to about her navel), we grabbed our bags and we left the room with Tammy enroute to the airport.

In the elevator on the way down to the lobby to checkout and leave, I had a minor brainstorm and reminding the girls about our pierced nipple discussion of yesterday afternoon. Tammy and I were unanimous in that we loved Allison's nipple rings. Allison was less fond of them and wanted them removed soon (dropping a bit of her past in the process).

I offered this compromise; we would remove the rings she was currently wearing, if she would consent to wear newly purchased rings of my choosing. I hinted also that if Tammy came to visit us soon she could help pick them out. This motion was passed by all members by unanimously happy consent.

We made our flight in time but not without a bit of excitement to some surprised on looking fellow passengers as Allison and Tammy made their final farewells at the boarding gate. It was a lusty farewell that involved loud tears, deep soul kisses and roaming hands that wandered underneath partially opened blouses. Folks were getting a pretty good view, several even clapped and whistled. I separated them rather forcefully, gave Tammy a good kiss that was sedate by previous comparison, we told each other we would phone and see each other soon. I grabbed Allison in the nick of time before she could plant a last farewell kiss on Tammy's other lower lips and dragged her kicking and crying onto the plane. We got a loud standing ovation from some, horrified looks from others and bemused smiles from everyone else.

A businessman about our age, in his late 30's, asked me conspiratorially after we were seated next to each, "How long have the ladies known each other, they seemed to have a hard time saying goodbye."

"Oh," I replied breezily, "They were Sorority sisters together at Slut House, Sigma Lambda Taut at UCLA. They did 'everything' together, men, girls, entire football teams (even the water boys). Her sister Wanda works for the CIA now, 'deep' cover missions. She's being sent off on an extremely dangerous mission now, to be the lone prostitute in a camp of 500 horny terrorists. Bambi, here is miffed that I won't let her go along too and share the danger."

The businessman was speechless, and probably would have disbelieved my outrageous story entirely if "Bambi" hadn't turned to me and snipped, "You're a bastard who never lets me have any fun. Of course I need to go, Wanda's skin always peels when she's outside and that desert sun is going to give her ass a sunburn she'll never forget, plus the silly twat never did have any sense of hygiene. She's going to get sand all up in her cunt and get another nasty rash. Probably sandpaper half my tongue out by the time I get a chance to clean her. Plus those Arab guys never seem to remember to use lube when they're sodomizing us, probably pretending we're their favorite goat and the last thing she need is another hemorrhoid operation. SO THERE!"

She stuck her tongue out at us, pulled her arms around herself and resumed her sulking. Aghast, the businessman moved to another seat but not before handing me his business card and asking if the girls ever handled corporate parties. I threw away the card as fast a possible before Allison could get her hands on it – I definitely didn't want to give her any more slutty ideas. Our life was complicated enough for right now.

The rest of the flight was mercifully peaceful. Allison soon got over her annoying about not being able to farewell Tammy "properly" and dozed on my shoulder the rest of the trip.

We were expecting Myra to pick us up at the airport (I had left my car at home and taken a cab on the outgoing trip) and I was not disappointed. The girls greeted each other as long lost familiar friends and hugged tight, with thankfully chaste kisses that occasionally pressed lips, but not tongues.

Good, I needed some rest.


I was utterly surprised to open the door into my house when we got home to find that we were not alone. Tiny was there, along with a full dozen of my closer friends that knew of my history with Allison and our quest to find her. Even a couple of old nurse girlfriends had attended but after seeing Allison and me together as a pair the jealousy was palpable, and they were noticeably green with envy or regret. Most made their excuses and soon left. They knew they had lost me forever and that I was reunited with my soul mate.

Fun as it was, the welcome party did not last too long. "It's 6 o'clock now," Tiny shouted, "And we're all happy to see Allison and Pete back safe home but they're tired and have a lot to do still tonight, so anyone still here at 7 is going to get bodily ejected."

This suited me fine. We did have a swell evening sitting around the living room and I gave a highly sanitized account of the events of the last month (no mention of Tiny's or Tammy's part in the events). Tiny showing great mercy and restraint, gently escorted out our last guest out at 7:15, bid us a good night and made his 3 hour return drive back to Lovett. Only Myra was left and from the stack of papers in front of her on the dining room table, it looked like it was going to be all business. And it was.

Allison's daily schedule was planned out for her in excruciating detail for at least the next full month. AA meetings (30 meetings in 30 days) plus daily meetings with her new "Sponsor" (one of Myra's nurses who was almost ten years sober), medical post-op checkups, an extremely complete medical physical with seeming endless tests scheduled, and then came the fun stuff… the Psych counseling.

She had an assigned Psychologist and Psychiatrist (different breeds of animal), a Sexual Abuse Counselor (a RN who also worked for Myra) and a Group Therapy Counselor for battered and abused women (didn't quite work for Myra but was a platonic friend). All calculated, this left Allison extremely little free time during the first few weeks. Then Myra dropped the last bombshell.

"What do you mean that she isn't going to live with me?!" I bellowed.

Allison was strangely quiet and I think I was starting to understand what some of her and Myra's seemingly endless phone calls had involved. The women had everything apparently resolved to their satisfaction and I was now being notified of the final decision as a mere formality. Allison was going to stay for at least the next three months (and possibly the next six) at a Women's Crisis Center Group Home. If she made adequate progress her next step would likely be a home or apartment of her own so she could start to build at least a little of a new life all her own.

"We've explained why." Myra said calmly. "First, Allison has been an alcoholic since the age of fifteen, that's over twenty years of bad habits that must be slowly replaced. Her transplanted liver makes it a matter of life and death that she can never, ever, take another drink. This is going to take time, even with all of the help she is going to be getting. Normally for a patient that has been an alcoholic for this long I would decree treatment for a full year and only then if they can keep a pet healthy for another additional year would I give my ok for a romantic relationship to begin. I think in this instance a year will suffice."

"Secondly, she has been the victim of an unusually horrific kidnapping and long period of sexual slavery. At least one utter bastard has stuck his hands into her skull and screwed her brain totally up in more ways than I can count. I need to learn how and why, and see what can be fixed enough to keep her alive, happy and sane for at least another twenty years."

"Lastly, and this mostly concerns you, is the matter that you've been treading emotional water since the day you last walked out on her, years ago. You don't realize it, but you have several questions of your own that you need to decisively answer and there is going to be more than a few hard decisions that you'll need to make."

She continued, "Now I could disregard my own years of medical experience, wave my hands in disgust and let you two try and start right back up where you left off. It will stay fun for awhile, maybe even a year or two but the complications from the issues I've mentioned will appear. There are going to be fuckups and they will get worse until maybe one day you've seen and handled too much, and you leave her for good or else you arrive home to find that she's cracked under her pressures and either pickled her new liver into rejection or else has slit her wrists in the bath. What would you have me choose?"

I felt like I had been hammered into a tiny smudge under someone shoes and felt like a selfish heel. I accepted Myra's agenda. I was tossed a small bone; weekends could be mostly ours together to give our relationship a little binding. I could pick her up from her group home Saturday mornings and return her by dinner Sunday.

We then worked out a comprehensive transportation schedule; due to her medications it would be sometime before Allison would be able to drive (her Colorado license was long gone and probably expired anyway). Like Octavius and Mark Anthony, we divided the empire between us. I would handle most of the pickup duties, especially mornings which were Myra's busiest times at her hospital. We both made plans to reduce our work schedules so that at any given time at least one of us would be available to help her. The business mostly completed, Myra chastely kissed us both a good night and left.

We had decided earlier to hold off on acquiring the funds from Alfred's off-shore account for awhile. Tammy had wanted to take a closer investigative look at the bank anyway, and was going to discreetly see what government info on them she could find without setting off any alarms. Myra also felt strongly that this was not a good time for Allison to be dealing with money issues, even our nascent charity foundation. It was heal thyself first time, play time later.

Our lovemaking that night was placid and rather conventional. We slept restlessly, as if we were just realizing that everything that had occurred recently was merely just another 'vacation'. It was now time for a lot of hard work with the fun parts now mostly over for awhile.


How we all endured the next three months is anybody's guess. Allison fit in well with her fellow resident patients at the Women's Center and made friends easily, but thankfully no new lovers (she had been firmly warned against this – almost weekly). She seemed to gain physical and emotional strength every week but things were still a rollercoaster for her.

The AA part of her treatment was going fairly well, all considered. She got on well with her sponsor and made enough progress that she did not have to attend daily meetings anymore and usually alternated days now, unless her submerged urge to drink was especially strong. There were more than a few nights that Allison felt in crisis and would call either Myra or myself to come and hold her (outside in the center's garden as no men were ever allowed inside).

Except for chauffeur duties, I was seeing very little of Allison and even less of Myra. Allison and I had weekends and tried to enjoy every minute of them. Friday nights I would pick her up for dinner, and occasionally Myra would come with us and then we would sometimes go to a movie but I would have to return her to the Center before 10 p.m..

On Saturday mornings, I would pick her up and we would do any shopping Allison needed, mostly new clothes as she regained her softer former physical frame, leaving her skeletal days (and clothes) behind. Most of her new clothes were casual (her life was still a seemingly endless cycle of doctor, psych and counseling session. Recently, she had even added a new group therapy session to her schedule; one Myra conducted herself Wednesday nights).

Saturday afternoons were usually free and up to Allison's whimsy, occasionally Myra would join us for an outing but she seemed obviously more and more preoccupied and rarely seemed to enjoy herself much. Myra and I had not had sex, or had barely even exchanged a friendly platonic kiss since just before my departure to San Diego and my recover of Allison. It seemed to me as if she was slightly lost and no longer entirely sure what (if any) relationship we did or should have. If Allison and Myra had any repeats of their phone sex occasions it was news to me as I hadn't heard of any, but then I rarely had the opportunity anymore.

Saturday night and all Sunday day we usually spent in bed. The sex was good, occasionally very good, but we spent more holding each other and we talked (or tried to) much more. Late Sunday, she was returned to the center and we started another week apart.


It was Allison's psychological sessions where things seemed most deadlocked. For every step forward in one area it seemed like another step was taken in reverse. Allison was just beginning to recognize just how really fucked up her head was from her years of ordeal. She began to loose confidence in her ability to control her actions at all and she feared what she might do to hurt me or others if she ever lost control. She often had extreme mood swings now as if two entirely different personas of her brain were fighting for control of her.

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