tagRomanceEventualities: Allison Ch. 10

Eventualities: Allison Ch. 10


'The Club' itself was elaborately furnished for both antique style and comfort; clearly it was the major local playground for the very kinky and very rich. We had been advised that some but not all members belonged to the "10,000", and since we didn't know the passwords we shouldn't try to force any acquaintances. Most of the members cheerfully greeted us, everyone male and female admired our ladies, who wasted little time in downing a few quick glasses of excellent champagne (there was a nice non-alcoholic one for Allison) before then ran off to the dance floor to boogie their delightfully nearly exposed tits and asses off.

The members, of which there were about a hundred present that night comprised all kinds, men and women dominants 'Masters and Mistresses' bearing leashed slave boys and girls wearing exotic, fetish or often little dress or no dress at all. There was a variety of men and women in suits, leather, or fetish gear, but most of the women wore either erotic dancewear or sexy lingerie. Many folks were nude and most of the women whose backs were exposed and visible appeared to have the lower back tattoo that Allison had told me that Rose, Penny and Linda had sported.

This intrigued me a little and I joined a well-dressed, well spoken, middle aged, bearded man in one of the nice leather club chairs near the fire. He was enjoying a brandy while his mostly nude and pleasantly plump wife knelt by his chair. Come to find out, the 'Club' had a common marking for its female members. Some of the men chose to have a smaller but similar marking in the same location, but most wore a gold membership ring instead. Looking around now I saw several of these smaller male marks. The crest in the center was the crest of this particular club. I soon learned that there were other affiliated clubs in other major cities (including San Francisco, which had the largest membership) each with the same general design but a different central crest. Possession of this 'mark' or the ring would entitle any member of any of the affiliated clubs to enter any of the sister ones in other cities. Very interesting.

The Club's membership was extremely select and limited, new members were not often admitted, and newcomers like us required significant proofs of financial and emotional stability. While yes, sex between consenting parties often occurred here, this was not a "Sex Club" per se. Members were expected to provide mental stimulation as well and the "Art of Good Conversation" was a necessary trait for newcomers to become well liked and accepted. These were some of the most powerful people in the city, politically and economically and here is where they came to relax and often do business together.

I settled in with a very adequate glass of red wine (brought to me by a topless waitress wearing only a small apron) and my new friend and I exchanged stories for at least the next hour until my girls returned to my side, and plopped exhausted into comfy chairs next to each other. Myra knelt on the floor next to Allison resting her head against Allison's thigh.

Come to find out, Myra and my new friend Walter (who had been one of the two 'safe' names given to me by Mrs. Henderson), had a great deal in common, both were mental health professionals, Walter being one of the head child psychologists for a large local school system. They became instant bosom buddies and talked shop for a great deal of the night. They were lost in conversation when Walter's wife, Nellie, mentioned to me that she had heard our names mentioned to her recently by the Henderson's.

I was about to follow this nugget of info to see wherever it would lead me, when there was a loud female shout from near the entrance and three women, which could only be Penny, Rose and Linda from the descriptions that I had been given entered the room. Three men followed them from behind and must have been their husbands and fiancées (and Masters).

The six girls all squealed together and they ran to hug and kiss each other until Rose bellowed out, "Allison you total shameless slut! Where did you get that dress and how on earth is it staying attached onto you? Tell me where I can get one or I'm going to sit on your cute face until your tongue turns blue!"

Allison 'fessed up as to where the LBD's came from but they found out the next day that they were no longer available. The women then selected some bolts of nearly sheer expensive Italian silk and had the resident Club seamstress duplicate the exact pattern until each girl had a new and identical LBD. These soon became the default popular 'slut de jour' costume of the Club. I think that seamstress stayed busy for a good long but profitable time, taking new orders from other women jealous of the attention those miniscule dresses certainly got.

Refreshed all six girls ran back off to the dance floor, ground their tight asses and bouncing tits into each other until their close fondling and kisses became so intense that other laughing women suggested they relocate to one of the private rooms, which they soon did. They were still locked in a passionate 6-way daisy chain when we came to collect our girls at 3 a.m. for the trip home.

They cried piteously but we men were forceful and soon each of us had our crying, nude and kicking woman picked up and bodily carried out to our waiting cars. We guys had gotten on rather well, as each of us was sort of used to our wildly unpredictable women. Apparently we had much hardship to commiserate over, and a great many glasses of good wine were drunk as each of us related some of their wilder adventures.

Chris, Rose's fiancée, and I seemed to hit it off instantly and we soon became long time friends and even business partners. He shared my cavalier attitude towards money and although he now had a good deal of money of his own, it didn't own him - he was still the same man he'd been when he was younger and much poorer.

It was a surprise for me to learn that he was Penny's first husband! Penny had begun a new job to work for a millionaire called Robert Simmons (replacing Linda as his executive assistant) and there had been a 'rather large series of slight misunderstandings' in which Chris had believed that Bob had sent thugs after him upon Chris's discovery that his wife was now Bob's very submissive sex slave.

"It all worked out alright in the end." He cheerfully replied. "I met a wonderful woman (Rose) who will soon be my wife next Saturday! Once the last bit of all this messy divorce stuff is finalized early next week."

Linda, it seemed had also been Bob's former mistress as well as secretary before Penny came along. It seems that Robert had been a busy beaver! Everyone was very friendly now, for the women's sake if nothing else. Chris at least had no lingering grudges and I gathered their three girls were just as tightly wound together and now inseparable as my three were.

I liked Bob just ok, but he appeared to be a guy with an awful lot on his mind and who looked every morning into the mirror to shave but didn't quite like the person he saw staring back him. He started life worth already a little over a million dollars and he had earned his first ten million by the time he turned twenty, and had made his one hundredth million just after turning thirty. Undoubtedly he was still aiming for the billionaire mark now that he had just passed forty.

In my opinion, his soul seemed a bit damaged as if he had spent years of his life working towards some goal that he now perceived as being of worthless. It occurred to me that Bob could use a few Sundays at the 'Church' in Lovett. Later he did begin to attend somewhat regularly, but that's another story someone else should tell.

In another fascinating coincidence, Tiny found out that Bob knew Lovett very well indeed. Bob was the owner of that recently established small botanical research center there! Just 'exactly' what he was cultivating there I'm not sure -- Bob had more than his share of secrets, but I'm sure it had something to do with that elusive billion dollars... and the organic ingredients that made Batch 31. That started a long discussion between the two of them that lasted most of our evening together. Tiny and Bob 'clicked' pretty tightly. Over time, I think they became nearly as close as Tiny and I were, and Chris and I became, but then Tiny has always been much less judgmental and is much faster to offer forgiveness than I am (but I'm still improving).

Like Myra, he offers a guy invariably direct and useful advice and I think Tiny eventually became Bob's 'confessor' and confided in him all of his many dark secrets. What exactly they are, I have no idea -- and would probably be happier not knowing.

We only rarely ever saw Tom, Linda's husband. He was a fairly quiet guy who was extremely shy around strangers, but he had a wicked dry sense of humor once he got to know you and became comfortable around you. I liked him very much the few times I got to meet him and I think we could have become great lifelong friends. He was very close to Chris as well, but like the rest of us was a bit 'distant' from Robert.

Tom and Linda loved each other tremendously and exclusively, and I have not the heart to more than briefly mention that he relatively soon lost Linda as the end result of a great tragedy that allegedly somehow involved one of Robert's schemes and the active participation of both Penny and Linda. Chris and Rose were slightly involved in the matter but veto'd participation it at the very end and became somewhat estranged from Bob and Penny there afterwards. I never got an entirely straightforward account of the how's or why's. I do know Chris and Rose knew all of the details and think that Tiny now knows the whole story too, but none of them will utter a word of it. Bob and Penny are certainly not talking, even to defend or mitigate their guilt in the situation.

Her disappearance and presumed death was very much a tragedy for many people. From the vague whispered comments I've heard from others, I think that Linda took her own life, but I'm not sure. Tom and Linda had been soul mates and her absence utterly crippled him. His boat was soon afterward found floating abandoned in the Gulf and most of his close friends feel that unable to live without her, he had chosen to join her in death. Those are the only facts of that long sad story that I think I know the truth of. I have to wonder what terrible experience or acts drove her to her tragic end, to end her life apart from Tom's side. Maybe someday Rose or Chris will tell their side of the story.


The next two weeks were an absolute frenzy; the six women were nearly always together day and night planning their respective weddings. Penny and Bob, together with Chris and Rose were having a joint 'fetish wedding' at the club, and Allison and Tammy had to be tightly reined in from wanting to do the same. All of the women had became very close for those two weeks so that they were constantly together wedding planning by day and often lovemaking together all night.

We tried a big group orgy thing one night for the novelty, but eleven bodies would not remotely fit comfortably even on Bob's king sized bed. A lot of position and room shuffling ended up taking a bit of the fun from the event. We had an occasional repeat experience, but the tragic deaths of Tom and Linda our lives began to pull quite apart.

The women all remained fast friends for life and even after we had all begun to scatter they remained tight becoming nearly (but not quite) 'full Slut Sister's', which seemed to involve some complex African tribal or religious thing that none of the women would ever speak about, other than to each other in deepest private confidence. The one time I asked Chris about it he turned pale and became extremely sad afterwards, saying only, "Trust me, you don't want to ever know!" He never would speak of it again to me.

The girls all found out that our new extra large king sized (custom built) bed in Lovett would comfortably hold the five of them most comfortably and this is invariably where we could find our lady visitors not long after their arrival.


I won't say much about Bob and Chris's double wedding. It was a bit too weird for my tastes, as it involved special piercings, and even a red-hot iron brand to each of the asses of the new brides which ended with a double sodomy of their blistered hot butts. Undoubtedly Penny had talked Rose into doing the biggest and wildest Slave to Master submission marriage anyone had ever heard of. Allison started to get very excited but I drew the line definitely at that... for now until she manages to talk me into it. Women and their need to 'prove' or demonstrate their love!.

I did consent to an alternate suggestion that would 'modify' the existing "M" brand that she had now, to turn it into as much as possible into something else. The "Club" had an expert in branding and he made a mould of her existing brand and started to work out ideas for its alteration. He proposed several suggestions and showed some simulated 'after' examples on leather and Allison liked the one of a cat best, the M now becoming part of the claws. We commissioned him to make the branding iron but it wasn't quite ready by the time of our wedding. We had it done at a semi-private ceremony at the Club about a month later with just a few friends in attendance. By then we were full members of the Club and had met privately with several other members of the "10,000," and of which some of them also knew the source of Allison's original brand.

Allison was firmly secured onto a rack where she could not move her ass an inch. The brander had offered to let me actually apply the iron to her flesh, but this was going to be a 'tricky' brand that had to be absolutely perfect, so with a short speech explaining to all the significance of Allison having removed the last physical marking that bound her to her old unhappy life and into her new one, I gave only a light very token touch to the iron as the brand was applied. Allison screamed that her ass was on fire (well it was literally)! She immediately planted her butt in a big basin of ice afterward. The finished 'Cat' was as good as we had hoped and healed nicely. No one ever saw that old "M" on her ever again. Even knowing where it once was, I had a hard time distinguishing it.

Allison's new pet name soon became 'Cat' or 'Allie Cat' and we all loving teased her about her love of cream, either my cum or Myra's or Tammy's lovely cunt juices.


I really don't have much to say either about my own double wedding with Allison and me, and Tammy and Tiny, except it was long and involved with very complicated vows where Allison pledged her eternal love to me and I to her. Myra, our ring bearer for both couples was utterly nude except for a white silk neckband and a small silver tray that was mounted hanging from her nipple rings that bore the two sets of wedding bands. Then we both took Myra's hands and each of us pledged together to cherish her forever in our hearts and Myra then made a more personal and final oath of submission to Allison.

The wedding gowns were a sight to see, essentially they were consisted of white veils, white corsets that exposed the full breasts and shaved and pierced cunts of both women, along with a short filmy white train that just about covered, but didn't at all conceal most of their asses and a little leg.

We did like the part that Penny and Rose had used at the end of their wedding, where instead of 'you may kiss the bride' it now became 'you may now fuck your brides.' Allison and Tammy shameless stole this part and Tiny and I were happy to oblige them, to the cheers of the fully packed Church. We didn't actually do the deed right there and then in church, but it was close before we got to our private room.

We did honeymoon as separate couples. Tammy and Tiny returned to the Caribbean island where our money mostly still resided, and they were still complaining about the sand stuck in their asses and up her vagina weeks later.

Allison and I had threatened to leave Myra locked away at the Kennel, a holding area inside the Spa where slave girls could be tended for several days, but we took pity on her at the last moment, and we brought her along with us. The three of us retraced every step we could of our old long-ago vacation driving through the Southwest. We did add a stop in Denver so she could visit a few friends, such as a few fellow teachers she had worked with, and her old AA sponsor that she had only spoken with on the phone but not seen since her abduction and later recovery. Everyone was happy to see her well and happily married to the man she had loved for so many years.

All of her friends embarrassed me by repeating stories she had told them of her love for me and how she hoped to redeem herself someday in my eyes. Allison even managed to recover a few old time possessions of hers that she thought had been abandoned and probably thrown out from her apartment after her abduction. Not so! Her old landlady had boxed nearly everything for her and put them into storage in her basement. Some clothing had gotten damp and had to be discarded but many items that I had remembered from our earlier time together had been saved for her. We couldn't thank her old landlady enough and she refused every offer of payment that we made her.

We did find out that her grand-daughter had been quite ill with childhood leukemia and her daughter and her husband were very hard put to pay even a portion of the soaring medical bills. We got the child's name and her hospital and promised we would see what we could do. The family was soon delighted to find that an obscure charity (ours) had selected them to cover all of their medical expenses, with an additional grant made directly to the family to help cover all of their living expenses for the duration of the treatment. Naturally, our names were never disclosed, but a month or so later when Allison called her old landlady to get an update on the treatment, she was profusely thanked as her landlady had easily guessed the true source of the money.


Now that our weddings over and our Foundation now running smoothly, we began for the first time in over a year to get back into a 'normal' life routine. I was enjoying my new Medical Director job, despite the fact the county only had one ill-equipped EMS truck and two old fire trucks. The County soon received a large grant specifically earmarked for new equipment, and a total renovation of the Fire Station that equipped it with every modern update.

I had one existing EMT and a pair of young ECA's that could handle most minor emergencies. I started an aggressive recruitment and training program, and by the end of the year we had three qualified EMT's and two solid young techs that were well on the road to getting their advanced EMT-P. One would eventually finish every available certification like I had, and become a full PP (Paramedic Practitioner) qualified even to do minor medical surgery.

Life for me was never taxing and always interesting. We had chosen and were starting to fix up a large old Victorian house near the old town centre. We (mostly I) spent a lot of time and elbow grease turning it into a comfortable home for Allison, Myra and myself. Tammy and Tiny moved to another house on our same street and block that was a bit smaller but suited them well.

Our adventures seem over for awhile. We just try and enjoy ourselves and each other the best we can despite our busy work lives. I speak with Mrs. Henderson often and she's keeping us well informed on the Syndicate's activities, which fortunately for now doesn't include visiting us. We've come to trust her implicitly, and the day she phones for our help, she'll get it.

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