Ever Notice? Ch. 01


Tom smirked. "Whatever you say, Mom."

Tom eased his hips forward and his cock slid between his mother's pussy lips. They gripped him tight, sucking him inside. Heat and moisture soaked into his sensitive flesh. Her folds parted as he drove forward, plumbing her depths. Alice moaned long and loud as each inch slid deeper.

Tom groaned himself as his mother gripped him tight. His abdomen bumped up against the globes of her ass. Tom held himself there for a long moment, savoring the feeling of being inside his own mother. But she, impatient, hitched her hips back at him, and he responded automatically. Tom slid halfway out and slammed home. His mother's large tits flattened against the glass and she released a loud cry. Grunting, Tom began to fuck her savagely.

Alice's lush ass rippled as her son plundered her pussy, ramming into her again and again and again. Her fluids sloshed and leaked out of her, dripping down the length of his cock and splashing his swinging balls.

"That's it, baby," Alice said breathlessly. "Fuck Mommy, fuck me hard." Tom complied. He wrapped his long fingered hands around her narrow waist and slammed into her repeatedly. Alice arched her back and pushed back at Tom, urging him along with words and actions.

Alice looked over her shoulder, eyes glazed with lust, cheeks flushed, full lips parted. "You make Mommy's pussy so wet, baby, you're so big and hard for Mommy, you fill Mommy so full." Tom grunted. He liked the dirty talk, but he didn't have the breath to chime in. He concentrated on his hips, slamming forward and back, forward and back.

The shower continued to spray their fucking bodies, coating them in a fine sheen of water, which sluiced down their thrusting bodies. Alice wailed as she suddenly began shaking and shuddering beneath Tom. Her pussy clamped down on his hammering cock, tightening around his length, holding him imprisoned within her heated depths. Her fluids soaked him as her orgasm thundered through her plush frame. Alice's hands slid down the glass and her cheek flattened against the shower door. Her eyelids fluttered.

As she relaxed slightly, Tom started fucking her again. He slid out about halfway and pounded forward. Alice's eyes shot open and she wailed. Tom grunted and fucked his mother through another orgasm before he felt his own release begin to build and build, and finally he unloaded deep within her shuddering, gorgeous body.

They both slid to the floor, still anointed by the water. Tom slid out, and his thick creamy load began to drip from his mother's still shuddering pussy. Alice twisted around and grabbed Tom's chin, pulling his lips to hers and giving him a deep soul kiss.

She released him finally, with one last salacious lick against his upper lip. "We need to get dressed, baby. We're going out."

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by goducks106/10/18

great read

can't wait to read the rest of the chapters. very erotic

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