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Everybody Loves Raymond: Girls Night In


(fictional story about fictional characters)

Debra Barone had been looking forward to today, and it just got better. Her in-laws, Frank and Marie, had taken the twins, Michael and Geoffrey, and her daughter Ally to Playland for the day; and Marie had just called to inform her that the kids were so tired that they were just going to sleep at her house that night. It was only across the street; but they were already asleep and Ray wasn't home to carry them over. Ray, Debra's husband, was fulfilling a birthday promise by taking his brother Robert to a Mets away game in Philadelphia. Ray had, of course, fought it every step of the way; but a promise was a promise. Besides, the alternative had been to take Robert fishing; and Ray would do anything to avoid being alone in a boat with just Robert, soda, and a can of peaches (how the hell they had come up with that combo; Debra could never guess). It wasn't costing him much anyway; Ray had wrangled free tickets from a fellow sportswriter. They were driving down and staying overnight. From the way they had talked; both Ray and Robert were looking forward to an authentic Philly Cheese Steak sandwich from "Geno's"; more than they were anticipating the game.

Debra thought to herself, "at least I won't have to put up with his gas tonight...he's Robert's problem."

So not only had Debra had the whole day to herself; now she had a completely open evening and night...this didn't happen often. She contemplated just relaxing in a hot bubble bath and doing some reading; but decided instead to invite her two best friends; Amy and Stephania; over for a "girls' night." She punched their numbers from memory; and happily, both thought her brainstorm was an exceptional idea. They both assured her they would bring wine; and Stephania, whose father had acquired "Nemo's Pizza," had plenty of access to cheese and hors d'oeuvres. It was agreed that they would make it an old-fashioned girls slumber party and sleep over. Stephania, being a native of Italy, was not quite sure about the slumber party concept; so they just told her to bring something comfy to sleep in. As soon as she hung up the phone, Debra went blissfully up the stairs to change into her pajamas.

She decided on the really comfy, flannel ones that Ray hated. He always told her that when he saw her coming to bed wearing those; he knew he had no chance. She was so happy with anticipation that she felt like a little girl again, as she changed. To achieve maximum comfort; Debra elected to go without underwear completely. It was just going to be her and her best friends; it didn't matter if she let "Barnes & Noble" swing free. That was the nickname Ray had given her magnificent breasts after the twins were born. When pregnant, they had ballooned to an impressive 38D , and had retained that enviable size even after nursing. She had to admit; she was proud of her breasts. Sure, they sagged against her chest slightly; but they had been "working" breasts. As she changed, she couldn't resist hefting them in her hands; cupping them and caressing her nipples. She stopped herself before getting too carried away; and finished dressing...deciding there was no need for panties either.

As she waited in the living room for her friends to arrive; Debra couldn't help but be somewhat amazed that the trio had become such close friends. She guessed it was logical that she was best friends with Amy; they had been friends even before Amy began dating Robert. Actually, it was Debra who had introduced them. But it was unexpected that Stephania had become their "Third Musketeer." Robert had met Stephania when Marie had treated the entire family to a trip to Italy. It was during one of the time periods when he and Amy had broken up (Debra had lost track of how many break-ups and reconciliation's they had); and Robert had been immediately attracted to her. And what man wouldn't be; she was absolutely gorgeous. Tall; long shapely legs; long, wavy hair; perfect facial features; and what appeared to be extraordinary breasts...heck; Debra was attracted to her. After leaving her in Italy; Robert had gotten back with Amy; only to break up again. He had gotten so depressed that Marie had flown Stephania to America to cheer him up. But, as usual, Robert had screwed things up and had dumped Stephania because he found her to be "annoying." Amy had eventually taken him back again; and Stephania and her father had stayed in the country and bought "Nemo's." Somehow; Stephania ; Amy; and Debra had become best of friends.

She had just descended the stairs into the living room when she heard the back door open; and the happy sound of her best friends giggling in the kitchen. As she entered the room, she greeted Amy and Stephania with warm hugs. Actually , Debra was the only one hugging because the other two had paper bags in each hand; which she assumed contained their pajamas, toothbrushes and whatever else overnight supplies they needed. One bag was rather large and rattled when Stephania put it down on the table; so it was pretty obvious that it contained their beverages for the evening. Amy placed another large bag on the table; opened it; and produced a prepared plate containing all types of cheeses and crackers.

"A gift from my father; he said to have a good time," stated Stephania. She then noticed Debra's pajamas; got a dismayed look on her face; opened her small bag and produced a skimpy, black-lace teddy. "I a-must-a got the wrong-a idea," she explained, "we no-a have slumber parties in Italy."

Debra loved listening to her accent; but Stephania had gotten such a despaired look on her face that Debra swiftly hugged her again and said, "this is no problem; you are about the same height as Ray...I'll just get a pair of his pajamas for you."

This time Stephania, her arms free, hugged Debra back and thanked her profusely. Debra motioned for them to follow her as she explained, "let's get you two upstairs where you can change and get comfy. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to sample this wine."

They wholeheartedly agreed and climbed the stairs behind Debra; ending up in her bedroom. As Debra searched a drawer for a fresh pair of Ray's pajamas; Stephania,not shy in the least, wasted no time in stripping off her clothes. Debra turned to her with the pajamas, as Stephania was unclasping her bra and asked her if she wanted the other two to leave the room while she changed.

As her bra straps fell down her arms, freeing the most magnificent breasts Debra had ever seen, Stephania just laughed, "oh no Debra; in Italy we are-a proud of our bodies...no matter what they-a look like."

Debra tried not to stare; but Stephania was truly spectacular. Her firm breasts jutted proudly straight out from her chest, without the slightest trace of a sag. They must have been about 38C, and Debra thought to herself that those nipples could poke your eye out.

Taking this all in, Amy threw up her hands and said, "what the heck," as she raised her blouse over her head and threw it on the bed.

She un-snapped her plain white bra and let it fall from her shoulders; trying to pretend she was not self-conscious in front of her friends. Debra thought that Amy's breasts were perfect hand-fulls; about 36B, and perfectly round. Her areola were a much lighter pink than Stephania's. Stephania hastily lowered her slacks over her impossibly long legs and shoved her lace panties off her feet revealing her totally shaved pussy. Debra couldn't help notice that her pussy lips were very prominent; they must have been an inch long. Amy , meanwhile, was attempting to overcome her embarrassment, by lowering her slacks and panties all in one motion. She had a very well trimmed bush of dark blond hair, covering what Debra thought were very puffy lips. Debra, realizing she was staring at her friends nude bodies; handed Stephania the pajamas; and sat on the edge of the bed while they finished dressing. She noticed that neither one had opted to wear any underwear; almost like they knew she had skipped that part of her wardrobe. She reasoned that they had certainly noticed "Barnes & Noble" bobing around inside her pajama top when she walked.

As soon as everyone was dressed; and Ray's pajamas fit Stephania like they were made for her; they all padded back downstairs barefoot. They ripped the cover off the cheese-plate; retrieved wine glasses from the cupboard; and brought four full bottles of wine into the living room, where they unceremoniously plopped down on the roomy sofa. Over the next couple of hours, they behaved like high school girls; giggling and drinking wine while telling stories of past boyfriends and lovers. Amy , of course, had never had a lover, so she just listened intently to their sex stories. They took turns having the others paint their toenails, and braid their hair. Amy had a real knack with the nails; painting tiny flowers on the others feet. As the evening neared midnight, Debra poured each one another glass of wine, this one a cabernet, ands realized the fourth bottle was empty. When she got up to retrieve an additional bottle from the kitchen; she found herself slightly dizzy and walked serpentine to the refrigerator. When she returned with the beverage; Amy had tuned the TV to one of the premium channels that featured soft-porn, this time of night. She and Stephania were "oooing" and "ahhhing" while watching two very well-endowed girls make-out. Debra noticed that even their mock expressions were slurred. She wondered if they were having as difficult a time functioning as she was

They all sipped at another glass of wine as the scene on the screen changed to one of the girls working as a stripper.

As the girl on the screen systematically lost her clothes; Stephania stood and declared,"I-a can-a do better than that," as she began to unbutton Ray's pajama top.

To the accompaniment of the television's music; she proceeded to shimmy her voluptuous body as she completely unfastened the buttons; let the sleeves slide down her arms; pulled them off her hands; and twirled the top over her head. Her magnificent breasts were so firm that they hardly jiggled as she swayed her hips in time with the music.

Debra was amazed at her talent as she exclaimed, " I think you have found your calling, Stephania; you are really talented."

Stephania motioned for them to get up, saying, "come on up here you-a-two; let us do this together."

Amy continued to stare at Stephania's beautiful tits swaying, as she shakily arose; had difficulty standing; and shoved a chair back out of the way. Debra also felt almost hypnotized by Stephania's undulating breasts; as she stood and moved the coffee table out of their way. The over-indulgence in wine was definitely affecting their equilibrium as Amy and Debra mimicked Stephania's movements; unbuttoning and removing their pajama tops. The music on the TV had long since stopped; but they had their own internal beat now. Debra flung her top somewhere behind the TV and her wonderful tits began to flop around on her chest like huge mounds of gelatin. Amy was using her pajama top like she was toweling off her back after a shower; and her "hand-fulls" were bouncing delightfully back and forth.

"You-a have-a nice chest, Debra," complimented Stephania; as Debra blushed, and felt her nipples harden. " I-a can not believe you-a have three children."

" Yes, Deb, those are amazing," echoed Amy.

As the trio continued to shimmy and sway; the exercise caused the alcohol to circulate freely through their veins; and they were having some difficulty keeping their footing. The TV had advanced to another strip scene, and the music spurred Stephania to continue her strip. She hooked her thumbs into her elastic waistband; eased the bottoms down and over her totally firm buttocks; and let the pants fall to the floor before using her left foot to kick them free. She was totally free from self-consciousness; and Debra thought it had nothing to do with the fact they had already seen her naked that evening. With a body like hers; why would she be self-conscious. Amy, totally inebriated, followed Stephania's lead and dropped her bottoms to the floor. Not wanting to be left out; Debra wiggled her hips to the beat as she let her pajama bottoms fall away.

Debra had forgotten that they had not seen her naked before, until Amy pointed to her crotch and complimented her, " hey, nice patch Deb."

After the twins birth, she had kept her pubic area shaved except for a small, narrow "landing strip" of bright red hair just above her slit. Debra kept stealing glances of Stephania's magnificent body, and realized she was getting turned on at the sight. The scene on the TV had changed to reveal the two female leads gyrating around together on a bed. The three nude women danced a little longer and then flopped down on the couch together; not so much from exhaustion; but from light-headedness. Despite their obvious state; they all reached for another glass of wine as they watched the lesbian action on the screen.

Stephania, seated beside Debra, who was in the middle, nonchalantly reached over; cupped Debra's breasts in her hands; and declared, " your-a chest is-a much nicer than on the TV."

If she hadn't been under the influence of more than a bottle of wine, Debra might have been more shocked; but a shiver of excitement coursed through her body as Stephania continued to knead her tits. Her nipples immediately grew to the size of gumdrops, as Stephania pinched them between her fingers.

"Oh I agree, Deb," nodded Amy, "and I am fascinated by your patch;" as she traced Debra's "landing strip" with her forefinger.

Debra could feel a drop of fluid leak out of her slit as Amy's finger trailed down her crotch to her pussy lips, and she almost unconsciously spread her legs, giving Amy access. She knew they were all drunk; but the thought of shy, "mousy" Amy fingering her pussy, turned Debra on even more. As she looked down, watching Stephania's long fingers massaging her tits; and Amy's finger spreading her leaking fluid all around her pussy mound, she was surprised when Stephania leaned over; planted her lips on Debra's and snaked her tongue completely into her mouth. Like an involuntary reflex, Debra returned Stephania's passionate kiss; reached her left hand up to run her fingers through the hair on the back of Stephania's head,and pulled her closer. As she placed her right hand fully on Stephania's magnificent breast; Debra felt them both shiver with excitement.

She could not believe how firm Stephania's tit was. She had imagined that breasts with implants would be this firm; but she knew Stephania was all natural woman. As she tweaked her nipple between her thumb and forefinger; Debra thought that it must be three-quarters of an inch long. As she and Stephania continued to explore each others mouth; Debra felt Amy slide, what had to have been at least, two fingers into her pussy. Stephania broke their kiss, and immediately attached her pouty lips to Debra's left nipple. Amy, meanwhile, was using her other hand to manipulate Debra's, now fully engorged, clit. Stephania bit down on her nipple, as Amy tweaked her nub; and Debra shuddered as she squirted her cum all over one of Marie's afghans, which was covering the sofa. She seemed to orgasm in waves as Amy was now jamming three fingers into her cunt. Debra leaned back on the couch; her legs splayed obscenely apart, trying to catch her breath.

Stephania slid onto the floor; kneeled between Debra's legs; and declared, " this is-a no time to relax; we-a not done with you-a yet. "

Amy had withdrawn her fingers from Debra's pussy and was now licking them, one by one; and joined Stephania on the floor. Stephania winked at Amy, and reached over to the coffee table to grasp one of the long-necked wine bottles. Amy immediately knew what to do, as she used both her thumbs to spread Debra's pussy lips apart. Debra looked down as Stephania nudged the tip of the green bottle into her slit; twirled it around to coat it with her slippery juices; and then steadily slid it up inside her cunt; stopping when the thickest part of the bottle would not fit any farther.

"Oh my God that feels good," screamed Debra as Stephania began fucking her with the bottle.

Stephania replied, " this is-a how Italian women have a slumber party."

As she continued to jam the wine bottle into Debra's spread hole; Stephania reached over and took Amy's entire right breast into her free hand; and played with it like it was 'Play-Dough." Amy, responding, leaned forward and began to kiss Stephania's perfectly conical breasts. Debra leaned back; slumped a little lower on the sofa, pushing her pubic bone against Stephania's thrusts; and began to massage her own breasts. Stephania, feeling Debra's pressure, tried to force more of the bottle inside her. She was actually stretching Debra's cunt so wide that about three inches of the fat, main part of the bottle was inside her, when it reached her uterus and abruptly stopped.

Stephania twirled the bottle around inside her, and fucked her with the fat part as Debra shrieked, " Jeeesusss...fuck me hard."

And Stephania did just that, and Amy redirected her attention to Debra's clit; as she squeezed the nub between her fingers. For the second time that evening, Debra's body shook and convulsed, as her juices dripped down between her ass cheeks and, this time, wet the floor, because her ass hung off the edge of the sofa cushion. Stephania withdrew the bottle; licked the entire length of it, tasting Debra; and she and Amy again joined Debra on the sofa.

"Thank you so much," croaked a breathless Debra, "now it's your turn; both of you."

She knew they were all still thirsty so she drunkenly stumbled to the kitchen; her pussy still tingling from the assault it had just taken. She used a dish towel to wipe the fluid running down her legs; and checked for more wine. Finding none, she grabbed three bottles of Ginger Ale from the refrigerator; and just before closing it, on a whim, selected several other items that caught her fancy. Returning to the sofa, the others laughed when they saw the objects in her hands. As they sipped on the Ginger Ale; Debra spread her treasures out on the coffee table: a fourteen inch long pepperoni stick, still wrapped in plastic; a can of aerosol whipped-cream;a bottle of olive oil; and a long,very thick, cucumber.

Stephania studied the collection and wagged her finger at Debra saying, " oh, you-a are a naughty girl."

Debra slid off the sofa and positioned herself between Stephania's incredibly long legs; nudging them apart even farther. Amy grabbed the can of whipped-cream; shook it vigorously; and sprayed circles of white cream around Stephania's absolutely perfect tits.

Amy leaned in and began gently licking the cream off her right breast, sucking her elongated nipple completely into her mouth. Debra, crawling up Stephania's legs; used her thumbs to spread her unbelievably long pussy lips against her wide-spread thighs. She paused; breathing in Stephania's musky scent and just stared at her pink slit. Debra

thought her pussy lips spread wide, resembled a large butterfly; and she wondered if a woman's pussy was like a fingerprint: no two were exactly the same. Amy was busy licking Stephania's tits clean; as Debra leaned into her crotch; stuck out her tongue; and just lightly lapped the insides of her spread pussy lips.

" So this is what cunt tastes like," she thought to herself, "I like it."

Out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of a Ginger Ale bottle; and it gave her a mischievous idea. Debra grasped the bottle tight and shook it; holding her thumb over the opening. She then swiftly inserted the tip of the bottle inside Stephania's slit, and released her thumb.

As the Ginger Ale squirted forcibly into Stephania; it caught her completely off guard, as she had been watching Amy give her breasts a tongue-bath; and she yelled, " holy shit...what-a you-a do!"

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