Everybody Loves Raymond's Wife


"You sure you don't want this jammed in your pussy?" he asked. His cock was still mostly hard and glistened with her saliva.

She did, her pussy was practically screaming for it, but she denied it. "No, I can't."

"How about this one then?"

Darlene looked over in surprise. Malcom stood in the room, his pants around his ankles stroking his huge cock. His was under a foot long, maybe eleven inches but as thick as his son's, giving it a stubbier appearance. "I can't cheat on Raymond. I love my husband."

"Your going to let me put it in your pussy or I show this tape tommorrrow in the teacher's lounge." He held a copy of the tape.

"Malcom, I always liked you. Why are you doing this?"

"It is better to be feared then loved Mrs. Duncan."

What was a janitor doing quoting Machiavelli? "Dont you men realize this is wrong. You don't blackmail people for sex."

"Darlene," said Jamal."are you familiar with Nietztche? We are his super-men. We take what we want. Morals do not apply to us. Your weak husband is impotent around us. It is in your nature to submit to our superior black cocks. That is why you enjoyed sucking my cock so much. Once my dad gets his cock in your pussy, you'll understand. You'll never go back to fucking a white man again."

"You have no choice," said Malcom waving the video. "lets move this party upstairs, I wan't to fuck you on your marital bed."

"You were both so nice," Darlene mumbled. Her legs shook so much she had trouble standing as she moved towards the stairs. "Was it the steroids?" she asked Malcom. "Did they make you aggressive?"

Malcom smacked her ass to make her hurry up the stairs. "They made me powerful."

"And power corrupts," she said.

"Absolutely," said Malcom. "But it is my right as a dominant male to take what I want and I wanted you. Plus, it turned my weakling son into a man. I met some men in a strip bar who recruited us to work for them. Thats why Jamal needs to graduate. They want him in their research division, but he needs his diploma, so I conceived of this little blackmail scheme."

"This was your idea?" They were in the bedroom now.

"Oh yes," said Malcom. "I'm nearly as smart as Jamal. I just never had proper schooling. Now get on the bed, on all fours. I want to fuck you like an animal."

"It's not to late Malcom. I'm willing to forget this has happened." She climbed on all fours, her ass pointing towards Malcom. She was glad he had chosen such an unromantic position. There was no way this could be as good as facing the man you loved in the missionary position.

"Shit bitch," he was completely naked now. "Your pussy's begging for my cock. Your lips are all swollen and wet. They've already spread open in anticipation of getting their first real fucking. Tell me to fuck you."

"I can't."

Malcom moved between her legs and ran the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips. She moaned and her pussy opened wider. "Tell you what Mrs. Duncan, I'll make you a deal. Let me put the whole thing in you. Once it's in, all you have to do is give the word and I'll pull it out. You can have both tapes and we'll leave. All you have to do is change Jamal's grade so that he passes. Do we have a deal?" He moved his cock head slowly aound her labia to coat it with lubrication.

"Yesss," she moaned. That wouldn't be so bad. Just take his cock inside her and then it would be gone.

"Now beg me to put it in."

"Put it in Malcom." Darlene's eyes flew open as the head pushed inside her. Her pussy had never stretched this wide. He pushed several inches inside her, pulling out and pushing just a little more in. He was slowly fucking her and her body was betraying her. She was going to cum all over the janitor's cock if she couldn't get ahold of herself. "Enough pull it out, a deals a deal."

Malcom laughed and pulled all but the head out. "The deal was for you to take it all. That was only half."

"I don't believe it."

"You'll see." Malcom slammed his hips forward burying his cock in her pussy.

Thank god it hurt, gone was the threat of cumming with this arrogant bastard. His monster cock had thrust deep into virgin territory, her pussy stretching out tight around it, squeezing his shaft, lubricating it with waves of juice. Nerve endings she didn't know existed were coming alive sending electrical impulses to her brain, assaulting it with...Pleasure!

"Now what will it be Mrs. Duncan? You know you love it. So let lose and enjoy it or do I pull it out?"

If only he'd move it just a little she could cum. She was practically cumming just from being stuffed with such a big cock. Even the initial pain was better then this teasing, aching need for an orgasm. It promised to be a big one too. "Move it around please," she grunted.

"Are you asking me to keep it in, to fuck you?"

"Yes. Please Malcom, I need to be fucked, please fuck me." Malcom began pumping her pussy and t didn't take long for the orgasm to break lose. "Oh yes, god yes, I'm cumming."

Jamal was hard again and moved around to stick his cock back in her face, but Malcom waved him off. "I want her to talk first." He waited for her to come down from her orgasmic high before continuing. "Describe how it feels."

"It's so big in my pussy. Your big black cock is stretching me out. I never knew sex could feel this good. Oh my god, I'm going to cum again. Aaahhh."

"Pretend your husband is watching, what would you tell him?"

"Raymond your prick is pathetic. I thought you pleased me, but I was wrong. I've never been truly fucked until tonight." Darlene was really getting into it. Malcom was using the entire length of his cock to fuck her, slamming it in so hard, his big balls were slapping against her thighs. It was all she could do to stay on all fours. "Ray, their black cocks are so much better then yours. These men are built for sex. I love you, but my body belongs to them now."

For some reason these men needed their egos stroked. She had never been vocal during sex, but found herself getting into it. Darlene was about to continue when Jamal growing impatient, stuck his cock in her face. She opened her mouth and took him inside.

Sweet, conservative Darlene was getting plugged from both ends and she loved it. She loved being helpless. She loved being dominated. She loved having Jamal's cock roughly shoved down her throat with each powerful thrust of Malcom's cock.

Malcom grabbed her hips and pulled forwards locking their crotches together. His cock spasmed, cum exploding deep in her pussy triggering her own powerful orgasm.

Darlene immediately felt a deep sense of loss when Malcom removed his cock. She continued to slurp on Jamal's cock, but then he too pulled it out. Jamal walked around behind her "Shit dad, I wanted first crack at her pussy. I'm not sticking my cock in that mess."

Darlene could feel sperm flowing out of he pussy. "Fuck her ass then son," said Malcom.

"No way," said Darlene looking over her shoulder at them. "That thing will rip me in two."

"You'll learn to love it." Jamal pushed on her back until her head was mashed into the matress with her ass thrust up. "Reach behind you and pull your ass cheeks apart."

Darlene was scared, horrified even, but her hands obeyed his command, reaching behind her and pulling her butt cheeks apart. Her asshole was open for him, her pussy was a gaping sperm filled hole. No man had ever gotten this view of her before.

"Need some lube," grunted Jamal. He slapped her ass. "Be right back."

Darlene stayed frozen until Jamal returned from the bathroom. He had a small bottle of hand lotion in his hand and he first squirted a long line of lotion along his cock as if he were putting catsup on a big black foot long. The bottle had a long tubular opening and his next move was to stick it in her ass. He squeezed it, cold lotion spraying deep into her ass.

Jamal replaced the bottle with the head of his cock. Darlene was thankful for the excessive lubrication as he pushed forward. The big knobby cock-head bobbing before her head earlier was now pushing into her rectum. Pain shot up her spine as her asshole stretched open, then closed slightly around his cock head. He moved the head around a bit before pushing a little more in. Darlene moaned into the bedspread, the thick part under his cock-head was worse then the head itself as his cock continued to probe deeper. He pushed and pushed, finally stopping when it seemed as if he could get no more in.

Her knuckles were white from gripping her ass cheeks too tightly. As the pain faded, her grip loosened and he took it as a sign to began slowly fucking her ass. It was strange, but not unpleasant. There was no way a woman could get pleasure from this. Jamal seemed to be enjoying it and that was all that mattered. Darlene's eyes opened in surprise as she came to a realization. She was more concerned with pleasing him, then with herself. If he wanted to fuck her ass or stick his cock in her mouth, that's what she wanted too. Just as she had grown to love sucking his cock, she began to enjoy the slow ass-fucking. "Oooo fuck my ass Jamal. Fuck me with that black cock."

Jamal picked up the pace fucking her hard, even getting a few more inches inside when she tried to pull her ass open more for him. What would her fellow teachers think of shy, conservative Darlene Duncan now, if they could see her getting her ass reamed by one of her students?

Malcom appeared in front of her. Darlene watched in amazement as Malcom grabbed the tip of his semi-hard cock giving it a couple quick tugs. Within seconds his cock was as hard as it was when he had fucked her only a half hour ago. It looked as big and swollen as if he hadn't had sex in months. "You know what to do," he said. Darlene forced her torso up and took him in her mouth.

Darlene fucked and sucked their cocks for another half-hour before Jamal pumped her ass full of sperm. She moaned around Malcom's penis as Jamal slowly pulled his cock out. Her ass closed up behind it, forcing his seed up into the vacuum only to pour out of her ass, dripping down her crack to mix with the rapidly caking sperm his father had left in her pussy earlier. Malcom came a few minutes later. This time she tried to swallow it all, but it was still too much, sperm dribbled down her chin and she got her face hosed again when it briefly popped out of her mouth.

"Go clean up teacher," said Jamal. "I'm about to give you an F when you get done."

"I was hoping for a C," she replied, "or in your case a C++."

Jamal grinned at her. This was every student's dream, fucking his sexy teacher. "I'll evaluate you on performance. Now hurry up. I'm ready to go now."

He was hard again! Impossible! They were super-men! She hurried to the shower trying to clean off as much of their sperm as she could, but finding the stuff was everywhere, turning sticky and gummy as the water touched it. She returned to her bedroom still wet, her skin glistening with moisture and her body glowing with a deep sense of satisfaction.

"Get on the bed," he said when she walked over to him.

"How do you want me?"

"On your back."

Darlene laid down on the bed with her head on the pillow, spreading her legs as Jamal climbed between them. She looked down her body in awe at the huge bobbing thirteen inch cock poised to enter her. He kneeled between her legs and pushed the head in. Jamal put his arms under her knees and began working his cock into her pussy. It went in easier thanks to the stretching Malcom had already given her, but Jamal was two inches longer and those extra inches made her feel as if she were losing her virginity all over again.

He fucked her like that for a good fifteen minutes giving her numerous mini-orgasms as he pumped his entire cock in and out of her. "What's my grade now Mrs. Duncan?"

Darlene had planned to give him just a D, enough to graduate and get the video back. She changed her mind and shouted, "Oh Jamal, you're getting an A."

"I'm the teacher now," he said laying down on top of her. His huge waist held her spread legs wide open for his thrusting cock. Her nails dug into his back as she came again and again, feeling owned and protected beneath his huge size. She kissed his chest in submission.

Jamal rolled over carrying her on top of him. Darlene rode his cock while he sucked on her overly-sensitive nipples. His strong tongue twirled around her breasts, teasing each nipple before sucking first one then the other into his mouth. She collapsed on his chest as a powerful orgasm rocked her body. When she recovered, Malcom had his hands on her waist and was pushing his cock into her ass. Both her holes were getting plugged bringing her to a whole new level of sexual pleasure. There was no way she could ever give this up.

Later, Darlene stepped out of the shower again and walked to her bedroom with the spread, rolling gate of someone who had been on a horse too long. Her whole body was sore, but it was one of those pleasant aches you get from a good workout.

The black men were gone as were their clothes. She frowned, but was secretly relieved as her body was too exhausted to continue.

Darlene went over to her large walk-in closet for a robe. The door was open a crack and she pulled the doors apart getting the shock of her life. Raymond was kneeling on the floor with his hands, feet, and mouth duct-taped. There was a bouquet of flowers at his feet and his cheeks were stained with dried tears.

Darlene was horrified, until she saw the little bulge in his pants. "Things are gonna change around here," she said.


"You mean her husband wached the whole thing?" asked Jamal.

"Yep, he came home early to surprise her while you were showing her the video. It didn't take much to cower the wimp. I restrained him and snuck him upstairs while she was sucking your cock."

"What if he tells?"

"I made a new tape. We'll make it look like he set it up if he gets out of line. Besides, if he causes trouble we can always have one of our cops take his statement."

"Keepin' it real, dad," said Jamal smiling. After the first time he had cum as an enhanced man, this was the best day of his life. He had fucked his teacher and was going to graduate.

Little did he know, he was going to get expelled anyway, when he finally encountered a situation that he couldn't control. But that is another story.

To be continued in "Not Another Teen Story"

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