tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEverybody Loves Ray's Wife Ch. 01

Everybody Loves Ray's Wife Ch. 01


Debra's Dilemma

Debra ran into her bedroom and slammed the door behind her. She looked in the mirror and took in the image. She was stuffed into a tight black miniskirt and a bright read top cut so low that her giant tits literally spilled out of the shirt. She let out an impassioned "Oh my God!" as she realized how slutty she must have looked at the PTA meeting. "Great, we're going to have to move now." She said out loud to no one.

Disgusted with the outfit and how much trouble it caused, Debra pulled her top off over her head and threw it angrily into the corner of the room. "Stupid husband. He is so dead", she muttered as she laid on her back and struggled to squeeze that tight black leather skirt over her hips and off her body. She kicked the skirt high into the air. She lay on the bed for a moment rethinking the last fifteen minutes. She was furious with Ray for telling her that the women in the PTA had been talking behind her back about how "age-inappropriate" she dressed. And, she was even more furious with herself for believing the story and dressing like a "hoochie mama" at the PTA meeting. She remembered the looks of complete and total shock from her friends as she pranced around the room like Erin Brokovich meets Pamela Anderson. She especially remembered offering Lillian's husband dip and practically smothering him with her cleavage as she bent over him. "I am so kicked out of the PTA", Debra gasped.

In retrospect now, although Ray was a world class A hole for making up the ridiculous story - she was somehow flattered by the reason he gave for making up the story.

"I don't know, I guess I'm just jealous. You're so hot. And I'm so - not."

"You really think I'm hot?" Debra responded.


"Well, thanks... ...I guess." Debra said, breaking a smile.

"Now's the part where you say I was wrong about saying I'm not hot." Ray said.

"You are hot. You know some of the PTA women say you're the best looking husband." Debra said as she straightened his collar.

"That's nice. Which ones?"

"Raymond." Debra warned.

"I'm sorry; it's been a long day. I can give you until tomorrow. You can just email me a list."

Debra ignored him and said, "It's just sometimes I like to dress sexy. I like it when people notice that I've "still got it", you know what I mean?"

"I know." Trust me, you still got it. Whenever you come by the basketball courts and drop off my lunch & you're all dressed up - the guys all remind me that you've still got it."

"Really? They all think I've still got it?"

"Yep, you still got it and they'd like to get it. Especially, Gianni.

"Gianni says I'm hot?" Debra asked casually.

"Trust me, if he wasn't such a good free thrower - I'd throw him off the team."

"Wow. See, you could tell me that once in awhile." Debra playfully slaps Ray on the shoulder.

"Why? You think he's hot?"

"It's not that at all. It's just that he's the only one of your friends who's still single. It's just nice to hear that a guy who dates 25 year olds finds someone my age attractive. You could tell me these things once in awhile."

"Why, so you could think about them when you're doing the spin cycle?" Ray said with a hurt tone.

"Maybe, but I'll let you in on a secret. The sexier I feel, the more action you get."

Really? Because Barry said you had a perfect onion. Then there's Craig, that day you wore the tank top without a bra he said that "your boobs should be bronzed..."" Ray tried to continue, but Debra grabbed his hand and led him down the hall. Then, she dropped to her knees and ripped down Ray's zipper.

Out of Ray's pants plopped out a bright purple soldier. Even though Ray wasn't ready for this encounter, his dong was swelling up fast. "..And, I saw the paper boy checking out your ass when you were pulling weeds last week."

"Really? He was looking at my ass? How did it look?" Debra said playfully as she welcomed Ray's now rock hard shaft down her throat. She took it all the way down immediately while yanking on Ray's balls.

"You looked good. You were wearing those short-shorts."

"Which short-shorts?" Debra asked before she slurped up Ray's big fat chubby again. She pressed her face into Ray's soft belly by grabbing both of his ass cheeks greedily.

"The one's I thought were Allie's." Ray answered.

"As Debra worked Rays' cock with only the perfection achieved by sucking the same cock for fifteen years, she looked up and smiled in recognition. She dragged her lips up Ray's throbbing shlong. "Oh, those shorts. Were they too short?"

"Let me just put it this way, my Dad had to use his medic alert bracelet." Ray quipped.

"Debra really started to crank up the stroking speed as she asked... "You don't think your Dad really checks me out sometimes do you?"

"No, not sometimes. All the time. Face it; he's a dirty old man."

"Really?" Debra asked with heightened curiosity as she worked that head to a sloppy lather.

"Why, you thinking about what you're going to get him for his birthday?" Ray joked.

"Stop it." Debra went back to just sucking the shit out of Ray's dick. "But..."

"But what?" Ray responded.

"It would be hilarious to see the look on his face if I just dropped to my knees and blew his mind."

"Thanks for that image. I'll be lucky if I can get an erection again by Christmas." Ray moaned.

"You seem pretty hard to me. Besides, I'm just kidding. What do you think he'd do if I did that?" Debra asked as she pumped Ray's cock into her mouth.

"Probably this..." Rays let out a whale-like groan and shot thick pearly jets down Debra's throat. Debra practically never swallows, but she found herself so horny by talking about such naughty scenarios that she couldn't get enough of Ray's salty load. Debra moaned like a dirty slut as she worked his cream down her throat.

"Wow." Ray commented as he pulled his cock into his pants.

"Yeah?" Debra responded.

"Oh yeah. I can't believe I didn't even have time to get those big boobies out of your shirt.

"Oh no!" Debra burst out.

"Hey, give me a sandwich and I'll be ready to take the girls for a second spin." Ray joked.

"I completely forgot about his fucking outfit. We're so going to have to move."

"Really? Well, it was worth it." Ray joked. Debra got up and started up the stairs. "Where are you going?" Ray asked.

"I'm going to get out of this outfit and burn it."

"Really? I think we could find a use for... No?" Ray pauses as he gets the message. "...Okay, I'm going to go play ball with the guys in a few.

Debra was already back in her room before Ray zipped up his pants.

Debra thought about this little encounter just a few minutes before as she checked out her 43 year old body in the mirror in just a lacy black bra and thong panties. She still looked good. Her tits were huge and round. And her belly was firm. And her ass, it was small and tight. "I still got it." Debra said into the mirror.

"Yeah you do" responded two voices from behind her. Debra whipped around to see Ray and his buddy, Gianni. "Ray! What are you doing?!"

"Well, I was going to show Gianni the skirt you wore to the PTA meeting. You know, because you like it when guys think you look hot." Ray answered. "How did you get out of your clothes so fast? Were they on fire?"

"I bet they were, because she looks hot." Gianni joked.

"Out!" Debra growled.

The door started to close, but then it opened again. "Debra, I can wait for you to put the skirt back on..." Gianni joked. Debra glared at the two of them.

The boys closed the door. Debra was scowling until the door closed and then she let out a smile. Debra grabbed a pair of jeans out of the dresser and was about to put them back on when she heard a dull thud in the drawer. She pushed away some clothes and found a slim white vibrator nestled in a pair of sweat pants. Debra picked up the "massager" and took a look. She vaguely remembered the days when she had time to relax with her little buddy. A grin formed on her pouty little lips as she considered rekindling her friendship with her little buddy. She twisted the end cap and the little guy rattled to life. Debra let out a girlish giggle. She then sat back down on the edge of her bed. After a moment she pulled her little black thong panties down over her hips and off her feet. "Let's see if you still got it", Debra said out loud to the whirring electronic miracle. She pressed it up against her pussy lips and felt an immediate tingle up through her body. Her juices started flowing so hard and fast that her snatch literally "snatched" that vibrator and pulled it into her pussy. She cranked it up to "high" as she watched herself in the mirror - her big tits heaving up and down as they remained confined to the lacy black bra doing it's best to pin down her enormous fake tits. They were a present to Ray last year, but it seemed that she enjoyed the "girls" almost as much as him.

She really did get a thrill out of the reaction from friends when they saw her little A-cup suddenly blow up to a C+. In fact, she even got a kick out of the way Robert and his Dad took long greedy looks at her giant knockers whenever they thought Ray wasn't looking. Last week, after a shower she answered the door in nothing but a towel. Robert was on the other side and when he saw her big wet and glistening rack confined only to a terry cloth towel - well, the reaction was hilarious. "Muh, muh, muh."

"Yes Robert?"

"Muh, muh, Ma wants to know if she could borrow your blender." Robert burst out.

"Sure, come on in the kitchen and I'll give it to you." Debra almost burst out laughing at the entendre. She turned and started toward the kitchen. "I think it's down here under the sink." Debra knelt down and scoured under the sink cabinet to find her blender. "It's in here somewhere", she announced kneeling under the sink cabinet. As she searched, Robert got an eyeful of her ass peeking out of the bottom of her towel.

"Haven't used it in awhile, huh?" Robert asked.

"No, I sure haven't. But, the thing still hums like a champ. You push the button on this thing and it just goes and goes." She put it on the sink." "It will grind up anything you shove inside this little baby." She plugged it in and hit "blend." It made a loud crunching sound. "See?"

"Yeah, that's pretty guh, guh, good." Robert admitted. "Well, I should let you go back to your shower."

Debra was getting too much of a kick out of Robert's embarrassment to stop just now. "Maybe I should get some ice out of the freezer and make sure this sucker still does it's thing." She got on her tip toes to scoop some ice out of the freezer and suddenly she felt very cold. There was a loud gasp behind her.

"Oh my God!" Robert exclaimed.

"What?" Debra asked as she turned to find that the towel she was wearing was now on the ground. For a long moment they both just stood there. Robert in shock as he stared at her tight little body. He almost smiled as he finally after a dozen or so years, got to see his sister in law's hot little box. Not to mention her brand new and improved delicious jugs. Debra let out a smile. "Do you still want the blender Robert?"

"Uh, that's okay. I'll just use a hammer." Robert freaked out and ran out of the room.

Debra thought about this little encounter last week, as she jammed the vibrator harder and faster up her pussy. She was starting to really get worked up when she heard a persistent knock at the front door. "Of course, why wouldn't I have visitors now?"

Debra slipped on a robe and went downstairs. She looked through the peep hole and saw Ray's Dad, Frank. She opened the door.

"Hi Frank. What can I do for you?"

"Oh hey there, Debra, listen, I was just out back trimming the trees and saw you working on a little trim yourself." Frank grinned at his dirty little pun.

"Frank, you dirty old man! I can't believe you."

Shut the fuck up! Frank stepped toward Debra. He put a hand on her hip as he stared hungrily down her robe.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Frank?

"What my son isn't man enough to do." Then, Frank ripped off Debra's robe to reveal her standing there in only a bra and nothing else. "Now that's a classy pair of tits."

"How dare you, Frank?!"

"How dare I? How dare you get a beautiful new set of tits and wait a year to show me." Frank then grabbed them and pressed himself against her. "Now, you're going to pull out my big sausage and rub it between those wonderful knockers of yours; you hot little slut."

"Frank, have you gone insane?" She said. Undaunted, Frank yanked her hand down his trousers and she felt it; a huge thick cock. Somehow, she felt her pussy fill up with juices.

Debra couldn't lie to herself; Frank's big cock and his single minded hunger for her were a turn on. She decided to play a little game of chicken with him. "Alright, old man. I'm going to teach you a little lesson about staying in your own age group."

Debra unbuttoned Frank's pants and pulled out a 13 inch penis. It was old and grey and veiny as a spiderweb, but it was still beautiful. It must have been six inches around.

"Jesus, I guess Ray takes after Marie." Debra noted.

"Shut the fuck up, por favor. And put that pretty pair of lips right around the head of Mr. Happy."

"You're crazy if you think I'm going to..." Frank then ripped off her bra and grabbed the top of her head, jamming her to her knees. He pulled her head toward his cock and instead of biting it off; she opened her lips and accepted the serpent into her mouth. And that was the last time Frank had to instruct her. She slurped and stroked that python. She lolled her tongue up and down that dragon's neck. She gasped and gagged, but never stopped pumping that enormous ancient artifact into her mouth.

Frank's beer belly bounced back and forth into Debra's face as his long hanging sack slapped onto her big fat tits. His balls and her tits bounced back and forth in unison as she slurped up his member.

"Yeah, that's it. Suck it all the way to the hilt, you little hussy." Frank beamed.

"Oh, I'll suck it. I'm going to work this fat cock so hard that you're going to have a stroke."

"I'll take two." Frank responded with a devilish grin.

Debra glared up over Frank's swollen belly as she jammed that snake down her throat. She increased the pressure of her grip and pumped and pumped. She took her free hand and squeezed that catcher's mitt sized ball-sack for all it was worth.

Frank pulled his prehistoric pecker out of his daughter in law's mouth. "What are you doing, Frank?" Debra asked as she caught her breath.

"Something I should have done a long time ago - fucked those big tits of yours." Frank smiled as he rubbed his pulsing purple rang around he silver dollar sized hard brown nipples. Debra responded by grabbing both jugs and squeezing them tightly around Frank's cock.

"Oh yeah, break in the girls. They haven't got a nice titty-fuck since I had the work done."

"Oh yeah, I'll put some miles on those babies." With that, Frank grabbed Debra's shoulders and pile-drived his length up and through Debra's cleavage. He didn't show any delicacy for his daughter in law as he banged his cock into her juicy cans and up into her face... His big hairy nut-sack slapping her in the face.

"Oh yeah, slap my face with your balls." Debra encouraged Frank.

"You want a nice slap? How about this? Frank grabbed his dong with one hand and swung his Johnson right into her cheek. Debra let out a girlish giggle. Frank did it again. And again, Debra squealed with delight. Then, Debra grabbed it and started bashing herself about the face and breasts. It made a vicious slapping sound and left bright red marks. But, that only made Debra hornier. She couldn't take it anymore - she flipped over and launched her tight little spinning class ass into the air.

Without hesitation, Frank grabbed hold of both ass cheeks and jimmied his massive cock into her tiny pussy. She let out an glass breaking shriek as her father in law's tube-steak nearly ripped her in half. "Oh yeah, Frank. Fuck the shit out of my pussy. Take me, Frank - take me now!"

"Oh, I'm taking you - taking you to the rodeo." Then he slapped her ass as she squealed with delight. Then, he pulled the back of her hair into a knot and slammed ever inch of him into her.

Debra looked in her dressing mirror and saw an epic sight - her sixty five year old father in law's beer belly slamming up against her perfect little ass. The force of each thrust as she knelt on her hands and knees sending thunder an lightning up her snatch. She looked again and saw her tits swing back and forth like giant pendulums - keeping perfect time. "Oh Frank, let me see your face! I want you to come all over my face." Debra even surprised herself as those words came out.

"You must have read my mind." Frank responded giddily as he flipped her over and enjoyed the sight of her perfect tits jiggling and his snake slithering in and out of his son's wife's all-too-tight snatch. Then, he pulled his cock out and knelt over her waiting mouth. She lathered it up with her lips as she sucked in the taste of her own pussy.

Finally, Frank let out a might groan. It sounded like it might be his last, but Debra didn't care - she kept sucking and jacking off her father in law.

"Oh my sweet Lord, I think I can die now!" Frank burst. A fire hose full of semen blasted out into the air and shot across the room, splashing across Debra's face and tits. Then, Frank grabbed his cock and whipped it on her tits as hard as he could - it let out a mighty splashing sound.

"Ow! Oh yeah Daddy, hurt me!" Debra cooed as Frank blasted a second jet of cum into her face and hair. Then, he slapped her across the face.

"You love it, don't you?" Frank said.

I love it - now shove it down my throat." So, Frank did as his daughter in law instructed and jammed that prick into her willing mouth and shot another load and another, and another. Come was spilling out of her mouth. She was drowning, so she pulled the foot long monster out of her mouth. But, it still kept shooting. And every time it hit her wet face and her wet, sloppy, cans. The cum splashes made a knocking sound, a wood like thud.

Knock, knock.

Suddenly Debra woke up. The vibrator still in her pussy, whirring away. And that's when she heard the knocking at the door. It was all so real in her head, she was almost shocked that it was all just a dream. After a moment, Debra slipped on a robe and nothing else as she left her room to answer the door. Debra smiled as she considered the possibilities.

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