tagGroup SexEverybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 14

Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 14


Part 14

**Late Saturday afternoon**

Gina stood in the doorway of the master bedroom, not particularly surprised at the sight, but very envious. Her two best friends, Britt, the blonde bombshell and Kate, the petite pixie with the jet-black hair, were sprawled across my king-size bed. I was naked, on my back, in the middle of the bed. Face down on either side of me, with their heads resting on my chest, were the two women, equally naked; with one hand each resting on my flaccid cock. All three of us snored lightly and if you can smile while you sleep, then that is what I was doing.

While she toiled all day in John's beachwear shop helping persnickety tourists shop for swimsuits that they really shouldn't be wearing in public, Kate was posing for a calendar that Britt and I were shooting for a local auto body shop.

Oh yeah, and while she and Britt slept last night in the guest bedroom after having spent the day moving out of their water-soaked rental house, little Kate got her first real cock. During the past year, Gina and Britt had taken her virginity with all forms of fake penile implements, fingers, and the like; but I was her first real deal.

The three roommates had decided early on to keep their sexual adventures in-house, assuring them of a drama-free first year of college. Gina had had one boyfriend who had left her an emotional wreck and she had sworn off the male species until just a couple days ago. Kate came from a family atmosphere that virtually assured her virginity until she found a way to get out of Dodge. Her family promised her that she had a first class ticket to purgatory if she even thought of sex until she was properly courted and married. Britt took both girls under her wing and even though she had no fears of the opposite sex, she could take them or leave them and was more than willing to wait until the right man came along.

And he did; 'twas I, George.

So here we all were, under one roof, at least for the time being. It was fairly obvious to Gina and Kate that this was the real deal for Britt, and me for that matter. I would do anything this woman asked me to do, short of murder. Britt is the same way and has a loyalty to those she loves that is boundless. Britt is also quite secure in her own sexuality and in her heart she somehow knew that I would never do anything to hurt her, so it only made perfect sense to her that she and I should do whatever needed to be done to help her friends over whatever hurdles life had thrown in their way. And if that meant me fucking them until they were walking funny, then well, that's what would happen.

It was no secret to all the girls that I was about as nervous about this arrangement as they were; at least Gina and Kate. Britt seemed to have all the confidence in the world that this was the best path and as we progressed, everyone became more at ease. The question now was where was this leading?

The aforementioned flood at the house they had rented had put us all under the same roof. No one had spoken about a long term solution, but it was an even bet that we were all thinking along the same lines. The question was; who was going to bring it up. Odds are it would be Britt.

Anyway, Gina stood there for a few more moments, taking in the erotic view, wishing she was part of the landscape. She decided that maybe she would just surprise everyone and go ahead and get dinner started. But before she did anything else, Gina pulled her cell phone from her purse and took a couple pictures.

**30 minutes later**

Gina took a quick shower in the guest bath and pulled an old baseball jersey on and went out to get started on dinner. She remembered seeing the makings of a spaghetti dinner and with a good salad and a bottle of wine, they'd be set. Barefoot, the little one with the long black hair didn't hear Gina enter the kitchen as she scrounged in the refrigerator for something to drink. She shrieked and nearly jumped into the icebox when Gina goosed her from behind, grabbing a handful of butt cheek.

"Jesus Gina," the naked nymph squealed; "you scared the shit out of me. I didn't know you were here."

"I'm sorry," she told a Kate as she hugged her and gave her an apologetic kiss. "So...tell me everything. Was it everything you thought it would be?"

Kate took Gina by the hand and led her to the living room couch and they snuggled up as Kate gave a blow-by-blow account of her first time with a man. They were both getting turned on as Kate talked and Gina asked for more detail. Both were absentmindedly strumming their clits and when the little one switched to the tale of the photo shoot and the three-way that followed. Gina had heard enough and quickly had Kate in a 69 on the couch. Kate found herself on the bottom with her head on a pillow, Gina's wet pussy planted firmly on her mouth as Gina hunkered down to feast on the little one's well-used snatch. Spreading Kate's legs wide, she stabbed at her pussy and ass with her tongue as Kate reciprocated, her tongue dancing over Gina's clit as her little fingers delved at her tight ass.

Meanwhile, woken by the loud moaning coming from another part of the house, Britt and I snuck out of the bedroom and peeked around the corner, watching the two dark-haired women pleasure one another. Britt stood in front of me, her hand reaching back to stroke my re-awakened cock as I had a firm grasp on both her tits, pinching her nipples as I nibbled on the nape of her neck. We had a view that favored Gina's backside; "Gina's got a great ass, doesn't she?" Britt whispered as she coaxed me to my full potential.

I dropped my hands from her breasts and took hold of my lover's firm cheeks and gave them a squeeze; "I really prefer this one," spreading the two halves.

"Hmm...good answer," she purred as I continued to nuzzle her neck. Pushing back slightly, she guided me between her moistened lips, my cock parting the way. We joined silently, careful not to ruin our friend's fun. The girls continued to put on a show as I worked my way in slowly. We didn't feel the need to fuck; we just wanted to be as close to each other as possible. I don't know how we could have been much closer.

The girls turned up the volume, Gina grinding on the little one's face as Kate fought back, two fingers now up the statuesque brunette's back door. Gina was evidently doing a pretty good job too as Kate was nearly bucking the bigger girl off and onto the floor. I pulled Britt closer, burying myself deeper as she wiggled her hips and twisted her own nipples.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," Gina cried, her hand now taking up where her mouth had been. Kate picked up the pace, slamming three fingers in and out of her roommates ass. Kate stiffened as she climaxed, nearly driving her entire hand home. Gina wailed in orgasm, her feet pushing against the armrest of the couch as she flooded Kate's mouth.

I watched, enraptured as I felt a small climax rumble through Britt, rolling up and down my length. I hugged her tighter, flexing in reply.

As the girls caught their breath, still layered on the couch, Britt and I parted and stepped from our hiding place; applauding the performance we had just been afforded. The two stars of the show turned their heads to the audience and smiled, both eyeballing the wet stiffness before me. Britt bounced over to the couch and got a pussy-enhanced kiss from Gina as the little one beckoned me over and promptly licked Britt's juices off my dick, giving me the opportunity to check Gina's moisture content, slipping a couple fingers in her drenched pussy.

Gina finally called off the fun, announcing that she had intended to have dinner ready for us before we woke from our nap. I went back to the master bath to take a leak and put on a pair of boxers and came out to find the girls, now all 'dressed' in t-shirts, skipping around the kitchen, getting dinner put together. There were plenty of cooks already in the kitchen, so I sat at the island and listened to the girls banter back and forth. They didn't come right out and talk about the fun and games the girls and I had on the MG after the photo shoot, but there were plenty of innuendos and raised eyebrows.

Dinner finally made it to the table and it was some of the best spaghetti I've ever had, but I honestly think my dinner company had a lot to do with it. About half-way through the meal, Britt as I had predicted, brought up the future living arrangements.

"So lover," she said as she ran a hand up and down my thigh under the bar; "I guess we're going to have to find another place to rent. Do you know of any place where three innocent girls from out of town can find a reasonable place to move into?"

Between the utterance of the word 'innocent' and the fact that she now had my half-hard cock in her hand, I nearly spewed red wine out of my nose. The girls laughed at my response as I tried to recover.

"Well, "I said, nearly recouped and winding some more pasta onto my fork; "I know the rental market is pretty tight right now, even with school out for the summer and all." I took a bite and chewed, pondering their dilemma.

"I do have this guest room, but I was really hoping a couple buddies of mine would come to town this summer and they'd have a place to stay." I paused as I took another sip of my Merlot.

"And," I continued, "I've been a bachelor so long, you know, being able to bring a girl home and not having to worry about some roommate getting in the way; I just....."

Next thing I know, I am off the stool, on the floor; a fiery-eyed blonde is straddling my chest as the other two pinned my arms to the floor...I clearly said something wrong. I smiled up at Britt, backpedaling a bit; "Well you do know I was referring to you as the girl I'd bring home; right?"

Britt smiled a devilish grin as I felt two hands straying down my stomach, creeping under the waistband of my Fruit-of-the-Looms. Gina and Kate had the same demonic smirk as their leader and I felt their hands converge, firmly taking hold of my prized possession. Britt ran her hands through my hair as I stared up into her beautiful, dark blue eyes.

"So baby," she winked as her cohorts ran their finger tips up and down my length; "don't you think we would make the perfect tenants? I mean really; we would help with all the household duties, you know, like cleaning and shopping and cooking."

I felt little Kate's hand slip down and begin to palm my balls, rolling them between her delicate fingers. Gina meanwhile had me in a full grip, tightening and loosening her fingers sequentially; it was nothing like I had ever felt before; a digital undulation.

Britt continued, her hands now pushing her shirt up, her beautiful taut belly exposed as she played with her nipples just under the shirt; "think of the other perks too. No more having to jack off when you get a little horny. I'm sure one of us would be more than happy to give you a handy or a BJ if you just needed a quickie to get you by. And you'd never have to sleep in a cold bed or wash your own back. I think you'd really benefit by having us as your roommates."

I couldn't suppress the moan as Kate and Gina continued to manipulate my main vein and just to make sure they had my attention, Britt lifted up a bit off my chest, revealing her wet pussy, her inner lips puffy and red. As the landlord, I thought I better get my two cents in; "You know, there are going to have to be a few house rules that you three will have to agree to." I felt Gina tighten her grip in anticipation of my demands.

"First off, there'll have to be some kind of dress code." Gina's grip got tighter yet; "Except when I have visitors or clients here, you three will wear as little clothing as is possible, depending on the temperature, etc." That got me a little stroke and Britt settled back on my chest and rocked her hips back and forth a couple time.

"Second; if I am available, I will be given first rights to all leg and pussy shaving and also hair washing and drying." Britt moaned as she rocked a couple more times, leaving a snail trail of pussy juice on my chest. Gina gave me a couple more welcome tugs as the little one draped her long hair over my face and gave me a quick buss on the lips.

"Next," I said, straining at Gina and Kate's ministrations; "we will have weekly movie nights and, oh yeah, we will also have scheduled 'Naked Days.'

"Um, fuck yes," Gina grunted as I noticed a hand between her legs moving frantically. Britt leaned to her side and kissed Kate, their tongues stabbing at one another. "So," Britt said as soon as Kate would let her; "are there any more house rules you can think of?" as she rose up on her knees and inched forward; her pussy nearly within striking distance of my tongue.

"Well," I said as my arms were released by my captors and I grabbed Britt's sweet ass firmly in both hands; "if I ever need a little snack, I would like to think that there would be at least one pussy available for me to partake in;" at which point I pulled my blonde lover's slick snatch to my lips and proceeded to devour her. Meanwhile, the other two co-conspirators had pulled my boxers down my legs and I saw them fly across the room out of the corner of my eye. I felt my legs being spread to the limit and I believe it was my petite one who crawled between my legs and began sucking my balls into her mouth, her fingers busy playing with my asshole. That left Gina to inhale my cock, the feeling familiar as I felt her nose nestle my groin, my cock reaching for the back of her throat.

The two dark-haired beauties took turns sucking my length and I listened as Gina gave encouragement to Kate as she tried to take all of me in her mouth; "Come on baby, you can get that big thing in there. Fuck that's sexy baby...suck it...c'mon, swallow his cock Katie!" The little one gurgled and moaned on my cock while her cheerleader ran one hand up and down my belly and chest, the other tickling my balls.

Britt meanwhile was riding my face, her hands on both sides of my head and rocking her drenched cunt up and down my face, grinding her clit on my nose as my tongue ventured deep inside her steamy cavern. "Ohh fuck, eat me god damn it... Fuck my pussy with your fucking tongue... Shit, you can eat my pussy anytime..." Britt's appreciative acknowledgements continued as she lap-danced on my lips. My hands migrated north and soon were full of firm titty, her nipples as stiff as my dick.

"Oh Jezzus baby....I'm cumming baby...gonna fuckin' drown you...ahhhh....fuuuucccckkkkk!!!!" Britt bucked and writhed on my face, her pussy sliding around like a kid on a slip-n-slide. I held her upright as I sucked her cream from between her swollen lips. She visibly vibrated as orgasm after orgasm rocked her until her body gave in and she collapsed on my face, a delectable smothering.

Delectable at any other time except when your cock is about to explode and you want to cry out in ecstasy. Britt found the strength to drag herself up my face enough to give fair warning of the impending eruption..." Fuck, fuck, fuck..." I spewed both verbally and orgasmicly. Gina and Kate both squealed with delight as they fought over the fountain of cum. I came hard a half dozen times, so hard my butt cheeks hurt from clenching.

"Mmmm," they uttered as their tongues licked and slurped at the creamy mess. Britt found the strength to turn around and join them, all three tongues now lapping at my tender tool, causing me to flex which brought more giggles of glee from the trio.

Content with their cleanup efforts, they joined me there on the floor, my butt now numb against the cold limestone tile. We hugged and petted, hands drifting from body to body, Britt purring with contentment.

About the time I decided that I'd better get up while I still could, Britt crawled up my torso until we were eye to eye. Gina and Kate pulled up alongside as Britt asked; "so, when can we move in?"

I actually teared up a little and hugged them all tight to hide it and managed to squeak out; "Welcome home girls."

I could feel the dampness as they peppered me and each other with kisses, whispering 'thank you's' softly and personally into my ears. I couldn't have been much happier than I was at that moment and realized what a lucky guy I was; screw the lottery, this was the big prize.

We helped each other off the cold floor, complaining about aching backs and knees. "Next time we do that," said Gina, "we'll aim for the carpet," pointing to the living room about five feet away. We all laughed and went back to cold spaghetti, but it mattered not as the warmth and happiness we all shared was all the comfort we needed.

** Too early, Sunday morning **

Britt and I were soundly sleeping in our patent-pending spoon position; my morning wood firmly ensconced between her butt cheeks, peeking at her pussy just around the bend, my right hand full of warm c-cup and my face pillowed in a nest of soft blonde hair, breathing warm air on her long neck.

Britt was sleeping soundly, her heart beating through the soft flesh of her breast. I was content as I'd ever been and daydreamed about the future. The fantasy was interrupted as I felt movement on the bed. The sheets rustled at the foot of the bed and soon, two naked subterranean trespassers slithered up on both sides of us. I felt hands, lips, breasts, and legs follow my backside and could see a form below the sheets tracing along the front of my bedmate. Simultaneously, two dark-haired interlopers poked their heads out from under the sheets.

"Good morning," they whispered as Gina kissed my shoulder and played with my butt. I reached back and gave her an awkward hug, my hand on her butt cheek.

"We got up to snuggle before we went into the shop this morning, but John sent Gina a text and said he had a family emergency and that we should go ahead and stay home today," Kate whispered. "He said he's leaving a sign on the door and Sunday's can be slow anyway, so I guess you have to put up with all of us today," throwing me an air-kiss and a wink.

"I hope everything is okay," I replied.

"I don't think it's a big deal," Gina said as she nibbled at my neck. "He said he'd call later and let us know what was going on."

Britt grumbled in her sleep as Kate kissed her softly on the nose. I sighed as Gina wrapped her leg over my hip and I could feel her warm wetness. I pulled her in tighter, my hand at the bottom of her ass cheek and she now sighed into my ear. I closed my eyes and drifted back to where I left off in my dream.

** Probably around an hour later that morning **

I was awoken by Britt squirming around, trying to roll onto her other side so that she was facing me. Her blue eyes, still heavy with sleep stared into mine and then asked; "who the fuck are all these people in my bed"; smiling slightly.

"I don't know," I answered; "I thought they were friends of yours," smiling back.

The sleepy one dropped her hand between us and encountered another hand; but not mine. She stared back at me and said, "Must be friends of yours, since she has her hand on your dick."

I was sleepier than I thought and I hadn't realized that somehow Gina had managed to coax me out of the confines of Britt's comfortable ass crack and had assumed a healthy hold. We heard a snicker from the buxom brunette as she caressed my cock.

"Would you guys be quiet," the little one muttered, now hugging Britt's backside; "I'm trying to sleep here."

"You are, huh?" as the blonde reached back and petted the dark-haired pixie. "I thought one of you had to go to work today."

"John had some sort of family emergency," I said, bringing Britt up to date. "He said he'd call the girls later on, so it looks like we're stuck with them for the day." That comment just got me a couple pokes and another tug.

"Anyway, we," I said giving my girl a kiss, "have to go through yesterday's shoot and pick out the shots of the MG and Kate for the calendar. You girls may as well get settled in and you can sort through all the stuff you brought. There'll be some things you brought that you don't need like kitchen things since I already have all that. We also need to do some grocery shopping today, so maybe I can talk you two," making eye contact with Gina and Kate, "into doing that chore."

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