tagErotic CouplingsEverybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 18

Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 18


** Tuesday Evening **

Britt and I had just fooled around a bit upstairs in the office/studio and I was ready for round two, but we were interrupted by Gina and Kate roaring into the warehouse, ready to put the day behind them and wondering what we had planned for dinner. Up to now, meals and such were sort of hit and miss. Whoever got to it first or felt inclined to cook went ahead and just did it. Not to brag or anything, but I'm probably the best cook in the house and the girls always gush over about the meals I make. I'm pretty sure they're sincere, but sometimes I think they just like being waited on. The one rule we do have that sort of balances this all out is that those who didn't cook get to clean up afterwards.

Britt and I ambled downstairs and found the girls sprawled out on the couch in the living room, each sipping on a glass of wine. They both looked as though they'd put in a proper days work and I leaned in to each of them and gave them each a welcome-home kiss. "Looks like you guys got a work-out today."

"I'll say," little Kate moaned as she rotated her neck, trying to work out the kinks. "Johnny screwed up a bit and we have a butt-load of inventory showing up."

"Yeah," chimed in Gina, the brunette Amazon; "he's a little ahead of the game. Most of this stuff is for internet sales and I didn't think we were going to stock most of it anyway; you know, just order it as needed, but somehow things got a little screwed up. Poor John is pulling out what hair he has left trying to get it straightened out."

"Yeah, the poor baby," Kate added, "he's a sweet guy, but I think the business end of it sort of eludes him. Along with getting the website up and running, I get the feeling that more and more of the business end, you know, ordering and such, is going to land on our shoulders."

"Well," I said as I moved over to the fridge to get a glass of Britt's ice tea, "I guess that's something you guys need to think about because the next semester isn't that far off and you'll have less time to devote to the store." I poured a tall glass and continued, "Didn't you guys mention that John was thinking that the internet sales may be the way to go and that the physical store might not even make sense in the long run."

"Yeah," answered Kate, "I think the store is physically draining on Johnny, even with our help, so the idea of just taking orders and sending them out is a little more appealing. And the mortgage payments and insurance and all that down by the beach is insane. We have to sell a ttruck-¬load of merchandise to just break even."

"John's a bright guy and with you girls to help out, I'm sure it'll all work out in the end. So, should I see what I can rustle up for dinner?" I asked.

"We thought you'd never take the hint," Gina responded with a laugh.

"Yeah," I smiled, "you just better hope that I'm not inclined to make a helluva mess for you to clean up."

"Oh well, if that's the case," Gina said as she got up from the couch, stretching her long lean frame, "maybe I'll just have a bowl of cereal; how 'bout you Katie?" she laughed.

"You know, I'm so beat, that may be all I have the strength to chew. Serve me up a bowl sister," as the little one drug herself out of the confines of the couch.

I glanced over at Britt to ascertain whether or not I had dodged kitchen duties for the night or not.

"No way baby," she said, "that was a nice appetizer you gave me upstairs, but I'm still hungry, so get your sweet ass into the kitchen and see what you can whip up. It won't be the first mess of yours that I've cleaned up today," she winked and then busted up laughing at herself. Kate and Gina just looked on and shook their heads in mild disbelief and went back to pouring out a couple bowls of corn flakes.

I managed to keep the mess under control and made a meal that satisfied my princess. Kate and Gina barely made it through their cereal without ending up face first in their bowls. A hard day's work and a glass of wine pretty well did them in. They managed to put their dishes in the sink, gather a couple of good night kisses and they were done for the day. Britt and I finished our dinner in relative silence, washed the dishes and then settled onto the couch to watch a couple re-runs. Before long, we were both nodding and gave up and headed toward the bedroom.

I needed a shower and Britt had decided early on that I was incapable of giving myself a bath, so she joined me and we lovingly washed each other, paying particularly close attention to certain body parts. Washing and rinsing her hair has become one of my favorite things to do; running my fingers through her long slick hair; massaging her scalp is both relaxing and erotic. I turned her away from me and she put her hands against the wall as I stood behind her and rinsed her hair, massaging her back. As natural as can be, we were soon slowly making love, my cock sliding into her wet slit as I held her hair like the reins of a horse. Unhurried, we rode until we were both spent.

** Early Wednesday morning **

Neither of us remembers leaving the shower, toweling off, or crawling into bed. I awoke nestled to her backside, but my face was cushioned by a damp towel instead of her lustrous blonde hair.

"Mmm...morning lover," she cooed as she wiggled her butt against my morning wood.

"Morning baby," I replied, squeezing a firm breast and nuzzling under the towel until I found a neck to nibble on. She giggled and squirmed as I played. "So what's on for today?" I asked, running my hand over her firm belly and back to her tits.

"Well," she replied as she reached back and grabbed my hip to pull me tighter to her butt, "I assume I'll hear from Melissa about whether or not she wants to go ahead with the shoot with Kate, and we really should try and get the Dodge shot so we can at least get that car out of here. I'm still going to leave it to you and Kate to figure out what to do with the hearse. It just gives me the willies."

I rolled Britt over until we were face to face and gave her a soft kiss. "I'm sorry the car upsets you baby, but you know the real shame?"

Her brow furrowed as she tried to come up with the answer; "What's that?"

I ducked down for a minute to suckle on a nipple and then replied, "Well we won't have a complete personal calendar if we don't have a shot of you and I making love where the casket usually rides."

"Oh Jesus," she groaned, taking a swat at my shoulder. "There is no way I'm getting in that thing unless I'm already dead. Maybe I'll Photoshop us in the back, or better yet, you can fuck Kate in that thing and I'll just Photoshop my head onto her body." Britt laughed out loud at the notion and then added, "Oh, and Gina will have to shoot it, so that will make her happy, and I can just stay in here and get myself off on a dirty movie or something." She laughed again; the biggest fan of her own jokes.

I laughed along with her and took her in my arms and we made out until it was time for me to get up and head off to work.

** About mid-morning **

The Bluetooth rang in my ear as I pulled away from the jobsite, "This is George," I answered.

"Hi lover," came Britt's sing-songie reply. "So how's your day looking?"

"So far, so good;" I answered, "how about yours?"

"Well, I haven't been off the phone much so far. I got a call first thing this morning about the Dodge and it turns out they need to get it back in the next couple days, so we need to get that shot."

"Okay," I said, "it looks like I might even be able to sneak out a little early today, so why don't we shoot it this evening."

"Perfect," Britt answered, "I'll give Becky a call and see if she can make it. If not, then some other time. Also, Melissa, the shy red-head called and agreed to let Kate shoot her and we'll do it in the upstairs studio. I'll just have to work out a time with Kate, but it'll be probably be Friday. I think Kate gets her camera gear today or tomorrow, so that works out well."

"Well it sounds like you've got it all figured out, so unless something else comes up, I'll figure on seeing you about four."

"Alright stud," she giggled. "I'll give Becky a call right now; I hope she can make it. Talk to you soon baby," she signed off in a throaty voice, giggling as she hung up.

** Late Afternoon **

I was just a couple blocks from home, setting at a stoplight when a red Mustang convertible pulled up next to me and honked. I glance over and there was a familiar stunning redhead behind the wheel. Her big sunglasses disguised her for a brief moment as she smiled and waved. Becky was just as cute as I remembered her at the store and as I was about to roll down my window, the light changed so I gave her a wave to follow me and she tailed me to the warehouse. I could see the wary look on her face in my mirror as we sat and waited for the big door to roll open. I gave a little honk to let Britt know I was home and pulled up to the house within a warehouse with Becky close behind.

Whether she was on auto-pilot, didn't see Becky's car, or was just being Britt, my favorite blonde stood up behind the short walls that made up the second floor studio/office and lifted her shirt, flashing us with her bountiful c-cups, her trademark 'welcome home' gesture to me.

Wolf-whistles and cat-calls came from the car behind me, egging Britt on for another flash. Becky was beside me as I stepped out of the truck; "Hi Britt," she waved and yelled up to our flasher. Turning to me, she batted her big green eyes; "Hi George, it's good to see you again," as she stood on her tip-toes and planted a kiss on my cheek.

Caught a little off guard, I put an arm around her shoulder and gave her a hug, "It's great to see you too; glad you could make it."

Becky gave me a tighter hug and then was gone, racing to the foot of the stairs as Britt scrambled down to greet us. "Hi Becky," Britt smiled as she hugged the redhead like they were long lost friends. Becky's back was to me, but a slight tilt of her head told me there might have been a little kissing going on and I felt a stirring down below.

After an extended embrace, they broke and Becky took the opportunity to take in her surroundings. She did the patented 360, her mouth slightly agape and said, "I never would have suspected this was all here." She took another turn and spotted the number 43 Dodge in the shadows and then turned back to the house. "So you live here and the studio is here...wow, this is really cool. Not much of a view though," she kidded noticing the absence of windows in the warehouse.

Britt took her by the hand and said, "Oh we have a view, you just have to work a little to get it, but it's worth it. C'mon, I'll give you the nickel tour."

Britt glanced at me for approval I guess and I said, "Go ahead and show her around, but leave the house for last; I want to take a quick shower and change."

I caught a quick disappointed frown from them both before Britt turned them around and they headed upstairs. I stalled to watch them climb the stairs. Britt had on another pair of her favorite running shorts that billowed enough to give me a tease of butt cheek. Becky wore a very short skirt that conveniently billowed as she followed Britt, giving me a little peek at a flash of red panties and the bottoms of a nice rounded butt. She turned to glance down at me just as I turned to go inside; unaware of whether I had taken advantage of the free look or not.

I stripped off my clothes and was stepping into the shower when I heard the bed in the upstairs studio being drug across the floor; Becky was going to see the view we had from our rooftop deck. I stepped under the water and contemplated a quick wank, Becky's perky ass embedded in my brain. "Better not," I told myself out loud and quickly washed up and stepped out to grab a towel. Dried off with the towel around my waist and standing at the sink, dragging a razor over my 5 o'clock shadow, I caught movement in the mirror.

"Damn," I heard Britt giggle, "We weren't quick enough." I caught Becky checking me out in the mirror and our eyes met in the reflection. She quickly turned as red as her hair as she tried to look away, but I kept my eyes locked on her. Britt glanced at the mirror and smiled and then continued with the tour as though I wasn't there.

Britt's explanation of the mega-shower finally distracted the blushing red-head. "Oh my god," she exclaimed as she took it all in, her mind no-doubt spinning, reading into Britt's description of the many features. "It sounds incredible; I'm not sure I'd ever leave the shower."

Britt laughed as Becky leaned in through the door to look it over. With her hand nonchalantly placed on our new friend's ass, she added, "We've had a lot of fun in there and you should see George cringe when he opens the water bill. But I think we make it up to him in the end."

Becky peeked over her shoulder, catching me looking at Britt's strategically placed hand and gave her ass a little accepting wiggle; Britt's fingers tightened in reply.

"Okay, tour's over," I said. "Babe, why don't you see if Becky needs something to drink, I'll get dressed and we'll go set up the shoot, okay?"

"Okay," she pretend-pouted and took Becky's hand and led her out to the kitchen. Becky gave me one more glance and followed Britt's bouncing butt out of the room. I managed to stuff my erection into a pair of shorts, threw on a t-shirt and joined them in the kitchen.

I glanced at the clock as I poured myself some water; "Kate and Gina should be home soon, shouldn't they?"

"Oh, Gina called just before you got here and said they were on a roll and would probably put in a couple extra hours working on another shipment that came in."

"Okay then," I replied, "Well, help me get the beast in place and I'll check the lights and you can get ready."

"Okey dokey, "Britt smiled; "C'mon Becks, you can give us a hand."

Britt led the way and I admired the view as I followed behind. Flipping on some overhead lights; the studio set-up with the curved wall and all the lights came into view. "How cool is this?" Becky exclaimed as she checked out the red and blue Dodge. "My daddy was a big Richard Petty fan back in the day," as she bent over to stick her head in the driver's window. It was obvious, even to me, that she was giving us a little show and it certainly didn't go unappreciated. Britt was transfixed on her creamy white ass with the red thong splitting her taut cheeks. Britt was licking her lips as she looked over at me. Reaching down, she checked to see if I had been paying attention, wrapping her fingers around my arousal through my shorts. She gave a little squeeze and then sauntered over to the car. Placing a hand on one of those firm cheeks, Becky jumped, nearly banging her head on the roll bar; "Nice ass babe," Britt said as she palmed the red-head's butt.

Backing out, she turned and blushed an even deeper red than before, but her eyes gave away her true feelings. She and Britt stared at each other till I broke the moment, "Well, did you at least take it out of gear so we can roll it onto the set?"

"I'll get it," said my love as she searched in vain for the door handle. "How the hell do you get in this thing?" she asked.

"Pretty much the way Becky was doing it," I answered. "The driver climbs through the window; it's a safety thing."

"Well that's inconvenient," she muttered as she went in head first. Becky stood beside her like she was going to steady her. Britt seemed to need some extra time to find neutral as Becky's hand had slid up under her shorts and took her turn at a little ass fondling. It took me clearing my throat to get us back in gear, as it were.

"Alright Britt, see if you can steer from out here; Becky, you want to come back here and help me push?"

It took us a couple attempts, but we finally got it into position in front of the curved background. "Okay baby," I said, "I'll get everything set up if you want to go get changed and whatever else it is that you do."

Britt stuck her tongue out at me in jest as Becky leaned in and whispered into her ear. Britt's eyes lit up and she giggled. "Okay," she said, "Becky's going to help me get ready," and they turned back toward the house. I had my back to them and didn't see Becky duck over to her car and grab a bag from the back seat of the convertible.

It seemed to take forever for Britt to get changed. Lord knows it wasn't much of an outfit; just a pair of boots, a barely-there pair of daisy dukes we'd made the day before, a string bikini top and a replica Richard Petty signature cowboy hat. As I checked the equipment for the third time, Britt yelled from the house, "Hey baby, do you need some water?"

I turned to reply, but my brain wouldn't engage my mouth. Only my dick seemed to respond to the sight before me. In perfect catwalk stride, not one, but two cock-straightening wonders of nature approached and I was probably drooling out of one corner of my mouth as I took them in.

Starting with boots, Britt wore the turquoise pair we bought with Becky's help earlier, while Becky had on a pair red boots that came up past mid-calf. Continuing on, both displayed incredibly toned thighs; Becky's, that creamy white that only a redhead possesses, and of course, Britt's wonderfully familiar tanned head crushers.

I was intimately familiar with Britt's altered denims which resembled bikini panties with pockets, as I had earlier had a hand in fashioning them. Seeing Becky's pair, I wished I'd had the opportunity to fine tune the fit on that pair also, but they were almost a perfect match.

Britt's tanned, toned belly led to a blue string top that threatened to burst under the heavy load. Her nipples were just covered as the rest of her beautiful breasts snuck out around the edges. Becky wore a reddish top that was facing the same structural challenges as was Britt's. Without closer inspection, I'd guess that the two girls could easily share bras, but it would be a shame to cover any more of these wonders than was necessary.

A sprinkling of freckles covered the redhead's chest, and she wore a smile that melted my heart. She also wore one of the signature Petty hats atop her flaming red hair. Britt too wore a big smile and as always, my heart fluttered as I fell in love with her again, a daily occurrence. She wore her hat proudly, cocked to one side. Her blue eyes were darkened, not by the shadow of the hat bill, but by her sexual state. Her look confirmed that I recognized the signs and she winked; it was going to be an interesting shoot.

"So what do you think lover," Britt asked as she and Becky stopped about six feet away. They both cocked their hips and then did a slow turn, giving me and my burgeoning hard-on a chance to take it all in.

I stammered to come up with something witty to say, but that part of my brain had been pushed into a corner. The portion of the brain that evidently kicks in when prolonging the species is desired was in full control. "Uhhh..." I finally said, "I think we need to get a model release signed."

They both kind of stared at me in disbelief and then Britt broke out laughing. Taking Becky by the hand, they walked up to me; "You'll have to forgive him Becks; he gets a little tongue tied and his brain disengages when he's caught off guard. I think it's funny as hell, but I'll hear about it later." She cocked her head and gave me a big wet kiss, surreptitiously copping a feel.

"Becky brought her own wardrobe just in case we needed an extra model, or at least so you could see how she would do on a later shoot." Turning the redhead by the shoulders until her back was to me, Britt asked as she grabbed a couple handfuls of cowgirl ass; "How is that for a butt? I think it's the perfect butt," she purred.

Becky proved she could imitate a cat too as a satisfied sound from deep within her emerged and she bent forward ever so slightly as Britt continued to grope the girl's butt, her fingers dangerously close to the crease. Britt reluctantly released her toys and stood Becky upright, turning her to face me once more. Without hesitation, she continued to sell me on the virtues of our new model. Britt's hand ran over Becky's flat belly, and it's only as I followed her hand that I noticed the small diamond that adorned her belly button. Britt played with it for a second, and I felt eyes on me. I glanced up to see Becky staring intently at me, biting her bottom lip, her green eyes aglow. Then with a start, her eyes grew big and we both looked down; "Look at these gorgeous tits," Britt proclaimed as she had one in each hand, her fingers under the small swatch of fabric.

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