tagGroup SexEverybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 20

Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 20


** Friday afternoon **

I pulled the big Ford pick-up around the last corner on the way to my home/office/studio. Located in one of the older, undeveloped commercial parts of town, it was an unlikely place to live. Years earlier I had stumbled onto the old brick-veneered warehouse and they were nearly giving it away. Unencumbered by a serious mate, I built what turned out to be a pretty slick home in one corner of the cavernous space. No one had a clue, particularly the building department, that this was any more than one of many long forgotten buildings.

My long-time pipe dream was to be a professional photographer and this place seemed to offer endless possibilities. If that didn't pan out, odds are that redevelopment would eventually move in and I'd be sitting on a prime piece of land. What never was part of the dream was that one day I would be sharing my home with the woman of my dreams and her two best friends. Britt is my ultimate fantasy girl and I love her more than I can say. Beyond being a beautiful blonde with a body to die for, she is fun and caring and is more open and free about life and love than most people would have the nerve to even attempt. Britt has changed my life and she has an effect on everyone she meets; almost a superpower. If there was an evil bone in her curvaceous body, the world would be in for a serious ass-whoopin'.

When we met, she was living with her two best friends, Gina and Kate. They are all enrolled at a local university and under Britt's guidance they made it through the first year by avoiding the standard pitfalls of college life...parties and sex; well sex with the opposite sex anyway. They cloistered themselves away in their little rental house when they weren't in class and studied. They buried their noses in textbooks, but when the urges arose, and they arose often, they buried their noses, tongues, fingers and whatever else was handy in each other's pussies. Their earlier individual experiences with the male sex varied from non-existent to un-satisfactory, so the Sapphic situation they found themselves in suited them just fine; that is until I came along, or I should say, until Britt found me. Anyway, leave it said that this summer has been a mind-blowing, dick-breaking fantasy cum true.

Britt and I had planned a little alone-time this afternoon and I had a couple ideas to extend our private time together. Don't get me wrong, being the resident stud for three beautiful women is more than I could ever have dreamed of, but Britt still had a firm grasp on my heart and I selfishly wanted her to myself for awhile.

A large flatbed tow truck was just nosing out of the warehouse as I made my way down the street. Firmly tethered to the bed was 'The Demon Car', as Britt had dubbed the classic Cadillac hearse that we had just shot for a calendar. Britt had an unexplained fear of the car and I suppose what it represented. For that reason, she had refused to pose with the car, so it fell to Kate and Gina to pose in next-to-nothing swimwear with the big black beast. Britt followed the truck out into the street, none too closely, to make sure it was truly gone. I gave the driver a nod as he passed me by and I glanced up at the ominous Caddy. I wondered what the proud owner of the car would have thought if he'd known of the debauchery that took place on and in his beloved trophy car.

I pulled into the driveway where Britt awaited; "and good riddance," she yelled as the truck turned the corner. I was laughing out loud when she surprised me by jumping up on the running board and nearly climbing through the driver-side window. She grabbed my head and kissed me like I'd been at sea for a year. The horn blared as she wedged herself between me and the wheel, her tongue assaulting mine. The honking reverberated through the warehouse and back out the big rolling door like it was amplified. I tried to get her off the center of the steering wheel and she finally relented and continued her entrance. I nibbled at her t-shirt clad tits and belly and lovingly spanked her ass as she made her way to the passenger seat. Her long firm legs seem to take forever to pass, not that I was complaining as I kissed and caressed them as they moved by.

"Hi lover," she said, leaning in for another kiss after she had her sweet ass situated.

"Hi yourself," I answered, threading my fingers through her blonde tresses, my turn to control the kiss. Her hand strayed to my lap as we made out, still parked across the sidewalk. The kissing intensified as she found my reaction to her affection.

"Ummm," she moaned into our kiss as her hand tried to wrap around my cock through my pants.

"Okay," I said, coming up for air; "Let's at least get it off the street," and I pulled up the 150 feet it took to get to the front door of our home. Her hand still held me tight and I was ready to just take her right there in the front seat, but as soon as I stuck it in park and shut it down, she let me go and slipped out the passenger door and into the house. I sat, stiff and horny as I watched her perky, shorts-clad butt bounce through the door. Adjusting my third leg into a more comfortable position, I made my way inside, ready to pounce.

"I just need to get changed," she yelled from the master bedroom. "Take a quick shower if you need to and then we'll be on our way."

I was kind of miffed as I made my way to the bedroom. Britt can be a tease and takes great delight on how quickly she can get me wound up and ready to go, but rarely does she leave me hanging. Bad pun, but as I turned the corner, the view would have had any cock reaching for the skies. Clad in only the smallest pair of panties known to man, I watched her slip on what would be classified as a micro-mini skirt. White and pleated, it just covered her butt cheeks. Her long tanned legs contrasted nicely and I watched her calf muscles strain as she reached up for a blouse that hung from a hook on the wall. Buttoning it up, the burgundy silk just hit the top of the skirt, giving playful glimpses of her taut belly. She glanced in the mirror and un-buttoned the upper button and nodded, satisfied with the window to her cleavage. She spotted me in the mirror and gave me an air-kiss and a wink as I stood there, mesmerized. She giggled at me and skipped over to the closet and looked over her immense shoe collection. My lover bent at the waist and took her time making her selection, giving me ample time to stare at her gorgeous ass. Seemingly bare, but for a small white thread that hid between her cheeks, her butt beckoned me. I resisted though as I watched her grab a pair of 5 inch strappy sandals that I knew from experience would make her legs and ass look just that much better, if that was possible. She looked back at me and smiled as I watched her slip into the stilettos.

"So is this okay," she asked as she straightened up and did a quick spin, the little skirt flaring out to give me a peek of the little bit of material that made up the front of her knickers.

I answered by re-arranging my stiffness once more and she smiled and strutted up to me. With the heels, we were nearly nose-to-nose and she tilted her head back slightly for a kiss. "Glad you approve," she said softly as she once again had her hand on my cock, rubbing it slowly through the fabric. "So, are you going to get changed?" giving me a little squeeze.

"I'd rather throw you down on the bed and take these clothes back off of you," I stated, both hands firmly holding an ass cheek. Britt purred as I nuzzled her neck.

"You promised you'd take me shopping, so playtime will have to wait," giving me a final tickle before slipping from my grasp. "I'll wait for you in the living room."

** Early Afternoon **

Thank god for the invention of automatic transmissions. My hand never left her silky thigh as we made our way to the surprisingly un-crowded mall parking lot. I helped her out of the truck and we walked hand-in-hand through the main entrance. The smell of some sort of grilled meat assaulted me as I stepped over the threshold and my stomach growled. Britt giggled and reached over and rubbed my tummy. "I guess our first stop is to get some lunch." I wasn't going to argue, figuring that more time eating meant less time shopping. I steered her toward the imitation pub, where I'm sure the aromas were purposely pumped out into the mall, and we found a small booth at the back. After our mock serving wench took our drink orders, we sat hip to hip and just talked and laughed about nothing in particular.

After an okay lunch that surely bore little resemblance to its British counterpart, we made our way to the first of many stops. In the beginning, I was holding up pretty well as she tried to keep me involved, flirting and teasing as she tried on skirts and blouses. I dodged the dangerous, "Do these make my butt look big," type questions and even scored some points on a few of my critiques. Feeling like an overworked pack mule, laden with multiple bags, my girl sensed I was running out of steam. She glanced at her watch and with a little smile she said, "Thanks baby," giving me a quick kiss, "just two more stops and we're out of here."

Glad to hear that there really was an end to this excursion, I sucked up a second wind and dutifully followed, watching her perky butt flouncing her skirt up and down. Distracted, I didn't realize where we were until it was too late. "Oh god," I mumbled to myself as we stepped into a massive shoe store...I was so screwed. I'd made an earlier shoe store run with all three girls a while back. Even though we knew exactly what we were looking for it seemed to take forever. This place however was like the superstore of shoes; I couldn't even see the back wall of the store it was so big. Britt heard my grumble and took my hand to make sure I couldn't retreat. "This is a brand new store and they have everything and really good prices. It's kind of self-serve; they only have people at the register, so you have to find your size and try them on yourself." She said this all with great delight, like a little kid who'd just walked into Disneyland.

I managed to suppress the audible complaining, but she did catch my eye-roll. "Oh this could be fun," she chided, trying to get me to catch her enthusiasm. "Oh, I just had an idea," she said as she stopped and spun to face me in the aisle of fuzzy slippers. "I'll be the teasing, sexy customer and you can be the horny young shoe salesman."

I tried to maintain my bored demeanor, but inwardly I was thinking this could turn out to be kind of fun, particularly since we seemed to be the only customers in this 'Grand Canyon' of shoes. I followed close behind her as we navigated around piles of boxes of shoes that earlier customers had rejected and left scattered in the aisles. One finger canyon after another we traversed and I feared we'd never find our way back out until we came to the area that she and Becky must have scoped out yesterday. "Just set the bags down there," she said, pointing to one of the empty chairs that made up the circular fitting area. A mirror was standing off to the side and a couple of those little stools with the angled footrest were scattered about. There was even one of those metal sizing tools that you stand on and the salesman pinches the hell out of your foot to determine your foot parameters. Britt made a beeline to about three different pair of sexy heels and slipped into her role of sexy shoe shopper.

"I'd like to try a pair of each of these," she said, handing me her selection.

"Yes Mam," I replied. "Do you happen to know your shoe size?"

"I don't recall,"" she answered in a sultry tone, "You probably ought to check it."

"Okay then, if you'll take a seat," and I directed her to an empty chair. I pulled up one of the little stools and waited for her to put her foot up on the sloped rest. Britt stalled and I glanced up to see her staring at me as though she was perturbed with me for not doing my job. "Oh, sorry," I mumbled as I put my hand under her calf and sat her foot on the rest. I fumbled with the tiny buckle as my eyes ran up her leg, turning at her knee and down her thigh which seemed extremely long because of the extreme shortness of her skirt. Britt let out a little moan as I finally slipped off the high-heel and she wiggled her toes as I continued to hold her calf.

"Oh it's good to have that off," she said, continuing to wiggle and flex. "Would you mind?" she asked demurely.

'Would I mind what?' I asked myself. She tried to raise her leg which I still cradled in my hand, pointing her painted toes at me. "Oh," I said (mental head-slap). I took her foot in both hands and began to massage it, running my fingers between her toes, working the ball and the arch. She had her eyes closed as she moaned softly. I got a little braver and ran my hands up and down, over her ankles and nearly to her knees; no objections from my sexy customer. Feeling more confident, I made long sweeping passes, from her toes to her knees. I managed to spread her legs a bit more and took a quick glance. I audibly inhaled as I spied a glistening slit barely hidden under her short skirt. 'The little vixen slipped off her panties,' I said to myself as I felt the front of my pants tighten.

"See anything you like?" she asked huskily. I think I was actually blushing as I slowly looked up at her. She gave me a wry smile, letting me know that she had caught me in the act. "Since we both seem to be enjoying ourselves...here," she said as she lifted her other foot. With a sheepish grin, I gently sat her bare foot down and lifted the shod one onto the footrest. Britt stared at me intently as I did a more efficient job extracting her lovely foot from her other shoe. I repeated the massage regimen and her legs involuntarily spread wider and her excitement was more evident. Mine meanwhile was bent double. Her soft moaning would have been worrisome elsewhere, but the canyon walls of cardboard captured all the sound.

Britt's hips now began to rock and she had a death grip on the arms of the chair. Figuring I may as well go for broke, I brought her foot to my mouth and ran my tongue around her little toes, alternately taking in one after the other and sucking them. Britt threw her other leg up on my shoulder and I massaged both legs as I continued to lick and suck on her toes. "Oh Jesus," she moaned under her breath as her hips rocked and her legs twisted in my grasp. Nearly there, I ran my thumb inside her arch and rubbed fairly hard, still paying attention to her toes. "Uh...Uh...Uh..."she panted until her whole body shook with pleasure. I held her legs tight; putting me in a headlock as she nearly worked herself off the edge of the chair. Slowly she caught her breath and forced her eyes to open. "I need to take you shoe shopping more often," she croaked hoarsely with a smile on her face.

"Man, I never get that kind of service when I shop for shoes." The voice came from directly behind me and I jumped up, nearly flipping my satisfied customer out of her seat. A redhead was bent over double in the chair behind me, laughing as I stumbled around trying to upright Britt and hide my own excitement. Only when she'd recovered enough to look up and I heard Britt start to laugh did I know I had been played. The rhapsodic redhead was none other than Becky, Britt's newest friend and playmate and a one-time model that we had met trying on boots and hats at a store that she worked at. Britt stumbled barefoot and landed in Becky's lap and they laughed and hugged before finding each other's mouths and kissed until my cock was once again standing at the ready.

"That was incredible," Becky said after she had caught her breath and ran her fingers through her tussled mane. "Did he really get you off just by sucking your toes?"

Britt looked up at me; I was still standing there kind of dumb-founded with an obvious hard-on trying to break free from the confines of my pants. "Yeah, I guess he did," she sighed. "I was fantasizing about him being the shy, horny salesman that I seduced into fucking me over the back of this chair with me only wearing a pair of black leather thigh-high boots." Both girls shivered at the notion and then broke out tittering as my cock visibly throbbed.

"So," I said, standing in front of them, stiff-dicked, looking to change the subject; "I take it you two planned this yesterday. There is no way in hell that you," glancing at Becky, "just happened to be here, much less being able to track us down in this ridiculous store."

They both broke into giggles once more and Britt stood up and gave me a big crotch-grinding hug. "Yeah baby, we thought it would be fun and Becky kind of wanted to get to know you a little better, you know, away from the studio." I glanced down at the pretty redhead and caught her blushing as she chewed on her lower lip, staring up at us. Britt gave me a soft kiss and as she was giving me another hug, she whispered, "Why don't you give her a foot massage while I pick out my shoes?"

I pulled back and looked her in the eye to make sure I was hearing her right. Her eyes glistened as she ran her tongue over her lips. "So you're really here to buy shoes?" I asked as incredulously as I could. Both girls busted up again and Britt gave me a little pat on the junk and turned to begin her search for the perfect shoe.

Becky was still laughing and was watching Britt's backside walking away, not noticing that I had grabbed my trusty little stool and took my place in front of her. Clearing my throat, she turned her head and gave me that deer-in-the- headlight look. Clearly this wasn't in the previously discussed scenario. She blushed once more as I crooked my finger at her and pointed, indicating that she should put her foot up on the bench. "Oh...ooo-kay," she whispered, glancing around as she lifted her high-heeled foot; I hadn't taken note of what she was wearing until now. She too had on a short skirt that and a button-up blouse. My dick spoke up, asking if she had also decided that panties weren't a necessary option.

Thankfully, she had cut me some slack and didn't have buckles for me to deal with. She shivered as I rested her calf in the palm of one hand as I slid the black spiked shoe off her foot. Her eyes grew big as I lifted her leg and began to massage her delicate foot. Little moans escaped her lips as I worked my fingers between her pedicured piggy's. Her eyes grew bigger yet and she inhaled loudly as I brought her toes to my mouth and let my tongue play, slipping in and out between them. "Oh my gawd..." she moaned as I took her little toe between my lips, sucking gently. I heard Britt giggle quietly at her friend's response. I worked my way up to her big toe and sucked, running my tongue around as my hands wandered up her calf. I flashed back to the teasing pose she'd struck just this morning, playing possum, lying in bed, half covered. Her moans grew louder and I looked up at her green eyes, glowing intensely and her knuckles were white as she strangled the arms of the chair.

Round one out of the way, I sat her pampered foot on the floor and with just a nod, she obediently set her other foot on the stool. I repeated the process and I could feel her eyes on me as I ran my hands down her calf. It was my turn to moan a little as I felt her slip her other foot up the ramp and her toes searched for my hard-on; I deliberately slid forward to give her a better chance of finding her mark. Thoroughly enjoying each other we had ignored Britt, which is something that one just doesn't do. Taking a seat next to her heavy breathing friend, she whispered in her ear just before she leaned over and kissed her hard; "It's about time to go."

With no other warning than that, Britt played tonsil hockey with Becky while sliding her hand down to lift the redhead's skirt and slip beneath the silk shroud that covered her slick sex. Becky nearly kicked me off the stool as Britt's practiced touch sent Becky over the top. Only the smothering kiss kept the writhing redhead from screaming out loud. Aftershocks rocked her as I had her calves straddling my head and I ran my soothing hands up and down her thighs, nearly able to reach her waist. Her chest heaved as she caught her breath and Britt held her and petted her until she was together enough to speak. "Gawd you guys, I wasn't expecting that." She sniffled, "I mean, that was really...I mean, you two are just so...I don't know...I'm just so glad to have met you..." and the tears began to flow.

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