tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEveryday Tales Of Country Folk Ch. 02

Everyday Tales Of Country Folk Ch. 02


Usha's Story

Chapter 2 - Cider Club

Usha expanded on her earlier description of the honeymoon to her best friend Ruth Archer, but this time included what had transpired in the bedroom during the holiday.

Ruth looked stunned.

"Well, don't look at me so disapprovingly," Usha said to Ruth, "you have hardly been faithful."

"I'm not judging you - it's just a lot to take in and, anyway, Sam was different. I truly loved him," replied Ruth.

Sam Batton had been employed to tend the Brookfield dairy herd, until the abrupt end of his affair with Ruth resulted in his subsequent resignation and departure from Ambridge.

"Yes, but you did fuck with him behind your husband's back, didn't you? Don't try and deny it, remember I saw you together," retorted Usha.

Ruth blushed a deep red at her friend's language, and the memory of the day when Usha had caught her in flagrante with Sam in the kitchen at Brookfield, before looking down and saying in a quiet voice, "Yes."

"And much more" said Usha, "much more than just fucking; remember the things you told me about - the photographs and what you did with him in the cowshed and in his cottage - things I bet David still is unaware of. Isn't that the case?"

Ruth almost whispered - "Yes," and, in a pleading voice, added, "David must never know."

"Well I have no intention of telling him, or anyone else for that matter, but I do expect you to offer me the same level of support and confidence that I have given you these past couple of years!"

Ruth looked directly at her friend for the first time in some minutes - "Yes - of course I will. You know more about me than anyone else in the world and I would do anything for you - you know that."

"Good," said Usha as she moved close to her friend and hugged her. "I just might need your help along the way."

Ruth felt herself respond involuntarily to the closeness of her friend's body; she knew then that she would do whatever Usha asked of her, however unorthodox it may be.

But, unbeknownst to either woman, Ruth's secret had very recently been uncovered.

Jolene Perks, the landlady of The Bull, the Ambridge pub, looked at her daughter, Fallon Rogers, in amazed silence. Spread out before them were a number of glossy photographs.

Fallon, always short of money, had been given some casual work by Ruth to clean out Rickyard Cottage in the grounds of Brookfield Farm, in readiness for its use as a holiday let. That same cottage had at one time been occupied by Sam Batton, before his hasty unexplained departure from Ambridge.

During her cleaning, Fallon had discovered an old briefcase located deep inside the under stair cupboard, apparently having been put there for safe keeping, only to be forgotten by the owner. Fallon, never one to stand on propriety, with little hesitation, used a kitchen knife to spring the case locks.

The case contained several dozen photographs, each of which, depicted Ruth Archer alone or with Sam Batton, engaged in some very graphic sexual acts, and it was these images that her mother was now ogling.

Jolene was mesmerised by what was before her and took time to study one photograph after the other. She put aside four which she had a particular interest in; a close up of an unmistakable Ruth Archer, licking a very large, fully erect penis; Ruth on her back, legs wide apart, with a huge, black dildo buried halfway in her hairy cunt; another close up of Ruth's face, come oozing from her lewdly open mouth; and one of a naked Sam, fucking Ruth doggie style.

The remaining photographs depicted similar sexual acts; Sam and Ruth fucking in a variety of positions, Ruth masturbating, with and without objects, many oral close ups and even one of Ruth urinating.

Jolene was impressed with Sam's endowment and licked her lips as she again looked up at her daughter and said "Now, that's what I call a cock!"

Fallon returned her mothers stare with a huge grin on her face. "This is some hot shit, right? I bet I know exactly what you're planning - 'Cider Club', right?" she said, across the table, to her mother.

"Fuck yes," returned Jolene. "Wait until I show Sid these. Fuck - and she is married to an Archer, too! What a trophy she would be! I'll have free drinks for life, if I can pull this off," she laughed. "Who would have thought that Ruth Archer, the perfect wife and mother, could be such a slut?"

Fallon smiled, wickedly, as she imagined how her mum's husband - her stepfather, Sid Perks, would react. One or both of them could expect a real workout tonight with the horny bastard - it would not be the first time that he had fucked mother and daughter in the same bed together.

The Cider Club had started out innocently enough with a few local men gathering at the Grundy's barn to drink home-brewed cider. The Grundy's - Eddie and his father, Joe, had been brewing it for many years.

Things changed one autumn evening three years ago. Eddie, Joe and Eddie's friend, Mike Tucker, a recent widower, were well into a session of tasting the newly brewed apple cider. Clarrie Grundy, Eddie's wife, and mother to his two grown sons, walked from the cottage where they lived, to the barn to get the men for supper.

"Clarrie, love," Eddie greeted her when she opened the barn door, "have a brew!"

Before she could decline, as she wasn't really in the mood for a drunken session with them, Joe had filled a glass and forced it into her hand.

"Go on, Clarrie, love - you know you likes a drop of homebrew before supper."

"What the hell" she thought, and took a long drink from the strong cider.

"Wow, that's good stuff this year; nearly takes the legs from under me."

Joe grabbed a handful of Clarrie's ample but shapely bottom and said in a loud theatrical whisper - "Doubt you'll be needing to stand later, Clarrie, love. I knows how horny you gets drinking that stuff. I reckons you'll be on your back in no time," he smirked.

The men all laughed and Clarrie playfully pushed Joe away from her, not that she was offended, Joe had done much more than feel up her bum, much more, with or without Eddie present.

The cider was having an effect upon Mike, too - a sense of wellbeing and the attraction of Clarrie's curvaceous body were making him horny, as well. He did not hide the fact that he was looking at her wonderfully rounded hips and breasts.

Clarrie still had a good body, a little overweight, but her breasts and hips were shapely and in proportion, combining to produce a sexy, mature, earthy look.

Mike's open scrutiny of Clarrie's charms did not go unnoticed by her or Eddie and his Dad. With a wink at Joe, Eddie whispered into Clarrie's ear.

"No!" she said shaking her head. "No," she said, again, but with less conviction the second time.

Joe moved behind her and reached around to take one of her breasts in each hand.

"What do you think of this pair? Bet it's been a while since your feasted your eyes on such a lovely sight, Mike Tucker. Gets my old pecker up just to feel them," he laughed.

Clarrie made a half-hearted attempt to escape his grasp, but Joe continued to massage her tits. She had ever been easy to arouse and the cider, Joe's attention to her tits, and the hot look in Mike's eyes were all combining to turn her on. Her nipples were stiffening under Joe ministrations and she could feel the tell tale throbbing in her clit that indicated she was getting wet below.

She looked at Eddie who smiled back, his eyes alive: she knew that smile well - he was up for anything!

Joe took control. Turning her, he gently, yet purposefully, pushed her to her knees in front of him. Opening his trousers, he freed his good-sized, half-hard cock. Clarrie again shook her head, but Joe was having none of that.

"Do it, Clarrie, love - make your old Dad-in-Law a happy man - the way you knows he likes you to."

Taking her hair in his hand he pressed her face to his almost fully stiffened cock.

Clarrie knew the score and was no innocent. When Joe and Eddie were in this mood she had no hope of diverting them from their lecherous course. Not that she really wanted to; by now she was horny, too! Taking his cock into her mouth she went to work on Joe like a pro, as she had so many times over the years.

Eddie undressed as he watched Joe being blown by his wife. His cock was rock hard as he moved towards Clarrie and Joe. Almost as an afterthought he turned to an amazed Mike Tucker.

"Come on, mate - you can't fuck her with your clothes on!"

Then he reached under Clarrie's dress and pulled her damp knickers down.

Mike was naked and had joined them before Eddie had his wife's underwear completely off her legs.

If it had been Clarrie's intention to escape Mike's involvement, Eddie and Joe gave her no chance to do so. Pulling his cock from her mouth, Joe joined Eddie in bending Clarrie, still in a kneeling position, so that her face was near the ground and her ample bottom high in the air. Holding her with one hand, Eddie lifted her dress above her waist to fully expose her pussy and anus to the expectant Mike.

Using his free hand to spread his wife's pussy lips, Eddie invited his friend to enter her obviously very wet cunt.

Mike had not had a woman since he lost Betty, months before. In fact the only female stimulation he had in that time was on a few occasions when he had managed to 'borrow' a pair of used panties belonging to his daughter in law, Haley. The smell and feel of her panties never failed to work when he masturbated. His cock quivered as he knelt behind Clarrie.

"Go on mate, stick it in her; she fucking loves it, don't you, Clarrie, love?" Eddie said crudely.

"That's the truth, never one to shy away from a good stiff one, our Clarrie. See how wet she is, gagging for it she is - and it looks like your balls are about to burst, Mike Tucker!" added Joe.

Mike didn't need a second invitation; he made an almost animal noise as he slid his rampant cock deep into Clarrie and began to frantically shaft her. It was no time before he exploded inside a cunt for the first time as a widower.

Eddie almost pushed Mike aside as the latter pulled his wet, glistening phallus out of Clarrie. Eddie had a liking for seconds, especially if it was his wife's cunt that had been flooded immediately before he sank his cock into her. He slipped in easily, Mike having pumped her full of spunk from his aching balls.

And so the Cider Club was born.

Clarrie was fucked repeatedly by the three men - not just on that occasion but many times afterwards. Other local men were invited into the club - Neil Carter, Kenton Archer and more recently Sid Perks, the local landlord.

Unlike the other members of the club, Kenton wasn't one of the local, rough and ready farm labourers. He was well-educated and well-connected. However, in contrast to the rest of the Archer clan, he was work-shy and totally unprincipled when it came to money or women! He was working on his girlfriend, Kathy Perks, Sid's ex wife, in the hope that he could persuade her, too, to join the club. If pressed, he would agree that it was a forlorn hope, but Kenton was not one to turn down a challenge.

Of course, Kathy had no idea of the existence of such a gathering, or of the depravities in which they engaged, but she too had had her moments in the past. Unfortunately, an unpleasant experience at the hands of a so-called friend had caused her to be far more wary of the situations into which she exposed herself. That aside, there were still occasions when she allowed herself to succumb to her horny, well-hung, ex-husband's advances and wandering hands. Kenton was blissfully unaware of the numerous occasions when Kathy had received a very satisfactory shafting from Sid in the bed she shared with Kenton.

Neil Carter's quiet and unassuming public persona belied a deep, sexual need and drive, born mainly of frustration within his marriage. His wife, Susan, just wasn't interested in sex. She gained more pleasure indulging in gossip with and about others in the village. She prided herself on knowing everything that was going on locally. How her pride would take a fall if she ever discovered her husband's nefarious activities at the Cider Club!

Neil, silently, often bemoaned the fact that his wife was the very opposite of his daughter Emma, who, if rumours were to be believed, had screwed half the village boys, including both the Grundy bothers. Having married William Grundy, she continued to give it away to his younger brother Edward. If only Susan could be half the slut their daughter was, Neil would consider himself to be a very fortunate man.

As a result of Sid's involvement, the venue of the meetings was changed to the more comfortable surroundings of The Bull. Sid's sexy and occasionally outrageously flirtatious wife Jolene substituted for or joined Clarrie in the activities. Like Clarrie, with her husbands consent and encouragement, she had never been a stranger to extra marital or group sex.

Jolene's first night with the club had been planned well in advance, giving her time to do a little research into what she might expect. Sid had been annoyingly non-specific when she had pressed him for details, simply saying that he was arranging for a couple of mates to join them for some adult fun with Eddie and Clarrie Grundy.

It wasn't difficult to find out more, however; simply supply Kenton Archer with a few free drinks and show him plenty of cleavage and he was guaranteed to spill the beans. What she discovered appealed to Jolene very much. Like her daughter, Fallon, she had been a singer with a band in her younger days and had participated in more than one group sex session with other band members and groupies. She didn't sing rock and roll, but there was no shortage of sex and drugs around the country music scene.

She and Sid had indulged in some swinging, usually when away on holiday, and had shared a couple of women, in addition to Fallon. Jolene loved pussy almost as much as she adored cock, so she was disappointed to be told that Clarrie wasn't into girls.

'Ok,' she decided, 'if Clarrie won't play, then lets make a competition out of it'. 'I'll show her who is the best fuck in this village!'

It was indeed a competition as Clarrie readily took up the challenge. Jolene suggested to Clarrie that they swapped husbands to begin with, and whoever could make the other's man come first would be the winner; then the others could join in.

Jolene knew that Sid could stay the distance even under the greatest stimulation so she was confident of a win.

Clarrie on the other hand, was worried that Eddie wouldn't hold out, given that he had been horny all week at the prospect of getting into the sexy Jolene's knickers. She cursed herself for not sucking Eddie off earlier in the evening, to alleviate some of his pent-up horniness.

Before joining in, the other men, Mike, Neil and Kenton were treated to a show the like of which they had never witnessed before, as Jolene and Clarrie went to work on their opponent's spouse.

Two king-size mattresses had been laid out on the stage of the Bull's function room. This was upstairs and separate from the bar areas below; ideal for small private gatherings or as a venue for bands to play to a bigger audience.

As Jolene and Clarrie led Eddie and Sid, respectively, to the waiting mattresses, the others found the chairs set out around the stage, providing them with a wonderful view of proceedings.

Clarrie shed her few clothes and wasted no time in stripping Sid's from him. Pushing him back on the mattress, she knelt beside him and without hesitation took his sizable endowment into her educated mouth.

Clarrie's position, Jolene noted, whether intentional or not, was treating the audience to an unfettered view of Clarrie's already wet and open hairy pussy and dark puckered anus. Of course, the men had all seen Clarrie's assets at close quarters before and as alluring as they were, they quickly turned their attention to Jolene, who they had yet to see naked, let alone as blatantly exposed as Clarrie was.

Jolene's approach, in comparison to Clarrie's, was far more calculated. She kissed and teased Eddie, standing close and pressing her large breasts against him, and encouraged him to unzip her clinging short dress that did little to hide her body. Stepping out of her dress, the men's attention was drawn to Jolene's tits and her tiny panty-covered prominent mound, suspenders and stocking encased legs.

Quickly undressing himself, Eddie was rock hard, as were the others, for that matter, as, collectively, they took in the sight of Jolene's ample charms. Stepping out of her panties, Jolene revealed that, unlike Clarrie, she was totally shaven below. Whereas Clarrie was curvaceous, with the rounded hips and heavy breasts of a mature woman; Jolene was slimmer in the waist, hips and thighs, yet sported a pair of full, heavy breasts that challenged even her D cup bras.

Throwing her discarded panties to Kenton, Jolene used her tits to gain competitive advantage over Clarrie. With Eddie laid on his back, Jolene leaned over him, gently swaying, resulting in her long, stiff nipples brushing over the head of Eddie's equally stiff and straining cock. He gasped aloud when she licked up and down the length of his shaft, from tip to balls, then took him into her mouth and started to blow him. She fondled his good size balls and when she knew he was close to coming, she slipped a finger into his anus, found his prostate and swallowed hard as he erupted with a loud expletive escaping his lips.

Licking her lips, Jolene threw Clarrie a magnanimous smile, then looked over her shoulder to ask the others 'what they were waiting for.' She didn't have to wait long for an answer as the perpetually horny Kenton knelt behind her and rubbed the head of his cock through her wet, pink pussy lips before mounting her. She was well lubricated from her own arousal and took his full length easily into her willing cunt.

Mike moved to kneel in front of her, his cock twitching in excited anticipation and was not disappointed when she took him firmly in hand and guided his cock to her lips.

Looking to her side, she was able to see Clarrie similarly engaged with Sid and Neil, who had followed Kenton's example and was busily shafting Clarrie from behind.

The evening progressed with both women doing everything they knew to impress and pleasure the five men. Even Clarrie, somewhat reluctantly, agreed, later, that Jolene was quite a competitor, having watched her, seemingly effortlessly, take Mike in her mouth, Neil in her cunt and Kenton up her arse at the same time!

One particularly wild night, Fallon, Jolene's daughter, arrived home at the Bull unexpectedly to find her mother on her hands and knees, being spit-roasted by Kenton and Eddie, whilst Sid and Mike Tucker watched and masturbated.

She stood, mesmerised, as she watched her mother's ample tits swinging under her as the two men fucked her from either end. Kenton, holding her slim hips, was shafting her wet, willing, hairless cunt, whilst Jolene nosily sucked on Eddie's rigid pole.

Fallon was a younger version of her mother. Even at the tender age of 23 she was already curvaceous with 34c breasts and slim hips that swayed provocatively as she walked. Fallon also shared her mother's belief in having a good time and had been known to rock with the band she sang with, both on and off stage!

Before she could gather her wits sufficiently to effect a withdrawal, her naked and very aroused step-father pushed her against the wall and pressed his hard cock onto her sexy body. Fallon attempted to push him away, but Sid was far too big and strong for her to succeed. Sid's powerful hand dived under Fallon's short skirt and ran up her bare leg to her panty-covered, shaven pussy; something else she shared in common with her mother.

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