tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEveryday Tales Of Country Folk Ch. 03

Everyday Tales Of Country Folk Ch. 03


Usha's Story

Chapter 3 - Ruth's secret

Good fortune was with Jolene; looking out the window of the pub kitchen where she was preparing food for the lunchtime customers, she spotted the very person she had been waiting to talk to. Ruth Archer was sitting in the sunshine in the Bull's garden, obviously waiting for someone, as the pub was not due to open for another hour.

"Ruth! Hi! You're too early if you are waiting for a drink", called Jolene in a friendly voice, knowing full well that Ruth was never likely to visit the Bull at lunchtime, or alone.

"Oh, hello, Jolene. Hope you don't mind me borrowing your garden. I was just waiting for the village shop to reopen. I think Susan must be running late - she is usually there by now," Ruth responded.

"No problem - you're more than welcome. In fact, I need to have a word with you anyway, but not here. Come inside - I have something to show you."

Jolene turned and walked away before Ruth could reply. Baffled as to what Jolene could possibly have of interest to show her, Ruth nevertheless followed her into the pub via the kitchen door.

"Through here," Jolene said over her shoulder, indicating the office.

Ruth perceived a change in Jolene's demeanour; she seemed less friendly and more business-like somehow. Ruth was at a loss to understand what was going on, but she was very soon to find out.

The office was a simple affair, a desk with drawers and filing trays and two chairs. Ruth noted the tidy paperwork and could easily imagine how organised and efficient Jolene and Sid were in running their business.

"Sit down, Ruth." It wasn't said in invitation from Jolene; more like an instruction to an errant employee. Ruth did as she was told, albeit hesitantly.

"What's this about, Jolene? What do you have to show me - and why is it necessary to talk in here?" Ruth said, in the most assertive voice she could muster. She wasn't used to, and didn't like, being pushed around.

"Don't take that tone with me, Ruth Archer. You might think yourself and your family to be something special around here, but I know you for what you really are!" Jolene snapped.

"What do you mean by that?" Ruth said, but with much less confidence than before.

"I mean that I know what a slut you can be!" Jolene put emphasis on the insult.

"How dare you call me that?"

Ruth rallied with all the vigour she could muster, but, in reality, she was genuinely scared and her insides were turning to jelly.

Jolene looked hard at the frightened woman. She could almost smell Ruth's fear and knew she had her.

"Because it's true, and I have the proof."

Reaching in a drawer, she took out a glossy print and dropped it in front of a pale and shaken Ruth.

Ruth stared in disbelief at the photograph. She could not speak, but had she been able to, she would not have been in any position to argue that it was she in the picture, and that she was performing oral sex on a large penis. A penis that she had been very familiar with in the not too distant past.

Ruth was unable to meet Jolene's eyes as the latter fixed her with a look of huge satisfaction.

"I have plenty more if that doesn't convince you." Jolene eventually broke the silence and dropped a second photograph onto the desk. Through tear-filled eyes, Ruth looked at the bright, alive eyes of the woman in the picture and the indecently exhibited thick, white semen coating her tongue and lips.

Noting Ruth's capitulation and near state of hysteria, Jolene, followed up her advantage with two more pictures that she had selected for today's purpose.

Ruth was numb and barely looked at the latest revelations, but she recognised the dildo and Sam.

"I'm not an unreasonable woman, Ruth, so I am going to give you a choice. You can either agree to what I am going to tell you, or copies of these," - she indicated the photographs - "and some others will be posted to your husband, his stuck-up family and on the internet. Understand so far?"

Ruth could only nod her head.

Jolene outlined what she expected of Ruth, but with the minimum of detail. She was to come to the Bull, dressed for a party in her most revealing clothes, the evening after next. She would be helping Jolene to entertain a few of Sid's friends and should not expect to be going home until late.

"I can't do that!" gasped Ruth, truly shocked.

"Can't or won't?" snapped Jolene. "By the look of these," - she indicated towards the photographs again - "you seem well enough qualified, so it can't be 'can't.' So that leaves 'won't', and you already know the consequences if that's the case! Like I said, I'm not unreasonable. You have until this time tomorrow to confirm you will do it, otherwise...." She left the sentence intentionally unfinished.

Ruth left the Bull by the same door as she had entered. She was in a complete state of panic and forgetting her original reason for coming out, she walked past the shop and hurried home. She broke down totally as soon as she arrived home and cried loudly. Fortunately, the house was empty and her wailing went unheard.

Ruth and David had been married around 16 years when she started her affair with Sam. Sure, she had been tempted before and enjoyed the odd slow dance at a party but had never gone further than a snog and a grind against a stiff erection. Sam was different; that was love rather than lust, which isn't to say their times together were not lustful - indeed they were very sexual, often leading to urgent couplings to address mutual physical needs.

Sam was young, fit and handsome in a rustic way. She still blushed when she thought back to some of the things they had done together, the risks they had taken. It was inevitable that David would eventually find out about her feelings for Sam. God, if he only knew the real truth!

It had started innocently enough. Ruth and Sam worked closely together and she had always enjoyed his company. Sam was a very fit guy, and many local females had lusted after him, some quite openly. Even her friend Usha had had the hots for him. The time Ruth and Sam spent together inevitably led to a more intimate relationship - without being physical in any way.

That changed when Ruth turned up at Sam's cottage, upset and in tears following a fight with her husband David, over his continued attention toward an old girlfriend. Sam comforted Ruth and took her in his strong arms. She felt safe and happy pressed against him and she was genuinely surprised when he kissed her.

It wasn't a kiss of a friend.

It was passionate, and she responded accordingly despite her head telling her not to. Eventually she pulled away from him and said that she had to leave. Leave, she did, but throughout that night she was unable to get Sam and his kiss out of her mind.

They both tried to carry on as if nothing had happened, but, when Sam admitted to Ruth that he was in love with her and could not continue being remote, and had decided to resign and move away, she begged him not to and threw herself into his arms. They made love for the first time together that same afternoon.

Ruth was nervous as she made her way to Sam's cottage on that first occasion - hardly surprising, given that she had not had sex with anyone other than her husband in 16 years of marriage.

Naked, Sam was, Ruth noticed with some trepidation, extremely well-endowed, but he was loving and gentle to begin with, kissing her lips and body, licking the inside of her thighs and working his way to her pussy. He ate her expertly, probing with his tongue, opening her pink inner lips and finding her clit with his tongue until he recognised the positive responses from Ruth's body.

His lovemaking then became more urgent and he moved up to position his substantial cock head against her entrance. He slowly worked the length of his phallus into Ruth, inch by inch, until he was buried up to his balls. With her knees drawn up and her legs wrapped around his back, she was able to accommodate every inch of his length and girth. Sam ploughed her relentlessly to a mutually fulfilling climax. Her adultery was complete as she reached orgasm and cried out as her lover emptied his spunk filled balls into her unfaithful cunt.

After the euphoria of their orgasm had subsided, Ruth quickly dressed and without a word, dashed back the short distance home. She was guilt-ridden and dreaded David returning. She occupied herself preparing dinner but need not have worried, David appeared relaxed and talkative. She did not protest when later in bed he spooned up against her, his erection pressing into her.

If David was surprised at how wet his wife was as he entered her, then he did not show it, and began to rhythmically saw his cock into her. Little did he know that much of the lubrication he was benefiting from had been provided by one of his employees only a few hours previously.

Ruth took her husband's cock into her, as she had so many times before; only this time all she could think about was Sam fucking her. Conscience brushed aside by her growing arousal, she pushed back onto her husband's cock and came as she imagined her lover once again buried deep inside her.

The longer the affair lasted the more intense it got. They could hardly touch without it progressing to hot sex. Nor did they care where they had sex. Ruth lost count of the number of times she had knelt in front of Sam in the milking shed and worshiped his wonderful cock and balls with her mouth. He produced so much spunk and ejaculated so powerfully that she was hard pressed to swallow it all and often ended up with come running from her mouth and down her chin.

Sam had the biggest cock she had ever experienced. Not that she was inexperienced, before she married David. She had been very sexually active as a student at an agricultural college, where females were out numbered by 10 to 1. Testosterone radiated from the place, so why not enjoy some of it was her mantra.

After she married, she had, until she met Sam, remained faithful. Her sex life with her husband, as in most long marriages, had diminished compared to the early days of their relationship. However, in general, she had always been very satisfied by David's bigger than average penis and his physical prowess in the bedroom.

Sam's shaft could never be described as average; he was bigger than her husband in both length and girth. Ruth however, learned to accommodate him with relative ease.

Ruth was willing to do whatever Sam asked of her sexually and would perform even the most intimate and indecent acts without inhibition. These included, rimming, exhibiting herself to him and even fucking out in the fields.

Sam had often taken photographs of her masturbating, of her sucking him and of them fucking, using a digital camera with a delayed shutter. After Sam had left Ambridge, Ruth had justifiably as it transpired - always had concerns that one day those photographs could come back to haunt her as she had no idea what Sam had done with the images after their affair was terminated. However, at the time they were taken, she was too engrossed in love and lust, to deny him anything.

One thing that really got Sam going, was to hear the normally, mild language Ruth used turn into pure filth under his direction and encouragement. To begin with, Ruth would blush deep red if he prompted her to say 'fuck' aloud. She was soon to be using words more explicitly indecent than she could ever have imagined uttering before Sam's influence over her.

As could be expected, they were eventually caught in the act. Fortunately, the person who walked in on them as they were in mid-fuck was Ruth's close friend, Usha. They were in the kitchen at Brookfield; David was away; and the kids were either at school or nursery. When Usha opened the kitchen door and walked in unannounced as she often did when visiting, she was met with a memorable sight.

Ruth was bent over the kitchen table, her overalls and her panties around her feet to enable Sam, who similarly was wearing his overalls around his ankles, to shaft her from behind. They were unaware of Usha's presence to begin with so she was given quite a show as Sam repeatedly buried his huge cock into Ruth's very wet and stretched cunt. What surprised Usha, as much as the actual scene, was Ruth's earthy language; 'cock', 'cunt' and 'fuck' being uttered freely.

When Sam did eventually become aware of Usha, he pulled out of Ruth in a jerk response to being caught. That gave Usha not only the opportunity to see his big cock, wet and throbbing, but also a close up of her best friend's still gaping, hairy cunt. Ruth cried out in disappointment when Sam pulled out of her, then almost screamed when she realised why.

Usha backed out of the door as the two scrambled to rearrange their clothes. She had just reached her car, which was parked in the yard, when Ruth ran out to her in tears, begging her not to say anything to David. She need not have worried. Usha would never have betrayed her friend, however shocked she was to discover Ruth was anything more than the loving wife of a farmer. After hugging and reassuring Ruth that her secret was safe with her, she drove home quickly.

Throughout the short drive from Brookfield, Usha was unable to think of anything other than the images of Ruth and Sam fucking. The sight of Sam, holding Ruth by her hips as he repeatedly sank his mighty shaft into her with powerful, long, thrusts, combined with Ruth's verbal incitement for him to 'fuck her cunt harder,' played over and over again in Usha's head.

Once home she hurried to her bedroom and without inhibition, she lifted her dress, pulled aside her damp thong and reached into her bedside drawer to locate her favourite toy, a thick black dildo. She had come quickly with vivid images of Sam's massive cock and Ruth's wet, recently fucked cunt, swimming around in her head.

Ruth picked up the telephone with a trembling hand and clumsily dialled the number for the vicarage, hoping against hope that Usha, not Alan, would answer.

Her prayers were answered as she heard her friend's voice.

"Usha Franks, can I help you?"

"Oh, Usha, I hope so!" Ruth sobbed into the telephone.

"What is it, what's happened? Calm down and tell me what's wrong." Usha attempted to soothe Ruth.

In a broken and tearful conversation, Ruth gave a disjointed, yet accurate enough, account of Jolene's threat - sufficient for Usha to appraise the situation with a clear, professionally-trained mind.

Usha suggested, and despite objections, was eventually able to convince Ruth into, allowing her to negotiate with Jolene, knowing that her friend was no match for the wily, unscrupulous landlady.

Usha managed to rearrange her appointments for the following day and set off for the Bull in the late morning with the intention of confronting Jolene Perks. Her mind had worked hard all the previous night to find a way of turning this to her advantage, and she was ready to put her plan into action.

Dressed in a pinstriped business suit, despite the warm weather, Usha looked coolly professional yet sexy. Her heels clicked as she made her way from her car to the pub.

Jolene wasn't that surprised to see Usha when she answered the knock on the door. She was well aware of Ruth's close friendship with the lawyer and had considered Usha's possible involvement, when determining how to coerce Ruth. She opened the door wide and, in a clear voice, invited the other woman in.

Usha sat, without being asked, in the very same chair that Ruth had occupied so unhappily the day before. However, unlike Ruth, she was thinking clearly and was unafraid of Jolene. Crossing her legs to reveal toned thigh as her short skirt rode up over bare legs, she looked directly at her adversary with a steady, stoical stare. Jolene returned Usha's stare with an equal lack of emotion.

"If you carry out your threat against Ruth, I will do everything I can to destroy you and your husband!" began Usha.

She put up her hand to halt Jolene's retort and continued.

"Certainly, I accept Ruth's marriage will be finished and her reputation damaged to the point where she could no longer remain in Ambridge, and therefore anything I did would be simply vengeful. However, believe me, I will strike back hard if you hurt her, and remember- the Archer family, whilst abandoning Ruth, will be very angry that you have brought dishonour upon them. They still have a lot of say locally and I doubt you will stay in business to the end of the year. It goes without saying that I would involve the police regarding the attempted blackmail!"

Again she stemmed Jolene's response with a firm hand.

"I understand that you told Ruth that you are not unreasonable. That's good - neither am I. In fact, I have a proposition that might suit us all around. Do you want to hear it, or should I just go?"

Jolene took her time in replying to Usha's question. Time that she used to assess the woman before her and what she had said.

"You're proposing what - exactly?" Jolene asked.

"Quite straightforward" said Usha. "I take Ruth's place at this 'party'."

She then, slowly and deliberately uncrossed and re-crossed her long slender legs, ensuring that Jolene had ample time to see under her skirt.

Jolene's eyes widened as she got a very clear, if only momentary view up Usha's legs. There had been time enough however, for her to discover that Usha had the blackest pubic hair she had ever seen!

"Well?" pressed Usha, remaining impassive.

"Deal!" Jolene answered without further hesitation.

"It's me, can you talk?" said Usha into the telephone, after Ruth had answered.

After listening with incredulity to Usha's account of her meeting with Jolene, Ruth sobbed that 'she could not allow Usha to sacrifice herself to Jolene's mercy.'

"Ruth, darling, listen to me. This is the best - no, probably the only - deal you are going to get from that bitch. I have dealt with some tough people professionally, believe me, but she is one of the most uncompromising I have met. If you don't accept it, I am convinced that she will carry out her threat. Is that what you want - for your husband and family to know about Sam? Anyway, if I am happy to play along, why should you worry?"

Usha paused and waited for Ruth to reply.

"OK, but why do I have to take you?" Ruth asked with concern.

"I'm not sure, but she was insistent that it is part of the deal. Don't worry - I will keep them distracted from you. Pick me up around 8.30."

Usha, her body and mind afire with nervous anticipation, replaced the telephone before her friend could object further.

"Alan?" she called to her husband, "I will be going out with Ruth tomorrow evening!"


To be continued...

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