Everyone Loves Emily



That Monday Emily got ready for school. She laid out her school uniform on the bed and then went into the bathroom to shower. She was in the shower when her brother Jeremy joined her.

Jeremy washed Emily's body and paid particular attention to Emily's ass. Jeremy stood behind Emily and washed Emily's tits and abs. Then Jeremy's hands made their way down to Emily's ass. Jeremy cupped the luscious buttocks in his hands as he soaped up Emily's ass. The he fingered Emily's asshole and soaped up his own cock. Emily leaned forward slightly placing her hands on the shower wall and arched her back so that her ass pushed back toward Jeremy. Jeremy eased his cock into Emily's soapy asshole as he held onto Emily's hips.

Emily groaned seductively as the big dick entered her asshole. Jeremy fucked her slowly and watched his cock slide in and out of Emily's shapely ass. Jeremy was so turned on that he felt his orgasm building quicker then he planned. There was no stopping him and his balls tightened as he unloaded in Emily's ass. Jeremy held onto to Emily's hips and drove his cock deep into Emily's asshole. Emily felt the molten sperm fill her asshole to overflowing and instinctively used her anal muscles to milk Jeremy's cock.

"Oh Jeremy I feel it! I feel you cumming in me. It feels so good keep fucking me," Emily blurted.

Jeremy stayed hard and kept fucking Emily. Jeremy could feel his own semen surround his cock as he continued to fuck Emily's ass. Jeremy sensed that he would stay hard and he was pleased that he could continue to fuck Emily's ass. Emily realized that Jeremy would fuck her until he ejaculated again and Emily began to stroke her pussy. Emily wanted Jeremy to finger her pussy while he fucked her ass.

"Jeremy, play with me. Play with my pussy. Stroke it for me, stroke my clit," Emily begged.

Jeremy honored Emily's request. He fingered his sister's pussy as he fucked her ass. Jeremy lasted much longer this time but he still felt a huge orgasm building in his balls. Just as Jeremy came in Emily's ass a second time, Emily screamed that she was cumming. Jeremy stroked Emily quicker and he felt her juices coat the fingers buried in her pussy. Jeremy actually liked seeing Emily cum and watching her body spasm.

Jeremy and Emily let the shower water cascade over their bodies and cleanse them of all semen. Then they dried off and walked naked back into Emily's bedroom. Emily picked up her clothes off the bed and placed them on the chair. Emily then lay face down on the bed as Jeremy stood there and looked at Emily's bubble butt sticking up naturally from the rest of her body.

Jeremy retrieved the lube and then straddled Emily's body. Jeremy sat on Emily's legs just below Emily's buttocks and rested his soft cock in the crack of Emily's ass. Jeremy massaged each of Emily's buttocks relishing in the feel of the round firm globes. Jeremy felt his cock begin to harden again and within a few minutes of rubbing Emily's ass Jeremy was erect again. Jeremy's huge hard cock was nestled in the crack of Emily's ass and Jeremy slid his cock within the fold of Emily's buttocks.

Emily felt Jeremy's cock harden again and he said, "You like my ass don't you Jeremy?"

"I love your ass. I love fucking you in your perfectly shaped ass," Jeremy replied.

"Are you going to fuck me again today?" Emily asked in a sultry voice.

"I think I will. You got me hard again so I might as well fuck your hot ass one more time," Jeremy answered.

Jeremy smoothed the body oil all over his cock and then he poured some of it in the crack of Emily's ass. Jeremy then fingered Emily's asshole making sure that it was well lubed for another round of butt fucking. Satisfied that Emily was sufficiently lubricated, Jeremy eased his cock into his sister's hot ass again. Emily pushed her buns up to meet Jeremy's penetration and the cock slid in easily. Emily groaned as the thick shaft filled her anal passage again. Jeremy fucked Emily until he came again in Emily's ass and then Jeremy collapsed on top of Emily. The two of them remained in the same position for several minutes before they separated. Jeremy rolled off of Emily and lay on his back beside his pretty sister. They were both startled when they heard their father's voice.

"Emily, hurry up the car is waiting. You don't wasn't to be late for orientation," Carl yelled up the stairs.

"Oh shit, I need to get going," Emily announced as she jumped up from the bed.

Jeremy watched his sister get dressed and he smiled to himself when she didn't take the time to wash her ass. Emily pulled the panties on over her cum filled asshole and dripping pussy. She put on the rest of the school uniform and she looked very hot in her plaid skirt, white blouse, blue jacket and knee high white socks. Emily bounded down the stairs and ran out to the waiting limo. Jeremy walked down to his parent's bedroom and got in bed with his still naked mother.

"Emily and dad just left," Jeremy announced as he slid in his mother's bed.

"How does she look?" Alice asked.

"She looks great. She looks so innocent in that school uniform. I wonder how long it will take before the faculty and students find out what's under that plaid skirt," Jeremy said.

"Well once they do, her ass will be the talk of the school," Alice said as she lowered her head to her son's flaccid cock.


Emily ran out to the car and jumped in the back seat with her father. James would drop Emily off at school and then take her father to his office. Carl watched as his daughter got in the back seat of the limo. He skirt flipped up so that he could see her panties and he felt his cock stir in his pants. Emily looked so sexy in her school uniform with her bare legs on display above the white knee high socks. Carl checked his watch and decided that there was enough time for Emily to suck his cock before they arrived at her school. Carl unfastened his pants and pushed them down along with his underwear to his knees. As he did his big erect cock sprung out and stood straight up.

Emily looked at her father and smiled. Emily moved across the car seat closer to her father and wrapped one hand around his cock and looked up at Carl with those daring blue eyes. She then tilted her head back down and brought her mouth towards his cock. She ran her tongue up its smooth underbelly and Carl groaned aloud.

Holding it with her hand she sank her open mouth down onto his cock. Her lips closed around it and Carl felt her hot, wet tongue go to work. Emily sucked him hard and her cheeks hollowed as she worked her head back and forth. Carl gasped and put his fingers into her soft blonde hair to guide her head back and forth. Emily knew what she was doing as her pace slowly quickened and her right hand worked Carl's shaft. Her left hand cradled his balls and softly stroked them. She then ran her finger along his perineum. Emily took Carl's cock from her mouth and blew on the head of it. Carl felt her breath cool the saliva on his cock and he clenched his butt in pleasure. Carl's large cock bulged in her firm grip and felt even larger than normal. Emily worked her hand back and forth letting it glide smoothly around his cock then she looked up at Carl and smiled. She knew the effect she was having on him and she seemed to enjoy every moment of his torment.

James the chauffer watched the scene in the rear view mirror and he slowed the car to be sure that his boss orgasmed before they reached the school. Carl moaned again as Emily's tongue snaked forward and tickled the tip of his cock. Her tongue found the pee hole and she licked the pre-cum as it oozed out of his slit. She worked her tongue in circles around the tip of Carl's cock and took his length deeply into her mouth again. Carl watched as almost the full length of his cock vanished into her mouth. Emily then swirled her tongue around the shaft of his cock that was buried in her mouth. Carl closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure as her head worked back and forth more quickly clasping his shaft with both hands as her head vigorously bobbed up and down.

Emily's pace was relentless and Carl held her head gently as he felt his orgasm building in his testicles. This was definitely one of the best blow jobs Carl ever had in his life, bar none. Emily allowed his cock to plop out of her mouth again and a thin trail of saliva stretched from his cock to her lips. Emily smiled again and caught the saliva in her hand as her eyes fixed on Carl's cock. Her hand wrapped tightly around it again and she proceeded to jerk him off me at a steady pace occasionally licking the head of his cock and nibbling it with her teeth. Carl threw his head back, closed his eyes and groaned out loud. Emily jerked him off as fast as she could as her hand almost became a blur as it moved up and down his shaft. There was a distinct look of lust in Emily's eyes as she stared at Carl's cock

"Are you going to cum for me daddy? Are you close?" she asked in a raspy voice.

Carl just nodded yes since he was very close. Emily then took him back in her mouth and ran her tongue around his shaft again. Then her head bobbed up and down again as she pursed her lips and hallowed her cheeks. That did it for Carl.

"Emily here I cum," Carl warned and then he grunted as he came in her mouth.

Emily took Carl's warning as a signal and she started sucking harder and squeezing his cock with her hand. Carl's eyes closed tight as he ejaculated in her mouth. He felt his cock pulsate as rope after rope of semen shot into her mouth. As the intense sensations passed from Carl's body he relaxed a little and looked down to watch Emily suck every drop from his cock. She was now kissing it, licking up and down the shaft as if she were making love to it. Carl's cock softened in her mouth and she took it in her hand as she licked the final remnants of his ejaculation from the slit. Once she was satisfied that she had emptied his cock she ran her tongue around her lips and swallowed one final time. Emily let out a big sigh and then sat up straight on the car seat along side him.

"The school is just ahead, Mr. Robinson," the chauffer announced.

"Thank you James," Carl grunted as he pulled his underwear and pants back up.

The car stopped in front of the school along with a number of other limos. Emily opened the door to get out and pecked her father on the cheek. "Thanks for the ride daddy," she gushed.

"You're welcome Emily," her father replied as he watched her get out of the back seat. Her skirt rose up and her panty covered shapely ass was displayed. "Be on your best behavior today Emily, it's important to make a good first impression."

"I'll be here at 4:00 PM to pick you up, Ms. Robinson," James reminded her as she walked toward the school building.


Emily entered the school building and followed the signs to the administrative offices. She knocked on the President's office door and heard a voice telling her to enter. An attractive woman greeted her and then announced her arrival to the school President. Emily was shown into the office by the woman and then the door was closed and locked behind her.

"Come in my dear," the one man said, "I am Stephen Davis the school President and these two gentlemen are Board members."

Emily stared at the three men seated in a semi-circle in front of the President's desk. Emily was told to come closer until she stood in front of the President with a Board member on either side of her. The three administrators were salivating over this luscious young teenager. The men were all in their forties and they looked very fit and professional. Emily was not offended or repulsed by their appearance as she first thought that she might have been.

"So tell us dear why we should go along with this plan to accept you in our school and to make you an honor student," one asked.

"Well I am willing to do whatever it takes to be accepted and to make the honor role", she replied.

"I see and you are prepared to do our bidding when you are called," he continued.

"Oh yes sir, I am," she said.

"Well then let's have a look at you," the President bided.

Emily stepped closer between the three men and she noticed that they were already sporting erections visible in their pants. The men touched her legs above her knee high socks sending chills through her. She shivered and displayed goose bumps as they stroked her beautiful legs.

Their hands wandered up under her skirt and began to caress her buttocks and vagina. One of the men grasped her panties at the waist and slowly lowered them down her legs past her socks. They caressed her naked ass and tickled her pubic area. Emily could feel herself getting wet and horny. One of the men slipped a finger into her cunt and she jolted at the intrusion.

The man stroking her magnificent buns asked, "I know that you are not a virgin but have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

"Only about 100 times," replied Emily noticing the man's excitement at her answer.

He then pushed a pussy moistened finger into her bunghole which was still lubricated from her earlier morning activities. The men slowly undressed her taking their time fondling and playing with her. They removed her panties from her legs then her plaid skirt was taken from her. They marveled at her beauty as she stood before them in just her blouse, bra, knee high socks and saddle shoes. They next removed her blouse and bra. Again they stopped to look at her. She was incredibly desirable standing there in just her socks and shoes displaying her firm tits, shapely legs, curvy figure and fantastic ass.

"Oh will you look at this ass. It is absolutely beautiful. Look how far it sticks out from her body," one of them commented.

"It must stick out at least a foot, let's measure it," another one said.

The President took a ruler from his desk and measured Emily's ass. "You're right it measures 12 inches from her thighs to the curve."

The men removed her shoes and socks and then had her lay on the floor and within seconds there was a man on each tit and one sucking her pussy. They rotated so that they all had a chance to taste the nectar of her cunt. Emily had two mild orgasms with all this attention. The men stood up and removed their clothes and each of them possessed normal size cocks of 6 -- 6 ½ inches.

"Are you all going to do me at the same time," Emily asked seductively.

The men had not thought of that since they had never done that before. However the idea appealed to them.

"Can you handle three at the same time," one asked.

"Oh yes and I love it. It feels so good to have cocks in my mouth, pussy and ass at the same time" Emily replied.

Emily then took control as she directed the men into position. The one who had asked about ass fucking would be the first to take her ass. Emily mounted one man and his cock slid easily into her pussy, the next slipped his cock into her lubricated asshole and the third was treated to a first class cock sucking. The men were so turned on that they all came quickly filling Emily's holes with generous amounts of cum. Emily kept working to keep them hard and the men were surprised that they were up for a second round. It had been sometime before they had cum twice in a fuck session but Emily was such a turn on they were able to achieve that.

After everyone orgasmed again it was agreed that Emily would pay them visits in the future so that they all had a chance at all her holes. They would look forward to more triple penetration sessions and a one on one session as well. Everyone got dressed and the men were surprised how innocent Emily looked with her school uniform back on. Looking at her no one would ever guess that she was so experienced beyond her years.

"I'm afraid that we kept you longer than we had planned to. You were to have met with some of your teachers individually this morning. I will call them and tell them to meet with you as a group. Please go to Ms. Jones room number 204," the President said and then added. Emily you will do very well here."


Emily was thinking about her morning went so far while on the way to meet the three teachers, Ms. Jones, Mr. Connors and Mr. Peters. Her pussy was soaking wet from her thoughts about the morning activities as she entered the room.

"Welcome Emily, you are a little bit late but we will make up for lost time," said Ms. Jones.

"You have already received a glowing report from our President and Board members," Mr. Connors added.

"Emily you will do very well here at this school and we are pleased to have you as a student," Mr. Peters chimed in.

"You haven't had me yet," Emily replied sexily.

The three teachers smiled and then approached Emily guiding her over to one of the desks. Emily was instructed to stand in front of the desk and lean forward slightly placing her hands on the desktop. Mr. Connors lifted her skirt as Mr. Peters peeled her panties down to her knees. The three teachers gasped aloud when Emily's magnificent ass was bared. Mr. Peters rubbed her ass sensuously and then put lubricant in her asshole as he obviously prepared her to be ass fucked. He dropped his trousers and briefs to his ankles and stepped up behind Emily and fed his cock to her curvy ass. Mr. Connors offered Emily his cock to suck while she was getting ass fucked and Ms. Jones dropped to her knees and licked the teenager's hot twat.

"My, your pussy is very wet today, you must have been thinking about this on your way here," commented Ms. Jones.

Emily thought to herself, "You should only know what made me so wet."

Ms. Jones was a very good cunt lapper and she had Emily's juices flowing in no time. Peters was having a hard time stemming his ejaculation. Just the sight of his cock sliding between the beautiful round cheeks of the teenager's shapely ass was enough to get him off. Emily felt his cock pulse and she squeezed her ass cheeks together sending him over the edge. Peters shot his load into the girl's hot ass much sooner then he had wanted. He tried to stay hard and stay in longer but Emily milked his cock dry with her anal muscles and it slipped from her asshole.

Emily orgasmed in Ms. Jones' mouth when she felt Peters' spunk fill her ass and the teacher held on to the lovely student's ass as she drank in all her nectar. Ms. Jones thought to herself how much she loved to eat teenage pussy. Connors removed his cock from Emily's mouth and went to the young girl's ass. He slid his erect cock into her spunk filled asshole and fucked her with rapid strokes. Ms. Jones in the mean time got up and situated her herself on the desk and lifted her skirt to display her bare pussy to Emily. Emily needed no coaxing and she dove right into the teacher's hot box.

Watching Emily eat the teacher's pussy as Connors fucked her ass got Peters hard again and he stroked his hard cock awaiting another shot at the girl's incredible ass. Ms. Jones came quickly but Emily went right on eating her pussy as Connors fucked Emily's ass. Emily then felt Connors stiffen and shoot his wad into her bung hole. He fucked her slowly as he came, feeling the sperm surround his cock in the girl's rectum. Connors removed his deflated cock dripping with cum from Emily's ass and Peters quickly filled the girl's ass again.

Emily continued to eat Ms. Jones as Peters fucked her ass until he came again and then it was Connors for another round. Ms. Jones swung her body around on the desk and dipped her head down until she could reach Emily's pussy with her mouth. Emily leaned over and resumed sucking on the teacher's pussy as the teacher sucked on Emily's while Connors was fucking her ass. The three of them all came again and groaned aloud. As they disengaged Ms. Jones handed Emily a towel to wipe cum from around her ass and inner thighs. Emily cleaned up the best she could as the rest would have to wait until she got to the ladies room. Every one tidied them selves up and Emily was dismissed.

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