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Everyone Sucks Raymond


For the first time in several months, Debra and Heather (Robert's current girlfriend) were away for the weekend at a convention. Ray and Robert hadn't had sex in few days and were horny as jackrabbits. Ray had invited Robert over to spend the night since he had found a porno Debra was hiding in the bathroom closet. Neither man got to see x-rated movies very much, and were salivating at the thought of watching a juicy cunt get plowed.

In due time, Robert arrived, and Raymond answered the door eagerly.

"You made it!" Raymond glowered at his brother. "Thought you would never get here."

"Heather had some last minute things to do...so where's the porno?"

"Right here!" Ray showed Robert a box he had hidden in his hands.

"SWITCH HITTERS!!" Robert's eyes bugged out. "Do you know what this is?"

"Yeah, two women make it." Ray said in a deadpan voice.

"Yeah, but two men can make it, too!" Robert was furious.

"Look Robert, a porno is a porno. We can fast forward the parts with just the men."

"All right, but this better be good!"

Robert led the way upstairs to Ray's bedroom. There was a television in there so Ray had figured they could lay on the bed and watch the video in comfort. As he put the tape in the VCR, Robert started taking off his shirt.

"What are you doing??" Ray couldn't believe his eyes.

"When I watch pornos alone, I always strip to my underwear....you don't mind, do you?"

"Uh....sure...whatever you want." Ray hadn't seen Robert in his underwear since they shared a bedroom in High School. He wondered if he still wore boxer shorts and sleeveless undershirts. Ray was embarrassed standing there fully clothed as his brother stripped. He decided to peel down to his underwear as well. The two men tried not to stare at each other as they disrobed, but when they were both down to their underwear they turned around and stared. Raymond wore a plain white t-shirt and green plaid full cut boxers, while Robert wore a snow white sleeveless undershirt and blue and white striped boxers.

"Nothing like getting down to the underwear." Robert grinned as he lay down on Debra's side of the bed.

"Yeah, I try to hang out in my boxers as much as I can, but Debra doesn't like it." Ray lay next to Robert, holding the remote. Their legs touched right above the knee, but neither man attempted to pull away.

Ray started the video, which began promisingly. Two big titted women picked up three male co-workers and drove them to a motel. Once inside the motel room, the cute girls stripped down to their bras and panties. They got on the bed and rubbed each others breasts while darting their tongues in and out of each others' mouths. Ray and Robert fingered their developing erections through their boxers slowly. Ray's dick was trapped in the left leg, while Robert's was cramped in the right. As the women were exploring lesbian sex, the three men came in the room. They had shed their business suits and were clad in nothing but patterned boxer shorts. As Ray and Roberts' jaws dropped, one man got on his knees, pulled his buddies' cocks out of their boxers, and began vigorously sucking them both off.

"OH MY GOD!!" Robert yelled. "I never saw anything like this before!"

"Do you want to fast forward it?" Raymond was sweating with embarrassment.

"No, leave it on, we'll wait for the camera to get back to the women."

Ray and Robert continued to watch in shock yet definite interest as the camera panned closer to the hot scene. Both men's cocks were huge, easily topping 9 inches. The cocksucker got about 6 inches of their dicks in his mouth before he pulled out. From the looks on the faces of the men that were being blown, they were obviously in extreme ecstasy.

"Christ, those guys are hung like bulls!" Robert commented. "Does Debra ever blow you in your boxers like that?"

"I can't get her to blow me any way," Ray answered in disgust. She licks my dickhead a little, but that's it."

"Yeah, I can't get Heather to do that either," Robert nodded in sympathy. "She hasn't even seen me in my underwear yet!"

Both men chuckled. They were starting to relax, despite the very taboo scene unfolding in front of them.

"Ray, you know that money you owe me?" Robert turned to face his brother with a pained expression on his face.

"I'll pay it as soon as I can." Ray turned beet red.

"No, it's not that....I'll forget about it if you'll....." Robert couldn't get out any more words.

Ray broke out in a cold sweat. "You mean, you want me to...?" he couldn't speak any further either.

"Tell you what, if you do mine a little, I'll do yours." Robert tried to sweeten the pot.

"U-h-h-h- e-r-r-r-r, OK, but you have to go first." Ray tried to bluff his brother.

Robert eyes fluttered, but he soon composed himself. "Ok, it's a deal."

On the screen, the cocksucker had taken his two buddies large balls out of their boxers and was eagerly licking them. Robert curled his hand around Ray's boxer covered prick and slowly worked it toward the center fly slit. With one quick shove the massive organ bounced out of Ray's shorts. It was a good eight inches long with a nice clean mushroom head. Robert then reached into Ray's boxers and hauled out his ample sized ball sacs. He leaned over and stuck out his tongue. Ray let out a loud moan when Robert's tongue made contact with his aching testicles. Robert then started licking his brothers' balls like their was no tomorrow.


Ray was in heaven as Robert's tongue explored every nook and cranny of his meatballs. Then, he let out a loud grunt as Robert swallowed the head and part of his shaft in one gulp.


Ray writhed and thrashed the bed as Robert deep throated him. After two minutes of extreme bliss for both men, Robert let Ray's eight incher slip from his lips. Breathing heavily, it was some time before he spoke.

"Your turn!"

Ray looked at the huge bulge in Robert's boxers. He tenderly pushed the gargantuan dick toward the center fly slit. In a matter of seconds, the huge nine inch prong stood out of Robert's boxers like a spear. Ray leaned over and tongued his brother's cockhead gently. Robert let out a deeply satisfying groan as Ray slowly but surely sucked the cockhead for all it was worth. Then he opened his mouth and took inch after sweet inch of Robert's dork down his throat. His brother thrashed the sheets with lust.


Robert tried to hold back, but the sight of his own brother playing skin flute on him was simply too much.


Ray got his mouth off Robert's prick just in time to witness the orgasm of orgasms. His brother let out loud screams as his prick blasted a good eight spurts of cum. Seeing his brother explode easily brought Ray over the edge.


Ray howled as his dick spurted ten healthy loads of sperm. The two brothers collapsed on top of one another, completely spent.

"That was fuckin' unbelievable!" Robert was the first to speak.

"I didn't think it would be that good." Ray smiled at his brother.

Robert leaned over and tenderly kissed Ray on the lips. "I love you, Ray.".

"I love you too, Robert."

"Let's take a nap together and have more fun when we wake up." Robert stroked Ray's thighs lightly.

"Sure, that sounds great!" Ray and Robert spooned and couldn't believe how good it felt to cuddle each other. Both men fantasized what erotic things were going to happen when they woke up in the morning!

To be continued? comments welcome!

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