tagRomanceEverything is Rosie

Everything is Rosie


The sunrise was very breath taking, as it started coming up over the ocean. I had rented a beach house for a week for a little rest and relaxation. I was standing on the back deck admiring

Another pretty sight was the lovely brunette walking on the beach by herself. She stopped and stood gazing at the sun.

From my view point I watch as she untied her robe and let it fall to the sand. From the back she had an hour glass figure. . I watched as she moved toward the water. As she seemed to glide into the water, her ass cheeks shook firmly

I watched her immerse herself into the water. Soon I lost sight of her m and I went back to sipping my morning cup of java. I sat on the chaise lounge and soon I was nodding off to sleep.

"Um excuse me!" A female voice woke me from my nap.

"I opened my eyes and she came into view, it was the brunette from the beach. Her face was as beautiful as t the rest of her. The red robe was cinched tight against her shivering body

"I have seemed to have forgotten my key; may I use your phone to call my husband please?"

"Sure." I said as I stood up, opened the door to the house and stood aside to let her into the house.

"The phone is over by the refrigerator." I told her.

She dialed a number "Charlie where are you?" She said and then waited for the reply

"You are with that whore again?" Her voice turning tense

"Never mind Charlie, I will wait for the maid to come and clean to get in. And she slammed down the phone."

I could see she was holding back the tears and still shivering.

"Please Miss you need to get into some warm clothes. You can wear mine till you get back into your house."

"That is very sweet of you Mr.? "

"Jerry Flint." I said.

"Nice to meet you Jerry, my name is Rosemary Blunt. "

"Rosemary I insist that you get into something warm. "

I went into the bedroom and got her some sweat pants and sweat shirt.

"The bathroom is just down the hall Rosemary." As I pointed to the left.

She excused herself and went down the hallway

While she was gone I cracked open a few eggs and made us a couple of omelet, with home fries and bacon.

When she came back out I poured her a cup of coffee and placed the milk and sugar in front of her on the counter top.

She stirred in some milk and sugar

The omelets had finished cooking as well as the bacon and home fries; I got us some plates and then placed everything on them. I placed them on the counter and sat next to her.

We ate and between mouthfuls we learned about each other

She had been married to Charlie since they were both in college. That was about 25 years ago.

They had Charles junior and Katrina May a few years after they had been married.

Theirs was a simple life, two kids, a house in the burbs with one and a half baths. Two cars one SUV and a BMW.

But recently he had been coming home later and later saying there were a lot of projects. But Rose found a pair of thongs inside Charlie's suit jacket and there was a strong smell of a perfume that wasn't hers.

She rented the beach house for them to have a bit of second honeymoon.

The kids were in college and off with their friends most of the time

And this is where we stand now

For me, I was here to write the last of my latest novel. My editor was breathing down my neck for me to complete it.

My love life wasn't in the best of shape either. I had just broken up with my cheating girlfriend.

I had, had a feeling that something that she was cheating, but then it was confirmed when I saw her sitting in another man's lap at the bar, we sometimes frequented

I confronted her and she knew she couldn't deny it. So I went back our apartment, threw my clothes in a suitcase.

I knew I couldn't stay there any longer. I really couldn't; since her name was on the lease. So here I was.

Rosie and I found we had much more in common then cheating spouses

We were about the same age and had grown up two towns away from each other. Our Football teams have a bitter rivalry.

We were now sitting on the couch and sipping the last of our coffees. Rose had her robe placed on her lap. She stood up to take her cup to the kitchen. As she did there was a slight thump on the floor.

"Oh Jerry look it's my house key" She said

"Well at least you won't have to wait for the maid now Rose

She started to wash the dishes and I insisted that he didn't have to.

But she said it was the least she could do to repay my kindness.

After she finished washing the dishes, she said it was time to get back to the house.

She wanted to change out of the sweats I had given her to wear, but I told her, it might look better if she left in then instead of just her robe.

"Why?" She asked.

I pointed to the beach and she saw that the beach was now crowded with the summer crowds.

She agreed and she said that she would wash them and bring them back to me.

She hugged me tight and then left.

I turned on my laptop and started to work on my latest murder mystery. But it was no good. I couldn't get Rosie out of my mind.

"Come on dude you need to clear your head, get it together!" But I had cobwebs

So I shut off my laptop and then went for a five mile run.

When I came back there was a powder blue "Beemer" parked out front of Rose's house.

A skinny gray haired guy came out and got in the "Beemer".

Rose was not far behind, yelling at him.

"You no good cheating bastard! " She screamed after the fading car.

She saw me and started to cry.

I walked over to her and took her in my arms.

She sobbed into my chest.

She got calmed down fairly soon but some of the tears still lingered,

"I am so sorry Jerry."

"It's okay Rose, it's what friends are for."

"He came and told me that he had fallen in love with his secretary and that he didn't live me anymore."

"25 years of marriage and it's done just like that Jerry!"

She started to cry again

"He said I was getting old looking."

I took Rose by her shoulders and looked at her point blank

"Rose, you are what they call a Milf. Still young and vibrant and giving lots of men erections." Why some younger men might call you a cougar."

"A cougar?" She looked at me quizzically.

"That is what they call an older woman who is attractive to younger men

"And what would You call me? She giggled

"Just Rosie. "

She giggled again and blushed.

I knew what she was thinking at that moment.

"Rose I can't make love to you right now.

But You are not thinking clearly. "Much as I want to make love you, we shouldn't." Maybe once you are a free woman. Do you understand?

She looked at me and then nodded

"Yes Jerry you are right, I suppose

I know you are swearing at me reader, going "What a wimp!"

But Grudge sex is no way to keep budding relationship going.

It was tough not to jump her bones. But I felt something special with Rose.

So we talked about it for a bit and she finally saw my way.

"It could ruin everything during the divorce proceedings." Rose said.

I nodded "Yes!"

We did fall asleep in each others arms on the couch

We had a simple breakfast the next morning and I went back to my cottage

Rose came over before she left and thanked me for everything. We exchanged phone numbers, so we could stay in touch.

She hugged and kisses me and then got in her Ford Fusion and drove off.

I didn't have too many more days on the lease on the cottage. I finished my novel. I did a quick proof read then emailed it to my editor.

My last morning there I sat on the deck and watched the sunrise over the water.

My cell phone beeped and I looked at it. It was a small text from Rose, saying she was wishing me a good morning and that Charlie said he would not contest the divorce.

I smiled as I read the last part of the message. Love Rosie"

I texted her back. "Yeah everything is Rosie here too!"

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