tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEverything Will Change Ch. 02

Everything Will Change Ch. 02


The lady, whose name I learned was, Kaitlin and she preferred to be called Kat, unlocked my shackles, all of them. I didn't move to get up because Michael Clark Duncan guy was still there and I was still naked. Kat stepped outside the door and handed me a strapless white bra, a royal blue satin dress, and strappy sandals.

She turned to muscle guy and said, "Excuse us, please."

"Please change, I know it can't be comfortable for you like that."

"Um, thank you." Kat politely turned and faced the door. "What is that guy's name? He looks like he could be Michael Clark Duncan's brother." She said in a quieted voice, since he was standing just outside the door.

"Oh, that's funny. I hadn't put that together, but you're right. Actually his name is Duncan Owens."

At this point she had put on the bra and had started pulling the dress over her head when a sharp pain caused her to gasp. She stopped in the middle of putting her dress on leaving it draped on her shoulders to feel the spot that was now aching.

"That's where Duncan kicked you. You were drugged, but when they got you in the van you started to thrash and flail about. For a minute they thought the drugs hadn't affected you enough because you only drank half of your drink. And then your leg hit him in the crotch, and he reacted."

I was still clutching or rather caressing at the bruise on my side; it was so tender and sensitive. It reminded me of the time I got hit with a softball when I was in high school, it hurt like hell and it took near two months for it to completely fade. I would swear this one was darker.

She continued when I still didn't say anything or move to continue dressing. "It wasn't intentional and it wasn't part of the plan, but it happened. Turns out you had a small seizure, you were allergic to the drug they gave you. Don't worry; when you were unconscious we had a doctor thoroughly check you over. The doc said it was luck that you had had so little of the drug, and you wouldn't have any other side effects."

"Can you help me finish, I'm not sure I can."

Kat moved in behind me to ease the dress down my back then helped me get my arm in the one shoulder strap. The dress came to about mid-thigh, shorter than my usual, but the color was great-my favourite actually. It had a bit of frill at the top, chiffon I think but I don't really know much about material or dresses. I normally go with what feel comfortable. The frilly part for the bottom started around my waist, then layered to the end. I had to think it looked good. I slipped into the shoes and turned to Kat.

"No underwear?" I hated that I had to ask for something I assumed was simple.

"Oh. Apologies I forgot that."

She reached around the door and grabbed what she knew must be there then tossed it at me, I caught it reflexively.

"Thanks." It was a thong, so the enthusiasm wasn't really behind the word, but it had to be said.

She took my hand after I had finished putting them in place and making sure The dress lay flat and not tucked in anywhere. She laced our fingers together and started down the hall. Duncan was right on our heels.

I asked her, "Are you the mother of my.."I still couldn't say the word.

"Of Andre, no." It was the first time his name was said. "His mother died giving birth to him. I married Alphonse 5 years later. I do love him though, and his father." Her eyes got that glow-kind of twinkle, you know the one. It tells anyone watching her that she loves and adores this person. It kind of made my heart warm to hers. Then I suddenly realized something.

I stopped and nearly pulled the woman back with me when I turned to face Duncan.

"Sir, I would like to apologize for my actions in the van. I hope you know I was not aware of any of it. I didn't mean to hurt you, or anyone for that matter. It wasn't me, I hope you know that."

Kat was smiling broadly, I saw from the corner of my eye-though I had no idea why, and Duncan seemed stunned. He stammered for a second, looked m right in the eye, then said,

"No apologies necessary, I understand. And I apologize for my reaction. I was afraid I had broken your rib, I was happy when the doc said there was no fracture. Please accept my sincere apology for your injury." This man had been raised right, as I was.

"Apology accepted. And thank you."

Again I shocked him, and Kat.

"For?" he raised an eyebrow.

"When you came into the room, I must confess I was scared to death. I honestly thought I might have an attack right there. But when I saw how unaffected you were by your surroundings it filled me with comfort, somehow; you didn't speak, try to touch me, and you showed no emotion. I tried to do the same it may very well be why I am taking this situation as well as I am. And I'm trying to thank you for your stoicism. It helps me."

He just nodded. So I nodded once then turned to Kat, and she started leading me again. Duncan stayed right behind us. All the way up two flights of stairs, and down a long corridor, to the big double doors at the end of that hallway.

Inside that door, he waited. The crime boss Alphonse Stewart.


The room as long, and filled with fine furniture. Wood paneling on the walls told me this house or at least this room was at least 35 years old. The couches and single comfy chair surrounded the fireplace near the center of the room, while a large sturdy looking wood desk and bookcase took up the other half of the room. The man who must be in his 50's, showed every minute of that age. His hair was silvering on the sides but he still had a full head of dark hair. He was sitting on the couch facing the door, awaiting our arrival I suppose. Kat let go of my hand and practically skipped to wear he sat, kissed him whole heartedly, then she sat next to him.

He signaled for us, me and Duncan, to sit across from him on the other couch while Kat quietly filled him in on everything that had happened; everything she told me, almost all the questions I asked-the more pertinent ones anyway, the ending with the two little conversations we had on the way up here.

He turned on me and his sharp grey eyes were fixed on my face. The grey was just like his hair, it still had a dark twinge to it. He said, "And what is your name?" It was the first time someone asked me, and it was the first time he spoke to me, or loud enough for me to hear him. His voice was so calm and commanding; it sent chills down my back. But I remembered Duncan's stoic approach to things and remained calm.

"Jasmine, sir."

"Ah, good name."

"Thank you, sir."

"And you understand that you are here to become the wife of my son? That there is no alternative to you, that you must do what we ask?"

"I ..I understand." I said with a shaky breath. "And I don't really see it as asking. Nor do I see that I have another choice."

He smiled lightly, for a moment. Then relaxed, "True, on both counts."

"I understand." She near whispered.

"My son is a good man. He will do as he was told and marry. He will treat you right, and you both will learn to love and trust each other."

I seriously doubted it, but I wasn't going to voice that. And I was sure I could control my face enough to not show that doubt.

I didn't want to think about the wedding Kat said would happen tonight, and I also couldn't let myself think about what would happen after the so-called wedding. I am a virgin, yes, at 22, I am a virgin. If I let myself think of imminent dealings I would not make it past the next few minutes.

Right at that moment, a man came in the double doors. He strode straight to the comfy chair, without speaking or looking at me. I assumed he was a lieutenant or something. Until Mr. Stewart spoke,

"Andre, I wanted you to meet your betrothed before the rehearsal and the wedding. Both of which will happen tonight; then we will have a formal dinner, and the two of you will go to the hotel for a honeymoon."

That was a lot of information to get in about thirty seconds. We both looked at each other for a moment. Then, I looked down. I was unable to look at those eyes any longer. Grey, like his fathers, not as dark though, but they were dead like he was looking right through me. It was nearly heart wrenching.


-I looked at her. Her long dark brown hair, hung down around her waist. It was just a bit wavy, natural, had to be. Her eyes were just as dark as her hair. Lashes were long and when she looked down at the floor they swept her cheek. She tried to hide her face with her hair, but from this position it was impossible to hide from me, not without directly turning away. Which I assume she was too afraid to attempt.

-I hated how scared she seemed. I mustn't show her how much I am affected by her fear. I must remain, distant. I'm sure I seem like a monster to her, but it's better than the alternative, for right now I'll allow her to think I feel nothing for her.

Father had just finished speaking. So without skipping a beat, I got up. I walked the four steps to stand in front of her. I bowed, took her right hand in mine, and kissed it.

-"Future wife of mine, can we spend a few moments alone?"

"Yes, of course." She forced herself to say.

We got up, and walked silently to the double doors. After he shut them behind us, we walked down the hall to a corridor that led to a balcony. When we walked through the French doors onto the balcony, I breathed in deeply. As soon as I breathed in fresh air I felt much better. The sun had just set there was just a little pink left. Stars were just appearing, and the animals and insects were just starting their chorus. I had held in that deep breath for a near full minute; then released it.

I felt him watching me, so I turned to face him.

-She likes the night air, she enjoys being outside just like me.

-"I want to apologize. For so much; you being brought here, the terrible situation you are in, and if the others have offended you."

"I can't really say it's ok, but I do appreciate your apology."

-"I hate that we are both here, and trapped. But believe me when I say, there is no way out if it."

"I'm starting to get that. I think every person I've met so far has told me that at least once. Heh."

-"I don't doubt that."

Silence fell as they regarded each other a moment. She moved to rest her elbows on the stone railing of the balcony. He took this chance to look her over some more.

-She has such a perfect body. Her ass has that perfect heart shape. Her waist is not small so she probably doesn't like it, but it accentuates her figure so well. Her dark hair flowed down her back like a dark chocolate cascade. Simply beautiful. Her breasts though not visible from this viewpoint, fill out that dress like it was made for her. No doubt about it, he'd loved this girl since he first saw her.

I sighed, having come to a conclusion while he stared at me. "Well, I guess we have no choice." He snapped out of his evaluation of me. "We'll just have to make the best of it." I turned around abruptly, and moved in to hug him. He tried to take a step back, but I had wrapped my hands around his waist. He was easily 7 or 8 inches taller than me, my head wrested comfortably against his shoulder. I turned my head to nuzzle his neck, and then I started lightly kissing his neck. He froze. I knew he felt nothing for me, but I feared if either of us tried to back out of this arrangement, I would be killed, I was expendable. He was the heir. So I resolved to make him feel something for me, if only a respect. Just about anything to preserve my life.

I continued lightly kissing his neck. Hoping it wasn't completely repulsive to him. I moved up to lick then nibble on his ear. I heard his gasp, and thought that meant he was enjoying it. He then turned me and pushed me against the wall near the doors. I thought he was going to hit me, I couldn't open my eyes; too afraid. I flinched before his flesh touched mine.

-She is kissing my neck. Why? I thought she would've hated me. It's my fault we were both in this situation. She must be doing this out of fear for her life. If I don't move she might not realize my growing erection. It was getting stiff before she started this, just from looking at her, and now this. Oh, Gods. She's moving up my neck. Not the ear, I can't take that. It will be too much. She took my ear in her lips, then her teeth slightly vibrated on my earlobe. Oh, my God!

-I can't take it. I force her to the wall. Wait, her eyes are closed. Maybe she doesn't want this, I can't force her. I reach up to stroke her cheek, and she flinches. She thought I would hit her. I would never. I need to reassure her, that she is safe with me, that I wouldn't hurt her. How?

-"Open your eyes." He whispered. Then he stroked her cheek with the back of his hand

I did. He was standing a few inches from me. His face was fierce, and his other hand was on my shoulder, holding me against the wall.

-"I won't touch you if you don't want me to. I don't want to force you."

"It's just that...I wanted to see if we were at least compatible." I said in shaky whisper.

-"If you were to continue with that nibbling on my earlobe, I might've taken you here and now." He chuckled warily.

I wasn't sure if he meant that or if it was a joke. Uneven, shaking breaths were moving through my nose.

-"Shall we continue with your test of compatibility."

"I suppose so. I want to know.., before we are.. married." I near chocked that last word out.

-I moved in close pressing my body close to hers. I move my hand to run my fingers through her magnificent hair, and my other hand moves to cup face as I move mine in to kiss her. The first one is soft and careful. Then I move back for a second only to go back for a second kiss. This one is more forceful, and long. Our mouths open and our tongues meet for the first time. I start grinding into her pelvis; nailing her to the wall.

How is it possible? These kisses are fantastic. Is conceivable that someone could smell this good. I am very inexperienced but I thought it was perfect; the way our bodies moved together, the way our tongues danced around each other. I couldn't imagine it being any better. He pushing me against the wall with such force: that must mean he likes it too, I think?

"Oh, God." I say when our lips part. He starts kissing my neck as I had before. And my hands stroke his back, and then I scratch down his back. He groans, then chuckles; and continues.

He brings his right hand up, to slip into the top of my dress to find my now hard nipple. He tweaks and caresses my breast in alternating moments. I start crying out and moaning as he switches.

-I then move my left hand behind her back and let my right hand glide over her stomach down beneath her dress that I lift to gain entrance to her pussy.

A finger delves to my 'womanhood' as my mother would have called it. I have always shaved it, I have never even had a boyfriend but one time when I watched a porno online-the only time I'd ever done something like that-The girl in the video had a shaved area and the guy seemed to idolize her for it. I tried it once and loved the feeling so I've done it ever since. His finger ran slowly rubbed slowly over my mound, easily surpassed the tiny panties.

-I found her sensitive button and she spasmed uncontrollably. I knew she was seconds from going over the edge. So I let my middle finger slide into her opening. Then I began moving it in and out of her. And she came all over my hand. Then I felt her barrier.

End of Chapter 2

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