tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEve's Temptation

Eve's Temptation


Major thanks for the incredible response to the companion piece 'Eve's Drops' that you may wish to check out before reading this sequel. As well as the encouraging public comments, the many positive emails were much appreciated.


That first morning after uncovering Eve's mutual lust, passed in a dreamlike haze. Daring barely to look at the object of my desire, four o'clock arrived and Eve breezed out of the office, a brief glance my way as if to say: "Why didn't you come and see me today?" At least that's the way I interpreted it.

The following morning, having conspired to miss the alarm and panicking to make nine o'clock, I was devastated to see Eve's chair pressed into the desk, her screen black and lifeless. Leaning over the back of the chair, our boss Graham imparted the news that Eve would be working from home the rest of the week. My heart sank.

"You still going on Friday night?" enquired Graham, as an afterthought, my puzzled expression met with the words: "The summer barbecue. Coach is leaving dead on five."

It had completely slipped my mind. I wondered whether Eve would be there. "Who else is going?" I fished.

"Most of this lot," came Graham's response rang as he ambled away.

A smile elevated my lipa. The gorgeous Eve wouldn't miss a party, would she?

That lunchtime I cornered my pal Danny in the bar. "Are you going to this do on Friday?"

He nodded, lips coated in beer froth. I followed up awkwardly: "You know if...if, um...if Eve's going?"

"Oh yeah?" he teased, forcing me to quieten him down, with a calming hand. "Let's hope so, hey,especially if it's anything like the performance at Christmas..."

I raised my eyebrows but he just smiled back and said simply: "Ask Graham."

Graham? I slumped at the bar disconsolately. She hadn't, had she?

Back in the office I 'bumped' into Graham at the coffee machine. After some chit-chat, I fired the bullet "I hear Eve enjoyed herself at the Christmas party. You think we can expect a repeat?"

"Oh yeah, who's been telling tales?" enquired my stern-faced boss, causing my face to redden and the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention.

I stammered, the words twisting on my tongue as Graham grinned and moved away. "Let's just say she enjoyed herself."

None the wiser, I made a point of 'bumping' into Danny again, on the way back to the station. Blunt and to the point, I needed to know. "So come on then, what did happen between Eve and Graham at Christmas?"

Danny chortled. "Not sure I should tell you this. It might not be good for your health."

My pleas eventually prompted the words: "Well, the story goes that Graham had to leave early. He went to get his coat from the cloakroom, and there was Eve, let's say, getting rather intimate with another member of staff."

Though I didn't really want to hear this, my eyebrows gestured for him continue.

"Yeah, there in the cloakroom was Eve having her pussy licked."

I frowned.

"Yeah, by that Susan Jones from the Reading branch. You know, Suze, the sexy little blonde minx?"

My eyes bulged before a little grin a smug satisfaction settled on my face. So Suze worked at Waterman's too.

That night I enjoyed an evening of self-pleasure, drifting off with thoughts of Eve...and of Suze.

The following day crawled by, punctuated only by a telephone call at 3.30. "Hi Nick," sounded the female voice. "It's Eve."


"Sorry to disturb you. I'm working on the Tech Style account, but there's some stuff in the file I need pretty urgently."

Eager to impress, I offered to sort out a courier the following morning. Eve paused. "I kinda need it more urgently than that, tonight really."

I exhaled, as Eve continued: "Look, I'm virtually on your route home..."

How could I possibly refuse?

My head awash with thoughts and possibilities, the rest of the afternoon passed staring at the screen, mouth agape.

Stood awkwardly at Eve's front door like a student on his first interview, I pressed the bell gingerly. Eve answered with a warm smile, gesturing me inside. Even in casual attire of pink t-shirt, faded jeans and fluffy carpet slippers, her beauty shone through. This, I had a funny feeling, went deeper than mere lust.

I handed over the file.

"Oh, the file," she giggled. "You will stay for a drink, won't you Nick" she added rhetorically, returning a minute later with two nicely chilled bottles of Becks.

As I furtively watched her sip the lager, lips taking the neck of the bottle so damned alluringly, I was forced to cross my legs. As we made small talk about work, each avoided the other's eyes. "Ooh, before you go," Eve smiled, "you can help me."

I looked back inquisitively before she added. "I need a man's opinion. Wait here."

Five minutes later she returned, the jeans and t-shirt substituted for a summery little number, a bohemian-style one-piece, in purple and dark green shades. The material was so light and airy it was virtually transparent. The dangerously plunging neckline seemed to balance on her nipples. The rest clung like skin to her body. Flaring at a pleated waist, the outfit stopped mid thigh. More flesh on show than even a good day in the office, a black thong protected Eve's modesty. Open toed black sandals completed the gypsy look. I was speechless. "Well?"

"Very nice," I responded weakly, though the voice inside was screaming.

"Hmmm, ok," she mouthed, "Don't go anywhere."

Minutes later Eve returned in a fresh outfit, causing my eyes to pop once more. A halter design in ice white stretched like a bandage around her comely breasts, leaving her shoulders and trim lower belly exposed. My eyes were transfixed. The black satin trousers looked uncomfortably tight, a pair of black stilettos completing the look. "So, which one?" she prompted, bottom lip quivering.

A rub of the chin and a grave exhale greeted Eve's question. I took a long swig, rolling the beer over my tongue. "As nice as that is, the first one," I conceded eventually.

A smile warmed her heart-shaped face. "More practical and easier for dancing," she concurred. "Thanks Nick."

Tottering in the heels, Eve leaned forward to kiss my forehead, the halter stretching to accommodate the pendulous movement in her heaving chest. I wanted to reach out and take each spectacular orb in my hands, squeezing gently. Yet in a heartbeat she was gone, the click of heels becoming ever quieter up the stairs.

Five more minutes passed and I glanced at my watch, finishing the last drops of beer.

Another five minutes and I sighed. Really I should be getting off home.

Standing, I called up the stairs – no reply. Repeating her name, tentatively I mounted the bottom stair. Another call of her name, but still no acknowledgement came. Halfway up, I was able to peer across the landing, the bedroom door slightly ajar. "Eve?" I whispered, clambering up, before extending a finger to push the door further open.

"A-ha, honey," sounded Eve's voice from inside

She was on the telephone, stretched horizontally on the bed, facing away. In a state of partial dress, the t-shirt clung to her back, my eyes lowering to her sculptured legs, extended and exposed, and kicking playfully. Looking up past the curves at the back of her knees, over each firm thigh and to her bum, the black thong pressed tightly in the crack of her sexy arse. My breathing at this point was somewhat erratic.

She must have heard for she turned. A hand raised in contrition, I mouthed that it was time I went. Still listening at the phone, she waved her hand back and forth, gesticulating for me to wait.

So I waited.

Finally ending the call, she turned to face me, holding out a slender hand. Her pouty lips broke into a lustful smile. A tug and I fell on my back on the bed, Eve's fingers dancing at my fly, trousers and boxers flung to my knees in one easy tug. "Must be quick," she breathed hoarsely, "Suze is on her way home."

Eve's middle fingernail slid along the bed, stopping to caress my perineum whilst her thumb massaged each ball. My cock began to inflate, quickly reaching a state of semi-erection.

"Mmmmmmm," Eve exhaled, those blowjob-friendly lips reverberating as a finger ran the length of the underside of the rapidly hardening shaft.

I looked down as an alarming amount of precum oozed from the eye. Eve dipped in a finger appreciatively, a dewy string stretching from the head of my penis to her finger. A taste of the salty deposit was followed by the wickedest of expressions. Quite how I didn't shoot my load there and then I'll never know.

My cock stood proudly erect, pointing back at my navel. Eve placed her thumb and forefinger just below the head and drew back the foreskin slowly. A tingle coursed my groin as her fingers came to rest at the base of the base of the shaft. Eve poked out her tongue, running it back and forth between her teeth. Then she climbed onto her knees.

I was able to steal a breath before the pointed tip of her tongue fired hard at the eye. Oh, that felt just incredible, more precum being dispensed. Retracting slightly she licked the eye clean, smacking together her gorgeous lips. Gripping my cock in the webbed area of skin between thumb and forefinger, gently Eve stroked up and down, squeezing out yet another huge dollop of precum. Her free fingers extended to tickle my balls, rolling them gently.

Eve's mouth churned as she gathered saliva on her tongue. Grinning broadly, her head dipped, taking the head once more between her lips, a ready supply of spittle dispersed evenly. I could feel her tongue as it swirled eagerly all over the head, before settling ultimately on the corona, licking the ridged arc. The eager tip ran under beneath the ridge, causing my breath to speed as those brunette curls brushed my thighs and belly. Whilst working the head lovingly with her mouth, Eve's fingers pressed gently at the base, pressing up to meet the downward sucks.

Suddenly I caught her eyes, locked on mine, two big brown buttons full of expression. I smiled and she returned the smile, pleased to learn that she was pleasing me. Tilting her head, she kissed the dancing shaft from top to bottom and up again, head twisting as it reached the throbbing purple helmet. Drawing back the foreskin, her tongue darted over the protruding vein that runs down the middle on top of the shaft.

Pursing her lips, once more Eve's mouth descended upon the spongy dome, taking it deep, lips lowering to wrap around the shaft. Re-positioning her head, she took the whole cock inside, tongue flicking. Her head bobbed, those sweet lips working the foreskin back and forth until I almost passed out from the pleasure.

At that moment I happened to glance up, eyes as wide as ping pong balls. We were not alone. Standing in the doorway was another girl I assumed to be the mysterious lover, Suze. Not at all as I'd envisioned, save for the long blonde hair, she was short and cute, and younger perhaps than the girl at my groin.

My eyes fixed upon Suze as Eve bobbed and down on my cock. It was evident this girl was as caught up in the whole seduction as Eve and I, the knuckles of her right hand imprinted in her panties. Pulling out the hand, immediately a dark spot spread over the crotch area. Suze held a finger to her lips, gesturing at me to keep shush. Smiling wantonly, she slid the finger sensuously between her lips, sucking hard and tasting her own pussy. A look of pure ecstacy framed her face. Showing her dry fingers to me and grinning, Suze pressed them back in the hem of her panties and deep into her cunt, biting her bottom lip.

So caught up in her pleasuring was Eve that she remained blissfully unaware her female lover stood mere yards away, masturbating furiously. Building up a speed, the tip of my cock bounced off the back of her throat as I felt the first stirring of orgasm. Shaft dripping with saliva, I slid in and out so easily I was able to start fucking her face. Eve groaned in muffled appreciation as I gripped hard at her hair, cock slamming deep. "Oh fuck I'm so close," I groaned, Eve's eyes resting wondrously on mine.

In the doorway, Suze discarded the shirt, shaking it free of her shoulders and unveiling her breasts. At least one cup size, possibly two, smaller than Eve's, they were more than compensated for by the most enormous nipples, as large as my thumb ends. Her spare hand elevated to pinch each fully erect teat in turn, face shrouded with lust. As she twisted her fingers, her mouth opened, allowing a little gasp to fall. Yet her secrecy remained, the unmistakeable squelching of pussy barely audible above the slapping of flesh as I fucked Eve's mouth.

"Oh my God," I cried, close to cumming.

"Shoot your load in her face," mouthed Suze, displaying a wicked grin and licking her lips. "Do it."

Eve drew back, my cock popping from her mouth, the head soaked with spittle. It was a calculated move, I imagined, so that she was able to witness the outcome of her handiwork, the hugest, most intense spurt in my life. It was accompanied by a grunt of pleasured as a rope of cum lassoed upon her lips and chin. Kneading the shaft expertly, a second string hit her face hard.

"Dirty boy," mouthed Suze, eliciting a third spurt, landing on the front of Eve's pink t-shirt.

Licking hungrily, she gulped every ounce of cum to the back of her throat, neck constricting. Still swallowing, she plunged her mouth once more on my cock, milking every last drop till the erection finally subsided. Her head in my groin, breath warming my belly, I stroked her curls, watching as Suze backed away. From along the landing echoed Suze's unmistakeable orgasm. I pictured her neat little body quaking, her straw cloured pubes glistening with pussyjuice. In this pair I had stumbled upon every man's dream.

Five minutes passed before Eve raised her head from my lap, smiling dreamily. "You'd better go. Suze is due home any moment."

I returned the smile, nodding before Eve led me to the front door. "Thanks for the, um, file."

My grin spread. "Guess I'll see you at the party."

Eve blew me kiss. "You bet."

I could barely wait.


Watch this space for the climax, and please feel free to offer feedback, comments, and to vote.

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