tagIncest/TabooEvil Bitch

Evil Bitch

byLost Boy©

This one was just for fun. I hope you enjoy. Please vote and comment if you want me to continue with this story. Suggestions are always welcome.


'Creak... creak... creak...' came the soft footfalls upon the basement steps. 'Pat... pat... pat..." whispered the quiet sound of bare feet on the concrete floor outside my bedroom. 'Eee...' the moan of protesting hinges desperately in need of oil. Then came the barely heard footfalls upon my bedroom carpet followed by the whisper of clothing hitting the floor. I knew who it was and why she was in my bedroom. She wanted to torment me yet again. I had been home a little over four weeks and damn near every night or early morning sneaking into my bedroom to tease me with her naked body.

"Are you awake?" Colleen asked softly.

"Yep," I replied.

"You need some wd40 for the door hinges," she said humor heavy in her voice.

"No what I need is a lock on my bedroom door," I told her keeping my eyes closed.

"Why would you want to lock your door?" the coyness in her voice bordering on bitterness.

"Why do you come down here to torment me?" I asked.

"You don't belong here anymore, you are a criminal and why mom and dad let you back in the house is still a mystery to me," there was no hiding the hate now.

"All the charges were dropped and my innocence was proved you evil bitch!" my anger slipped its chain.

"Evil Bitch am I? You don't know what evil is Jonathon." I felt her weight on the bed and the sudden chill as the covers were yanked down. "You must get off on evil bitches cause your COCK is rock fucking hard!"

I felt her grab the shaft and her lips envelope the tip as she began to suck me off. I thought over the options and decided to do nothing. I would let her do whatever she wanted and let the pieces fall where they may.

"I see you aren't complaining with my lips wrapped around your COCK, do you want to cum in my mouth or in my pussy?" she growled the hate screaming from her.

But still I remained silent and Colleen began to bob her head up and down the length of me. Soon her lips were touching the very base of my dick without any signs of gagging. Damn near ten inches down her fucking throat and not a whisper of a gag reflex! I had to admit I was impressed. Now she was deep-throating me for all she was worth and I could hear the slick sounds of her fingers in her pussy as she masturbated. Her mouth, lips and tongue teased me for a good five minutes or more before I felt her lift her head up then her body weight shifted again and I felt what could only be her pussy lips parting around the head of my cock.

"How does your sister's pussy lips feel? Do you want me to drop down and have you fill me up? HUH? Do YOU!" she was almost shouting now but she knew as well as I did our parents couldn't hear her from the second floor.

And drop she did and I managed to fight back the instinct to moan as her pussy completely surrounded my hardness. But she moaned and groaned and began to ride me.

"You LOVE my pussy wrapped around you don't you, you sick FUCK! My tight little pussy moving up and down on you! Feel this?" she asked as she squeezed her pussy even tighter around me. "Feel how tight it is?"

I felt her hands on my chest as she used it for leverage and began to ride me with long deep movements of her hips.

"Come on ram your hips up into me you fucking hypocrite! I'm innocent! I spent a year in jail for nothing! How long has it been since a girl fucked you HUH?"

It took everything I had not to do as she wanted. Her pussy felt so damn good and a grudge fuck beat no fuck at all. She lifted up paused and then dropped down impaling herself with a deep guttural growl.

"I bet you think I love fucking your COCK don't you? I bet you want me to come here every night and suck and fuck you don't you? Well I fucking..." but her rant was cut off as a powerful orgasm ripped through her and she nearly fainted.

I felt her grind her pussy down forcing me as deep as I could go inside of her. I heard her panting as she tried to catch her breath moaning softly to herself.

"Gods I didn't expect to actually come," she whispered low.

"But you did didn't you, you evil bitch!" I told her coolly. "Next thing you'll torture me with is your ass... saying is this how the guys in prison felt..."

"Hmmmm?" I heard her gasp and then fall silent.

"I don't blame you, I'd be afraid too..." I whispered.

"I am NOT afraid of you or your COCK!" she hollered.

I felt her lift her hips and then shift her body weight just a little and just as I taunted her with her tightly puckered asshole was pressing down over the head of my dick. Colleen was making little gasping sounds and slowly but oh so surely her anus opened to the wide head of my cock and inch by inch she moved down until... 'POP' the head slipped in. She was panting again but this time in a different type of exertion. Once she had acclimated to the head inside of her she dropped down letting she shaft follow after. Soon my dick was buried as deep as it could go inside of her ass and to my utter astonishment she was purring. After a full minute Colleen began to lift and drop again but only a little at first.

"So full..." she whispered, "...my ass is so fucking full of cock."

She rode me slowly but I noticed she was lifting higher and higher now taking more of me with each motion. Evil Bitch was soon riding the full length of me panting and moaning as her fingers diddled her pussy and clit.

"Open your eyes and see your filthy COCK deep in my ass brother, does it feel like it did in prison? Is it as tight as the other inmates?" she moaned and shook with pleasure.

"Colleen," I said opening my eyes and taking in the entire scene of her ass impaled on my dick. "I never had sex in prison. I just wanted you to violate yourself like the spiteful bitch you are."

Her expression was priceless as she began to rant and rave and then she tried to lift off of my cock but I gave her what she wanted then I thrust my hips upward impaling her once more. She stopped dead in her tracks as I grabbed her by her hips and began to thrust up into her tight ass again and again.

"UHHHHH..." she moaned. "Stop... NO... not my ass!"

"You wanted me to fuck your pussy is that it?" I asked her as I continued to fuck her.


"You wanted to be in control didn't you?"


"But you didn't expect liking getting ass fucked did you?"


"Do you want me to cum in your ass Colleen?"


"How do we ask politely," saying it just the way our parents would have.

"P... please cum in my ass!!!"

"If I am going to do that you need to get on your hands and knees and beg me to fuck your ass," I gave her my ultimatum.

"O... okay... anything you want," she moaned as she rose up off of me and assumed the position.

"Head down... ass up you evil bitch..."

She spoke no other words she did as she was told and lifted her ass up as high as it could go.

"Now be a good little slut and grab those ass cheeks of yours and pull them apart."

It was her turn to be ridiculed and hurt but without hesitation she grabbed her cheeks and pulled. I knelt behind her and eased my cock back into her ass while I took the toy I had prepared for this very moment and slid the lubed dildo deep into her pussy.

"NNNNNN both my holes are filled..." she groaned.

"Be a good little slut and fuck yourself with the dildo while I pleasure myself with your tight... dirty... hole."

"NNNN NNNN NNNNNN," she moaned as she fucked herself with the toy. "OH MY GOD!" she gasped as I rammed my cock home.

I grabbed her hips and began thrusting in and out of her as hard and fast as I could. I wasn't going to fight my orgasm because before dawn hit she would suck me off and swallow begging the entire time.

"NNNN NNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNN your cock feels so good in my ass...!!!"

"Wait til I cum and spray your insides," I said cupping her tits now and give them a healthy squeeze.

"Do you hate me for torturing you?" she asked as she rammed the toy inside of her over and over again.

"Ask me that when we are done," I told her smiling wickedly.

"Why are you smiling?" she said suddenly sensing something was very wrong.

"Why shouldn't I be smiling? My cock is buried in your once virgin ass. You are using a dildo to fuck your pussy and before we are done you are going to suck my cock and swallow every fucking drop."

"OH AM I?" her voice raised in protest but when I pulled back until only the head remained in her ass and then I thrust as hard and deep as I could her yelp of pleasure was I needed to hear.

"WELL?" I asked.

"Anything... anything you want... fuck me... make me cum and I will suck you dry after you cum in my ass I promise."

"Ok..." I said softly as my dick jackhammered in and out of her.

"NNNNNNNN YESSSSSS I am so fucking close!" she purred.

I thrust into her like a machine and felt her body stiffen even as my cock swelled inside of her ass. Colleen tossed her head up and back and howled as she came all the while I continued to fuck her silly. She had barely recovered when I told her how close I was and she began to thrust her hips backward driving me as deep as I could with each movement of my hips. My fingers dug into her ass cheeks and left cruel marks but she just got all the more excited. I felt the point of no return speed on by and my climax was seconds away. I stopped and let her fuck me with her ass for the last few strokes and then with a howl of my own cum pulsed into her tight asshole until it dribbled onto my covers. I took off my t-shirt and used it to catch the cum as I pulled out of her ass.

"Thirteen fucking months without sex... damn I needed that sis."

"You used me..." she moaned bitterly.

"You used yourself," I said coolly. "It was YOU that came down here every day for nearly a month and got naked in front of my closet mirror. It was YOU that played with your tits and pussy while I watched. It was YOU that crawled into my bed and sucked me off tonight. It was YOU that straddled me and fucked ME with your tight little pussy and ass. It was YOU who immortalized herself for the camera over and over again."

I gave her a few seconds to let the last bit settle in before continuing.

"I have hours and hours of your performances for posterity. Smile at the birdie evil bitch." I said pointing to the teddy bear above the head of my bed.

"You recorded me?" the hate blazing now.

"Yep... from three angles just to get all the action," I told her.

"WHAT?" she roared.

"Teddy Bear, Smoke Alarm and behind the two way mirror you so enjoy dancing in front of."

"I will..." she began but I cut her off.

"...do nothing or else mom and dad find out what YOU have been doing."

I watched her expression turn from rage to utter fear.

"Yes their good little girl... no more... their dirty little cock sucking, ass fucking slut."

"What do you want," the fight was out of her, she knew she had lost.

"You do what I want when I want..."


"For as long as I feel like taking advantage of you. This isn't a negotiation this is a simple command and demand of your obedience."

The color drained from her face and I thought she might puke but she managed to keep her composure.

"Now there are to be rules around the house and you will follow them or else," I told her.

"What sort of rules?"

"You will never wear underwear ever again, period. You will never wear a bra ever again. You will always wear clothing that makes your pussy and ass accessible to my whims at all times. You will perform whatever sexual act no matter how depraved no matter where I ask you to perform it. Understood?"

"I am your slave in other words?"

"Yes and since you brought it up you will address me as Master whenever we are alone."

"Yes... Master," she said the bitterness and anguish filling each word.

"Now be a good little slave and get over here and suck me off."

"Yes Master," she whispered.

I lay down and watched as she slowly crawled over and lowered her head to my cock. She licked the tip tentatively before taking the head into her mouth.

"Show a little more enthusiasm slave after all you practically adored it earlier."

Colleen lowered her head and took half of me into her mouth/throat as her other hand began to stroke the shaft getting me nice and hard. I moaned now enjoying her predicament thoroughly as she gave me head.

"If you are a good little slut I will give you a surprise later on after I cum."

Her head moved up and down faster now and her tongue slithered over my sensitive flesh as her other hand squeezed and stroked me with greater pleasure. As her lips slowly moved further and further down the length of me I moaned and groaned louder still.

"What a great little cock sucker you are sis. I wonder who taught you how to give head so well? I mean sweetie you have like no gag reflex and that is just a great talent to have."

Now her head was bobbing up and down deep-throating me with each downward movement of her head. I was tempted to grab her by either side of the head and fuck her throat but decided to save that for another time.

"I heard a rumor Colleen that dad was going to buy you tits for your nineteenth birthday, squeeze my dick if it's true."

She gave that shaft a little squeeze but continued to let the entire length slide down her throat.

"So how big were you going to go? Moan when I get it right won't you dear. I am guessing you are a large B Cup or a small C." Moan. "Okay... so if I were you I'd want say a large C?" Nothing. "Oh ho you want a full D Cup?" Moan. "Well those would be impressive but guess what you are going to tell daddy you want? Yes that's right DD titties! I want to be able to bury my cock between your new tits with ease. Got it?" Moan... sob. "Oh don't be sad think of all the guys who will be ogling you at the mall when we go shopping together. Just imagine my dick sliding between them when you suck me off. Think of how gorgeous they'll look with my cum painting them well them and your face."

I felt that tickle from my toes telling me I was getting close to climaxing. My cock swelled in her throat and she doubled her efforts to pleasure me now. Her head was bobbing over the first half while her fist stroked and squeezed the lower part. I began to pant and moan as my pleasure grew and grew and soon with a gasp and a cry she was swallowing my second huge load of cum tonight. The greedy little slut swallowed every last drop like I had told her to. Colleen fell on top of me pressing her tits against my chest and moaning like a bitch in heat. I could feel her soaked pussy against my leg and knew she was going to enjoy our new relationship as much as I.

I picked up a remote control and pressed one of the buttons and waited until I heard the distinct 'click' before snuggling her.

"Are you ready for my surprise," I asked.

"Yes," she purred.

I turned on my wide screen television and then pressed another button on the remote and there in all her naked glory was my sister as she dropped her robe. It showed her cupping her breasts as she spoke to me. Then it all played itself out showing as she crawled onto the bed displaying her cock sucking skills from all three angles now.

"I don't know which angle I like better, the rear view of your fine ass and soaked pussy; or maybe the top view of your head bobbing up and down or the front view with that hungry expression as you gobble up my cock?"

I turned and saw her watching herself on the TV and the voyeuristic pleasure she was receiving.

"Is that what my ass looks like?" she whispered.

"Wait until you start riding my cock and ask that question then," I said.

It wasn't long to wait before she was straddling me and I heard her moan as my cock slid deep inside of her.

"I remember how good that felt," she was playing with her pussy now.

"Like the views slave?" I asked as I handed her the dildo.

"NNNNNN yes I do," she moaned as the dildo slipped between her pussy lips and was soon buried deep inside of her.

"So what size tits are you going to ask for?"

"DD Master just like you want," she said her gaze fixed on the TV and the toy moving faster now.

"Get on your hands and knees facing the TV slave," I moan her masturbating getting me rock hard again.

"YES Master!" she said with glee as she assumed the position.

I knelt behind her and took the toy and began to fuck her pussy with it. Her hips were rocking as she watched herself get on her hands and knees and take it up the ass. I mirrored the motion and eased once more into her very tight hole.

"OH Master.... Your cock is in my ass again!!! Are you going to fill my ass with cum again?"

"Maybe... or I might paint your face with it this time."

"OH goody!! NNNNNNNN oh gods yes fuck my ass Master!"

Once I was buried deep between her cheeks I slowly thrust into her savoring the feel of her around me. Despite my threat I wasn't sure I was going to go through with it after all she was my sister, evil bitch or no. Soon she was thrusting her hips back driving me as deep into her butt as possible. Colleen seemed okay with our arrangement for now. I watched my electronic twin fuck her brains out and saw the pure delight Colleen was experiencing watching herself on the TV. I thrust meeting her movements perfectly and the wonderful jarring sensation was pushing me towards my next climax fast, well that and the sheer tightness of her ass.

"Fuck me Master! Ram that fat cock of yours into me... please!!"

I grabbed her as I did before my nails dug into her flesh and I pounded her ass hard and fast. I was grunting louder and louder as Colleen begged for my cock and our bodies made that sweet slapping sound now as I neared completion. I yanked my dick free of her and she rolled onto her back as I stroked the shaft and with a holler sprayed her tits and face with cum. Colleen's eyes were closed as she recuperated and it was the most subtle noise behind me that caused me to turn and see Carol, Colleen's twin sister standing mouth agape in the doorway. I started to explain when she shook her head and smiled at me then turned and headed back upstairs but not before lifting up the bottom of her nightshirt revealing her soaked pussy. This just got real complicated!

I stood in my makeshift shower located outside my bedroom cleaning off the funk and sex smell from the night before. The shower had a drain and of course the plumbing but as for walls it had a jimmy rigged curtain system that barely kept the water off the basement floor. I didn't hear her come down the stairs, or approach the shower but I sure as hell felt the cold ass breeze when the curtain opened and she slipped her naked body behind mine. She pressed her tits against my back as her hands moved around to grip my quickly hardening flesh.

"Aren't you worn out from last night?" I asked as she began to stroke the shaft.

Her reply was to spin me around and kiss me fiercely. Soon her tongue was invading my mouth and my hands were roaming over her body, cupping her tits and then her ass cheeks. The nimble little minx lifted one of her legs over my shoulder allowing me a proper angle to slide my cock into her drenched pussy which swallowed every last inch. I thrust into her slowly concerned I would knock her anchoring leg out from underneath her. Colleen was moaning into my mouth as I drove into her as deep and fast as I dared. It seemed like no time and her pussy was gripping me like a fucking vice as she came for the first time in the shower. Now she dropped her foot and pulled back and spun to face away from me before bending over and grabbing her ankles giving me easy access to either her pussy or ass. I rammed my cock back into her pussy concerned her ass might not be up to it after the pounding it had gotten the night before. The wet slapping sound was louder than I wanted since mom could be just upstairs fixing lunch. I slowed down the pace but picked up the force with which I rammed my cock into her. I could hear her soft moans as she also was trying to keep quiet. I could feel her pussy begin to spasm again as she squirmed beneath me as I took my pleasure from her. Once recovered she moved enough so that she could pull me out of her pussy and guide the head of my cock to her ass. I slid in with some effort but the dirty little slut had taken a toy and already stretched her ass out in preparation for this. I grabbed her hips and moaned to her that I was going to fill her ass again and she groaned in response. I thrust into her ass hard and fast not caring if mom heard or not at this point. Damn it was tighter than last night it seemed like. Colleen was rocking back now driving me as deep as possible with each thrust of our bodies. I began moaning uncontrollably as my cock swelled and she knew I was seconds away from coming. She was begging me to fill her ass with her strong backward motions and I knew I was hooked now. As I pulled back for the last time and rammed my cock home and felt my orgasm crash over me and the delicious spurting sensation of my cum painting her insides the shower curtains opened and there stood Carol all smiles... or was it? I glanced down and noticed for the first time the crescent shaped birthmark on my partners back and with great surprise realized that I had my cock buried in Carol's ass not Colleen's.

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