tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEvil Secretary Ch. 01

Evil Secretary Ch. 01


I'm sure some of you have seen the films of the devoted secretary, the girl who turns up out of nowhere, and goes to any lengths to get her man and his money. She plots and schemes, and will bring down anyone to get what she believes is hers to take. Even if her boss is married with kids, it is just another obstacle that she must remove to get her man. After all, he is rich and successful, so why shouldn't he have a younger, sexier, and prettier woman on his arm? A woman that understands his needs, more than any wife would ever do. It is just a matter of being there for him. He will eventually realise he loves his secretary, she will see to that.


My name is Amy, I'm 28, 5'8" tall, with grey/blue eyes, and long brunette hair that I put up for work. I have a pretty face, and I have C-cup breasts and a slim figure. That is all you need to know about me. Where I come from and what I've done doesn't concern you.

So this is my story.

I did some background work on my new boss. He didn't know that he was going to be my new boss, but in 5 weeks I knew more about him than he probably did. He is smart, handsome, and very successful, the best by far of my 5 choices. Yes he will be my ideal husband, he doesn't know it yet, but he will.

I spent a few weeks following his wife, and in that time I found out enough about her to, well, know I could take her place. She would be easy to brush aside, leaving me to move in for my prize.

I was sat in the office watching his secretary; she was efficient, smart, and ready to retire. The four girls, my rivals for the position, didn't concern me, apart from one. She was around my age, and looked more than suitable. I was in luck though. I was due in for the interview before her. I went in and waited to be asked to sit down.

He looked even better up close. He had short brown hair, greying at the temples, and he was slim due to his workouts at the health club. When he stood up and smiled, I grinned back. We shook hands, and he asked me to sit down. He read my file and I took the time to quickly scan round his office. I smiled to myself. All my hard work had been successful.

The interview went well, and he seemed happy with me. My heart lifted as he told me I was the best one for the job so far. I then had a chance to ask him a few questions. I kept them short and sweet. As I stood up I asked about his football pictures. I had spent a few days finding out everything I could about football, and in particular his favourite team. He was impressed with my knowledge, but I didn't over do it. I just let it slip that my father used to take me to see Arsenal when I was a little girl. I rattled off a few names of the players my boss was pictured with. The picture was signed by the players, and he had several more around his office.

"Mr Silver, thank you for seeing me, and I'm sure if given the chance I would like working for you," I said with a smile.

We shook hands again, and he held on perhaps a little longer than he should.

"Would you like me to send the next girl in?"

He smiled a little surprised.

"Yes, please Amy. I should let you know one way or the other this afternoon."

We smiled at each other again. I was quite confident I would get the job, but it wouldn't hurt to blow the opposition away. I watched his secretary go in as I came out. I looked at the last girl and shook my head slightly. She gave me a querying look as she stood up. The tear had trickled down my cheek.

"He groped me, he squeezed my ass," I whispered.

Her mouth dropped open, and she looked back at his door.

"The first thing he asked me was if I was married or had a boyfriend. When we shook hands he, he didn't let go when he should, and he looked straight at my breasts."

"That's terrible," she whispered.

"Yes, I see you are married, but I don't think that would stop him though," I mumbled, as another tear trailed down my cheek.

"God, you ought to report him."

I stopped her advance to the door with my hand, and shook my head.

"Would you mind taking me out of here?"

I watched her look anxiously at the door. She sighed and nodded. We were out of the office before Mr Silver's secretary came back out. Claire and I walked into the street. She kept going on about how I should report him. Until I convinced her it would be his word against mine. I declined the coffee she offered to buy me, and I threw her phone number in a nearby bin as she walked away.

Well I got the job, and for the first few weeks I worked with his secretary before she retired. With her out of the way I could put my plan into operation. I was super efficient, coffee and his mail on his desk at 8.50, a list of calls he had to make, and a smile and a 'god morning' when he came in.

After just two weeks into the job I grinned at hearing him hoot with joy. I carried on typing as he came back out to my office.

"Amy, did you get these?"

"Yes sir, I hope you can use them?"

"But how, I mean these are like gold dust. How did you get tickets for the cup semi final?"

"A friend gave them to me. I thought you would like to take your wife and your sons."

"Kath has never been to a football match in her life," he said with a chuckle.

I smiled at my computer screen.

"Freddie and Joe would love it. I might ask my brother Dylan to go as well."

My smile dropped a little, Harris Silver was supposed to ask me!

"I'll pay you for the tickets. God I don't believe it," he said, tapping the tickets in the palm of his hand.

I snapped my pencil as his office door closed. My boss was still chuckling with delight.

OK, I have had set backs before in my life. This was just a minor one.

I think I watched 5 minutes of the football on the telly. I just couldn't get into a bunch of grown men chasing a ball round a field. Still, I forced myself to watch the highlights later on.

The following week she walked in, his wife I mean. She had been pretty, a few years ago, I could see that. But I could tell by the look in her eye she didn't expect to see a young secretary with a tight top sat in front of her husband's office. I smiled at her and took my glasses off.

"Mrs Silver, I'm Amy, your husband's secretary," I said standing up.

She took my offered hand, eventually. I kept grinning at her, noting how she seemed a little uneasy. She was trying to appear confident but she just couldn't manage it. She had a haggard face that seemed to be in a constant worried expression. Her hair looked messy and her clothes might have fitted her 15 pounds ago!

"Hello," she mumbled.

I kept smiling as she walked to her husband's door. She looked back at me glimpsing at my slim figure. As she went into his office I snapped another pencil, wishing I could stab it in her fat ass!

"Amy, I'm taking my wife to lunch," he said, as they came back through the door 20 minutes later.

"Oh, shall I reschedule your lunch with Mr Ashford?" I asked.

"Jesus, I forgot about that. Kath we'll have to do this some other time."

I watched her face drop.

"Maybe I'll make an appointment with your secretary," she hissed.

I watched her storm off. Her wide hips rolled from side to side. She couldn't even walk in a confident manner. Yes, she would be easy.

"I'll send her some flowers sir," I said.

He nodded looking a little embarrassed, as his disgruntled wife barged past another employee.

I went and picked the flowers myself. The girl in the flower shop kept trying to tell me they were going to be thrown away. But I insisted I wanted the bunch that seemed to have wilted the most. I sent them by our own courier, after I had trapped them in the lift door!

"So, do you want to go for a drink then?"

I looked at John. He was nice, not my sort of guy, but maybe I could use him in my over all plan at some stage.

"As long as you shut up about the state of the flowers, and just deliver them, and they were delivered here by the shop if anyone asks."

He smiled and nodded.

So there we were Friday night having a drink in a crowded pub. I kept telling myself that when I married Mr Silver, I wouldn't be seen dead in a place like this.

"You don't talk very much do you? I mean, about you."

"So tell me, has Harris got a thing for Mandy?" I asked, ignoring his question.

"Yeah, well if the office gossip is to be believed."

I smiled to myself. Mandy had a thing for my man. But like his wife Mandy had seen better days. She was good at her job, and I could tell she didn't like me. Still I could soon fuck her over with some careful thought.

"So where do you come from then?" John the courier asked.

"John, do you want to fuck me, or ask me stupid questions about my favourite animal?"

OK I shocked him, but I didn't need him asking so many bloody questions. I tipped the last of the awful wine down my throat, grabbed his hand, and then tugged him out of the pub.

He pulled me back a little as I marched down the road.

"Hey, I live here," he said.

I looked at the house 4 doors away from the pub.

"Well that's convenient," I mumbled.

"Why, because it's so close to the pub?" he asked with a grin.

"No, because I need fucking, now," I hissed.

He lived in a ground floor flat, just what you would expect from a long haired guy in his early twenties. He even had posters on the wall of half naked women draped over motorbikes. When he came back from the kitchen with two mugs of red wine I just couldn't believe it. I just stood there and pulled my dress over my head.

"Jesus! You don't wear knickers, or, or a bra, and you shave?"

"Well worked out, Sherlock."

I grabbed his long black hair and pushed him to the carpet. He managed to get the mugs down to the floor without spilling too much. I pulled his face between my legs and he groaned.

"Fuck Amy, do you have to be so rough?" he mumbled into my wet pussy.

My fingers tangled into his hair. Soon it would be Harris Silver doing this to me, on our wedding night, or before I hoped. Of course he would be treated with more respect. Anyway I'm sure he would be loving and gentle, and we would take our time. But right now I needed to get off. John was useful to me, maybe in more ways than one!

"Go on fucking lick me. Get your tongue in me further damn it!"

He gave a little complaining groan as I pulled him deeper.

"I can hardily breathe," he mumbled into my pussy.

"You don't need to, just bloody lick," I hissed.

His tongue licked deeper as I let him have some air. I suppose I was being a little forceful. I calmed down a little, as his tongue was doing the trick now. I moaned and spread my left leg a little further. I looked up to the badly painted ceiling. I closed my eyes as Harris came into my head.

"I love you," I mumbled, thinking of Harris putting the wedding ring on my finger.

"What did you say?" John asked, sounding rather shocked.

"I said I'd love you to lick my clit," I groaned.

His mouth moved up and I felt a finger slip in my wet pussy. He had finally got into some sort of rhythm. I started bending my knee the same time he pushed in with his finger. I lowered myself down and then pushed back up. He was getting better now. I could feel a wave deep in my body start to build. I started groaning and cursing. I panted heavier and gripped his hair again. My stomach muscles started to quiver, and I could feel my pussy running all over his probing digit.

"Oh fucking hell, fucking hell!" I screamed.

I pushed him further into my soaked pussy, until I doubled forward as my orgasm rippled away. I just clung to him until it finally stopped. When I unscrewed my eyes he was looking up at me. He looked worried and a little lost.

"What? What's the matter?"

I looked down and saw his spunk on his belly. I pushed him back away from me. My shaking legs took me over to my dress. I slipped it over my head and covered my body.

"I've never had sex like that before. You were so forceful, I just couldn't stop myself," he said with a gulp.

He wiped the back of his trembling hand across his mouth.

"Keep your mouth shut about this, it never happened. Have you got that?" I said, looking deep into his eyes.

"Can I see you again though?" he mumbled a little pathetically.

"No, not unless I want it at sometime in the future, besides, I don't think Vicky would like it," I said, picking up an envelope addressed to Miss Victoria Davis.

"She's away, at her mother's," he said, looking even more embarrassed.

"Then this never happened. If you tell anyone I'll have you sacked. I'll have your balls stuffed and mounted on a spike for Vicky, got that?"

He nodded, looking rather guilty. I let my uncompromising expression drop to a sly smile.

So I never got my fuck, even so I felt quietly satisfied.

It was raining that light misty rain when I went out of John's place into the night. It didn't dampen my spirit though. I just wondered what Kath thought of her wilting flowers. As I said I wasn't worried about his wife. Even after meeting her, I knew enough about her to pull the rug from under her feet. I sat grinning to myself as the taxi stopped outside Harris's house. Yes I would love living there with my husband. I tapped the taxi driver on the shoulder. As we pulled away I looked out of the back window. One day I would have the control for those iron gates in my car!

"Good morning Mr Silver," I said, with a bright smile at my boss.

He nodded, but he looked a little preoccupied.

"Those flowers that you sent to my wife, they weren't very fresh."

"Oh, next time I'll use a different florist. I should have gone and picked them myself."

"Well, don't worry, it's not your fault," he mumbled.

He went in to his office. He would find his mail and coffee waiting for him as usual. I picked up my note pad and pen, and had a little smile to myself, imagining his wife throwing a fit about the state of the flowers.

My wonderful boss had to fly to Aberdeen on business the next day. I went round with a bunch of flowers to see his wife while he was gone. I smiled brightly as she opened the door. 11 am and she was still in her dressing gown. She looked quite stunned for a few seconds, just long enough for me to get inside my new home, well soon it would be. I apologised for the state of the last bunch of flowers. I followed her into the kitchen. I could tell she wanted to ask me what I was doing here, but just for the moment she held back.

"This is a very nice house," I said, running my eyes over things that I would want to change.

She asked me if I wanted a coffee, only because she thought she had to. I wittered on about how lucky I was to be working for her husband. I mentioned several times that he was a very good boss, and how lucky she was to be married to him. I could see tears in her eyes. I allowed myself a little smile.

"Are you all right, Mrs Silver?"

"You don't understand what it's like being married to him. He is rich, successful, confident, and always going on about his bloody business."

She straightened up after a few seconds.

"Get out, I shouldn't be talking to you like this," she mumbled, as a tear fell.

"Mrs Silver, I want to help you in any way I can. If you are troubled by something then maybe I can help. Please, I want us to be friends."

I was stood behind her now rubbing her shoulders. It was then she let the tears go, and started sobbing.

"Look why don't you get dressed and we'll go to a pub for lunch? I really want to help you, you can trust me," I said, smirking down at the top of her head, "you are lonely aren't you?"

"I can't, um, Harris doesn't like me going out on my own," she mumbled.

"Oh well some other time then. By the way, do you like vodka? I bought this bottle for a friend of mine, but I remember now she prefers the other brand."

"No I really shouldn't, Harris doesn't like having alcohol in the house."

I had already unscrewed the top watching her closely at the same time. The poor fat cow couldn't keep from licking her lips.

"Well, maybe just one," she mumbled, staring at the vodka trickling into the glass.

Her fingers were shaking slightly as she gripped the glass. She took a small sip. I knew she wanted to throw it down her neck and grab the bottle.

"Your husband is so good to me. He's always complimentary about my work. He is friendly too. He always says I look nice. Still, I bet he says that to you all the time. Doesn't he Mrs Silver?"

She nodded. But I could tell by the look in her eyes she was hiding the truth. Still the glass was her main concern now. She took a bigger sip, which stopped, and then turned into a gulp.

"Anyway I had better go, I don't like leaving the office for any longer than necessary, and with Mandy away as well I should be there."

I looked at her shocked face when I mentioned Mandy being away.

"You do know she has gone to Aberdeen with him, don't you? Although I'm not sure why, it is not like she has much to do."

I watched her fingers tremble as she ran them through her hair. The Vodka slipped down her throat with ease this time. She stared into space for a moment.

"Do you think I'm attractive, Amy?" she asked faintly, as she stared into space.

I smiled at her, but I didn't give her an answer, I just topped up her drink. My grin got wider as she took the glass.

"Well, promise you won't be cross? But you certainly made an impact on that young courier."

She smoothed down her hair and a little far away smile ran over her lips.

"I had better go, I have a busy afternoon."

"Wait, um, do you have to go so soon? I mean with the boys away I get, well, lonely."

"Maybe you should ask Mr Silver to take you on one of his trips, it would be good for you both," I said.

"Huh, he wouldn't dare take me to meet his clients, I'd only let him down again."

She looked at me like she had said too much already. Her face dropped as I screwed the top back on the bottle. I slipped it in my bag and she went to say something but stopped herself. She looked down at the glass as I walked to the door.

"Amy, if you don't want the vodka? Um, I mean I'll pay you for it."

I dropped my smug grin before I turned back to her. She couldn't even be bothered to hide her exposed tit, as she fumbled desperately through her handbag looking for money. I watched the panic spread across her face.

"Look don't bother paying me, we are friends, aren't we?" I said with a smile.

I took the bottle out of my bag and held it just out of her reach.

"Mrs Silver, I want us to be friends. Look why don't you come to the office next week for the celebration of the Richards contract?"

"I don't think my darling husband would like that. Maybe I should have married his brother, at least he...."

Again she must have thought she was telling me too much. I moved closer to her and her hand gripped the bottle with quite some force.

"Yes, I do think you are attractive, Kathy, and so does John the courier," I said softly with a smile.

"Does he? I mean I'm old enough to be his mother," she said, swallowing hard.

"Maybe I'll call again, I could bring him round as well."

She grinned again looking a little distant, but stopped herself slowly shaking her head dismissing my suggestion.

"How was Aberdeen, Mr Silver?"

"Fine Amy, thank you, but I'm still not sure we'll get the contract. Ashford is coming down soon. He'll make his final choice then."

"It's a shame Mandy couldn't make it."

"Yes, still tummy bugs seem to be going round at the moment."

I smiled as he went into his office. There was no way I was letting some bitch snuggle up to my man!

"My brother is coming into work tomorrow, book lunch for us."

"You look troubled is anything wrong?"

He rubbed the palm of his hand over the back of his neck, and then shook his head.

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