tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEvil Secretary Ch. 02

Evil Secretary Ch. 02


The following day I toured past what was going to be my house. There he was getting out of the car. Dylan Silver had a bottle in his hand. I grabbed my camera and waited as he rang the doorbell. A few moments later Kath opened the door. I snapped away as she smiled at him, still in her dressing gown. It gaped open as she moved aside. I got a great shot of her in stockings and suspenders, as she slipped her arm through her brother in laws, smiled, and then kissed him as they went into the house. I developed the pictures in my spare room that I had converted into a darkroom. I suppose if I couldn't have Harris and his money, at least I could have his brother's money!

Now I haven't got pictures of Harris in my wardrobe glued to the back wall. I'm not that sick. No, I've got them in photo albums, well 3 actually. I flicked through the photos. My favourite was one of me on Harris's arm on our wedding day. OK it wasn't Harris on my arm, just a guy at the studio where I used to work. But it was me in a wedding dress, with Harris's photo superimposed on the guy's head. I shut the album and got out my black book. Thomas Francis Haig was the next most suitable, he wasn't as sexy or as good looking as Harris, but he was the easiest of the remaining men I had picked. Still he wasn't Harris. Harris was my first choice, I wanted him!

Two days later I put several of the photos into envelopes. Soon Dylan and Mrs Silver would be ringing each other. Of course it had occurred to me that I could show Harris the photos, but I didn't want to see him hurt. I picked up his spare tie that I had taken from his desk drawer when he was out at a meeting. I pulled the silk through my fingers and spread my legs. Slowly I pulled the tie into my pussy lips. I just wished it was still round his neck!

I jumped as the doorbell sounded and quickly pulled my skirt back on. I stood staring at a bunch of flowers, hiding the face of the delivery guy. They slowly dropped and there stood John the courier.

"Oh it's you," I mumbled, taking the flowers from him.

I threw them on the telephone table.

"Can I come in?"

I wanted to send him away, but stopped myself. I moved aside.

"I miss you Amy," he mumbled.

"What about Vicky?" I snapped.

He looked a little guilty. I put the kettle on and felt his hands around my waist. He started kissing the back of my neck. His hands travelled up under my loose blouse and he cupped my naked breasts.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked emotionless.

He mumbled in my ear, as I reached behind me and groped his stiffening cock. I turned and shoved my tongue deep in his mouth. He winced in surprise as I pulled his shirt out of his trousers. My nails dragged through his skin and a small trail of blood appeared on his chest.

"Christ Amy, if Vicky sees that she'll...."

I shoved my tongue in his mouth to shut him up. I pulled away after a few minutes and we both panted hard.

"Isn't it worth the risk to get at my body?" I snarled.

I pushed him back on the kitchen table hearing the fruit bowl crash to the floor. I opened his trousers and climbed up on the kitchen table straddling him.

"Don't you want to go to the bedroom?" he panted.

"John, don't be such a prick," I hissed down on him.

I fed his cock up under my skirt and into my pussy.

"Oh Jesus, you are so fucking horny," he gasped.

I started riding him hard. Fuck Harris Silver, he could be having this, but no, it was some silly motorbike courier who meant nothing to me. Still he had a hard cock, and he was willing.

"Am I better than, Victoria?" I growled, looking deep into his eyes.

"Don't talk about her," he groaned.

I smiled down on him, and then I slapped his face.

"That was for Vicky."

Before he could react I pinned his arms to the table and forced my mouth on his. He started struggling but I just bounced up and down harder. Anyway, why was he struggling and bucking into my pussy at the same time?

"Do you want me to stop? Come on, I'm a better shag than her, I've got to be. Look at me damn it!"

He opened his eyes and looked up at me. I rolled my hips back and forth feeling his cock on every wall of my pussy.

"Tell me, fuck you, am I better than her?"

He nodded and I grinned at him.

"That is all I wanted," I purred.

My orgasm throbbed and so did my fanny. I started milking him with my pussy.

"Don't worry sweetheart it's a pussy not a pair of shears," I said with grin.

He half smiled but he didn't look too convinced. He soon started a strangled little cry. He couldn't hold on and I purposely bounced down harder. The kitchen table was almost jumping round the room. John was panting and gasping, and sweat from my forehead was trickling in my eyes.

"Go on John, that's it, just let it all shoot out."

His mobile went off in his jacket pocket. I managed to reach it. I looked at the display.

"You better answer it, it's Vicky."

The terror spread across his face as I started milking him again. He was still spurting into me and trying to grab the phone from my hand. I held it to my ear and pressed the green talk button. John was shaking his head frantically. I heard her, his girlfriend. I smiled down and opened my mouth. I then closed my mouth as his frantic head shaking increased. I handed him the phone as Vicky started calling his name again. I got off him and he quickly sat up.

"High sweetheart....no...I've been running," he panted.

I watched him dress and try to hold a conversation with his silly little girlfriend. Men just can't multi-task. I pulled the phone out of his hand and plunged my mouth on his. I forced my tongue into his mouth, as I held the phone back behind me over my head. There she was still fucking talking, as I forced her boyfriend onto a kiss he was desperately trying to end! When he did finally get me off of him I slapped his face, and then I threw the phone at him.

"No....sorry, I lost the signal," he panted.

So there he was still talking to her as he rushed to my door. I followed close behind him and slammed the door hard as soon as he went through it!

"Fuck you, and your flowers!" I yelled at the door.

I looked down at the bunch of flowers and put them in the bin.

That night I sat with a microwave dinner on my lap. It was as bland and as boring as my life. I smiled at the belt that lay on the floor as the doorbell rang. So here he is coming to get his belt, and probably with a fresh hard on!

"Amy, didn't you get my message in the flowers I sent to you? I need you, please come back to work, the temp is useless and well, I'll give you a pay rise."

I suppose I didn't hear too much of what Harris said. It was just such a shock to see him on my door step. I hoped I didn't look too much of a mess.

"The flowers, you sent me the flowers?" I mumbled.

"Yes with the note. Look I know you walked out and what I said was very, unfair, accusing you of, with my brother. Can I come in its hammering down?"

He followed me into the kitchen.

"Oh, I guess that is my answer."

I looked at what he was staring at, the stems of the flowers sticking out of the bin!

"Um, I, I thought they were from someone else, um this guy, a stalker. I thought he sent them."

"Jesus, have you told the police?" he asked shocked.

I could see the hole I was digging getting bigger.

"Yes, um, they phoned they got him, and they have warned him off."

"But you thought he sent those flowers?"

"No tonight, they caught him tonight. He said he won't do it again. He's sorry so I'm not pressing charges."

He looked at the flower stems again. I watched him go to the bin and he pulled them out. I handed him a towel in exchange for the flowers. I took the note and read it. What annoyed me now was having sex with that stupid boy! Would Harris ever forgive me if he found out? I read the note as Harris dried his hair. He was begging me to reconsider my decision. Oh I wish he was begging me to marry him!

"Like I said the temp got in a right mess. She managed to undo all your hard work and lose half the stuff from your computer. Amy, I'm desperate for you, to come back I mean, you'll get a pay rise. Will you?"

I smiled at him. God, I wanted to rip his wet clothes off and show him how desperate I was!

"I could come in now, for a few hours if you want?"

"God no, it's nearly 7.30. I'll see you in the morning."

My smile dropped with shock as he came forward and hugged me. I let my fingers spread over his wet rain coat. Just being able to touch his back sent shivers down my spine. I purposely moved my cheek nearer to his as we parted, they just brushed lightly together. He gave me a little shy grin. God he could have bedded me right there and then. I smiled into his eyes, my boss, my future husband!

"Look, Kathy and I are having, well problems again, she threatened me with divorce. I don't know what has gotten into her. I think she might be drinking again. I need someone I can trust while I'm sorting things out between my wife and me. I need you."

I pulled his head back over my shoulder. I could smell the faint whiff of his aftershave.

"Mr Silver, you can depend on me, I won't let you down."

He gave me a little embarrassed nod as he backed away. I stood at the door watching my future husband go back out into the rain. I could have had him I knew that. But that would come later, when that ungrateful, fat, cheating, drunken wife of his was on her way That night I put his picture back on my bedside cabinet. I put his tie between my legs and sniffed the aftershave on the pillow next to me. The little tube that I had squirted his aftershave into was now empty. Tomorrow I would go back into his bathroom at the office and refill it. We were back on, and my plans would not fail this time, or someone would have to pay!

I felt a warm sense of pride as I sat behind my desk again. I picked up a photo that the temp had left. There she was smiling into the camera with her hands draped over her husband or boyfriend's neck.

"Cute, very cute," I said, and then I gave a contented sigh as I dropped the photo into the bin.

I stood in front of my boss with pen poised. He seemed distant this morning, obviously thinking of that lazy bitch in my house.

"Get out," someone snapped behind me.

An arm grabbed mine, and before I knew it Mandy had pushed me out of the door. I stood and listened on the other side.

"Look this is our chance, just let her go through with the divorce, we can be together then. Harris, say something!"

"We were finished 2 years ago, Christ, it was over before it began," Harris snarled in a low voice.

"Well, it didn't stop you fucking well coming back, did it?"

"I'll lose everything, half the money and the company will suffer. I can't let people here down," he protested.

"Darling, when we are together you'll want for nothing. I've always loved you. I can't stand to see you throwing your life away on her."

Her voice had softened a little. The long silence started me worrying, what the hell was she doing in there with my man!

"Get out Mandy," he hissed.

She stormed past me and into her office. I sat there smiling and thinking, just another obstacle to remove. That afternoon I had a few errands to run. I ended up at my new house. I suppose it would be a bit cheeky, to measure up for new curtains in front of the soon to be gone Mrs Silver. I sat and listened as she poured her heart out over a bottle of gin that she had hidden away. I soon learned that she was entitled to half of everything if she caught him fooling around, but considerably less if she was the adulterer. I tried to stop grinning in front of her, as her head sunk lower to the table.

"They had an affair didn't they, Mr Silver and Mandy?"

"Yeah, and it will all come out. Not only that, but my solicitor said I could throw in the drink problem. It's all down to him, and her," she spat.

"Look, I've got a little something lined up for you, something to cheer you up," I said, as I poured her another large gin.

I went into the hall as she swigged her drink.

"Come in, and bring my camera," I said, into my mobile phone.

"Fuck is she really that pissed?" John asked, standing at the door.

"Just get in there and fuck her, she is drunk and lonely, even you can't fuck this up."

He looked at me a little disgusted.

"Maybe I should go and see Vicky? Now I promise not to get your face in any of the shots. Just make sure you get her in the lounge, so I can get the pictures from behind that big bush outside."

He nodded, but still looked a little reluctant.

"Kath, I have someone here to see you."

It was pitiful watching her smooth her hair down. I walked over to her and bent close to her ear.

"This is between us Kath. You said your husband hasn't touched you in months. I suppose he has Mandy to play with. Cheat on him, and take him for every penny you can."

Whether she heard much of what I said I don't really know. She couldn't keep her eyes off John. She stood up and staggered towards him. Her arms went round his neck and she started to kiss him. John looked at me with surprised eyes. I indicated he should respond, and not just stand there like a fucking prick!

"Get out," Kath slurred drunkenly, obviously annoyed with me for still being there.

From behind the bush I fired off a couple of shots of her exposed tits. John had got her into the lounge and was on top of her now. She clung to him like a lioness on a zebra! I think he was just willing to get it over with. His ass was pounding her onto the couch. She was screaming and holding him tighter.

20 minutes later he half stumbled out of the door still trying to dress. He looked at me with a real pissed off expression.

"I can't believe we did that," he mumbled, looking back at the door.

"You did it, and you got paid didn't you?" I snapped, "Now take darling Vicky on holiday next week. And don't think of telling anyone about this, not unless you want to lose your job and your girl."

"We agreed, just as long as I get to fuck you tomorrow night, and at my pace."

"I promised you didn't I? Now get lost, and remember Mr Silver will never admit he knew about this, so don't even think about mentioning it to him."

"God Amy, are you still here?" Mr Silver asked.

I looked at my watch.

"I've been trying to sort out this mess on my computer. You look tired sir."

"I have a meeting with my wife's solicitor tomorrow morning. The company solicitor will be representing me, now off home with you."

Just then the lift door opened right on cue.

"Sir, I order a takeaway, a meal for two."

We sat on the floor in his office and ate. He couldn't resist a little look down my top. Things were going fine until she showed up. Her suspicious eyes shot through me.

"Oh banging that little tart are you," she growled.

"Mandy, we are just having something to eat. Amy has worked hard today," my boss said, defending his soon to be bride.

"I had better go," I mumbled.

I moved into the lift and was suddenly thrown against the wall.

"You listen to me you little low life. You keep away from Harris, he is not interested in a pond life secretary," she snarled.

"Please don't hurt me. I, I was only having dinner with him," I stammered, looking at her through terrified eyes.

She banged me against the lift wall again. The fire in her eyes grew wilder.

"Oh you are a little chicken shit aren't you? Just keep it that way," she whispered.

"Look I need this job, my mother is very ill," I whimpered.

"I don't give a fuck about you or your mother, just keep your hands off."

"I will I promise, I'll do anything to keep my job. Please don't hurt me," I sobbed.

She moved forward pushing her hand up my skirt. I felt her fingers grip my pussy.

"I had you down as a little hard bitch, you are not though, are you?" she said with a grin, as her fingers started rolling my pussy lips through my panties.

"No I'm not, please stop, stop doing that," I mumbled.

She pinched harder enforcing that she was in control.

"My you've got a little wet pussy, fancy me do you?" she asked, with a grin.

I shook my head.

"Hands off my man!" she snarled, giving my pussy a last hard pinch as the lift stopped on the ground floor.

I nodded frantically as the lift doors started to open. She smiled at me.

I watched the 41 year old buxom blonde walk away from me. She got in her BMW and gave me a last menacing stare. My pussy felt sore but quite a bit wet. I would enjoy blowing her away, eventually.

The next morning I went into work extra early. I dropped an envelope in the office of the company solicitor without anyone knowing. My boss got his usual coffee and mail on his desk before he arrived.

"Sir, the solicitor has been in touch, could you ring him as soon as possible?"

He nodded and went into his office. He came out looking a little anxious 20 minutes later.

"Amy, I have to go to see Jim my solicitor, he needs to discuss something urgently with me. Have Mandy take the Ashford contract to his hotel."

"Sir, I could do that. I don't mind."

"No send Mandy, you are a secretary, I need this done by Mandy, Duncan is on leave, Harry is sick, and Calvin is in France. I'd do it myself, but I have to go. I know Mandy said he can't keep his hands to himself, but she knows how to deal with him. I've got too much on my plate right now."

"You will get the contract, I'm sure you will."

"Well it's a toss up between Palmer and us. Palmer is closer to Ashford's. He is just playing his usual bloody games. Send Mandy. Get her to text me as soon as she knows."

"Good luck with the solicitor sir."

He nodded and left. I went into his office and got the Ashford contract, and I put it in my drawer and smiled to myself.

"Well why the big grin?"

Mandy stood over me and I ignored her.

"Come to my office, now," she snapped.

I followed her with my head down. She stood aside as I walked in. I could feel her eyes watching me as I stood in the centre of the room. She made me wait on purpose. I flinched as she came close to me.

"You just don't learn do you, showing up for work in your little short skirt, and showing off all that cleavage. I hope you haven't forgotten our little understanding last night?"

"I can dress how I like, as long as Harris, I mean Mr Silver is happy with it," I said, shifting my eyes nervously to her as she walked round me.

"Oh, all of a sudden you think you stand a chance with him. I've seen the way he looks at you, at your legs and boobs. He used to look at me the same way. Come here I want to show you something."

She opened her desk drawer.

"Take that picture out, the one that is face down."

I let out a scream of pain, as she slammed the drawer shut and held it closed on my wrist.

"Now you listen to me you little slut. I don't want you teasing him, I told you hands off last night. I'll bring you down if you forget your place you fucking bitch!"

She pulled open the drawer, and I pulled my throbbing wrist out. I held my wrist feeling the pain shoot through my arm. I twisted it tentatively.

"You could have broken my wrist," I sobbed.

"Believe me, that would be the least of your worries if you fuck with me," she hissed.

I was still rubbing my wrist as I sat behind my desk. She was going to get fucked over big time now!

I tapped on the hotel door two hours later with the Ashford contract.

"I'm Amy, Mr Ashford. Mandy sent me."

"I only deal with her, or your boss."

"She said you would say that."

I popped the cork on the champagne bottle.

"It's a little early to be celebrating, I might pick Palmer," he said, running his eyes over my short buttoned rain coat.

I handed him a glass of champagne and put the bottle down.

"I'm sure you won't regret signing with us, Mr Ashford. Please, sit down and relax."

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