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Evil Tennis Pro


Warning: This story is along the same lines and tradition of stories by authors like Temptanddestroy, Wannabeboytoy and DarkBetrayal. It involves adultery and humiliation. Don't leave comments about how horrible the story and I am for writing when you know damn well what is involved. You have been warned. Remember, it is only a fantasy. I do not wish this upon anyone or condone it. Enjoy!


The Whitakers were the hottest thing at the Wimbledon tournament. The married couple of tennis pros was enjoying great success individually and was really cleaning up in mixed doubles as a team. They had already won the mixed doubles in many major tournaments before. Today was the final.

The two had met each other in Wimbledon many years prior and had a sparkling romance that the media fell in love with also. Henry Whitaker had won Wimbledon twice before and was in the men's semifinal later that day. His wife, Mary, would be in the women's final not long after that. Wimbledon had switched to a difficult schedule that really was only hard on the Whitakers. They faced a difficult decision on whether to compete together in the doubles but ultimately decided to do it since it was their favorite part of the major tournaments and it was how they fell in love, playing together.

Now it was the early morning and time for the mixed double finals. They took the court together to thunderous applause from the crowd. All but one was standing. It was Mary's final opponent and biggest rival, Lorena Santiago. The two women actually hated each other and it was well documented. Lorena never took kindly to Mary since Mary was actually undefeated against Lorena although most of their matches had been very tightly contended. Ms. Santiago had complained about some line calls by the judges to the media and Mary took it as a knock on her play. Mary then berated the press and Lorena for the amount of attention that the Latina tennis player got when she had never won a tournament.

Lorena Santiago was almost exactly like Anna Kournikova. She had never won a tennis tournament but received lavish attention for her amazing good looks and sexy body. She had appeared on countless magazine covers including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and was rated as the hottest woman on the planet by Maxim twice! Lorena had long dark hair that was naturally curly and down to her waist. Her body was a perfect hourglass figurine and there were many pictures that floated around the internet of her excellent behind from her matches. But really, the tennis experts believed that the real reason she had never won a tournament was because she was slowed down by her huge breasts. Her DDs even bounced in her sports bra which was custom fit. Lorena's body looked less like that of tennis pros and much more like a porn star's.

Lorena watched the Whitakers with different interest than the rest of the crowd. She was scouting Mary but mostly scouting Henry. She wouldn't be playing him but she had long found him attractive and had a secret plan as to how to finally defeat Mrs. Whitaker.

Henry and Mary easily defeated their opponents and won the mixed doubles trophy again. They kissed at the trophy presentation much to the chagrin of the audience.

"Good luck, Honey. Even though I know you won't need it." Mary wished her husband.

"Thanks Dear. Love you." He replied and they smooched. It had been only one hour after the mixed doubles final but it was time for the men's semifinals. Luckily for Henry he would be done with time to spare to be at his wife's final.

Before the first serve Henry took notice as to who was in the stands. Mary couldn't be there as she was prepping for her match but her opponent, Lorena, was there. And she was cheering Henry on. He couldn't help but look over at her after each point he won. Lorena would jump up like a tennis groupie and clap her hands. But he would focus on her big tits that would bounce every time. Henry hated the rivalry between Lorena and his wife. He knew Lorena and thought she was a nice person and as a man didn't mind the amount of attention that she got, personally enjoying her sexy photos.

As much as he felt distracted at trying not to get a hard-on from Lorena's huge tits Henry still won his match in straight sets. He would have more than enough time to unwind after and make it to his wife's match.

Back in the men's locker area he was the only one changing. He liked it much better in the later rounds cause that meant more privacy.

Mary was in the lady's locker room. As she stretched she couldn't help but wonder why she had not seen Lorena yet. She wasn't complaining though as it helped calm her nerves not having her around.

"Lorena? What the hell are you doing here?" Henry said. Lorena had walked in just as he had striped naked to change. "Get out of here! Don't you have a match with Mary?" he said covering himself.

"What does it look like I'm doing here, Henry?" Lorena said. She moved seductively towards him and dropped her panties to the ground.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Henry said. He felt paralyzed and unsure of what to do. He had never cheated on his wife but then again he had never been tempted by anyone as hot as Lorena Santiago.

"I saw you watching me in the stands. I saw you staring at my big tits. I know you want me and you know you want me. So lets not waste anymore time. How do you want me? Does bent over work for you?" Lorena said and bent over in front of him. Henry stared at her perfect ass and her dripping pussy. His cock had never been so hard. Lorena looked away from him with a devious smile. She knew that she didn't have to look at him.

"Hmmm... I've got time... maybe I should call my husband and congratulate him." Mary said to herself, finally done stretching. But she rethought it. "Naw... I'm sure he's busy unwinding."

"Oh God yes! Fuck me, Henry!" Lorena squealed in delight as Mary's husband pummeled her from behind. "Fuck me like the evil bitch I am!"

The sound of his nuts hitting her inner thighs and lower pussy lips echoed around the lockers. Henry smacked her ass and spanked her again. He had always wanted to slap Lorena's sexy ass.

"Yeah, spank me for being such a bad girl! Fucking my rival's husband!" Lorena yelled.

"I think I will call him." Mary said to herself once more. She picked up her cell phone and dialed Henry's number.

"We both knew I would fuck you, Henry. Just look at my tits... Your wife has nothing on me... She may beat me at tennis but I'm much more the woman than her where it really counts. I fuck her husband better than her. Hahaha!" Lorena said lowering her pussy onto Henry's dick. He was lying down on the bench.

Rinnnnnggg! Henry's cell phone started ringing. He recognized the designated ring tone. It was his wife. Lorena could tell by his expression. But he stayed hard in her.

"That's Mary isn't it, Lover?" she asked him, lightly gyrating her hips around with his penis inside her. Henry nodded and moaned. "Well I'll let you choose. You can talk to her or you can hold these..."

Lorena lifted her shirt up over her big boobs. Henry didn't have to think twice as he grabbed, squeezed and started licking all over Lorena's tits while hearing his wife's ring tone. Lorena cackled evilly in pleasure.

"That's not like him. He usually answers. Oh well." Mary said clicking her phone off.

"Who are you talking to Mary?" one of her old tennis friends asked entering the locker room for a quick sec.

"Oh just myself. Hey have you seen Lorena?" Mary asked her.

"Not in the last twenty minutes but you know she was at Henry's match."

"What? Why would she watch him?" Mary said and thought for a moment. "That bitch! She couldn't possibly..." Mary said. She gathered her things and left the locker room.

"Good luck today, Mary." Her friend yelled.

"So tell me, Henry, who would you rather fuck? Me or your wife?" Lorena asked him. They were still at it. Henry was holding her up against the lockers and she had her long legs wrapped around him while they continued their illicit mating.

"Oh Jesus... You, Lorena... I'd much rather... ugh... fuck you! So tight!" Henry breathed out. Lorena was taking everything he had left after his match.

"You love my ass... more... than Mary's?"


"You love my... big... tits... more than... her small pair?"

"Fuck yes!"

"Do you... love my tight... cunt... more than hers?"

"Oh my God! Yes!" Henry couldn't believe what he was saying but it was all true.

"How bout this, Baby... do you love... my body... more than Mary? Do you love my sexy body more than your wife?" Lorena smiled wickedly when she asked it. Henry looked at her differently, making sure he heard her right. But he didn't stop fucking her. "Say it!" Lorena ordered.

"Yes! Oh fuck! I love... your body... more than my wife!" Henry said. Lorena came once he said it. She had completely conquered him. Now she wanted to cement it.

"You want this to happen again? Do you want to keep fucking me?" she asked him.

Henry grabbed her big tits and squeezed like a madman. "Yes, Lorena. You are... the sexiest thing ever! I've got to keep fucking you! Don't... ever... want... to... stop... Can't stop!"

"Then you're going to have to do some things for me, Darling." Lorena was really smiling now.

"That bitch! If she goes anywhere near my husband I'll... I'll..." Mary said. She was walking fast to the men's locker room that her husband was in.

"Good luck tomorrow... my love." Lorena said to Henry while picking her panties back up. She kissed him sloppily on the lips, their first kiss. She had put the rest of her clothes together but he was still naked. Lorena grabbed his moderately hard penis that was covered in her juices and stroked him lightly. After removing her mouth from his she looked at her panties then at her lower region. Henry's cum was dripping down her legs from her sperm-filled pussy and womb now swimming with life. "Guess I don't need these anymore." Lorena put her panties into her bag and started to leave. "Don't you have something to say?"

"Good... Good luck out there... my love." Henry said, exhausted. Lorena giggled and left the locker room.

Henry started to clean his cock off when Mary strode in without warning.

"Where is she?" she said, looking around.

"Whoa! Jesus, Mary? You scared the shit out of me. What are you doing here?" he asked her. His small towel was covering his sex juice covered cock but not all the sex sweat all over him.

"Are you alone in here?" Mary asked her husband.

"Uh... Yes..." he said as if it were obvious.

"Why are you still all sweaty?"

"I just got out of the hot shower." He lied. "Don't you have your final soon?"

"Yeah... I was just... I just wanted to see you before it that's all." She lied back. Mary wondered how she could ever think that Lorena would actually try to seduce her husband and how she would think that he might give in to her.

Mary kissed her husband then left. He didn't say anything else to her, no 'good luck' or 'I love you' but then again, she thought, he did that earlier.

When she got to the entrance to the court she was told to wait for the introductions in the tunnel. There was still no sign of Lorena Santiago. Then she smelled it. Cum. Mary looked down at the fingers below her nose. The fingers belonged to Lorena who was standing behind her with an evil grin on her face.

"Smell familiar?" Lorena asked. It did smell familiar to Mary. Her jaw started to drop. "It's your husband's..." Lorena lifted her tennis skirt to show her still bare pussy that had Henry's still wet cum leaking from her cunt. "I fucked Henry while you were busy prepping for our match... I fucked him bareback and he came deep inside me... and guess what else, Bitch... I'm ovulating right now... He probably gave me his baby..." She saw the heartbreak in Mary's eyes. Mary was speechless, terrified as to what her rival would say next. "Aw poor baby. Are you gonna cry? I just thought you should know that your husband is mine now. I'm dedicating this match and victory to him and our future child... That's right you sorry little girl! I beat you! I'm your better! I win!"

Lorena Santiago's name was called out. She licked the cum off of her fingers and took the court with a big smile, waving to the crowd. Mary didn't come out until her name was called for a third time. The audience could tell she was crying. She looked up at the stands and saw Henry but he didn't look at her. He was watching Lorena who blew him a kiss before starting service. It was an ace. Henry stood up and clapped for Lorena all through the match, the cameras catching it all. He didn't care who saw and what they thought. Lorena's sex was worth it all.

Lorena finally defeated her rival, Mary Whitaker in straight sets and won her first tournament, the biggest of them all, Wimbledon. During the trophy presentation Lorena kissed Henry, the crowd went near silent.

The next day, Henry won his match and Wimbledon as well. Mary was nowhere to be found while his new love, Lorena was there to shove her tongue down his throat after the victory in front of the world.

"I won." Henry said to his hot lover.

"No... I won." Lorena said.

Back in the locker room, Mary sat gathering her things when Lorena pulled Henry in with their trophies but holding him by his cock. "See Bitch? I got both of my trophies..." Lorena cackled before shoving her tongue into Henry's eager mouth. "How sad and pathetic you are, Mary. It was only a matter of time before I made my move on your husband and usurped him from you. The bigger tits always win.

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I didnt read this shit, just your opening

But, if you dont condone this shit or wish it on anyone why the fuck write about it? Oh, I dont condone rape and paedophilia but I'm gonna write a sex story revolving around them.... Ah ah, dont be a sicomore...

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