tagInterracial LoveEvilKidKneeVeil57 Ch. 02

EvilKidKneeVeil57 Ch. 02


Author's Note: During this past weekend, I was sick and bedridden. With nothing else to do, I decided to revise this chapter of "EvilKidKneeVeil57". I did a few changes to the chapter. There are a few subtle changes.

In regards to an 'Iggy' story: I am in the process of making up a storyline for this story. Right now, I am in the character development stage. I have the plot-line somewhat figured out. I am still in the process of making up antagonists/villains for this tale. And yes, it is going to be a story that I will post in the 'Interracial Love' section of Literotica.

Hopefully, I will have everything in formation by the time summer rolls around.



Kendrick was now standing up. The chair that was he was sitting on was now fifteen feet away and lying on the floor. When Delilah, Georgina, Iris and Joshua refused to answer his question on the first time, he had become angry and tossed the chair. He was now enraged. His fair skin was a dark shade of pink. There was a snarl on his usual jovial face.

He hurled his question at the four people who were sitting across from him. Georgina, Delilah and Joshua held salacious smiles on their faces. Iris, on the other hand, was so shocked from his outburst that her joy was frightened from her body. The mischievous glint was gone from her blue eyes. The healthy flush that was in her face has drained and now she was pale. Her lips formed a frown. Elena and Cody looked confuse about Kendrick's outburst while Iggy appeared to be amused.

"We decided to have some fun," stated Georgina, coyly, before taking a bite out of her California roll.

"We decided to knock that ghetto bitch down a few notches," Delilah attached to her friend's statement.

Kendrick cut his eyes over to Iris, who looked like she was on the verge of crying. His glaring had an effect on her because she confessed. "We decided to prank Rain. We made up a fake profile on Yahoo! Messenger and pretended to be a guy from California, who's in the Navy—

"What?" Kendrick murmured. "What... You had taken my..."

There was a thick blanket of heat that covered him as his anger rose to an astronomical level. With the finesse of a charging lion, he strode over to the banquet table, but his journey was halted by Cody who stood in between the table and Kendrick. Cody grabbed his shoulders and stared at Kendrick in his eyes.

With a hostile glow in his eyes, Kendrick stared at Cody. 'GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!' his mind screamed.

"All right, buddy, you need to calm down now. Ken—


"Kendrick, man, you need to calm down," Cody said in a low tone, so only he and Kendrick could hear. "If you do something to any of them, I don't put it pass Georgina and Delilah calling the cops on you, man, especially Georgina. You need to calm down, buddy," instructed Cody.

Cody's advice had managed to penetrate the dense fog of rage that clouded Kendrick's spirit. He acknowledged that Cody was right; if he does something to either of the four of them, he would get arrested. He knew that Georgina would absolutely love to see him in handcuffs. Kendrick nodded his head. He saw his friend smile.

"Go outside and hang out on the porch, bro. You need some fresh air," suggested Cody.

"Yeah, all right," Kendrick mumbles.

The angry young man gave Cody a glimpse. Then he stared at Georgina and Delilah and he gave each woman a grimace. He made a few steps backwards and then turned away from his friend. For Cody, he believed that Kendrick was reluctant to leave the dining room. He watched Kendrick make an exit out of the room. Cody glared at his friend's retreating back as he walked out of the room. He continued to stare at the dining room's entrance for an additional minute before he turned away.

"Un-fucking-believable," groaned Cody as he sits back down, once he was sure that Kendrick was gone. He felt pity for his best friend, but he really felt empathy towards Rain. He eyed at the four individuals who were sitting on the other side of the long, rectangle-shaped table. "So, you were the one who she was talking to..." Cody let out a gust of air out of his nose as he shook his head, as a sign of disgust. "... You guys are a real piece of work, do you know that?" Cody said to the four of them, before getting up and leaving the dining room.

Elena stared at her boyfriend's retreating form. She let out her own sigh and her shoulders slumped as she was weighed down with sadness. She glanced over at the four individuals who were responsible. Elena had risen up from her chair.

"I hope you guys have enjoyed yourselves. When Rain comes back, you know that she is going to be on a warpath, right?" Elena notified them.

Delilah and Joshua looked amused by Elena's scolding. Georgina had an expression of annoyance on her face. Iris appeared to be the only person who understood the impending consequences.

"Hey Lucky Charms, why don't you go and check up on your boyfriend? He's probably crying in the kitchen," Delilah stated. Joshua laughed at her remark.

Elena gave her a scolding look for a moment. Then she left the dining room. Now there were five individuals sitting in the dining room. The room was quiet for a few minutes before Iggy made some noise. Iggy stood up from his chair and casually strolled over to other side of the room, to the fully-stocked bar. He fixed himself a drink. Delilah, Georgina, Joshua and Iris watched him.

"So, what do you think, Iggy? Are you sitting on your high horse tonight and looking down on us too?" Delilah asked.

Iggy leaned against the bar and gazed at Delilah. He sampled some of his bourbon from his glass. His bright green eyes seem to have sparkle with a glint.

"Do I think you're evil? No, I don't. I know there a lot more people in this world who have done despicable things that are worst," he stated as he stirred the drink in his glass. "But, I will say that I don't understand why you would do such a thing, especially ever since you're staying in the same house with the person that you have pissed off. You four..." He pointed at the four of them. "... Was playing a very dangerous game by fucking and playing with someone's emotions and their mental state. I hope that you are ready for the consequences."


Mental images of EvilKidKneeVeil lying in the middle of an abandoned road with his body mangled, mutilated or burned beyond recognition filled Rain's mind as she patron the swanky restaurant. She was worried about her boyfriend. He didn't answer to any of the text messages that she's sent or responded to the voicemail messages that she had sent him. She was worried that he was hurt and was residing in a nearby hospital.

She grabbed her cell phone off of the table. She dialed up his number. His phone made five rings before his automated voicemail service disconnected the call. After the automated voice ended with the greeting, there was a beep, which began the recording process.

"Hey Kid, its Rain. I'm at the..." She paused in her speech to inhale and exhale. She resumed speaking. "... I'm at Elk, the place where we promised to meet up. Listen, I don't care..." Her voice began to waver, the tell-tale sign that her stoic resolve was cracking. "... About how late that you are right now. I would really like to hear your voice right now. Right now, I am worried about you and I don't know..." She had taken a swallow and two fat tears dripped down her cheeks simultaneously. "If you're hurt or not, but can you please give me a call back? Please?"

She ended the call. With her trembling hand, she placed the phone back on the table. She wiped her cheeks dry by using the back of her hands. Once calmed and in order, Rain surveyed the dining area of the restaurant. She briefly glanced at the fellow guests. She concluded that majority of the diners were either married couples or people who were on dates. Each couple appeared to be in love. She managed to catch the eye of another woman. Her date/significant other had just left the table. She gave Rain a 'hang in there' expression of pity.

Two hours, three stouts of Guinness and a barely eaten meal later, Rain wasn't worried anymore. EvilKidKneeVeil57 hasn't called her. He didn't even send her a text message. She checked the call log feature on her cell phone, so she could count how many times she called him. When she read that she called his telephone number thirty-eight times, suddenly she had gone from worried to now being irritated.

"Here's your bill, ma'am," the server announced while handing the bill.

"Thank you," Rain said to the waiter as she accepted the billfold. The waiter walked away from the table. She placed the billfold on the table. She picked her clutch purse and proceeded to search through the bag, for her wallet.

"Excuse me, ma'am. I have a letter for you."

Rain glanced up from her lap and saw another server standing in front of her. Her eyes drifted down to his hands. She saw that he held a red envelope.

"Ma'am, I have this letter for you. It was dropped off, a few hours ago," the server informed her.

Rain accepted the letter. She placed the envelope on the table. Then she thanked the waiter. She watched the server walk away from the table. Once he was out of her line of sight, she resumed looking for her wallet. She found her wallet and produced her American Express credit card. She inserted her card into the billfold. She searched out her assigned waiter and handed the billfold to the employee. Once she was alone, she grabbed the red envelope. She held the envelope in her hand for a moment. She wondered about the message that the crimson envelope held. She wondered if this was a 'Dear John' letter. The sense of dread caused her sense of hope and optimism to rot away, when she thought that EvilKidKneeVeil57 was dumping her, via handwritten note.

Curiosity had gotten the best of her and she unwrap the envelope. There was a postcard inside. On one side of the card, there was a short message that was typed. Rain read the short message.

'Wait, what-the-fuck did I just read?' her mind uttered in disbelief. 'Wait—

She blinked once and then she re-read the letter.

As she read the words again, there was a shortness of breath; her heart felt like it sank down into her stomach and her eyes stung with tears. She wasn't sad. She was enraged.

'That fucking bitch!'


Kendrick sat on the veranda that was a part of the second floor of the mansion. He was nursing on a bottle of Heineken. He was sitting outside for close to half an hour. The freezing winds that flown down from the mountains made Kendrick think twice about sitting outside. Frost was nipping at the bare flesh that was on his arms and on his exposed ribs, due to wearing a strategically torn-up shirt. Despite being exposed to the cold weather, he preferred to sit outside than to lounge inside of the warm house. He wanted to stay further away from Georgina, Delilah, Iris and Joshua as long as possible.

He was enraged, once he learned about the digital identity theft that occurred. The feeling of rage was an emotion that he had never experienced before. It was such a strong and frightening experience. Being that hindsight was 20/20; Kendrick realized that he was so angry because he felt violated by them. They have invaded a small, but important, segment of his life and fucked with it, just because it was amusing for them.

"How do you feel, man?"

Kendrick glanced over at the screen door and saw Iggy standing in front of the doorway. Kendrick had taken a long drag off of his bottle of beer. He held the green-colored, glass bottle in front of his face. "I honestly feel like taking this bottle and cracking this motherfucker over their got-damned heads."

"Mmm," Iggy hummed. He strolled over to the unoccupied chair that was next to Kendrick and sat. "I think they would enjoy that, especially Joshua."

Kendrick let out a throaty laugh, which sounded like a growl.

"Why in the fuck did we listen to Cody and invited those gutter-sluts?" inquired Kendrick.

"Because of a few reasons," stated Iggy. "Number one reason, Cody is pussy-whipped. He invited his girlfriend, who didn't want to hang out with us fellas, especially with the Wild Boy. So he decided that she needed to have some pussy-bearing pals to keep her company, so he convinces us to invite Georgina, which brings me to reason number two. Number two, you knew that Georgina was not going to come on this trip without her flunkies and that brings us to the final reason. Reason number three, you knew that if Iris was going to come on the trip then she would've brought Rain on this trip as well. And I'm sure that you would've used this time to reveal your big secret to her and then use that king-sized bed of yours to unload—

"I get it, man! I don't need for you to explain any further," Kendrick laughed.

"Before all of this shit happened, I was expecting for you to confess to Rain, bro. I thought you were going to tell her that you are her digital buddy and for that bed of yours to be broken—

"Oh God," Kendrick groaned, feeling a little bit mortified.

"What?" Iggy said to him, sounding confused about his friend's reaction.

"What, what, Iggy?"

"I am referring to your reaction, man" Iggy explained. "Every time I mention you having sex with Rain, you start acting like you're a fucking virgin and shit!"

"No, I'm not," stated Kendrick.

"Yes, you are, dude!" Iggy chuckled. "So, how long as it been, Ken?"

"I'm not telling you—

"You see what I mean?" Iggy said to him. "There you go with that 'virgin bullshit'. How long have we been friends? Have I ever judged you? Or, have I ever made fun of you about anything?"

"No," answered Kendrick.

"So, how long has it been since you've gotten that wick of yours wet?"

Kendrick let out a deep breath. He watched the expired oxygen condense and then disappear, before he answered his best friend's inquiry. "Close to six years—

"WHAT?" Iggy said to him, feeling truly astonished.

"Man, shut up—

"I'm not judging you, bro. It's just..." Iggy shook his head. "...shocking for me. Six years," Iggy said as he settled back in his chair. His lips let out a whistle. A blanket of silence had fallen upon them and they enjoyed it. "I feel sorry for your nut-sack though—

"Iggy, shut up."

"I advise you to double-bag it, when you finally hit it though. I think one condom is not going to cut it. You're probably so back up that you might end up breaking through the plastic and impregnating her—

"Ugh, don't you ever shut up?" Kendrick groaned. Iggy laughed. There was another moment of silence. "I wouldn't mind having babies with her," he confessed.

"Oh my God, you're in love with her. Are you in love with Rain, man? You are, aren't you?"

There was a five-second interlude of silence from Kendrick's behalf. "Yes, yes, I am."

Iggy chuckled after hearing Kendrick's declaration. "Knowing you and your love-struck ass, you probably have gone ring shopping—

Iggy noticed that Kendrick had a weird, but familiar expression of his face. "HOLY SHIT... Did you go ring shopping?" Iggy noticed Kendrick bite into his bottom lip and then glance away from him. Iggy thought his heart had skipped a beat from shock. "Did you buy her an engagement ring, man?

"You wouldn't understand—

Iggy shot out of his seat. "OH MY GOD, YOU DID BUY HER AN ENGAGEMENT RING! Have you lost--?

Kendrick glared at his best friend. He believed that Iggy was behaving over-dramatic. "You don't understand, Iggy and you probably never will, man!" Kendrick groaned.

Iggy glared at his friend and noticed how serious Kendrick was. He had known Kendrick since they were students in Kindergarten, so he knew his friend well enough. He knew that Kendrick must've thought long about his choice and he would need all of the support that he can receive. So, he was going to give Kendrick all of the spiritual support that he needed. Iggy sat back down in his chair. "Well, I hope that you're aware that you're going to have to work to get into her good graces."

"Yeah, I know."

The reverie between the two of them was suddenly disrupted by the sudden burst of abrasive sounds of car tires rubbing against asphalt. The sounds were near the house, so Iggy and Kendrick peered over the bannister of the veranda. A dark-colored, 1967 Camaro SS drove into the circular driveway that was in front of the house. The car had come to a sudden halt. The engine roared a ferocious cry for a few seconds before it was quieted down. A few seconds later, a woman exited the car. Iggy and Kendrick watched the curvaceous woman walk away from her vehicle and to the front door of the mansion. A few seconds later, there was the familiar loud noise of the front door slamming shut.

"Oh damn," Iggy murmured.

"Oh damn is right," Kendrick whispered.


"Dear Worthless Piece of Ghetto Poor Trash,

If you haven't figured it out yet, EvilKidKneeVeil57 isn't coming. In fact, he doesn't exist. Delilah, Iris, Josh and I thought it would be hilarious to make up a fake profile of a guy and see how much we could get away with. I can't believe that you actually believe that a hot guy was attracted to you! Oh my God, LOL! Do you actually expect for a man to want you? Oh my God, you're so boring! All of your small talk about comic books, movies, about your stupid broken arm, your cats and about food is stupid. No man wants to know about that! You're ugly and the only way you can get a man is by sucking dick and you might not be good at that. You're a freak of nature! Me, Delilah, Josh and Iris have been laughing our asses off with your stupid messages. You're pathetic."

Rain had memorized that letter verbatim. She recited the letter as she drove her car from the restaurant, back to the mansion. Her rage had consumed her as she drove. She welcomed the negative, violent-prone emotion. It was the most welcomed emotion than the sorrow that was hiding in the shadows.

Rain was consumed with anger that she didn't notice Iggy and Kendrick standing on the stairs. She was focused on her main objective, which was finding Georgina and wringing her neck until her life faded. She kicked off her shoes, so they wouldn't get in her way. She stood in the foyer, barefoot. She listened for any sounds of life. She received her answer when she heard the loud, raucous laughter that came from the dining room. She made a few steps.


She glanced up at the staircase. Iggy and Kendrick were standing there and were staring at her, as if they were anticipating her next move. She gave them a stare that was startling and then she left the foyer, in a sprint.

'Oh shit,' Kendrick thought.

A few seconds later, there was a loud scream that was from the dining room.

"Awww shit!" he groaned.

Iggy and he had run down the rest of the stairs, out of the foyer, down the corridor and into the dining room. Kendrick was greeted by chaos that unfolded like a flower in full bloom. They found Cody and Joshua restraining Rain down to the hardwood floor. She was writhing, struggling and screaming insults into the air. Kendrick looked for Georgina. He found her standing in a corner of the room. Her nose and mouth was bloodied. She held on her left wrist and was shouting her insults at Rain. Delilah and Iris were standing in front of her. Elena was kneeling beside Rain's head. She was trying to comfort her.

"Go on and get your girl," Iggy suggested. "I'll deal with the Bitches of Eastwick."

Kendrick ran up to Rain and company. He had shoo'ed Joshua away and quickly grabbed Rain's hands in a tight grip.

"LET ME GO, YOU FUCKS!" Rain screamed at both Cody and Kendrick. Both Kendrick and Cody stared at each other with a look of surprise. Cody glanced down at Rain.

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