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I want to share this with you. I am standing in a room when I spot you checking out my body up and down. I could feel you undressing me in this room full of strangers and my heart feels like it will explode from the beating. You are now in front of me as I look at you wide eyed and so innocently as your finger touches my shoulder covered by this purple sequined dress, causing my flesh to break out in goose bumps. I began feeling out of control from your touch and wanting you, to feel you deep within me. I got to have you baby. I got to have your power deep inside of my wet pussy. I push you up against the wall looking deeply into your eyes with a slight smile to my purple glistening full lips.

The sound of erotic music is feeling the room as my body is pressed against yours and my hips are moving slowly side to side against your growing cock as I am steadily looking into your eyes. You hold my hands behind my back feeling my erect nipples rubbing against your chest and suddenly I have your hands up against the wall kissing your lips so very softly, licking them with my darting tongue. My purple thong is becoming wet as we are oblivious to anyone else around us.

Our hands drop to our sides as you kiss and suck on my neck causing more goose bumps to invade my flesh, my mouth is slightly opened from the pleasures that you are sending to my body with the touch of your lips. Your mouth finds my ear lobe kissing and sucking on it slowly as your hands are under my dress on my tight firm ass and I spread my legs still moving my hips slowly side to side. You squeeze my ass and a soft moan seeps from my lips. Your index finger has found the entrance to my ass and you slowly begin to enter it looking into my eyes as my pussy so desires that raging cock of yours.

The sound of the others whispering is driving me wild with desire and with my one hand breaking free from yours I release your throbbing cock and guide it to my hot, juicy pussy that is crying out to be fucked by you. Your cock feels so hard and stiff, as it slides deeper into my pussy and our hips are slowly grinding against each other, you turn me pressing my back against the wall

as my legs are tightly wrapped around your waist and with long hard thrust from your cock my pussy is covering it in my juices.
Mmm do you like it baby? Close your eyes and feel my pussy sliding slowly over your cock drenching it with my creamy white juice, your cock is throbbing in my tight pussy and you ram your cock deeper and harder with long slow thrust of your hips pulsating cock that is fucking my pussy. I only want you to love me for this one night, this one moment in time. The room is silent during our lust-filled act of pure raw sex and I stare into those seductive eyes of you’re. Mmmmmm, gawd you feel so good, so hard as I try to take you deeper into my pussy that wants to cum all over your big hard cock baby.

You have me pinned tightly against the wall as you squeeze my tits so hard sending shivers throughout my body and the feeling is driving me wild as I kiss your neck, my arms are wrapped tightly around your shoulders and I am feeling the orgasm building deep within my pussy from your throbbing cock. Oh gawd its driving me crazy with desire, my pussy wants to suck your cock completely deeply inside of my hot throbbing cunt. Oh I am cuming.

I am cuming on that gorgeous cock of yours! Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, mmm, mmm, Mmmmmm, Fuck me, fuck me oh gawd I can feel your hot cum exploding deep into my pussy! Mmm baby you make me feel so wild and untamable. I just hope it was just as good for you as it was for me. Mmmmm, come back to Erotica I have so much more I want to do to you to show you just how special you are to Erotica and you do want to make Erotica happy don’t you?

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