tagRomanceExactly What I Needed

Exactly What I Needed


It's been the longest day as I walk into the house and drop my oversized purse on the floor next to the door. I don't even bother hanging up the keys, they're already in my jacket pocket and it has found its place next to my purse. I look around though and see that the day is about to take a turn for the better.

There in the middle of the living room, on the carpet, I see a picnic blanket laid out with strawberries on a plate and champagne chilling in front of the fireplace. "Crazy boy", I think to myself, turning the fire place on in the middle of August. But then I notice that the AC is turned up too, and suddenly shivers run down my spine. I hear the door lock behind me, but don't feel the need to turn around as you move up behind me. I can tell you're smiling, and you know you just made me smile, too. I feel your arms wrap around my waist from behind as your face nestles into the crease of my neck, smelling the fading perfume on my skin.

You breathe in deep and I get goose bumps as your breath meets my skin and my ear. I close my eyes and let out a happy sigh, placing my hands on my waist where they meet your fingers. You now turn me around slowly, stare into my eyes and whisper: "Welcome home, beautiful." I stretch my body and perch myself up on my tip toes, pressing my lips against yours now as my arms wrap around your neck.

"Did you do all this for me, baby?" I smile at you, and you just nod an answer. "I called your office earlier and they said you are way too busy... I wanted to make sure that tonight, you are not too busy for me."

With one fell swoop I find myself scooped up in your strong arms as you carry me to the blanket. You don't put me down, but instead kneel while I am still in your arms and sit on the blanket, with me in your lap now. As you settle down on the blanket, you turn me now so that I'm sitting on your lap, facing you, my legs on either side of you. I smile like a little girl and wrap my arms around your neck once more.

You let me hug you like that for what seems like an eternity as your hand wraps around my waist and the other rubs my back slowly.

After a long luxurious hug, you gently push me from your body to look at my face. A smile seems to be frozen there and that in turn makes you smile at me, too. Your hands find their way to my face now and you take it and slowly pull me closer to you, letting your lips just rest upon mine at first. Gently, as if by an angel's touch, my lips are parted by your tongue and you enclose us into a passionate kiss that I've been hoping for since that morning.

Finally we both gasp for air, exhausted and yet reenergized from our kiss. You look into my eyes and whisper hungrily, yet sweetly: "I've missed my baby today..." but I place my index finger on your lips, "This is no time to talk, angel face." The only response I needed was your nod and a grin on your face.

As I sit there on your lap, still facing you, you reach over to the champagne and pour us both a glass. You hand me mine and holding yours, you reach over to the blanket again, this time producing a strawberry between your fingers. You bring it to my lips and before letting me take a luscious bite, you teasingly drag it along my lower lip, then bring it to your mouth and bite the tip of it off. I moan as I look at your lips and you bring the fruit back to my mouth. My eyes close as my lips part gently and I feel the sweet taste of the fruit along with the taste of your lips touch my tongue.

A seductive gasp escapes your lips and following the strawberry, suddenly I feel your lips back on mine again. This time a bit stronger, the kiss is more passionate than the one before, and your hand finds its way to my back, as though to make sure that I will not escape this kiss. After a minute I pull my lips from yours, giggling and smiling, while my fingers trace an outline along your face.

A sip of champagne seems to do us both good. Within 20 seconds both glasses are empty and have found their way back to the floor, tipped over next to the bottle, with a single droplet hanging from the edge of my glass. We don't have to look at them to know that that is the position we both wish we were in as well.

As if reading my mind, you wrap your strong arms around me once more and start tilting me to my side, until I find myself laying on my back and my angel half next to me, half hovering over me. You bring another strawberry to my lips, but this time I only teasingly lick it, then take a crunchy bite, and leave the rest of the juicy fruit lingering on my lips.

You smile and lean forward, to my neck, and let your tongue glide from the crease of my neck up...up... until your reach my jaw line... further up and finally press your tender lips into mine before taking the rest of the fruit into your mouth. The soft carpet underneath me feeling like a cloud, I feel the cool air-conditioned breeze against my right and the sizzling heat of the fireplace to my left. Above me, your body mixes both as your cold skin presses against my silk blouse but the heat from your body starts a fire within me as well. My body resting below you, I finally wrap my arms around your waist and pull you on top of me completely.

You moan as you feel my warmth below you and kiss me, this time hard, with more passion than ever before. Your hungry hands explore my body, sliding down my sides and back up, past my skirt and over my blouse, to my face as your lips keep devouring mine, reluctantly stopping for split seconds to catch your breath.

You sit yourself up and un-tuck my shirt from my skirt. You lean down and kiss me softly once more, and with each kiss you pop another button on my shirt. You don't take it off completely, but instead just slide it to the sides, my sleeves still on, but the silk crumpled on either side of me now. My lace bra moves slowly with my chest as I breathe in and out. My breathing has clearly gotten faster, and you know you are the reason why.

Your hungry eyes stare at my goose bumped skin and you slowly take your finger to my neck, as if you are afraid to break me, and drag it down the center of my chest, further down, to where you reach the black lace that is resting on the skin between my now perky breasts.

Hesitant, because you are not sure if this is really what I want tonight, you linger there for a moment, until I bring my hand up and lay it over yours. Your palm lies down flat on my chest, between my breasts and you feel your hand rise and fall with every breath that I take. You start to slowly move your hand to the right, with my hand still on yours, and easily cover my entire left breast with your strong palm, your long fingers teasingly now reaching under the lace to feel the most tender skin on my body. Instantly, my breast perks up and you tweak my nipple between your index and middle finger.

I gasp as I feel your long, lean fingers grab me and you can't help yourself anymore. Stretching your body across mine, you cover me completely and press your bare chest to my tummy so that your lips are face to face with the thin lace that is covering my aching breasts. A moan escapes my lips as I feel your teeth pull the fabric away and then teasingly pull me into your mouth, gently tugging at my nipple with your teeth. I writhe under your body, but your have me strategically pinned underneath you, only my arms free. Instinctively, I dig my nails into your back and my back arches as my head tilts backwards. You can clearly see that I am enjoying every move you pull on me, and you think to yourself that this is exactly what you had planned.

As if reading your mind, I whisper into your ear, while you are still attached to my breast, "I've missed you so much today, baby." You let go of my breast for a moment to come back up and kiss me, which we both seem to have forgotten about. My hand grips the back of your neck and fingers dig into your thick hair.

I've never hungered for you like this before, and we both feel the passion in our aura at the moment. Making sure to not neglect my other half, you immediately return to my chest and unclasp the front hook of my bra, letting it, too, slide down to meet the silk already crumpled up on my sides.

I hear a low growl from your lips as you stare, as if hypnotized, down onto my smooth skin. Your fingers now find their way to the center of my chest and slowly you spread them out and away from each other, dragging them gently across the bottom half of my perky breasts. I hold my breath at your touch and close my eyes, wanting to savor this moment.

Suddenly I feel your fingertips resting on my nipples and I let out my breath in a collective sigh and automatically bring my hands to cover yours, opening my eyes to look at you as you speak. "God, baby... do you know how beautiful you are right now?" You smile at me and my thanks to you is just a smile back.

Leaning down once more you kiss me again, hard this time, your tongue dancing with mine, devouring me completely. I can't help myself, I reach for your belt and your body reacts with a shiver that extends into mine. You moan into my mouth and I can't help but smile as my fingertips teasingly work your belt.

The giant clasp comes undone and lands on my tummy, the cold metal feeling refreshing on my now hot skin. You are propped up on your arms above me, watching me tug at the belt as it leaves your pants, loop by loop, slowly working its way out. You smile at me, whispering "You are such a tease, baby girl." The belt hits the floor next to us and the bulge in your pants couldn't be hidden if we tried.

My nails start to tug at the zipper on your jeans and the button has already come undone, you can't just sit by and watch, you growl and bite down gently on my neck. I gasp as I feel your teeth, "Mmm, tiger..." is all I manage to get out before your mouth clasps over mine again. I start pushing your pants down, my hands over your firm butt cheeks now, tugging at the black boxer briefs as well, just waiting for you to spring to life in the front.

With one swift move, you kick your pants and briefs off, and find yourself completely naked, kneeling between my legs. My shirt below me, but my sleeves still on, contains my now unhooked bra. You shake your head, we can't have that. I feel your hands slide up my outer thighs past my skirt until you reach the edge of my thigh highs. The lace at the edge of them between your fingers brings a smile to your face.

"You know this is my favorite kind." "I know, baby," I say, "that's why I wore them." You peel the silk stockings off my legs, one by one, and place them on the pile of your clothes. My skirt has ridden up in this process and the only thing you can see is a little triangle of lace covering my mound.

The fireplace light accentuates the single drop of my honey that has found its way to the top of my thong. While leaning down to unhook my skirt, you breathe in my sweet scent and I can see your heart begin to race. "I have to have you, baby girl", as you raise my butt in the air and slide the skirt down my thighs and past my ankles, off of me completely.

You don't waste time, as you sit me up and strip my shirt and bra off, allowing them to find a spot on the pile of clothes next to us now. I dig my nails into your shoulders before you lay me back down.

Spreading my legs, laying them on each side of you now, you get a full view of me. Your finger starts to trace down from my lips past my neck, finding its way between my breasts and down my tummy, you hook it into the lace of my thong, but don't pull it off just yet.

Instead, you slide it to the side, your fingertip now feeling the moisture on the fabric, and teasingly drag your finger down the middle to where you feel my soaking wet lips.

I moan as my eyes roll in the back of my head from ecstasy, without words begging you to touch me. As if you can hear me, you push the string to the side and part my lips with your fingers, and ever so slowly, as to milk my excitement for all it's worth, you push your index finger inside. Completely soaking your hand, your finger slides easily into me, inch by inch, second by second you push deeper in until you can't go any further.

Having held my breath, I exhale now and tighten my muscles around your finger. We both instinctively moan and you start to pull your finger back out. A pout forms on my lips and you smile. You love teasing me and you now know how badly I want you. Your soaked finger finds its way to your lips and you lick the tip of it like a popsicle.

"You taste amazing, baby. Want some?" All I can do is nod as my lips part slowly awaiting your touch. The sweet honey hits my tongue and I suck your finger into my mouth, sucking on it feverishly, thinking about how good you would taste as well.

You pull the finger from my mouth and I see an animal fire in your eyes. You rip my thong off and leave the torn fabric dangling off my thigh as you spread my legs even further apart and with a swift move shove two fingers inside of me. I scream out in pleasure as you pump in and out of me with your long, slender fingers.

Another scream escapes my lips as I feel you add another finger into me. Writhing on the floor in front of you, my eyes closed and my mouth gasping for air, I don't notice that your fingers aren't inside of me anymore until something else touches my soaked lips. I open my eyes, but see you still kneeling between my legs... now holding a purple toy to my lips.

"Oh God, baby... please, yes..." is all I manage to speak between the gasps for air. "Beg me for it, baby", you tease me and smile devilishly. "Baby boy, don't tease me, you know how badly I need it. Can't you see?" as I spread my legs even further and my juices glisten in the light of the fireplace in front of your eyes.

That was all you needed as encouragement and I dig my nails into the soft carpet as I feel the soft purple shaft push its way past my lips and into me. You don't take mercy on me and immediately start pumping it in and out of me, making my entire body shake and quiver below you. You can tell I am on the edge of orgasm and you stop abruptly. "Wh... why did you stop!?" I gasp, but before I get an answer I taste your lips on mine and the familiar feeling of you between my legs brings my excitement back to its peak.

"Mmm... please baby... please..." as I grab a hold of your shaft and place it between my lips. One swift shove and you are deep inside of me, gritting your teeth and biting your lip to keep from screaming at this amazing feeling.

So hard and so big for me, I feel you pump in and out slowly. My warmth and wetness enclose you inside of me as you gyrate your hips to make sure you go as deep as possible. My legs wrap around your waist and my nails dig into your back, and I can't help but bite your neck as you shove further and further into me.

The pace increasing, I hear you gasp for breath as you start breathing harder and harder, spreading me out for you, having loved the initial tight feeling around your shaft.

Thrusting faster and harder, your pelvis meets mine every other second as you pull out and shove back inside of me, making me scream out in pleasure. A low growl escapes your lips "Oh God, baby girl, I've been waiting all day for this. I love you so much."

"I love you, too, angel", as I dig my nails deeper into your skin and run my hand through your hair. You push deeper and deeper, moaning and gasping for air, as I tighten my muscles around you, adding more resistance to your thrusts. "Baby girl, you are teasing me so much..." "... I know daddy, but don't tell me you don't love it." Upon hearing that, your body stiffens even more and I scream out as I feel the new wave of energy burst through you and you thrust even deeper now than before.

Before I realize it, I find you sitting on the floor and me, still with my legs wrapped around your waist, bouncing on your lap. Your hands gripping at my waist, your hungry lips sucking on my hard nipples, lifting me up and pressing me back down onto you. I arch my back and my hair falls in curls down my back, tickling your hands as your pace increases and I find myself bouncing on you still, my breasts moving in rhythm with my body as you stare hungrily at our love making.

Looking down, you see yourself slide in and out of me and I feel your tongue on my collarbone once more. Your hands move from my hips as I keep the pace on my own now, and I scream out, feeling your fingers tug at my nipples now, and the other hand hungrily kneading my other breast.

I bring my face forward again and kiss you hard, looking into your eyes shortly after the kiss, whispering between gasps, "Ba...baby... I... oh God... I think it's time..." We stare into each others' eyes and ecstasy takes us over as both our bodies start to shiver with the biggest collective orgasm we have ever experienced. Lasting for what seems like an eternity, we don't stop staring into each others' eyes as every muscle in our bodies seems to stiffen with pleasure.

After we both let out a sigh and the elevated feeling finally leaves our bodies, I collapse into your body and find your arms wrap around me. My legs still around your waist, loosely now, and my head resting on your shoulder, you rest yours on mine and hold on to me tight.

We roll over slowly and lay down on our sides, facing each other. We feel our juices dripping from us, but don't even think about parting yet. We are still one as we stare into each others' eyes and without speaking let each other know that this was the best experience of our lives. Without pulling out or getting up, you reach behind the pile of clothes and produce a fleece blanket for us.

You place it over our sweating bodies and drag your fingers up my arm to my neck and back down between my breasts to my tummy, until you finally touch yourself inside of me. I lean forward and kiss your lips gently, my hunger for you satisfied to the brink. You return my kiss happily and smile as you look at me. "Thank you baby," I whisper, "that was exactly what I needed". Still as one, we doze off into the sweetest slumber.

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