tagRomanceExam Erotica Ch. 02

Exam Erotica Ch. 02


This is chapter 2. You really need to read "Exam Erotica" to have the background. Go ahead read it -- no charge!


We followed Mrs Marks (my mums) suggestion and started writing notes to each other and before long started using a notebook. I was starting to come out of my shell and actually managed to say a few words to Melissa.

Friday came around, last period English, time to get our exam results.

As we entered the classroom Audrey, the class loudmouth, saw me pass our notebook to Melissa and seized it, loudly exclaiming.

"Mrs Marks, Josh and Melissa are passing notes to each other."

"I know, I told them to. What is your point, Audrey?"

"Oh....ah.... I didn't realize you okayed it. Sorry guys."

Audrey may be loud and a bit in your face but she's pretty straight-up and popular. She just likes to have fun.

"Actually Audrey, could you stay up the front, I would like your clear diction and good voice projection to read something."

"Ok Mrs M."

We all settled, Melissa started to tense up and seemed to be preparing herself for something, all of the others were starting to relax with the end of school only a few more days away. I wondered what her problem was.

"Right class settle now." Mrs Marks had all our respect and we settled immediately.

"Today I'd like Audrey to read one of the exam exercises. The reason is because this paper is the only one to get an 'A+' and I feel it will give you all an example of what a love letter should be."

I saw Melissa swallow and tense up even more and I had a sudden thought that it might be my paper that was going to be read.

Audrey started reading and I immediately recognized that it was mine.

Now Audrey is a star member of the drama group and everyone knows she puts her heart and soul into every performance, we know she's going to be a big star some day and we are all proud of her.

My words, my humble words, were getting the Audrey treatment but after five or six sentences I heard her hesitate, gulp, take a deep breath, and carry on. Her breath was starting to get short. The phrases continued as I looked around the classroom.

They were all paying close attention and I saw many mouths starting to drop open.

"..honey scented lips.."

Yep thats mine all right. Melissa was sitting rigid now, so was Mrs Marks, looked like her legs were clamped together.

".. gazing softly across the star-lit courtyard..."

".... gently caress the fiery red locks that embellish your heart shaped face...."

I switched back to the letter and realized that I might have got a bit carried away when I was writing it. But still Audrey continued. I looked at her and her upper legs were pressed together as she hunched slightly forward. I sniffed... there was something... what was that.

I saw a glistening just below Audrey's short skirt, a wetness on the inside of her leg. I realized that other girls were also breathing funny, no not funny, but with short gasps that were often associated with.... with... Oh my God, arousal!

I looked around and noticed that it wasn't just the girls that were breathing differently. Peter, sitting to my left had a boner that was very obvious, so was David's to my right.

I looked back at Audrey, 'the show must go on' came to mind as she hunched forward a little more, wide open eyes, that wetness now all the length of her legs and starting to puddle around her sandals.

I realized that it wasn't just the other guys that had boners, mine was growing also as the measured cadence of the words penetrated my mind.

I heard a drip and looked across to see a tiny puddle growing under Julie's chair. The smell in the classroom was getting stronger and the breathing weaker. Mrs Marks' face was looking flushed but she still managed to sit calmly as Audrey turned to the last page.

I heard a whimper from behind me and glanced back to see Jennifer hunch forward with her eyes closed. A puddle was growing under her chair also and glancing around I could see every girl had the same expression, they were all aroused. Except Melissa, she was still sitting absolutely rigid.

"... my love for the red-haired godess will endure for all eternity."

Audrey reached the end of the letter. She sank slowly to the floor, her eyes closed as she moaned, her gasps of breath accentuating her inability to coordinate.

Silence in the classroom, apart from heavy breathing. Audrey slowly lifted her head and happened to look at Melissa. Realization dawned

"Y...you. The red-haired...... then ....Josh... Oh..Oh.....OH."

A gush hit the floor beneath her. Suddenly there were moans from around the room.

My mouth dropped open as I tried to take in the enormity of what my letter had caused.

Audrey's head lifted as she got her breathing under control. She looked at Melissa and I saw awe in her eyes.

"How can you sit there, unaffected!"

Melissa smiled stiffly "I ... I was warned, and ...and I've read that letter before."

Audrey's eyes opened wider "Oh...." she looked around the room and gave a shaky laugh

"What could you do to prepare for that avalanche, look, every girl here has a puddle under her."

Melissa gritted her teeth "Two tampons, plus two heavy duty pads.... And they are all flooded." As she laughed hesitantly.

Audrey started to laugh with her "I wonder what the cleaners are going to make of this room."

Mrs Marks stood up a little shakily "That's one of the reasons I had the letter read first -- to give us ALL recovery time."

Audrey moved over beside Melissa and knelt. They looked at each other.

"I understand about the notebook now. Do...do you.....do you think He might be able to write ....a sentence ...for me sometime."

"Why don't you ask him yourself."

"I wouldn't do anything that might come between that emotion.... I'd be swamped. One sentence would be a lifetime treasure."

The class settled and all the papers were handed back. Mrs Marks told us to think about what we had heard and, if they felt inspired, have a go at enhancing their letters.

When the bell rang all the class went straight for the toilets and I think most of the girls went home commando.

Melissa and I walked home and were able to laugh about the results of my exam eroticism.

I arrived home just as mum drove up. "I've got to change my panties now!"

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