tagGay MaleExchange Student Pt. 01

Exchange Student Pt. 01


Hello, My name is Grigor and I spent my senior year of high school as an exchange student in Morgan Hill, California. The year started when I arrived in the airport in the end of August. Heat was unbearable, but I knew how to swim and we lived near the beach, which definitely had its advantages. My host family consisted of my host dad who is an engineer, my host mom, Betty, who is a lawyer and their 9-year-old daughter, Jessica.

I was extremely nervous when the school started. Mainly, because it was my senior year and naturally, I did not know anybody. However, I am not too socially awkward so I figured it would be fine. First day went quietly. I met couple of interesting people and tried out for the swim team.

First week went without trouble, only thing that bothered me was that I was in the English class with bunch of juniors. I joined the swim team and was very happy when I had my first practice. Everyone in the group seemed nice and they were fascinated by the stories from foreigner's point of view. However, most of the questions came from Kelly - tall and dark brunette with big green eyes and lovely smile.

"Yeah, so I ended yp in class with juniors. I feel like I failed the exams and now I have to retake the class. And let me tell you, that is not the case!." I laughed and drank water.

"Did you talk to your counselor?" Kelly asked.

"No, why?"

"Well, if you hate it so bad, you can change your schedule. I have English on the third period and you could join my class" She smiled, "Plus, I think we will be come really close to each other, if you know what I mean"

I saw where it was going and I shook my head awkwardly,

"Kelly, I'm sorry but I am gay."

"I knew it!" She jumped and laughed out loud, "You can chill, I was hitting on you just to see your reaction. Plus, I never jump on guys. They do, just saying. But, seriously, you should talk to your counselor and move to my class. Teacher is pretty boring, but we will have fun."

"New kid, go back in the pool. You too, Kelly McDean" Coach yelled and pointed to the pool.

I smiled and quickly jumped.

Next day, I went to the counselor and changed my schedule. Whole day, I anxiously waited for the third hour to see my new class. I had met some other people, but no one sticked out. I aslo got some flirty looks and sappy love notes from girls, which made me feel really awkward. Not just because I am gay. I am just not used to sexual attention.

"What the fuck?" Kelly giggled at lunch after I told her everything. "You are super cute. Girls dig athletes. Don't they, Ash?

"Yeah, dude, seriously. If you ever like change your mind and become straight again, I will spread my legs." She laughed with me. "No, legit. I'll even bring condoms or something"

I knew that she was just joking, but it still felt like a compliment. After talking with them, I went to the restroom to look at myself for a second. I have dirty blonde hair, partially covering my forehead. I have a clear, smooth skin which I always thought was the best part about me. And the light blue eyes which is quite typical in Ukraine. I smiled and looked down at my body. I looked like a swimmer - tanned, thin, not too muscled, with a round ass and skinny legs. I felt confident for the first time because I actually liked what I saw.

First bell rang and I ran to the class. I sat down next to Kelly and she quickly explained who was who and what were gossips about them. Class was about to start and two boys stormed in rushing and jokingly throwing fists at each other. Shit, I felt like I was in elementary school. Teacher looked at them and sighed. He was about to complain when the door opened once again.

"That's Chris." Kelly whispered.

He was a tall, muscular guy. Wearing a light tank top and tight shorts, you could see his well-defined arms, hairy strong legs. I tried to look closely and I swear I could even see his bulge in shorts and nipples through his shirt. I got a weird feeling in my stomach when I first looked at his face. He had black eyes and short dark brown hair. With a straight nose, pale lips, iron jaw and arrogant smile, he created a really masculine and cocky look.

"Mr. Ebron, why are we late again" Teacher looked at him.

"I overslept" Chris answered and everyone laughed.

"How could you oversleep? It's third hour" Teacher snapped with a clear irritation in his voice.

"Well, I guess I slept too much on second hour." He grinned and sat down, leaving everyone laughing.

I did not even smile. One might think everyone likes cocky jocks and bad boys, but that's not true. I had hated them since childhood. Mainly, because they had made my life living hell till 10th grade, when I finally stood up for myself. No, jerks like this Chris guy were irritating assholes who just fed on weaker people.

"Don't go out with him." Kelly whispered. "He fucks basically everyone that has a hole. I know whole bad boy thing is a turn on, but he is a jerk. Plus, pretty sure he digs girls."

"That's fine" I smiled, "I'll leave him to "everyone that has a hole."

"Mr Mish..chian..co" Teacher looked down at the paper.

"Mishenko, Grigor Mishenko" I answered with a grin.

"Well, welcome Jrijor"


"Pardon?" He looked at me.

"It's Grigor as in grammar. Not G as in giraffe."

"Whatever." he grunted and went back to work.

I looked around in the class and suddenly met his dark eyes. I quickly turned around, but still felt someone looking. I was creeped out for the rest of the period and left the classroom as soon as the bell rang.

Everything else remained same for a week. I got closer to Kelly and she invited me at her house couple of times. We won our first swim game and I could not be any happier.

I did not even talk to Chris, but I have to admit something weird did happen. I didn't think about him a lot, but one night, I dreamed about him. He was surrounded by number of girls who were taking turns on getting fucked by him. But for the whole time, his eyes were fixed on me, his dark deep eyes. I woke up panting, in sweat. Taking off my underwear, I put my right hand around my cock and held pillow with another, quietly moaning and grunting. I did not even realize how soon I came. Getting in the shower, I jerked off couple more times and finally cooled off. Finally, I got back to bed, but still couldn't fall asleep. I was too afraid he would be back in my dream to haunt me, him and his dark deep eyes.

Next day, teacher divided us into groups. I happened to be with a cheerleader named Taylor, a short blonde girl with a nice smile, Chris's friend, Oscar, and two other kids. Oscar was being a real jerk and he started insulting poor Taylor, actually, even harassing her with his inappropriateness. However, she was too afraid that if she said something to the teacher, her reputation would change at school.

"Babe, are you gonna suck me before I fuck the shit out of you?" Oscar laughed and looked at her.

When I turned around and saw tears in her eyes, I just lost it.

"Could you do us all a real favor and shut the fuck up? Asshole"

He muttered something, pushed the desk out of his way and walked up to me. Hell, maybe I could punch him once before I'd go down. He tensed his muscles and was about to hit me, when he suddenly relaxed and turned around to face his two friends, Chris and Big Mike. Chris sat calmly, but you could see his face getting red. He was looking back at Oscar, not even acknowledging me.Then, the meathead bully looked at me once again and, to my surprise, went back to sit at his desk. I was breathing so heavily, my hands started shaking. I could not figure out what had happened, but I was glad that I didn't have to fight this asshole. Soon after, the class ended and I was about to leave when Taylor called me:

"Hey, Grigor!"

"Just call me Grig" I answered.

"Thank you so much for today. You are one of first people who stood up to that idiot." She smiled and rubbed my shoulder.

"It's fine. He was just being annoying to everybody else as well. You better now?"

"Totally,"Taylor answered,"Hey do you wanna come to my party on Saturday?"

"You don't have to invite me cause of that. It's ok" I shook my head.

"Well, you are still invited.I have to go now, see ya on saturday. I'll text you the adress"

I asked Kelly if she wanted to go with me and she agreed. She also added that I would probably meet Nick at the party. There were two other openly gay students on campus. Danny was a short Mexican guy with dark eyebrows and really cool, flamboyant fashion style. He was not really my type, but the other one, Nick, was every girl's and gay guy's jock dream. With short blonde hair and green eyes, he had huge abs and was completely hairless. Being on the football team, he was not bullied for his sexuality. Plus, he was single and I had not met him, so, I was both nervous and excited.

For the party, I chose white tight shorts and an orange tank top. Kelly came to pick me up and soon we were at the beach with the rest of the guests. Everyone was drinking, dancing or making out. Even Kelly had found someone, but I was just sitting near the ocean, looking at the sunset. I know, it does sound pathetic and lonerish.

"So, you are our new exchange student?" I head voice from behind and turned around.

The blonde guy wore no shirt and shamelessly showed off his six-pack and a huge tattoo on the right shoulder.

"Grig. And you are?" I asked with a shy grin.

"Nick. I heard you attacked Oscar. Someone had to put him in his place. Nice job"

"Thanks," I blushed.

"So you are from Russia?"

"No, actually, I'm from Ukraine."

"My bad. So, how is US so far?

"It's good so ..."

I was interrupted someone calling Nick's name loudly. As I recognized the voice, my heart beat sped up a little and I backed down a little not to stand too close to him.

"So, how's life, Nick?" Chris grinned, holding beer in his hand. He wore dark shorts and a white tank top, displaying his muscled arms and hairy chest. He looked at me for a second and then turned his attention back to the blonde jock.

"Awesome. What's up?"

"Nothing, same old."

I was shocked by how rudely he cut me off from the conversation. I looked around and saw Taylor waving at me, "Grig, come here for a second".

I said it was nice meeting Nick and I quickly left to join her.

"Hey, did I save you?" She giggled, "That Chris guy is even bigger dick than his friend. I thought I'd just get you away from him."

"No, they were just talking" I answered, confused.

"Yes, that's how he starts." She rolled her eyes.

"Starts what?" I quickly asked.

"It's just that ... never mind, just come with me." She held her hand out for me, but I excused myself to return to the beach. My heart pounded and I somehow felt something bad would happen and it would all be my fault. Chris was gone, so I approached Nick, but he backed down a little and looked away,

"Sorry, man. I have to go somewhere."

With that, he picked his shirt up and left, rushing to get away from me. I wasn't a fool though. I realized somehow Chris was involved and I was simply fed up with his jokes. I looked for him around unsuccessfully and asked couple of people to help me find him. They all pointed at the small beach house, so I decided to try my chances. It was getting a little chilly. So, I rushed to get inside. I opened the door and saw two couples in a heavy make-out session. I was about to leave when I saw Chris leave one of the rooms and enter another. I followed him, knocked on the door and did not wait for a reply. I entered and was caught off guard when I saw him standing shirtless in front of me. His broad chest was covered in hair and ended with what looked like a six-pack.

"You came" he said with a grin.

"I came because I needed some explanations." I started, getting more and more furious word by word, "First, you do not even talk to me and I ignore me all the time. But, guess what, I don't give a shit about that, but, then all these strange things happen. Your idiot friend looks at you, when he is about to hit me, and then he just stops. What's your deal? Then, finally I meet someone and you scare them away in 2 minutes. What the hell do you want from me?"

At this point I was already in fury, yelling at him and pointing my finger. He tried to say something, but I yelled at him not to deny it. Then he came closer, piercing me with his intense stare. I went back, but soon felt the wall behind me, I was trapped. I saw him grin and then he grabbed my hips ...

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