tagNovels and NovellasExchanging Flesh Ch. 03

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 03

byeric shawn listo©

Chapter 3: Making Headway

After my time with Vera, I was more anxious than ever to get Mae's virginity. I wanted to let her experience the things Vera had taught me. I knew we were a long way from ass fucking, but it was definitely time for intercourse.

Over the second semester we mutually gratified each other as before. Only we added her oral pleasing of me to what we did. Her cock sucking technique grew considerably, though her gag reflex prevented her from deep throating me the way I desired. The was my sweet Vera had done.

But Mae would now take the head of my cock in her mouth and hold it there as I came. She wouldn't swallow; she would deposit my load in a tissue. I longed to have her kiss me with her mouth full of the white stuff but she refused.

As the semester grew to a close, I think Mae realized the time had come to complete our bond as well. She seemed at least resigned to the event and after only a little prompting agreed to arrange for us to use the apartment of a mutual friend.

It was a Friday night and when we arrived at the place we were both nervous. Once in the bedroom, I held her gently and kissed her softly. As would become our rule of thumb, there was very little conversation between us. I undressed her and kissed her sweet body as I did so. She helped me get out of my clothes.

Then I laid her down on the bed and kissed her small breasts until the nipples puckered. I moved to go down to her pussy.

Mae said, "I thought we were going to...you know."

I kissed her mouth. "We are. After."

I spread her legs and softly kissed her clit. I licked her pussy lips and inserted a wet finger into her vagina. I wanted to warm her up for the main event. To relax her. She was moaning softly. I continued, concentrating on her clit until she whimpered her little orgasm. Then I kissed her nether lips and moved my tongue between them. She was moist enough.

I moved up to kiss her mouth and my hard prick landed on her thigh. Mae looked at it and reach down to touch it.

"My, it's so big," she said. "Be careful, Danny."

I held her breast and said, "I will, Mae. I'll go real slow."

"Did you bring the protection?"


She had insisted we use a condom. She was scared to death of getting pregnant.

"Are you going to put it on?"

"Before I come. I want to feel you skin to skin. And I want you to feel me."

"Don't come in me. You promised."

"I won't, Mae."

I moved between her legs and touched the down of her hair there with the head of my penis. Her little place did look very small. I placed the tip at her entrance and pushed the head in. Mae tensed and I pulled out and rubbed it up and down her pussy lips. They opened for me and I inserted myself again. This time I put about three inches in her vagina.

Mae opened her legs to accommodate me. "I'm glad it's you, Danny. I love you."

"I love you, Mae."

And I plunged my dick into her.

A scream rose in her throat but she stifled it. Instead, she mewed, "Oh, oh. Go slow. Go slow. So big, so big. "

I held myself there until she was comfortable and then began to fuck her with short little strokes. I didn't want to alarm her with the long deep moves that I feel the urge to perform. I couldn't believe I was finally doing this. It had been so long in coming. But I knew I had to be careful not to frighten her. The sex with Vera flashed in my mind and I increase the depth of my strokes. But I put Vera away--Mae's was the cunt I was in. Mae was the person I was with.

I bent my head to kiss her tits as I fucked her, gaining momentum with each thrust. Mae lay there with her eyes shut and her mouth a firm lines, unresponsive save for a slight rise to meet my thrusts. I had a chewy nipple between my teeth when I felt my penis swell inside her, telling me the end was near.

I slowed my movements. "Mae, I'm going to come, soon."

She froze on my dick. "No, not in me. Put the thing on. Danny, you promised."

"I know, but you feel so good. Don't I feel good to you?"

She paused before she spoke. "Yes, it's all right. Just...I don't know what I expected."

I increased my momentum. I decided not to use the condom.

"Danny, what are you doing?"

"It's all right, Mae. I'll pull out. I promise."

I fucked her hard. Maybe because she wouldn't tell me how good it felt. My cockhead found places deep within her and she panted each time I drove home. Her small hands reached my hips and pushed slightly as I dipped into her. My orgasm rose and just before it came, I pulled out of her cunt and kneeled over her to deposit my seed on her belly. I jerked myself off into her navel. I wanted to put my cock in her mouth but knew I would have to save that for another time.

Mae watched me as I moved my hand up and down my penis draining it dry.

"You're sure you didn't do it in me?"

"I'm sure, Mae."

I grabbed a tissue and wiped my come off her stomach. Then I rested beside her.

"Are you okay?"

"It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would," she replied.

Not exactly the response that I had hoped for.

"But it's something we can try to do more?" I asked.

After a moment, she said, "Well, of course. We have to do it if we're ever going to have children, don't we?"

She was soon asleep. I lay on my back thinking. She had felt good and I had hopes we could improve our sexual relationship. Because aside from that we got along great. But I thought of the wild abandon, the sheer wantonness of Vera. And as I lay there that night, I knew that although I would marry Mae. I would never be satisfied with her as my sole partner in sex. I made an unconscious decision to live my life the way Vera lived hers. As a adulterer.

The next morning, I awoke with an erection naturally. I rubbed against Mae's naked back and gently woke her up, as I toyed with her small breasts. She turned her face to mine as my penis bounced off the cheek of her ass.

"Do you always wake up like this?" she asked.

"It's you, Mae. You keep me this way."

She made a little sound of disbelief and took my cock in her small hand. After stroking me for a few minutes, she turned her body to me and leaned down to take me in her mouth. She sucked softly at the big head and jerked the thick flesh. I knew what her intent was. But, although it felt good, I wanted something else.

I touched the back of her head.

"Mae, I want to be inside you."

She stopped her mouth and took it away from the tip of my glans.

"I thought you liked this."

"I do. I love it, Mae," I said. "It's just that, you know, we have the bed here now. Let's not waste it."

She flopped back on the mattress. "All right."

I briefly kissed her lips, tasting myself there. Then I worked my way down her neck to her tits, which I quickly nipped into hard brown pebbles. Then I moved lower to her sweet cunt which was moist from my loving her breasts. She may have been pretending not to care about it but, from that wetness, I knew she was there with me. I spread the folds with my tongue and fingers and worked her into a state. Her breathing coming faster and faster.

That's when I stopped and grabbed the condom. I rolled it on my cock with Mae eyeing me suspiciously. "This is so I can come in you, baby. So we can both come at the same time."

She looked doubtful. "What if it breaks? I doesn't even look like it fits your, your...erection."

I took position between her thighs. "It will be fine."

I placed the tip of the rubber in her lips and push forward, allowing two or three inches to enter her pussy. I found her G-spot and started fucking her gently, hitting it with the thick head of my cock on each stroke. It felt wonderful even through the condom. She was so tight.

Mae was feeling it because she soon placed her hands on my hips. I started sliding more of my length into her, always taking care to graze her place as I retreated. Within a few short minutes, I was pumping my entire cock in and out of her cunt.

She was trembling and started saying through pursed lips, "More more more more..."

I gave her more, increasing my momentum by half. I felt my impending climax rising and knew the end was near.

"Gonna come, baby. Gonna come inside you for the first time. Come with me, Mae. Come with me," I begged her.

"Do it. Do it, Danny."

"Do what, Mae? Tell me what to do."

"Cccome in me. Come in me, Danny."

"And you?"

"Make me come. You...are...making...me COME!!"

She made a little groan and threw her head back as she squeezed her cunt on my pumping shaft. I hollered as my cock started shooting come into the condom inside her. I thrust myself fully into her and held it there, pulsing in the woman who would one day be my wife. She spread her legs to accept me. Her arms came around me as I kissed her neck. We lay entwined for many minutes.

Then Mae said, "Did it break?"

I said, "No."

"Well, you better make sure."

Regretfully, I withdrew my softening cock from her flesh. The tip of the rubber was heavy with the weight of my copious load and I removed it to show her that indeed it had not broken.

"Seems dangerous to me. I don't like those things. It gets so stretched when it's on you that I don't see how it could help but breaking."

"Well, it's a pretty big business. I think they've worked out the kinks for the most part." I stroked my dick to remove any excess semen. A pearly drop appeared at the slit. I offered it to Mae.

She said, "Yeah, right."

And then got up to go to the bathroom.

Mae would loosen some in the coming weeks, months and years. But our sex life never got the momentum that I craved. When we fucked I would usually pull out and come on her belly, though eventually I worked up to doing it on her breasts and even more eventually she consented to letting me have my orgasm in her mouth. I loved the idea of her tasting her pussy juices. Our usual position was missionary although Mae didn't mind being on top. I think she appreciated the control and I appreciated her small brown tipped tits. She rarely came while we fucked but if I simply held myself inside her pussy she could grind herself to her tiny mewed bleat. And I grew to love her. So I stayed with Mae, but even though I stayed with her I began to seek opportunities to indulge in outside sexual activity. I had no idea where my urges would take me.

* * *

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