tagNovels and NovellasExchanging Flesh Ch. 05

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 05

byeric shawn listo©

Chapter 5: Abundant Flesh

After my summer affair with Vera, going back to college and Mae was disappointing to say the least. Mae refused to experiement sexually and our lovemaking grew pedestrian. Yes, she would suck my cock and allow me to fuck her--with a condom--but any attempt to do more was out of the question. My eye, I’m afraid to say, started to roam. If not for the wild, sensuous passion I had had with Vera, at least for a new body to explore. I soon found out that I wouldn’t have to search far for a willing companion. Or two.

Mae had a very good friend named Bobbie. Let me begin by saying that, in my part of the country women tend to be on the large size. Our mothers are large, our sisters are large, the first girls we date are invariably large, the first girls we fuck are...well, you get the idea. Bobbie was from out of state, but I’m sure she felt quite at home on our country campus. Because she was a very big girl and extremely flirtatious. She never hesitated to flop her Rubenesque frame in the lap of any man. And she didn’t discriminate between students and faculty. Most of her weight was in her huge breasts and prodigious ass cheeks. However, she had gorgeous legs that tapered down to tiny ankles and feet. Her skin had a light Slavic tone and her shoulder length hair was a soft yellow. Bobbie had a pale pink mouth that is still the sexiest mouth I’ve ever kissed. Soft full lips that begged to be filled with cock. I often wished that cock was mine but out of respect to Mae and our mutual friendship, I never did anything about it. That is until the inevitable happened.

One night during a difficult time in my relationship with Mae, we went out for the evening with Bobbie and Alan, a guy she was fucking but not seriously. Part way into the evening, things were said between Mae and myself and she left in a huff. She even took my car. But as Mae, Bobbie and I all lived in the same coed dorm I knew I could get a ride home. I stayed with Bobbie and Alan and nursed a few drinks. Bobbie was being very understanding.

At one point, Alan excused himself and went to the men’s room. With no particular thought in my head, I leaned over and kissed Bobbie hard on the mouth. She in turn shoved her tongue nearly down my throat and I could feel my prick fill my pants. The kiss was long and sweet. Her breath was mixed with alcohol and cigarettes. When it ended, she pulled away and gave me a sly grin. She simply said, “It took you long enough, Danny.”

Alan returned and Bobbie and I kept our distance for the rest of the evening. I got a ride home with them in Alan’s car. Once in the dorm, I fully expected to trundle off to my room while Bobbie and her date went to hers. I had half a mind to take my half hard dick to Mae but decided I didn’t need the grief.

Alan forgot something in his car and stepped back out to get it. I said good night to Bobbie and turned to go up to my room. Bobbie grabbed my hand and spun me around.

“Don’t you dare move,” she said, giving me a leer that made me stay put, and went out after Alan. She moved pretty fast for a heavyweight. I stood there in the lobby in a kind of stupor.

After about five minutes, Bobbie returned--alone.

She came up to me and got real close. The top of her blond head came to my chin and she rested it there.

“What happened to Alan?” I asked.

“I told him to go home so I could be with you,” she answered. After a moment, she turned her head up and opened that luscious mouth. “For some reason, I think this may be our only chance.”

She sounded rather coy. This was not a oft used facet of her character, but it was kind of sweet in a way.

I kissed her and she once again crammed her tongue between my lips, thrashing it about, assaulting my entire mouth.

It was dangerous to be so involved right there in the lobby; many people we knew were apt to walk by at any moment--but we really couldn’t help ourselves. The heat of the moment held us spellbound.

I reached my right arm as far around her broad back as I could--God, she was a big girl-- and my left hand found one of her humungous breasts. I was starting to find a way under her blouse when she pulled back.

“Let’s not get too silly here, sweetheart. We both have rooms and you’re coming to mine.”

With that, she slid under my arm resting her blond head on my shoulder and we moved so entwined down the hall to her room.

Once the door was closed, she turned into me and gave me the pleasure of smashing her tits against my chest where my heart was beating hard. To this point I had only been with Mae and Vera. This sort of clandestine adventure was new to me. Bobbie nibbled and kissed her way up my neck to my mouth. She used her mouth and tongue like no one I’d ever been with, constantly licking and nipping and kissing. Something was throbbing in my pants.

She gave me a final peck and said, “You wait here, baby. Momma’s going to freshen up in the bathroom and then she’s coming back to give her baby boy the time of his young life.”

She gave my cock a brush through my trousers and, grabbing a robe, went out the door--presumably to the bathroom down the hall.

I sat down on the bed to wait. I was trembling with nervousness and lust. A friend of mine named Peter, who was a regular fuck for Bobbie, had told me something about her pussy. He said it was tight for a girl of any size but astonishing in a fat kitten like her. I couldn’t wait to find out for myself.

A few minutes later, she returned wearing the robe. She threw her clothes on a chair and turned to me. The robe looked like a small tent as it flowed over her corpulence. She had twisted her hair up behind her head and, I must say, she looked luscious.

A curious smile touched her pale lips. “Aren’t you going to get undressed?”

I dumbly looked down at my clothes and nodded sheepishly. I started to pick at the buttons on my shirt, but she stepped forward and stopped my hand.

“Or maybe you want Mommy to undress you,” she said. ‘That’s all right, Mommy will do that for her naughty little boy. But first, maybe she should give him a reason to get undressed.”

She drew the zipper down the length of her robe and let it drop to the floor.

I was stunned. Her body was a marvel to me. A sensual treasure that clothing only hid. Folds of flesh and mass, her body was perfectly proportioned, it’s just that everything was bigger. And better. Her breasts were colossal, of course, the size of small watermelons. The fascinating thing were her nipples. The two women I had been with had had nipples of a brownish hue, dark and light, but brown. Bobbie’s were pale ivory, almost lighter than the skin that surrounded them. The color matched her pale lips. And the areola were expansive, probably three and a half or four inches in diameter. The nipples themselves were the size of corks from wine bottles.

I’ve always been a breast man even though Mae’s were rather small and seeing these gorgeous specimens, I did what came naturally. I jumped on them.

Bobbie laughed deep in her throat as I descended upon her treasures. She obviously knew the effect they had on men. Especially starved men like myself.

I sucked at her tits greedily. Their unbelievable size delighted me. The taste was sweeter than anything I had ever experienced -- sweat mixed with perfume and --was it?--yes!--baby powder. Bobbie caressed the back of my head and let me have my fun.

After many minutes, I drew back and looked up at her beautiful green eyes. They sparkled. My mouth had turned her creamy white breasts a dark shade of pink. I held one in each hand. I swear they must have weighed twenty pounds apiece. I mumbled an apology for my enthusiasm.

“Darling, that’s what they’re for,” she replied. “Mommy's boobs are here for her little boys.”

She unbuttoned my shirt.

“But we’ll get back to them later on. Now Mommy wants to see what you have for her.”

I kicked out of my shoes as she took off my shirt, burying her head in my chest as she did. She licked and nuzzled at my own nipples until they were hard. Not quite as hard as something else however.

I could feel her naked breasts rubbing against my chest as she put her hands on my pants waist and unsnapped the top button there. She brought her face to mine and said, “Now let’s see Mommy’s toy.”

She kissed me deeply. Her breath was a mixture of toothpaste and cigarettes. So sweet--both the taste of her breath and weight of her breasts against me.

Then, in one motion, she pulled her mouth away and split apart the fly of my pants. It was the days of button down Levi's so they split easily. It was also the days of free spirits so I was wearing no underwear. My cock sprangfree. Seven inches of throbbing meat stood straight in the air.

She cooed and bent over at the waist--God, she was limber--shucked down my pants to my knees and found herself face to cock with my groin.

“Ooh, Momma’s happy,” she said. Then she put one hand on my cock and drew it into her mouth in one slow suck. She held it there for a moment, moving her tongue slowly along the underside. I thought I was going to come right then and there.

She edged her mouth as far down my rod as she could, but my cock being really thick, about six and a half inches around and she couldn’t seem to get all she wanted down her throat. Possibly her position hindered her efforts. So she began to move her mouth slowly up and down, using her hand to squash my aching balls.

Then she took her mouth off my dick and licked a drop of pre-come off the tip. She took each of my balls into her mouth and gave them each a firm squeeze. Then she stood up straight never taking her hand off her new found treasure.

Bobbie gave me a chew on my lower lip and said, “If I’d known this was waiting, you’d have been here sooner. Mae should brag more.”

Then she lead me, literally by the cock, to the bed.

We arranged ourselves on her bed, which was somewhat larger than the usual dorm cot, probably a three-quarter sized mattress. I suppose with all the activity Bobbie enjoyed, a larger bed was a necessity. And her size demanded it as well.

Bobbie was on her back and I slid in beside her, wrapping one of my long legs over hers. I was still tall back then but weighed somewhat less than I do now, around one sixty. I was almost lost in her flesh.

Her hand was tugging and clasping my cock. I kissed her mouth and hefted one of her breasts.

“That’s right, baby. Let’s each play with our toys for a while,” she moaned gleefully.

I needed no further encouragement and kissed my way down her chubby cheek and neck to her tits. They were waiting for my eager mouth. I couldn’t believe how firm and round they were. My mouth was ecstatic with the feel and taste of those colorless nipples now nearly as hard as the corks they resembled.

Bobbie meanwhile was exploring every inch of my dick with her hand. She varied the speed of her pumping, going an impossibly slow feather one moment and increasing to a fevered jerk the next. She was a very attentive woman, even while merely giving a hand job. And all I had to do was fill my mouth and hands with her gorgeous globes.

It was matchless. So good in fact, I quickly became aware that I was getting close to exploding my load all over her belly. I, regretfully, took my mouth from her breasts and brought it close to hers.

“You’d better slow down, Bobbie, or I’m going to come,” I whispered hoarsely.

She gave me a kiss and kept pumping. ‘That’s all right, lover. It won’t be the last time.”

She brought her hand to her lips and spit into the palm and I felt a tingle crawl up my spine. She again seized my prick with a, now, wet hand and we were off.

I was a bit puzzled. Sex with Mae was still ending pretty much with my orgasm as she was profoundly unorgasmic. When I later related this incident to my friend Peter, who also fucked Bobbie, he told me she often did the same thing with him. She had explained to him that his dick was so big she was afraid it would hurt her cunt. But that his second erection was somewhat smaller and fit beautifully. So, she told him, it was really a compliment, you monster.

I, of course, knew nothing of this in the moment and, since what she was doing felt incredible, I just fell back onto my toys and filled my mouth.

Her hand moved in long hard strokes. When her hand reached the head of my penis she would roll her fist around it in a circular motion. She somehow got her other hand around and cupped my balls which she clutched hard. When she lifted her hand and spit into it again I thought I’d die. She moved her saliva up and down my prick faster and faster. I knew it was about over. My dick seemed harder than I had ever enjoyed. I felt the sperm coming up the length and in my fervor I sank my teeth into one of Bobbie's nipples.

She cried out, “Yes, baby! Bite Mommy’s tits. Chomp away, you hungry boy.”

That was all I needed. My come hurled out of my harder than hard dick, covering her big belly. It was the most astounding orgasm I had ever had. Mae’s pussy and mouth couldn’t compare with this woman’s experienced hand. In that moment, I would have gone on never sticking my dick anywhere but her wet hand if she had asked me to. But that was not Bobbie’s plan. I shuddered and released her nipple from my teeth. I buried my face in the softness of her breasts. She continued to pump my dick slowly, forcing every drop out onto her stomach. Her navel was overflowing with my sperm.

“That’s it, darling boy. Give me your sweet come.”

She dipped her index finger into her navel and scooped up a generous gob of my come. She brought it to her open mouth and slid it across her tongue. “Come kiss me and taste your manhood.”

She brought my mouth to hers and drew my tongue deep into her mouth. The taste of my come joining the aforementioned taste of toothpaste and smoke was, and still is, indescribable.

We kissed until the come was gone, swallowed by both of us and then she took hold of my penis which was at about half mast. She said, “Let’s see how long it takes for Mr. Muscle to do that again, baby boy. Put it in me, Dan, I need you to fuck my pussy now.”

I was doubtful. I had never recovered that quickly before. But I figured I could get started with my still semi hard member and my growing excitement would take over. I poised myself between her legs and touched her pussy with my fingers. She was soaked. I pushed my middle finger slowly in her canal. She was tight! Much tighter than Mae, who was a considerably smaller woman. And Mae had trouble taking my girth when I was in full bloom.

“Put it in me, darlin’. But be gentle. I’m not as big as it seems I should be down there. Down there I’m just a little girl who needs to be taken care of,” she mewed to me.

I took hold of my penis and was distressed to find it had shrunken considerably. And the more distressed I got the quicker the damn thing quit on me. I decided to give it the old college try and began to rub her clit with the tip of my dick. She moaned deeply and opened her legs as wide as she could.

I played and played but to my embarrassment I could not get it up again. I began to sweat and shiver. After this unbelievable woman had taken care of me so superbly I didn’t want to let her down. But finally I knew it was no use--my pride and joy had let me down.

Bobbie realized something was up--or rather, wasn’t up.

“Are you all right?”

I timidly mumbled, “I’m sorry. Maybe we shouldn’t have wasted the first one.”

She drew me up to her and said, “Oh baby, I understand. You have no idea how many times this has happened to Peter. We’ll just give you a few more minutes for that monster to get his strength back.”

She held me tight, cradling my head on her chest. “But I’m so horny I’m tingling. I need something now.”

An idea flashed across her face. It was an idea I think she’d had for a while.

“Baby, if you’d eat my pussy out, I’ll love you forever.”

I looked at her. She probably knew that I had promised Mae I’d never eat out anyone but her. Women seemed to share things like that. And, for some reason, I took this as a challenge.

She murmured, “C’mon, baby, Mommy helped you. Can’t you help her throbbing pussy?”

I decided to do it. My promises to Mae didn’t seem particularly important at that moment considering where I was. I slid down between her breasts, over her large stomach, nuzzled her pale pubic hair and spread her monstrous thighs.

I heard her repeat, “I’ll love you forever.” And I went further down.

The smell slapped me in the face. Her pussy had a strong, pungent odor. Now, I think it was fairly normal but to that point I’d only experienced Mae and Vera, both light and sweet. This was a heavy odor almost a stink of woman. It was nearly too much for me. My senses were assaulted. But I tentatively licked her clit which was thick and swollen. A jolt went through her body and a gasp came from her lips, “Oh, yesss.”

It was the moan of a woman receiving something she never had before. Something she had always dreamt of. Maybe no one had ever gone down on her? I couldn’t believe it, she was so knowledgeable, so sexual. I resolved to do for her what ever she wanted and began to lick in earnest. I found her clitoris and soon the smell abated somewhat. She moaned and writhed as I performed my magic. Several times I thought she came close to coming. Then she bawled for me to stick my tongue up her pussy. I took a breath and moved lower running my tongue over her outer cunt lips, but the smell was too much. It was so darkly pungent it attacked my nostrils. I pulled back on my knees. She looked a little forlorn and put her hands in her groin. She said, “It’s all right. I know about it. God, it felt good though. Thanks for trying.”

I moved up beside her and said, “I’m sorry. It’s so strong.”

“Let’s not talk about it, okay.” She ran her fingers through my hair and caressed my neck softly. “Mommy still needs to come, baby. Mommy’s going to finger her pussy. Why don’t you suck her tits and watch? Would you like to do that for Mommy?”

I stared into those beautiful green eyes and said, “Gladly.”

I began to handle and suck those magnificent mammary glands and she plunged her fingers into herself. She lifted and pulled at her pussy much the same way she had done to my cock, with great variety and enthusiasm. It was amazing to watch this woman take care of herself right in front of me. And I had the most enjoyable responsibility in the world--keeping her breasts company!

She must have been ready because soon she was growling and bucking her hips up and down. That huge ass lifting off the bed and dropping down. It shook the bed!

Her voice was hoarse, “That’s it, baby! Suck my tits. Lift them up and let ‘em drop. C’mon baby, you want Mommy’s tits. I know you’ve always wanted my tits. I’ve watched you stare at me, wondering what it would be like to put your face between them. Well, tonight they’re all yours, bad boy. Mommy’s big tits are all yours.”

She was right of course. I had often stared at her and dreamed of this moment. Now I knew what the secret smiles she had given me meant. Something in my crotch was stirring.

Bobbie practically clawed at her clit when she started to come. Her breath was a near pant. Her hand would slow and the orgasm seemed to be subsiding and then she would start again. All the while I kept kneading and kissing her tits. She must have come for five or ten minutes. I couldn’t tell if it was one big orgasm or many small ones.

Finally finished, she brought her hand to her face. She opened her mouth to lick it and then thought better of it. She offered her fingers to me. I greedily slurped at them savoring her come and juices. And that was all I needed--I had another raging hard-on. It seemed even larger than the first one. I took her hand from my mouth and placed it on my cock.

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