tagNonConsent/ReluctanceExclusive Club Remembered Ch. 01

Exclusive Club Remembered Ch. 01


This is a sequel to the Exclusive Club series. These chapters retell part of the story of Exclusive Club, but from Melody's perspective.


Chapter 1 - Memories

Melody looked at the envelope. It was from the Cascade Club and Casino in Las Vegas. This was the same club where she and her husband had been lured to two months ago as part of a phony vacation contest. As part of the contest they'd been awarded two nights in a luxury suite and five thousand house dollars for gambling and entertainment. She couldn't decide whether or not to open it as she recalled her earlier experiences.

Two Months Ago


They flew to Las Vegas first class, all expenses paid. A limo was supposed to be there, but when they got off the plane none of the limo drivers were holding a card with their name. "Maybe he'll meet us at baggage claim," said Bill.

Then a handsome young man approached, "Excuse me are you Mr. and Mrs. Henderson?"

"Why yes," Bill responded.

"I'm Walter from the Cascade Club."

"How did you know it was us?" asked Bill.

"I was shown pictures of Mrs. Henderson," he said and after an almost imperceptible pause, "and you."

"Oh, I see. Uh, where did they get a picture of us?"

"I don't know sir. Shall we retrieve you baggage?"

Once their baggage was stowed in the trunk and they were seated it the stretch limo, Walter told them to help themselves from the bar. They had had cocktails on the plane, but how could you turn down a free drink.

The casino was about a mile away from the strip. Neither of them had heard of the Cascade Club and the website gave few details except that it was an exclusive, member's only club. The exterior of the Club was very nondescript and they both looked at each other with raised eyebrows when the limo stopped outside.

They were met outside the door by a uniformed bellman who greeted them by name and held the double mahogany doors open for them. There didn't appear to be a lobby. It was more like stepping into an exclusive men's club with dark wood and expensive furniture. The only way to describe it was opulent and Melody grinned at Bill.

There was no front desk to be seen and an attractive young woman dressed in a sari greet them and her name tag said her name was Vasundhara but she introduced herself as Vasi and spoke with a delightful English accent.

She led them into an office and offered them a seat before she handed Bill a registration form and asked them both to sign. She informed them that the club would be taking pictures and possibly videos for promotional purposes and the form gave the club exclusive use of these. Also, she added, the club may provide them with evening wear if the clothes they'd packed didn't fit the club's atmosphere.

This made Bill smile at his wife. They didn't own any evening wear; much less bring it with them. Vasi went on to explain that any evening wear or jewelry loaned would remain the club's property.

"And all your meals and drinks, including room service are covered as part of your package," continued Vasi.

This is going to turn into a wonderful weekend thought Bill as he looked where to sign on the form he'd been given. It did seem unusually long with a lot of small print, but with the pretty Indian woman smiling at him and concerned that it would make him appear foolish, he signed it without reading. Melissa smiled and signed below his signature.

Vasi informed Melissa that her schedule was a little fuller than her husband's this evening because she had an appointment in the beauty salon to be ready for their evening's entertainment.

After that, she suggested that they come with her for a short tour of the club before showing them to their suite. In the casino, the first thing that the young couple noticed was that all of the gamblers were dressed in tuxedos or elegant evening wear. It was like something out of an old movie.

Vasi showed them to their suite and they were amazed. It was probably a thousand square feet with a hot tub, fireplace and a complimentary bar. They were both surprised to see that their suitcases had been unpacked and clothes hung or put-away in drawers.

Just before Vasi left she turned to Melody. "Mrs. Henderson I apologize, but the only appointment that I could get for you at the salon is in one half an hour."

As soon as Vasi left, Melody checked to see where her vibrator was and found it still in the suitcase, discreetly moved to a side pocket.

"Well I guess we don't have too many secrets to hide here do we?" she said to Bill, holding up her orange and black, gopher shaped toy.

He laughed. "Can you believe the casino? I felt like Humphrey Bogart was going to walk up any minute."

"I know, I was thinking the same thing." The both laughed. "I don't have much time, I'd better change," she added.

They both put on the nicest clothes that they had brought with them. Fortunately Bill had packed a suit and Melody a dress, but they realized that their clothes didn't compare to what the other patrons were wearing.

"You look lovely," offered Bill.

"Thank you dear; although I feel a little underdressed."

"Don't worry about it. Go get your hair done and I'll wonder around the casino."

Melody entered the salon where she was met by name by a beautiful young Asian woman dressed in a blue silk dress with a black dragon curled down the front and a slit up the side to her waist. She bowed her head, Japanese style and introduced herself as Amy.

Ami started off by offering her a cocktail and said, "Tonight Melody we're going to make you a movie star."

"I always wanted to be a movie star," Melody replied, taking a sip of the exotic drink.

"We're going to treat you like one so we want you to just relax and enjoy yourself."

"Sounds wonderful," said Melody, taking another sip. She could already feel the warmth from the cocktail and felt wonderfully relaxed already.

"First we have a bath ready for you," said Amy. She led Melody into an opulent bathroom with a small steaming bathtub in the middle. "Would you like another drink?"

Melody giggled and looked at the glass in her hand. She was surprised that it was empty already. "Yes please."

Amy retrieved another drink from a silver setting. "Let's get you undressed."

Melody grinned. She was starting to think that being treated like a movie star was pretty cool. She was a little surprised and had assumed that the girl would leave while she bathed, but Amy knelt at her feet and slid off the practical heels she was wearing.

Melody shrugged and tried to unzip her dress, but her fingers felt clumsy. Amy stood up and took grasped the zipper. "I can do that," said Melody.

"Oh no, not today; I'm here to help you," said Amy.

Amy pulled the dress off of Melody's shoulders. Melody felt a little self conscious at being undressed by another woman, but she guessed that the rich and famous were treated like this all of the time. She stepped out of her dress while Amy unhooked her bra.

Melody was very proud of her pert breasts, but except for her husband, no one else had seen them since she was in the high school locker room. Melody slid off her pantyhose and underwear and then let Amy help her into the large tub filled with scented hot water.

Immersing herself up to her neck in the hot, bubbly water, she at least felt a return to some degree of modesty. Amy picked up a bath sponge, wet it and began to wash Melody's back.

The water felt wonderfully and Melody was so relaxed and mellow that she didn't notice when Amy began washing her chest. She held up her arms while Amy washed her with the soft sponge.

"You look drowsy," said Amy. "Here let me put a towel behind your head." Melody smiled contentedly, rested her head back on the towel and closed her eyes. She felt Amy washing her feet her hands and then moving up her legs when she dozed off. She was dreaming of sex when she awoke to find Amy washing her privates. Melody giggled. It reminded her of when her dentist administered nitrous oxide. She felt light-headed and happy.

"We're almost done. I need you stand so I can finish."

"Amy you're wonderful," said Melody dreamily and she complied, a little unsteadily. Amy used the sponge on her buttocks, but when the young woman's fingers soaped the crack of her ass, she jumped a little.

Amy used a fluffy warm towel to dry her off and it was wrapped around her while she was moved to a chair.

An older woman and a young Asian came in and Amy said, "This is Mary and Kim. Mary's going to do your hair while Kim does your nails and I apply your make-up."

Amy asked her to sit while they worked on her. She sat and drank the cocktail while the young women chatted with her.

When the hairdresser was finished she held up a mirror so that Melody could see. Her medium length blond hair was now curled up on top of her head and looked very classy. She smiled and nodded her approval at Mary who got up and left.

Kim had painted Melody's finger nails and toenails red with flowers that held sparkling diamond like specks.

Amy opened up a closet door and told Melody that the club wanted her to wear an evening gown for the pictures and video. She held out a floor length black dress that looked like it was made out of silk.

"Oh that looks gorgeous," gushed Melody.

Amy hung the dress on a hook and brought over a black, strapless bra. After taking Melody's half-finished cocktail, she lowered the towel around Melody's waist and then helped her put on the bra pushing up Melody's breasts.

Looking down, Melody was surprised to see that the bra was so low cut that it didn't cover her nipples. "It looks like I'd better not bend over," she giggled happily.

Amy just smiled as she helped Melody stand and the towel fell to the floor. Amy strapped a black garter belt around Melody's waist and had her sit back down. She handed her charge a new cocktail before kneeling at her feet.

Amy opened a package of sheer black nylon stockings with a seam down the back. Taking one, she balled it up in her hands and then slid it over Melody's foot, being careful to center the toe seam perfectly across the tips of her toes. As Amy sliding it up her leg she was again careful to make sure that the seam running up the back was perfectly centered and then she attaching the front garter.

"My husband loves it when I wear a garter belt and stockings," said Melody cheerfully.

Amy smiled and balled up the second the stocking then slid the end over Melody's toes. "You have pretty feet," Amy commented as she encased the foot in sheer black nylon.

Melody smiled as Amy adjusted the seam across the tips of her toes and in the back as she slid it up her leg. "You're quite the perfectionist?" she said as Amy moved the stocking up Melody's thigh.

"We want you to be perfect for your movie début," answered Amy.

Melody felt the smooth silky nylon slide up her thigh, but her mind seemed a little foggy and she thought, "My movie debut?" Amy smoothed the stocking by moving her hands from Melody's calf up to her thigh. Melody closed her eyes; a little surprised at the sexual stirrings as Amy's hands slid up her leg.

Amy finished Melody's other leg and then had her stand so that she could hook the remaining garters to the stockings.

Amy picked up the black dress and then had Melody step into it. Melody put a hand on Amy's shoulder to steady herself because she was feeling a little unsteady. As Amy pulled the tight dress up, Melody knew that there was something that Amy had forgotten, but she couldn't put her finger on what it was.

Amy tied the straps at the top of Melody's shoulders into bows to hold up each side of the dress.

Amy zipped up the dress and walked Melody over to look at herself in the mirror. "You look lovely," she said.

Melody looked at herself in the mirror. She did look lovely. She'd never worn a dress so revealing though; it plunged in the front and the back to slightly above the black bra. Her mind a little foggy, she asked Amy if she hadn't forgotten something.

Amy replied, "Oh yes, I forgot to get your jewelry."

While Amy got the jewelry, Melody again looked at herself in the mirror. Turning sideways, she stuck her leg out and the dress parted at a slit that went up past the tops of the stockings and all of the way to her waist. Above the black stocking was just creamy white skin. And then it dawned on her. "Amy you forgot my panties."

Amy answered, "Here, let's put these on first." She held up a beautiful diamond necklace and placed it around Melody's neck. Melody looked at herself in the mirror and preened. The necklace was gorgeous and the diamonds sparkled in the light.

While Amy knelt to place a diamond bracelet around Melody's ankle the door opened and another woman, even prettier than Amy, came into the room. She was barefoot and had on a robe which barely concealed the woman's large breasts. She looked Melody up and down and said, "Well dear, it looks like you're nearly ready. How do you feel?" the woman asked.

"With all this excitement, I'm feeling a little funny," she said and closed her eyes.

Both women moved to her side to steady her. "Let's sit you down," said the new arrival. They moved her backwards until her knees came in contact with the chair and she sat. Once seated, Amy placed a silk blindfold over her eyes. "What is going on? What are you doing?" She said.

"Relax Melody," said the other woman. "This is all just a surprise for your husband. Take a deep breath and relax. We want you to be surprised as well. Now stand up for us."

Melody complied and then felt them strapping something onto each wrist. The two women gently pulled her hands behind her back and she heard a click. When they let go she realized that they had shackled her arms behind her back. "What are you doing?" Melody asked, alarmed.

"Don't worry, this is all part of your movie debut for you husband," said the other woman.

"But I don't understand."

"Melody I already explained everything to you earlier," said Amy. "Don't you remember?"

"Earlier?" Melody asked, confused.

"Yes I told you everything and you thought it sounded like fun. Now here, have another sip of your cocktail." She felt the glass against her lips and she opened her mouth and swallowed the sweet mixture. "You want to surprise your husband don't you?"

"Yes of course."

"Good, now take a deep breath and relax."

She did and although she couldn't remember what Amy had told her earlier it must have made sense then if she'd agreed to it. She just wished that she could remember what she'd agreed to.

"How are you feeling now?" asked the other woman.

"I, I don't know; I guess kinda light headed and kinda warm, especially down there you know," she giggled.

"That's natural Melody. It's just a wonderful side effect of your drink. For example, if I do this" then woman placed her hand inside of Melody's dress and pinched her nipple, "you'll feel it between your legs. Melody sucked in her breath. Her nipple was ultra-sensitive as the woman withdrew her hand, letting her fingers slide across Melody's bud.

"My god you're right," said Melody dreamily. The drink had certainly calmed her, but she really wished that her hands were free because she felt a strong desire to play with herself.

"We're going to take you out where your husband can see you in a minute," said the big busted woman.

Melody heard the rustling of clothes and tried to look under the blindfold to see what was going on. She felt mildly euphoric and was still curious about what she'd agreed to; if she could only remember.

"Are you ready?" asked the other woman.

"I guess," she answered, but for what, she had no idea.

"We're going to put something in your mouth for your safety, okay?"

It made no sense, but Melody's mind was fuzzy and she couldn't think of any reason to disagree. She opened her mouth to answer, but when she did so she felt a cloth gag placed in her mouth. The two women were on either side of her and they lifted her up by her arms until she was standing. They then marched her forward. She was pretty sure that she could feel both women's bare breasts on her arms as they led her. Purposely, she brushed her arm against one of the women and sure enough she felt the woman's nipple and her soft mammary gland; surprisingly it made her groin tingle again.


Chapter 2 is nearly ready.

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