tagGroup SexExecutive Platinum Ch. 07

Executive Platinum Ch. 07


Once again my great thanks to Gary, my editor in chief.

My morning run got off to a late start; Gloria had still been asleep when I sneaked out. It was my day for a longer run; I figured I'd done about 15 miles before I got back. I went in by way of the pool, figuring to rinse off at the outdoor shower and jump in to cool off but stopped when I saw Mary already out, sunning in all her glory.

"Have a good run?"


"Where's Gloria?"

"I'm pretty sure she's either still in bed, or just getting up. She was still asleep when I headed out. Steve golfing?"

"He doesn't miss it for anything, every morning. She feeling OK?"

I nodded. "Truth be known, she wasn't all that bad last night."

Her eyebrow rose slightly. "Oh?"

"Mary, about last night... was I correct in thinking your offer for a nightcap was an offer for, um, a little more than just a nightcap?"

Mary looked around, no one was within earshot. "Yes."

"Yeah, I was pretty sure." I wasn't sure what I wanted to say or ask, so paused, thinking. "Gloria figured that out too. At first she was game, but she got cold feet. She's been pretty, how shall I say it - prudish? Repressed sexually? - for most of her life. She wasn't sure she was ready to um... participate in whatever you were offering." Mary nodded, again indicating understanding.

"So just what exactly were you offering?"

She smiled. "Good question. Actually if you'd come to the room we'd have told you exactly what we were up for. We always set the rules up front so nobody is surprised; nobody expects something they aren't going to get." She stopped then stated matter of factly, "We like to play, but we don't fuck others. We like to show off; see and be seen. Foursome foreplay is what Steve likes to call it. Of course, my girls have been the center of attention since I was a teenager and as you saw last night I love to show them off and have them played with." I nodded.

"You realize that I like women?"

I nodded. "That's been pretty apparent, at least to me."

"Steve and I have an agreement. We never play without the other one there; he gets to watch and participate but he doesn't fuck anyone but me, I don't fuck anyone but him." She paused as a couple walked by. They settled into a location on the far side of the pool, she continued in a slightly lower voice. "Steve likes to watch me making love with a woman, and I love to eat pussy."

I grinned, "What a surprise! I never would have guessed." She laughed.

"Gloria really liked last night, I really liked last night. I think Brittany really liked last night, too, she'd have probably come home with us if you'd asked."

"She offered."


Mary smiled, "As we were going out, she told me she was off at two. I told her it sounded like fun but I thought last night wouldn't have worked out."

"What did she say?"

"She asked if I was going to "do" my little virgin friend. I told her maybe, and she said to come see her again sometime."

"So tell me, do you do this all the time? Go to nude resorts and shop for playmates?"

Mary laughed. "Shop for playmates! I like that. No, I wouldn't say that. Actually we've met playmates all kinds of places, but not often at a nude resort. Most nude resorts, well, it just doesn't happen. Unless you go to one of those swinger resorts, it happens there a lot. But places like this... Well, I won't say it doesn't happen, but my experience is that nudists are typically a pretty conservative lot. There've been a couple of times where we've met some special couples at nude resorts and played together, but we're more likely to find playmates at a Christmas or New Years party."

"I'd have thought just the other way around."

"Nah, around here, I'm just another set of boobs. But dress me up, and my girls are something special. I can't help it," she giggled, "they're just sluts for attention."

"I'll bet. So how do you tell a couple wants to play?"

"We don't always. We've offended a few really nice people once or twice, but most of the time – it's the women."

"The women? Really?"

"Oh yeah, of course. Face it, you guys are all sluts for boobs. Show 'em a nice set of titties and they're slathering all over themselves. Nine out of ten guys wouldn't think twice about going into the back room with me at a Christmas party with their lady friend right there. There'd be a commotion and a big stink and somebody would probably get fired or something.

But the women - they set the rules. If a woman's interested, she almost always comments on my girls. She'll tell me how lucky I am, or how her husband or boyfriend commented about them. That's almost always a sign that they're interested themselves. Sometimes they ask if they're natural. Once we've struck up a conversation, the dance is on."

"What do you say?"

"All depends on who it is. If I like them, I'll encourage her, if not I don't. The easiest way to move to the next step is to tell her I like to show 'em off. If she's asked about whether they're natural, it's an easy lead to offer to let her feel them for herself."

"And if she's talking about how her husband or boyfriend...?"

"She's not really. Usually any woman that will step up and talk to another woman about how her breasts are gorgeous has other things in mind."

"So tell me, just when did you discover you liked women?"

"You mean men, I've always liked women. It was men that I discovered later."


"I grew up with three sisters, one older and two younger. My older sister and I shared a bed for years." She shrugged. "What can I say? We taught each other everything. My first sexual experience was with my older sister. We played whenever we were horny until she went away to college."

"Huh. How about that. Gloria and I were talking about incest just yesterday, about siblings experimenting together, kissing cousins, that kind of thing. And here you are telling me you did the exact things we were talking about."

"Incest? I wouldn't think we ever thought of it as incest. Incest would have been like Mother-Son or us girls doing our dad or something like that," she shivered and shrugged her shoulders in disgust. "Gross thought. Yuck, but he was dead so that wasn't an issue anyway, not that we were interested. We were just horny girls that didn't mind helping each other get off."

"Didn't anyone ever find out? Your friends or parents or anything?"

"Of course, but we included lots of them, too. Not all, some were too prudish, but a lot of them. I don't know if Mom ever knew or not, but she never said anything." She giggled. "We sure had some wild slumber parties."

"I'll bet."

"So what about Gloria and me? You thought we'd be interested?"

She reached over and picked up a bottle of suntan lotion from the table beside her and began applying it her legs. "I'm sorry if we offended you last night... I um, I thought Gloria had been indicating she was interested..."


"I've seen her looking a few times, and she complemented me on the girls. Like I said, always a sure sign."

"Don't worry, I wasn't offended at all. And yes, I've no doubt that she's interested, interested in you at least. What scared her off was she thought you wanted to swap partners." She'd kept her hands moving up her body, rubbing the lotion between her legs, over her pussy, onto her belly. She wasn't teasing, she was just putting lotion everywhere, but that's not to say it wasn't having an unwanted effect on me.

She shook her head. "Nope, we don't swap. Been there, done that years ago. It got really nasty. We decided that although we like to play, no intercourse with others and we never play without the other there." She'd rubbed the lotion on her breasts and chest, and despite my trying, my cock had begun to swell. She looked at me from behind her sunglasses and grinned evilly. "Liked that did ya? I shoulda let you do the girls. But here, you can do my backside." With that she rolled over on the lounge. Although I hadn't particularly ogled her tush before, it was just as firm and toned as it looked. Before I was done I had to get up and put my shorts back on.

"What about you? You and Gloria ever played before?"

I shook my head. "You might say that this is only our second date."

Mary looked startled, "Oh yeah, I remember her telling me that. You brought her to a nude resort on your second date? I'd have never stayed if you did that to me, I'd have made you take me home... well, at least back in those days I probably would have. Now I guess if we were in a position to be dating I might think twice. Funny how your standards change with age. What about before, you were married?"

"Widowed. Married twenty two wonderful years to the girl of my dreams." I looked at her, knowing she was fishing for information, but she'd already shared with me, I couldn't see any reason not to. "And yes, we played some." I told her how it happened, how it ended mostly because we no longer lived close together, how we'd gotten together a few times, but not since Debs's death. It seemed to satisfy her curiosity.

"So have you guys got any plans for today? Doing anything special?"

"Besides some breakfast? Or is that lunch as late as it's getting? No, we had nothing planned at all this weekend, unless you count spending a lot of time..." I stopped and laughed.

"What's so funny?"

"I was about to say 'naked', but here that's sort of redundant. I guess I should say 'doing what comes natural when you're naked and alone.' Anyway, why did you ask? You have something in mind?"

"Steve and I ride the tram to the top of San Jacinto every year and have dinner. You ever ridden the tram?"

"Once, years ago. Gloria's never been here before." She filled me in on the details, I told her it sounded like fun and I'd check with Gloria. I got up to head for the room, beginning to feel the sun.

"Jim?" she called gently as I turned away.


"We, uh, still have that bottle of wine. When we get back this evening, maybe you'd want to join us for a night cap?"

"Uh, gee, I don't know." I frowned pondering it momentarily. "I guess it sounds OK...Will the girls be there?" I broke into a grin when she realized I was pulling her leg. "I'll let Gloria know what you told me, we'll see." It was the most I could promise.

The tram ride up the mountain is over one of the steepest drops in the world. From almost sea level to over 9,000 feet, it climbs a canyon that is passable only by mountain goats. Steep walls rise on either side; impossibly large boulders fill the canyon bottom. From the stark white terrain and blast furnace heat of the bottom, the temperature gradually drops to where the tram tops out in a cool green mountaintop forest.

The tram car was much larger than I remembered. My last trip had been in a ski-resort type of gondola, this monster carried many multiples of that and rotated so no matter where you were, somewhere during the trip you'd get to see all directions. It wasn't particularly crowded, but certainly not empty. Steve commented that it appeared to be an off day as the last time they'd gone to the top the car had been completely full.

At the top we stepped into a different world. Although the mountain air wasn't crisply cool it had to have been nearly 30 degrees less than on the desert floor. A hot summer day that had demanded a cooling swim instead was transformed into a comfortable afternoon. We checked in to find out when the restaurant closed and made sure what time the last tram went down so we'd know our schedule, and then went for a short hike.

Within mere yards of the tram station the desert below disappeared. A high mountain meadow, although dusty, showed large amounts of green from the summer thundershowers of the week before. We walked around the mountain top, stopping several times at different locations to survey the desert spread out below. The desert, which seemed to be made of greens and browns and grays from below, appeared starkly white in contrast with the lush greens of our aerial perch. We saw or heard an occasional person, but for the most part it was as if we were alone.

We didn't seem to have any specific place to go, but I noticed that Mary seemed to be leading the way. Mary was maybe 100 feet ahead of Gloria and me when Steve, who had wandered off to the one side, called us back. "Over here."

Over here, what? I thought, as it seemed to imply there was someplace special. We followed him over toward the cliff, where he stepped seemingly over the edge. Coming up on him I was able to see that instead of going over the precipice, he had actually stepped down a slight slope that led to the real drop off, and then stepped out onto a rock outcropping that was totally shielded from view by the looming cliff face ahead. An almost table flat rock shelf extended for maybe 50 feet ahead before it dropped off precipitously.

"Oh yeah, this is it." Mary said as she followed us onto the ledge. "I always miss it."

"You've come here before?"

She laughed. "Oh yeah, I've cum here before." Something about the way she said it, I glanced at Steve who had a sheepish grin.

"This is where we had sex the first time. Steve had it all planned out, he brought me to Palm Springs for a date. We'd dated a few times before so I figured we were going to end up in a hotel room or something as he wouldn't tell me what was going on. Instead we ended up coming up the tram and exploring for a couple of hours. Steve was showing off, he walked right over to the edge and sat down with his legs hanging over the cliff." I stepped to the edge and leaned out to look down, Gloria hanging onto my arm as I did.

"Be careful, Jim."

"I will." The sheer rock face dropped straight for several hundred feet before it disappeared into a jumble of broken boulders and detritus. Thousands of years of freezing and thawing water, winter snows and summer thundershowers had sloughed off huge boulders and tiny slivers, all now lying at the base of the cliff below us.

Steve picked up the story from Mary. "I've always loved heights. Bungee jumping, parachuting, rock climbing. Altitude turns me on."

"That's his thing; I go along on some stuff but not the extreme stuff. I'm more into bedroom sports. He didn't seem to get that, so I had to persuade him a little."

Steve laughed. "Just a little. I'd just said to Mary 'Look at those mountains over there' and she said 'what about these mountains over here?' When I turned around she had taken her top off and was posing with her hands on her hips."

"Sometimes a girl's got to take things into her own hands, ya know?" Their back and forth had Gloria and me both laughing along with them.

"So you ended up with the best of both worlds, is that it?" I questioned, "Bedroom sports on the edge of a nine thousand foot drop off?"

"You've got it." Steve grinned, "And we've properly christened many a mountain top since."

"Although we almost got stuck over night – we lost track of time and almost missed the last tram off the mountain."

"Speaking of which," Steve was looking at his watch, "we better head back if we're going to get dinner before we go down.

I hadn't been watching but the sun was now noticeably well down on the horizon, we were now in long shadows everywhere. The temperature, which had been comfortable before had already begun to drop noticeably. We got back to the restaurant with 15 minutes to spare, and had a surprisingly good meal watching the desert drop into darkness below. We stood in the now chilly air for about 5 minutes waiting for the last tram to take us down.

Gloria shivered, and snuggled into my arm, which I draped around her. I happened to glance down; her nipples were hard against her blouse. I was resting my arm on the railing ahead of me; I slid it sideways just a little and flicked her nipple.

"Be good," She whispered, turning slightly toward me so the 6 or 8 others waiting for the tram wouldn't see what I'd done.

"I'd like to be," I answered, "they're calling me."

Mary, who was on the other side, inadvertently bumped my elbow and I glanced over at her. She happened to be looking past me, as my eyes dropped to her chest, something they always did no matter how hard I tried not to, so she caught me checking her out. Glancing down at herself, and her also coldly erect nipples, she grinned and winked. "The girls are such sluts for attention, especially when they're cold."

We loaded onto the tram; apparently the other people all knew each other and moved together to the far end leaving the four of us by ourselves. Gloria stepped up to the window to look out; I snuggled in behind her putting my arms around her. Mary was next to Gloria; Steve also was standing with his arms around her. We'd been talking about nothing in particular, our conversation had ebbed and we were just standing and looking at the spectacular view stretching out below us.

"Well, almost." Steve said. I wasn't sure he'd meant for me to hear as it was sort of whispered to Mary.

"About as close as we've ever had." She answered.

"Almost what?" I asked, having missed out on what they were talking about.

Mary giggled. "Oh, we were just being naughty."

"No, we were just thinking about being naughty." Steve corrected.

"How's that?" I queried.

"Steve keeps telling me if we ever get to ride this tram alone we're going to join the mile high club."

"Mile High Club?" Gloria repeated, now looking over at the two of them. "What's that?"

"It's a self made club of people that have had sex in an airplane." I answered.

"We've figured it'll never happen in an airplane, so we might as well do it here if the opportunity ever presented itself."

"Why won't it ever happen in an airplane?" I responded.

"Well, let's see. How about public indecency, FAA regulations, too many prying eyes and half a dozen different other reasons I can think of," Mary answered.

"Besides, I've yet to be on an airplane that had a small enough crowd to do it." Steve said, "but that's always been my ultimate fantasy."

"It's not that hard." I said with a shrug.

They both stopped talking and turned to look at me. Gloria spun half way around, looked at me quizzically and said "You've done it?" I just smiled and raised my eyebrows.

"You have done it!" Mary said with awe in her voice, "How?"

I shrugged my shoulders, I'm sure with a smug look on my face, playing the "it's nothing" show card to the hilt.

"Easy enough. You go down to the airport, climb into your 757, fly off into the wild blue yonder and go have your fun."

All three of them looked at me like I was crazy. A moment passed in pregnant silence before Mary said, "And who the hell has a 757?" I just smiled. Her look of puzzlement turned to one of disbelief before she said, "You have a 757?"

I looked from Mary to Steve to Gloria before I confirmed, "I have a 757."

"Get out!"

"Where's your pilot?" Gloria asked, "Don't you have to have a pilot?"

"Not when you're a pilot yourself."

"You're a pilot? You never told me that."

"It just hasn't come up. How did you think I got here?"

"I figured you drove."

"Two to three hours in a car, 30 minutes in an airplane." They all looked around at each other, not quite believing me. Gloria decided to believe me first.

"So that's why you've got a rental car." I nodded. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out my wallet and fished out my pilot's license.

"Well I'll be damned."

"So when do you want to join the mile high club?" I grinned.

"Well I'll be damned." Steve repeated. "You are a man of surprises."

"How about now?" Mary said, "I'm up for some fun."

"Aren't you always up for some fun?" Gloria responded instantly, surprisingly teasing her.

"Well, yeah, now that you mentioned it." Mary answered with a laugh. "Well?" she continued, turning back to me.

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