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Executive to Slave


Stephanie sat back down at her desk after another long day. Looking at the mounds of paperwork that await her weary eyes. Her voice was tired, and her body ached from her work managing the small factory. Playing back the day in her head slowly as always to make sure she did not forget anything of importance that needs to be done before leaving for the day.

"Ugh!" she grunted in frustration. "Running this factory properly is becoming so mundane."

It had become so natural to be in charge, giving orders out, but having to answer the same questions every day was wearing her young soul thin. On this day, Stephanie once again found herself in front of her computer, finishing her paperwork for the week, just like she had in every other week since she had taken charge of the company. She glanced up at the screen and noticed a pop-up ad for an online personals service.

"Hmmm. I wonder if I could meet someone real through a website like that." She sighed and decided against clicking on the banner.

"I am so tired of being in charge of everything," she thinks, as she signs more documents on her desk. "I really need to find a place where no one knows me and where I'm not responsible for every single thing that happens."

Stephanie finished her last few tasks and prepared to turn off her computer, but she glanced at the monitor before closing the window. A new ad had appeared, different from the first. She read it carefully, gaining interest with each word:



Stephanie could not believe her eyes. "Is this what I am looking for?" she asked herself. She had no choice -- she clicked on the ad with hardly a moment of hesitation. The ad had drawn her to it for a reason she could not explain. "Maybe there, I can let go of my control and someone else can make all the hard choices."

She got out of her chair for a moment, walked to her private bathroom, and stood still as she looked into the mirror. "I used to think I was attractive but I've lost that glow somewhere along the way." Stephanie knew her appearance was still very arousing to most, but it fell well short of what it had been. "I'm still young. Where did my glow disappear to?" She looked at herself closely.

Her breasts were still voluptuous and perky. She opened her suit jacket and unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse. The curves were just right; she stepped back and admired them. "Mmm, I still have a tight body, even if no man has touched it in so long." Stephanie rubbed over her ample breasts and felt her nipples becoming aroused as she touched them through her shirt and bra. She bit her bottom lip and glided her hand down her flat stomach. Her womanhood ached badly as her touch approached.

"I haven't let a man touch me in so long. Dating is so much trouble. I wish I could just let go and let someone else make their demands clear to me."

Her hand stopped over her pleasure zone and pulled her skirt up, revealing a garter belt and a pair of black panties that fit her shaved womanhood perfectly. Stephanie ran a finger under her panties, tormenting herself slightly as she watched it move in the mirror. The motion brought some life to her body. She knew now that she had to go to that site and seek out a different lifestyle. She let out a sigh and brought her hand back to her side. She took a final look at her stern, worn expression and knew she had to make a change now before she could lose her courage.

She walked back to her desk and opened the website. The site seemed to be out of her comfort zone, but for some reason she could not leave. She read over all the information and decided to move forward. She felt her body reacting to every word she read.

"I think that I need this very, very badly." Her pulse heightened as she filled out her information. "I've never let anyone command me before but I need a release."

Her eyes lit up as she discovered that a Dominant man might select her from her profile within a week. Her heart raced faster: "I know that I want this, but there are so many questions I want to ask." Her mind flew to all the possible consequences of her naive choice to let someone control her. Once her profile was complete, Stephanie decided to check back everyday for a response. Feeling that she had been descriptive enough, she saved her profile and closed the site quickly before she could change her mind. "Well, that's done. I can always ignore any responses and just forget about it."

She knew in the back of her mind that nothing would be further from the truth. She needed this experience of release to bring her soul back to life. As Stephanie turned off the light in her office, she realized that she has made a huge change in her life with just one click on an online ad. "I guess important things pop up in our faces when we least expect them."

On Monday morning she entered the factory building for the start of another typical week. She wore her usual work attire -- a dress suit and her hair done up in a bun, all very professional. But on this day ... she was excited. She hadn't checked the website at all over the weekend and could not wait to look.

"Okay, maybe a quick glance. No harm in that."

Her heart was racing, and she felt very nervous for the first time in years. She walked into her office and told her secretary to hold all calls. As she slid into her chair, she marveled that someone like her could actually be drawn to this type of lifestyle. She had always thought of herself as so in control, but she felt inexplicably drawn to this, and all the research she had carried out that weekend confirmed her interest.

Her hands were in knots as she found her way back to the site. She saw that she already had several responses to her ad.

"Wow, I didn't think I'd get one, let alone this many." She read over them all and stopped at one that struck her eye. She reread it twice and knew it was Him. He did not ask any personal questions but simply requested a meet. He offered a legally binding contract for one or more nights with her. The conditions stated that he would be the one to dominate her fully. She became so nervous and excited, and her heart beat so fast that she could barely reply to him. She felt parts of her body awakening that she has not felt since high school.

"This is so different! I feel like a teenager going on her first blind date."

She composed a reply knowing that the final decision would rest with him: if he thought she could handle him, she would receive the contract in the mail within a day for her to sign and have notarized. She hurriedly finished up and turned her focus to her factory. Once she regained her composure, she began her mundane routine for the day.

She was sitting at her desk that afternoon, going over her notes, when she heard her secretary accepting another package from the messaging service.

"Ugh," she thought. "More paperwork to fill out again." Her secretary handed her the envelope. She opened it and quickly rushed her secretary out of the office as she recognized what she held in her hand. "Wow, this was quicker than I expected."

There it was -- the contract, already notarized on his side. He outlined every detail in the text, and her heart raced as she read them. She felt herself glowing at the clarity and directness of his demands. There was no guessing involved. "I knew he was the one for me," she thought. She felt a nervous excitement building within her. She quickly signed her half before she could change her mind, and she called her secretary Derek, in to have it notarized it. Fortunately, the secretary was her best and most trustworthy employee. She knew the contract wouldn't draw any attention and would be treated as private.

She placed the contract back in the envelope and sealed it quickly with her shaking hands, handing it to her secretary and telling her to rush it. She wanted to eliminate every possibility that she might back out of the thrilling arrangement she had just made for that Friday night, at a well-known hotel. Yet, her palms were sweating so much that afternoon that she excused herself from a meeting early, for the first time in years, because her mind kept racing over what she had committed to doing. "I must be crazy. Why did I rush into this? What's going tohappen to me? I know that everything was laid out perfectly, but what happens if either of us breaks the contract?" Her heart was racing in anticipation already, and it was only Monday.

The week seemed to drag by, and her stomach was in knots on Friday morning. She kept asking herself what she had gotten into. She hid most of the day in her office, too nervous to be around anyone. She told her secretary that she wasn't feeling well and that she would do all business by phone. Her body felt impossibly excited and unstable. Her heart kept fluttering, racing at one moment and calming down the next. Her voice even started crackling slightly. "It's a good thing I told everyone I was not well. At least they'll have an explanation for why I am acting off today."

She could not watch the clock on the wall anymore; it seemed that time was crawling forward at a snail's pace. She would look up every minute, waiting for five o'clock to come. The closer it got, the more she perspired and felt surges of nervous arousal. Her breasts felt constricted in her bra as they became swelled in anticipation of tonight's events, and her thong became noticeably moist from being so aroused. "I have never felt like this over anyone, and I haven't even met this guy."

She finished her paperwork and returned to the internet to research her new lifestyle, much as she had throughout the week, eager to learn how to please her new master better. She absentmindedly reached to touch herself but remembered her master's one request of no pleasure before their meeting. "I don't know if he would know, so I better stop now before I reach the point of no return." She glanced up and saw it was finally time.

"I need to go and prepare myself for tonight." This was the first Friday that she was leaving with everyone else in months. She hurriedly vacated her office, avoiding conversation with any of her employees. "I hope no one realizes that I'm not sick," she thought. "I don't want anyone to realize that their strong leader needs to be dominated by a stranger in order to finally let my soul live fully again."

Arriving home from work earlier than normal, she knew she had to prepare herself fully for what lay ahead. She went over the list several times, rereading it carefully to imprint on her mind his requests for their encounter. She took a shower and washed, again avoiding the temptation to pleasure herself as he had demanded. She realized suddenly that using her personal name was a good thing: "Even if something goes wrong, he can't ruin my good name at all."

She finished her shower and stepped out carefully, examining herself in the mirror to admire the slight glow forming already from anticipation of tonight's events. Her nipples were already erect, and her shaved womanhood throbbed slightly. Concerns of what might transpire tonight continued to flash occasionally across her mind. She rubbed her nipple lightly, knowing that she was not meant to do it but unable to stop herself from some pleasure. She watched in the mirror as her nipple hardened under her delicate fingers.

"I am not supposed to do this, but the nervousness turns me on so much for some reason."

She stopped herself quickly and began to dress. She applied small amounts of the perfume that he has requested and no make up. She left her hair down for the first time in years, allowing her long blonde hair to lay perfectly on her shoulders. She looked into her eyes and noticed they looked more hazel than normal. She smiled at the changes the event had already created in her. She glanced once more at the clock and rushed to finish her preparations.

When she arrived at the hotel, she received her keycard immediately. "Wow, he prepaid for the hotel room and everything!" she thought. She walked slowly to her room carrying the overnight bag he had requested. She felt her hands getting sweaty as she reached for the door handle. She took a deep breath and exhaled: "This is the night."

She slid the card in the door lock and entered, recognizing right away that she was the first to arrive. She went straight to the bathroom and slipped out of her clothes and into the pink baby-doll nightie he had commanded. Looking in the mirror at herself, it seemed as though she could see her heart throbbing though her chest. "I have never looked so beautiful as I do right now."

She was fixing her hair in the mirror when she heard the door open. "He is there now, the man who is going to dominate me and make me beg for climax." She stepped quietly into the main room. Fearful of meeting his gaze, she moved closer and knelt before him. "I am ready to serve and please only you, master," she said slowly, hoping that the gesture would please him. She kept her head bent as she awaited his response. She shook slightly with the tension of the moment, and her heart raced. "I wonder what he looks like," she thought, as she suddenly realized how little she knew of him.

After standing there for what seemed like hours, he finally spoke to her: "Remember! I told you not to speak at all to me until the end, slave." She winced as he grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled her head back. She closed her eyes from the humiliation and pain. As she reopened them slowly, she tried to focus her eyes on him standing before her. She could make out that he was tall and very strongly built. She could not see any details of his face since the light was in her eyes. She felt his hand over her throat as he rubbed along her jaw line lightly. He told her, "I do not want to hear another word from you until the end. Understand me?" She nodded her head yes, surrendering to his deep and demanding voice. Her nipples became erect, and she felt her womanhood moistening right from his first command.

He walked around her again and commanded her to stand: "Stand up straight and lift your head to the ceiling, slave." She obeyed his command right away. As he walked around her, she could feel her heart racing as she thought of what he might do to her in this position.

"What am I going to do if he hurts me? What was my safety word? What have I gotten myself into?"

Just then she felt a sharp pain on her left ass cheek. She held still as a matching pain throbbed from her right ass cheek. "Oh my. What is going on?" she asked herself. Her body was somehow aware of the pain but only pleasure reached her mind. He returned to the front of her, and she felt his breath as he stood near. All of a sudden, she felt a soft, smooth cloth over her face. Her body trembled at the unexpected sensation. She felt him tightening it over her eyes. "You will remain blindfolded as I requested," said her master in a demanding tone. She bit her bottom lip, concealing it still from view so it wouldn't be noticeable that she was trembling.

She listened closely as she heard him move around the room. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to what felt like the middle of the room. She heard him moving something metal back and forth. All of sudden she felt the cold, hard metal against her skin. He dragged it up from her knee to her thigh. She heard a cutting sound and realized that he was cutting her clothes off of her.

She trembled more as he disrobed her totally. His voice sounded delighted: "Slave, you are very beautiful." She smiled slightly, taking pleasure in his approval of her body. She felt his hands examining her body carefully and at times roughly. She felt his warm breath on her breasts a moment before he bit her nipples. Her womanhood began to flow with excitement as he took his pleasure from her breasts. The next moment, she felt something being rammed into her wet, tight pussy. "What was that?" she thought. She jumped and shuddered slightly from the sudden penetration.

His voice became stern as he hissed at her: "Slave, you are not allowed to move." To emphasize the point, he pinched her nipple hard. The pain was immense, and her nipple throbbed. Once again, though, she felt her body reacting with pleasure instead fear. She now knew it was a finger that had violated her so. As his finger rubbed around inside the wet, narrow channel of her pussy, she held back her moans. He pinched her nipples repeatedly, making them harden into stiff little points. Her heart raced as his thumb rubbed over her clit, and her body shifted slightly against her will.

She knew that he noticed. His hand swiftly left her pleasure zone, and he brought it down firmly across her ass. She shivered and felt the hand rising off her now very red ass. "I better not do that again or he will make my punishment worse," she thought.

He grabbed her breasts hard and pulled her down to her knees. His voice was a hiss: "You will not move unless I give you permission, slave!" She lowered her head in resignation as he talks. She felt him close to her face. His demand had been made clear to her; she stayed still waiting for his command.

"See what your body has done to me already," he said as she felt him slap her across the face with his hard cock. Her body tingled with excitement from his cock slapping her hard. She felt him withdraw and move to her side. She momentarily grasped at her dangling large breast and cupped it, giving it a gentle squeeze. "My breasts will never be the same," she thought.

Her body was already weakened and begging for release. She heard his breath speeding up as he rubbed her breast with something that seemed simultaneously soft and hard. She knew it was his large, hard cock head. She bit her lip again as he took enjoyment from her body. Her tiny, moist pussy throbbed from all the excitement. He spoke roughly to her, "Slave, you will cum for me hard when I tell you to." She was bewildered by his command but determined to try to follow it to her fullest.

She felt his hand on her clit as he moved back to the front of her. "Take your master cock in your mouth now, slave," she heard him say. She opened her mouth and felt him thrust his evidently very large, hardened cock into her mouth. He forced it down her throat until the base of his shaft slammed into her lips hard. She gagged violently as his hard cock hit the back of her neck, and her throat was tight around his girth.

He held his cock there, choking off her air and keeping her from breathing. She stayed still, knowing that he would remove it soon. He pinched her clit hard and started shifting it all around as he slid his massive cock in and out of her mouth. She felt as if she was about to come all over his hand. Her body swayed as he roughly violated her clit in ways she had never felt before. She heard him moan out, suddenly and loudly: "Good slave!" She felt his hard, thickly cock pulsating in her mouth and filling her throat, making her choke on his load as it spurted down her gullet. She rammed his cock as hard as she could into her mouth and held it even tighter as the last few bits spurted out in thick strings of cum.

She hoped that she had pleased him fully. She felt her own body eager for release. He suddenly ceased the torment on her clit and moved around behind her. She bit her bottom lip, still tasting his cum coating her mouth. "Is he going to let me release?" She wondered. His voice became softer as he spoke to her this time: "Slave, I command you to cum now."

He slammed three fingers into her tight wet pussy, making her sensitive spot tremble and pulsate as he pinched her clit hard once more. She bit down on her bottom lip hard, and she felt her body obeying his command as she climaxed all over his fingers. Her juices flowed, and her body shook from the long-awaited arrival of his commanded pleasure. He felt her release her own orgasm and told her softly: "That is a good slave." He moved across the room as she sat there waiting for his next command. She felt alive and vigorous again as she held her position, awaiting his command. He finally spoke to her:

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