tagIncest/TabooExhibit 'A'

Exhibit 'A'


Conner Prescott's mother was stimulated and surprised. All she was doing was trying on a few pairs of shoes for him. She wanted his opinion for the spring catalogue. He looked at her legs and she realized that she liked how he looked at them.

After that night she became aware and thought twice before 'modeling' something for him, but ended up doing it anyway. The white stockings, the veils, and the garter belts were all examined as she tried them for her son. He assessed each garment and talked to her about them but as far as Abby was concerned; his eyes along her legs told the story. It wasn't that she was unaware of her sexuality it was only that she hadn't connected it with her son before this. He had always connected them and the hardness in his pants confirmed it.

Abby Prescott headed a company of thirty employees that sold mail order bridal accessories. She took over when her husband died at forty. Most expected her to fail but the company had more than held its own through nine years and some tough economic times. The business was almost everything to her and she measured her personal success with it.

This had been difficult for Conner after his father's death because most of his mother's energy was directed away from him. As an only child he was lonely more often than not. He sought refuge in troubling fantasies.

He didn't know why but things seemed to be changing. Now when they listened to music together, she sat close enough for him to him to feel her breasts against his arm. Now she tried on sexy clothes for him and exposed her creamy thighs. Abby's attention was turning toward her son and it was not unwelcome. Conner's fantasies were turning toward his mother.

Although she still traveled a great deal, when she was home they began doing everything together. Abby became practiced in her 'displays'. It excited her to show him not quite enough. She knew which skirts rode up to which point on her thigh. She knew which blouse would show her braless breasts when she bent over without exposing the nipple.

On the day before his nineteenth birthday she took Conner to Cleopatra's. She used to go with her husband but hadn't been there since his death. Cleopatra's was a sex club masquerading as a dance club modeled on its namesake in Paris. 'Members' could go upstairs where they could watch or participate.

Abby and Conner drank a lot and danced a little and then she led him upstairs. He was boggled. People were crowded around some of the rooms watching others making love. Some were dimly lit and others were bathed in light. There was a room that had a foursome in it fondling each other as the music played. She led him to a cubicle with four people around it. They all had their hands through holes in the walls but you couldn't see in. After a few minutes a laughing disheveled young woman came out and he understood.

He was amazed when his mother asked him, "Do you want me to go in?"

His cock jumped as he said "Yes."

She had never done this before and became wet at the prospect. Conner stood by one wall and another young man was opposite him. Two women finished the foursome. Rhythmic drums and bass played as eight hands reached for Abby. She knew where her son stood and she faced his wall. She pulled down the top of her dress and his hands found her breasts. She swayed to the music but never changed her position as her son kneaded her tits and rolled her big nipples between his fingers. The hands on her legs and ass added to the excitement. After reaching a fever pitch she rubbed herself and came. She left the room flushed and tipsy and kissed Conner for the first time as woman that was now more than his mother.

Conner was sure he was going to fuck his mother that night - but he was wrong. She kissed him but never let him go passed that. He was disappointed thinking it was a one time crazy thing and he'd never touch her that way again. He was wrong again.

The coming days brought him more visual delights and more titillation for her. Abby took to not wearing panties and to wearing 'sweater bumpers' around the house: nipple rings which kept her nipples in a seeming permanent erection – which did the same for Conner. He was excited by her and wanted to spend all his time with her; this was when their arguing started. He asked her to go with him to a movie, to a concert, to dinner. She had to work, she had to work, she had to work.

Two weeks after 'Cleopatra's' things escalated. She was asleep in the corner of the couch with her skirt high on her thighs. Her legs were open enough for him to see more than he could stand at that moment. He went over to her and put his hand on the soft lips between her legs. She stirred as he worked two fingers in to his mother's pussy. She opened her eyes sleepily and smiled a languid smile at him. She took his hand and eased it out of her. She brought his fingers to her mouth and sucked her juice off them. She said in a whisper, "Are you ready for me baby?"

He thought, 'Am I ready? I've had a hard-on for you that could have broken off for the last two months. Is that ready enough?' "Yes momma, I'm ready, he said."

"Take me to bed then."

He carried her into her bedroom as she kissed his neck and playfully kicked her legs. He dropped her on the bed and she laughed as she bounced once and then opened her arms and legs. He unbuttoned her blouse as she smiled with her eyes closed. He finally saw the nipples she had been keeping from him. They were hard and long and circled by gold rings. He sucked one as he cupped the breast elongating it through the top of his hand. It was his ice cream cone with a candy top. He licked and ate it and the top of her tit made a popping sound as it left his lips. She laughed pleasurably when he did the same to her other tit. "Did baby find a new toy?" she teased.

They'd both found new toys; each other. She reached in and massaged his cock into a rod as he hiked her skirt to her waist. Conner didn't know what to touch first on her exciting body. He got to everything. He got in everything. He was in her hand and he stopped her before he exploded. He was in her cunt and he pulled out before he exploded. When his mother sucked his cock, he couldn't pull out before he exploded. His cum coated her mouth as she jerked every ounce he could give her.

He was panting when he was done. According to Abby, he wasn't done. It didn't take much more than feeding him her tits to get him erect again.

This time it was slow and measured. Her experienced hands and mouth took her son to the edge without letting him go over. She did all the things she had done with her husband but was even more excited by them. She'd never been as wet as when her son's thick cock entered between her opened legs. She locked her ankles on his back as he pushed deeper into her cunt.

Abby had never come without a hand or mouth on her clit but her son's body was making contact and she felt herself starting to lose control. She tried to stop herself but couldn't. She bucked into his cock as she felt him at the end of her channel time and time again. She called his name as she arched into the unexpectedly intense orgasm. It was the first time anyone had made her come before she wanted to.

In the first months the lovemaking carried him through the days and weekends when she was away; but as time went on he wanted more. Not only more of Abby's body but more of Abby. The Springsteen concert was missing something without her to share it with him. The movies and restaurants held no appeal without her.

One Saturday morning he went to the museum and spent two hours in front of one painting. It was called 'The Kiss.' They say the difference between great art and entertainment is that with true art, you're somehow changed by it; after the movie or music or sculpture you're just not the same. After 'The Kiss,' Conner was not the same. He had gone into a world where two people were one and he knew with all of him that this was what he not only wanted, but what he needed out of life.

The next day when she came home he said, "Mom it's hard for me to say this but I need you to be with me."

"I'm with you sweetheart, I'm crazy about you."

"Mom I mean more than just a day or night here and there. Couldn't you get someone to run the business? Maybe you could sell it; it would bring enough so you'd never have to work, wouldn't it?"

"Yes, but it's important to me; what would I do without it?"

"We could enjoy each other."

"Oh honey I love making love with you; you're the best. We'll have time for that."

"That's not what I'm talking about. Mom maybe this isn't the best thing for both of us. Maybe we should spend some time apart and see."

"Don't go Conner, I love having you here when I come home."

"Mom I'm sorry you don't want what I want."

Conner left that day and stayed away for a week. When he called, his mother asked him to come over for the night because she was leaving on a trip the next day. He said he couldn't. The next time he called it was another week later. Her voice was softer. "Conner baby don't you miss me? I miss kissing you baby. Come over tonight honey; I have some things to show you."

He wanted to come to her but he said, "I'm sorry mom but I'm leaving for a while. I'll be in touch soon."

He left her warm messages every few days when he knew she wouldn't be home. Each time his voice created an ache in her center. He stopped calling.

An agonizing month later her days were filled with worry and longing; his days and nights were filled with Abby. When he finally called the sound of her voice almost overwhelmed him. "Sweet Conner, why didn't you call? Baby…baby… I've been waiting; I didn't know where to get you."

"I've been traveling, thinking and…miserable."

"Oh honey…not as miserable as I am. The first week all I could think about was you not being here with me …and in me. I missed you touching me. I couldn't satisfy myself without thoughts of you. Then It wasn't only the sex, I missed you baby. I missed talking to you and seeing you; I missed sharing with you. Then I missed your presence. I realized that my head was filled with: I'll go here with Conner, I'll show this to Conner, I'll talk this over with Conner. I knew that nothing was more important than us. Conner…I did it baby." She didn't have to tell him what it was.

It was twelve years later and Abby Prescott was reading the paper when her son Conner kissed her cheek and joined her for breakfast. They didn't often travel memory lane but he was feeling nostalgic that morning. "Do you know what today is?" he asked.

Abby thought for a moment and said, "Well I know that tomorrow's your birthday."

"Actually that's how I remember; the first time I touched your breasts was the day before my nineteenth birthday at Cleopatra's. Can you believe that was twelve years ago?"

"Don't remind me" she laughed, "I'm closing in on fifty fast enough…this is where you tell me how beautiful I still am."

He got up and took her nipple between his fingers as he kissed her fully. "That goes without saying mom; you're sexier now than you ever were."

She laughed easily, "You probably think so because my tits have gotten bigger since I put on a few pounds."

He took the tits he loved into his hands and said, "I wouldn't change one ounce of you or one minute of the last twelve years."

He lifted her nightgown and went between his mother's legs. He licked the ruddy lips that still became quickly engorged at the touch of her son's mouth. She stroked his hair as he sucked on her. "Oh Conner, Conner…"

She loved saying his name. It had been her maiden name and it made him feel all the more part of her. He made her come as only he could. She had long given up trying to control her orgasms. She couldn't stop it now any more than she could when she awakened this morning to the feeling of his hardness against her ass. He had pushed into her wet center as he gave her the words of love that she always knew were true. Her cum now felt thick as honey.

She was a little heavier than that first night at Cleopatra's but not by much. Her body may have lost its edge but it certainly would still command attention if she walked into a boardroom or a bedroom: as when she walked into the boardroom for the last time to sell her company. But it was more than attention she found when she walked into the bedroom with Conner; she found forever.

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