The small egg in my pussy vibrates urgently. I snatch my phone off my desk, both aroused and slightly annoyed at the Bluetooth vibe and look surreptitiously around the classroom to see if anyone noticed my awkward reaction to seemingly nothing. The same bored looks at the board. I open the message and the vibe goes off again, and with a slight feeling of terror at being caught, I realize that you're texting me instructions, one word at a time. I pack up my stuff quickly and leave, finding a quiet place to sit outside. I bite my lip to keep from moaning as the texts keep coming, the vibe going crazy. I sit and open the text messages and string them together.

"I'm bringing friends over tonight. I expect you to be presentable and kneeling by the door at 7. Blindfold on. Wet. I want all of the toys displayed, ready to be used. Make sure there's fresh batteries. Do not disappoint me tonight, cumslut."

The last word—my name—is sent one letter at a time, bringing me just to the edge of an orgasm and leaving me short. I whimper, knowing I won't get another text. A quick look at the time sends me scampering home.

It's five minutes to seven and I finish setting out all of our toys after carefully cleaning each one with nervous hands. Master hasn't ever brought friends over before—at least not in this sort of sense. Sometimes his playing with myself while they are over have led to interesting situations, but never anything as direct and planned as this. I kneel a few steps back from the front door and pull the mask over my eyes, securing the straps to keep it in place to a few rings on my play collar. My breath quickens as I mentally run over my body again, hoping that I am what Master considers to be "presentable". Fishnet stockings lace up my legs to tie together just above my shaved pussy with a soft black ribbon, and a matching lace bra—more for show than anything—that accentuates my piercings, rings for playing tonight instead of my regular barbells. My hair is tied up in tightly braided pigtails, the way you like. My nice leather cuffs—both ankle and wrist—are comfortably secure.

I bow my head as I hear you approaching and straighten my back. Shivers run down my spine that make my tits stand on end, and I present them proudly as you unlock the door and swing it open. I hear several appreciative murmurs from the doorway and a feeling of terror goes through me. It apparently shows in my body because there's a very swift—but not particularly hard—blow from a crop on my bottom, presumably from my master by the way there was no hesitation. It must have been the one we keep behind the door. I bite back a squeal and habitually answer, "Thank you master."

A tug on my hair makes me get up, and I hear your soothing voice as you run your hands over my goosebumps.

"We're having an exhibition tonight, cumslut. My friends here don't seem to believe me when I say that you're just my little fucktoy when I want. Isn't that right, my whore?"

"It is, master," I respond humbly. At the sound of your voice, I relax slightly. I know things will be fine.

"You're completely blindfolded and cannot see anyone?"

"No, sir."

"And you're willing to let these unknown persons, with my permission and with my supervision, touch you however they please?"

"Anything for you, Master," I respond enthusiastically.

"Good." You clip a leash onto my collar and lead me to the bedroom, and I obediently follow. While your friends are still in confusion about whether to follow or not, you whisper in my ear, "don't worry. Any cocks in you are mine. Everything else is fair game. You may use your safeword." These comments calm me as you lead me to our makeshift dungeon and strap my hands above my head to the chain on the wall and secure a spreader bar to my ankles. I shiver again in anticipation as I feel you step back and your friends curiously step forward. All my sensitive spots throb, and I whimper slightly at being left hung up with nothing happening. My tit is slapped with a crop, and I gasp. The room is awkwardly silent except for the sound of my bindings as I shift my weight slightly, trying to rub my clit against the ribbon. I wickedly think you didn't tell me I couldn't.

"Can we put something on the piercings?" A timid voice asks.

"Of course," you answer, and with dread I hear you pick up your favorite chain and clip it to the rings. It pulls only slightly, but I feel the second connection to it slap against my shaved mound...

...and then someone—not you, it isn't the same feel—attaches the clit clamp and rubs their finger over my clit to make sure it's on. I moan loudly at my most sensitive weak spot.

This is apparently the invitation needed as there are suddenly hands running all over my body, some warm, some cold. My tits are softly stroked, the chain is slightly tugged, and everything is done with a certain sort of timidness.

And then a cold, glass plug is put against my puckered ass. My first one, my favorite one. I know it's you by the way it unrelentingly slides in. I sigh in relief once it's completely in, grateful for your kindness in anal lube. There's another awkward silence, and then the buzzing of a vibe. I open my mouth to protest and in goes a gag. Strapped up, blind, and now unable to speak, you hand the vibe to someone else and back away again.

"Show them it's okay, cumslut. Show them you want it."

I buck my hips toward the sound, hungry for the feeling on my sensitive clit with the clamp. The movement jangles the chain against my tits, which makes me thrust harder with need. In a wave of relief and passion, the vibe is placed against my clit and someone's fingers enter my pussy, feeling around experimentally. They push against the plug slightly, against my G-spot, and a tongue is suddenly on my tits. I gasp around the gag and feel an orgasm coming on, but I know to wait. They start finger fucking me, hard, trying to get me to cum. I bite down on the gag and wait, and wait, until I feel like I can almost wait no longer.

"You may cum," I hear someone to my left say.

I explode, shaking and writhing and pulling at the bonds. My body shakes and because the stimulation is still there, another orgasm rolls over me. I scream at the pleasure, hands all over. Apparently your friends have forgotten what they were fearful of. The vibe is taken away, and I slump in my restraints. My body quivers as the aftershocks of orgasm pulse through me. There are still fingers in my pussy, and someone pulled my plug out just as I was cumming. It's gently placed back in while someone sucks at my clit, licking my wet pussy.

Suddenly they all part and I'm let down from the wall and instead bound bending over the bedframe, my ass in plain view.

"You've had your first one, cumslut," I hear from you, and then THWAK, a paddle square on my ass. I squeal. There's another blow, softer this time, from a flogger. My favorite. I push my ass toward it, asking for more. Surprisingly, I get a crop on the other side. I'm slightly annoyed, and now uneven. My skin tingles, and your hand comes down on the other side swiftly while you push your cock into my pussy. Pain and pleasure mingle and I'm delighted to have my pussy constrict on. You start fucking me hard, and my moans grow louder and louder. With the spreader bar in place, my front side is still completely accessible from the front, and the chain on my piercings swings awkwardly before someone under stops it. It pulls first on my tits, then on my throbbing clit. The clamp is released from my clit and another wave of pleasure/pain washes over me, something which I can tell you feel as you grab hold of my braids for the home stretch. A tongue on my clit but—oh my god, it's a woman's. The shock and sensitivity suddenly throws me over the edge in another orgasm, before you allowed me, even though you cum at the same time.

The blows from multiple whips and canes begins, mostly light and growing harder. A few good swings will leave marks, and the unrelentlessness of it all brings tears to my eyes which roll down my face under the mask. It gradually slows down, and I'm shaking.

"You know better," is all you quip before letting all of the bonds go. I'm picked up and placed on the bed, face up with my head hanging off the side. There's a cock in my mouth suddenly, and my hands are guided toward a pair of breasts which I fondle with. Another woman moans. I obediently continue.

It continues as such, with me being bound up and taken down and beat on and forced to cum and fucked, over and over. After my last earth-shattering orgasm, that leaves me almost passed out, I feel everyone back away. A soft kiss on my forehead from my master, and then everyone leaves the room, leaving me spreadeagle and bound to the bed. I'm left alone with my thoughts and my labored breathing, and I gradually begin to calm down when I hear you enter the room again and release me.

I'm surprised as you leave the blindfold on, then lead me—by my hand—to the bathroom. My clothes were torn off long ago, and with a quiet gentleness you kiss all my sore spots and take my collar off. I whimper slightly, expecting a surprise blow. You murmur comfortingly in my ear and then remove the blindfold. I blink at the sudden ability to see, but the bathroom is dim, lit by only a few candles.

"You did good," you tell me, hugging me close to you. I sag against your warm, naked body, exhausted. You get into the bath, then pull me in as well. The water is warm and feels good. I lean against you and close my eyes with a sigh. I feel myself drifting to sleep as your hands wander all over my body, cleaning me off. They wander down south and you tenderly put your cock in my pussy and gently rock into me and out again. I let you, too tired to protest. After a few more moments, I join your motions. We start to slop water out the sides, so you turn the shower on instead and we stand. We fuck once more, and afterwards I slip down to the floor of the shower. After some more moments of relaxing in the steam, you shake me awake and we migrate to your bed. With your warm body pressed against my back and the comforting sounds of your sleeping breath, I fall asleep as well.

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