tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExhibition in Sin City

Exhibition in Sin City


We walked hand in hand along the hot sidewalk, among the crowd of hundreds of other people. It was well over 100 degrees outside, nothing unusual for June. Only thing that was unusual was the high amount of humidity. Never had there been humidity like this before. Not in Vegas, 1-5%, not a problem, but 80%? That was almost unheard of. We walked along, pointing at different sights, playing the typical tourists. We ducked in and out of the different shops and small casinos, avoiding all the tourist traps. We had decided to head back towards our hotel room, Instead of going back the way we came, we decided to cross the strip and go back up the other side. We stepped out of the crowd and pushed the button for the elevator to go up on the bridge so we could cross over without getting run over. As we stood there waiting, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. Not just a little kiss, a kiss that spoke volumes, telling me what he intended to do once we found our way back to our room.

The elevator opened and we broke the kiss, stepping into the elevator together, alone. The doors close on us and he looks at me, laughing a bit. I look at him, trying to figure out what's so funny. He stops laughing and just looks me up and down and I suddenly blush bright red as I glance out the glass elevator at the crowd staring up at me. Mortified as I realize that everyone can see that beneath my short skirt, I'm wearing nothing other than stockings and garters. Here I stand in this glass elevator, leaning against the glass, feet apart, showing my charms to the world. I quickly tense, closing my legs, almost in tears as the elevator stops at the top. I step out onto the concrete, walk over to the edge and look down at the crowd. I turn my back to the edge and sink to the ground below me, sobbing. I pull my knees up and lay my head on them, sobbing, unwittingly drawing a crowd again.

I wrap one arm around my knees, sobbing hard, my other hand drops to my side. Instinctively, my hand finds my bare pussy, knowing that it would sooth my tears away. I slid a finger slowly along my pussy lips, up and down, moaning softly as the tears start to subside. I dip my finger into my pussy, groaning as it finds my dripping hole. My slit is so wet now my finger slides easily up to my sensitive clit. I groan, totally absorbed in my own pleasure, but somewhere, I can hear an audible gasp. I look up, suddenly aware that I'm fingering myself in front of a crowd of strangers. He stood there watching me, enjoying my exhibitionism, never stopping me from embarrassing myself. I unfold myself and stand, brushing my skirt down into place as I stand there, bright red, embarrassed and totally confused as to why no one bothered stopping me. I slowly start to walk away, finding my way across the bridge. He's walking behind me, not saying a word. I make my way into the hotel, finding the elevator, stepping inside as it comes to a stop in front of me.

He steps in beside me, still silent as his back pressed against the wall. I never looked at him as the elevator moved, then stopped. Stepping out, I walked swiftly towards the entrance of the hotel, taking a route that would make it so I wouldn't have to bump into many others. Once I got out of sight, I stopped, leaning up against a wall of the hotel. I looked up, he was still there, surprisingly. I figured he would have gone on to the next casino. He walked up to me and took my face in his hand, kissing me softly at first, pressing against me, pinning me to the wall. I blinked at him and shook my head, he released me just as quickly. He looked at me, and I shrugged, then he walked on towards the room.

I slid down the wall once he was out of sight, breathing a sigh of relief, yet hugging my knees tightly to my chest, skirt sliding up my thighs again, exposing myself to anyone who should happen by. This time, however, I was unashamed, unconcerned, and quite content in the knowledge that I was alone here. I let my hand drop between my thighs, spreading my pussy lips gently as I slide a finger along the wetness there. I groan softly as my eyes close, slipping my finger into the throbbing wetness. I slid my finger out, drawing it up along my lips, finding my clit, the slow pulse sending shivers along my spine. I gently pinched my clit, letting out a long, slow, guttural moan, my body spasming in orgasm, my head thrown back, gasping softly for air.

I relax, drawing my hand back into my lap as I open my eyes. I blinked once, twice, then again, the realization that I had just cum harder than I had in months sitting on the ground against a hotel wall crashing through the euphoria I felt. I looked around, not seeing anyone around, surprised, yet happy to know that no one had seen the main event of the show. i stood slowly, smoothing down my skirt in the front and back, walking towards the hotel lobby, wondering what the rest of this vacation would bring.

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