Exhibitionist Niece Moves In


"Oh yeah!" Cindy breathes into Lauren's pussy, as the two women feverishly tongue fuck each other. Substituting her fingers for her tongue, Cindy looks over at me as she flicks Lauren's clit.

"Mmmmffffphph!" Lauren's moan is lost inside Cindy's pussy, but she evidently likes what Cindy is doing with her fingers.

"Is this getting you hard?" Cindy asks, staring at my recovering cock. "Because I'd really like you to fuck my ass while Lauren eats my pussy." She smiles as my cock jumps at the suggestion.

"Oh god!" Lauren cries. "You like it in your ass, Aunt Cindy?" She asks. "That is so hot! I've never tried it." Lauren says, as she starts using her tongue and her fingers together on Cindy's hot pussy.

"Well, you'll soon have a birds eye view." I say, as I get the tube of lubricant from the nightstand drawer.

"I love it." Cindy answers, breathing hard from the workout Lauren is giving her pussy. "I've never done it like this. I usually finger my clit while Jim fucks my ass, but this is too good of an opportunity to pass up." Cindy pants. "I'm sure your Uncle Jim is willing to let you try it, if you're ever interested." Cindy laughs, she knows how much I love fucking her ass. I can't imagine how tight Lauren's little asshole will be.

Kneeling over Lauren's face, I use my finger to smear lubricant all around Cindy's asshole. Momentarily pulling her tongue out of Cindy's drenched pussy, Lauren grabs my cock and pulls it down to her mouth. Sucking on the head, she teases my balls with her fingertips as I push lubricant inside my wife's asshole.

"Why don't you guide it in, Lauren?" I ask her as I pull three of my fingers out of Cindy's well-lubricated asshole. "You have a better view than I do." Without answering, Lauren wraps her hand around my cock and guides it towards Cindy's puckered asshole. Cindy and I have done this many times and although she's tight my cock usually glides right in.

Lauren pushes my cock head against Cindy's slick, coated hole and it easily slips inside. Sliding her hand back along my shaft, she pumps my cock into her aunt's tight hole. When I'm nearly all the way in, she moves her hands to my balls, gently caressing them as I push my cock the rest of the way into Cindy's ass.

"Eat me!" Cindy cries. "Suck my clit, while Uncle Jim fucks my ass." She instructs her niece. "Come on, Jim. Give my ass a good, hard fuck!" Cindy commands before plunging her tongue back into Lauren's pussy.

Starting slowly, I gradually build up speed, pumping my cock in and out of my wife's tight ass. As Lauren does what she's told, sucking on Cindy's clit, my balls drag across her face, and the tension builds in my balls from the feeling of her nose against my scrotum. I grip Cindy's hips and start really pounding my cock into her ass. I've fucked my wife's ass many times, but it has never felt like this. My balls slapping against my sexy, young niece's face is almost too much for me to take.

"Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!" Cindy cries on each down stroke of my cock. We must be doing what she wants because she's not shouting any commands at us. "I'm cumming!" She yells, abandoning all pretense of eating Lauren's pussy. She's rocking her ass back against my cock, while pressing her pussy down onto Lauren's mouth.

Cindy clamps her legs around Lauren's head, as Lauren rolls my balls between her fingers. This is enough to trigger my release and I slam down hard into Cindy's snug ass. Bucking violently against her smooth, firm ass cheeks, I shoot several loads of cum deep inside of her, while our niece laps up the juice that is steadily flowing from her pussy.

"That was incredible!" Is all Cindy says, before attacking Lauren's cunt with renewed enthusiasm. Lauren continues to drink from Cindy's seemingly endless stream of juices, while I extricate my softening cock from Cindy's slippery ass.

Lauren's orgasm is building and she closes her eyes, as she continues to swallow the diminishing flow from Cindy's wet pussy. My withdrawal from Cindy's ass releases a stream of cum, leaking down and mixing with the pussy juice, being lapped up by an unsuspecting Lauren.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Lauren screams, after swallowing a mouthful of pussy cocktail. "I'm cumming, Aunt Cindy! Keep doing that! Oh fuck!" She yells, licking her lips and taking another mouthful of mixed juices. She's bucking her ass off the bed, pushing her pussy against Cindy's talented mouth, as her orgasm jolts through her body. Stiffening her legs, she jerks several times before her expended body crashes back down onto the bed.

Cindy keeps her mouth on Lauren's cunt, lapping up her abundant flow of pussy juice, while her own juices seep down into Lauren's mouth from both of her recently fucked holes. I watch as their orgasms subside and they settle into an effortless, relaxed licking of each other's pleasure centers.

Finally, exhausted, spent and satiated, we cuddle together on the bed, falling into a deep, rejuvenative sleep.

I wake up, spooned against Lauren's back with my morning hard-on cradled between her ass cheeks. My arm is draped over her, with my hand snuggled between her breasts. Breathing in the smell of her hair, as memories of the night's activities flood my brain and my cock hardens even more against her firm, round ass cheeks. I hear the shower turn off and Cindy steps into the bedroom, drying her body with an oversized bath towel.

"How'd you sleep?" She whispers, not wanting to wake Lauren.

"I slept the sleep of the dead." I answer. "I was completely out, not even a dream." I add. "How about you?"

"Yeah, same here." Cindy answers, tossing her towel into the bathroom and cuddling up to my back. "What an amazing night." She says, kissing my neck running her hand over my ass. I raise my leg a little and she slides her hand between them, massaging my balls.

"Mmmmmmmm. That's nice." I whisper, involuntarily pushing my cock against Lauren's ass.

"Mmmmmm, yourself." Lauren says, dreamily. "Is that for me?" She asks, wiggling her ass against my cock. Cindy gently squeezes my balls, forcing more blood into my already protruding erection.

"Why don't you two get cleaned up while I make breakfast?" Cindy encourages, scooting back from me and getting off the bed. "I recommend a leisurely shower for you two." She says, smiling as she walks around to Lauren's side of the bed. "And you, young lady." She says, bending down and kissing Lauren on the lips. "I really liked what you did with your tongue last night." She says, wiggling her pussy in Lauren's face. "I think that deserves an encore." She adds, smacking Lauren playfully on her hip. Cindy puts on a sheer, silk robe and walks towards the door. "Oh, the three of us are going to have such fun together." She says over her shoulder as she leaves the bedroom.

"I'll lather you all over." I tease, kissing Lauren's neck and shoulders.

"Sounds nice." She says, rolling on to her back and wrapping her hand around my cock as she presses her lips to mine. My tongue entwines with hers as I gently squeeze her tits and graze my palm across her hardening nipples.

"To the shower!" I say, breaking the kiss and sitting up. I follow Lauren into the master bathroom, watching her sexy ass sway to it's own erotic rhythm. The shower takes up the entire corner of the bathroom and has frosted glass doors. Lauren opens one door and leans in to turn on the water. I playfully squeeze her ass cheeks while she adjusts the water temperature. Slipping one finger between her legs, I lightly tease her moist pussy lips.

"Ohhhh!" She says, lifting one leg off the ground, giving my hand more room to explore.

"You are so beautiful and so sexy." I tell her, as I reach around and squeeze her right tit while my other hand continues to stroke her pussy lips.

"Time for our shower." I say, reluctantly dropping my hands to my sides.

We step into the shower facing each other, with the shower spray hitting her back. I squeeze some body wash onto my hands and begin lathering her perfectly shaped tits. Her nipples are hard against my palms as I squeeze her pliable flesh, pulling them apart and then pushing them tightly together.

"That feels so good, Uncle Jim." Lauren breathes, as she pours body wash onto her hands and starts soaping my shoulders and down my chest.

I glide my soapy hands up over her shoulders and down her back. As she soaps my stomach and begins rubbing her slippery hands up and down my shaft, I grab her ass cheeks and thoroughly lather soap around and between them. When my cock and balls are slick with soap, she slides her hands around my waist and begins soaping my back. Leaning into me and rubbing her soapy tits against my slippery chest, she runs her hands down, soaping my lower back. Her hands move lower, cupping my ass cheeks, as she grinds her pussy hard against my soapy cock.

"I can't believe Aunt Cindy is okay with all of this." She sighs. "I was so scared when she caught us yesterday." She's rubbing her slick, sudsy body up and down against me as she squeezes my ass cheeks. Her nipples are hard, and her tits feel great, slipping back and forth across my soapy chest.

"Cindy and I have an adventurous sex life." I tell her, sliding my hands up and down her back and pulling her tightly against me. "We've talked off and on about a threesome, but never had the nerve to approach anyone." Her slippery tits are crushed against my chest and my cock is sliding all over her pussy mound. "I guess Cindy saw an opportunity instead of a problem yesterday." I'm smiling, as I stare into her clear, blue eyes. "I'm glad she did." I lean my face down and our lips meet in a long, passionate kiss. As we grind our soapy bodies together, I squeeze her ass checks and push my tongue farther into her inviting mouth.

Breaking the kiss and pushing Lauren's arms down to her sides, I turn her around, sliding my soapy hands up over her tits, while pulling her back against me. Pinching her hard nipples and squeezing her soapy tits, I slide my slippery cock up and down between her slick, soapy ass cheeks.

"Mmmmm," she says, leaning forward and pushing her ass harder up against my cock. "I've never taken a shower with anyone before. I didn't know what I was missing." She says, bending forward at the waist and putting her hands against the tile wall. My hands slide down her body, rubbing her stomach and then her thighs. She moves forward a little and my cock head slides down between her ass cheeks, until it's almost touching her pussy lips.

"I've never fucked in a shower before, either." She says, looking back over her shoulder and raising an eyebrow at me. That's all the invitation I need.

I slide my hand over her ass and push down my cock until just the head slips inside her pussy lips. Before I can move, Lauren pushes against the wall and thrusts her ass back against me, impaling herself completely on my rock hard cock. I'm pushed into her up to my balls and I can feel her firm, round ass cheeks rubbing against me as I begin pumping in and out.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Fuck me hard!" She says, rocking back and forth against my cock. I grab her hips with both hands and start slamming my cock into her slippery, wet pussy like a battering ram. She braces herself against the wall with her hands, as I keep pounding and pounding my long, hard cock deep into her snug, hot pussy.

"Ohhhh... God... Fuck... me... Uncle Jim!... Fuck... me... Ohhh... God!" Lauren shouts each word on every down stroke of my cock. Her voice is shaky and she's panting, as I continue to hammer into her relentlessly. I can feel my climax building and I'm holding back as long as I can, hoping she's getting close, too. She pulls one hand from the wall and shoves it between her legs, mauling her clit, as I fuck her mercilessly.

I keep up the furious pace; driving my cock into her sopping, wet pussy, while the shower sprays over us. Finally, I can't hold it. I slam into her as hard as I can, pulling her hips against me and shooting my load deep into her tight love canal. Lauren grinds her ass against me and is thrusting her pussy frantically against her hand.

"Ohhh, Uncle Jim! I'm cumming, too!" She pushes her ass back harder against me and I feel her pussy quivering around my cock, as her orgasm hits. I hold her against me as she rides out wave after wave of pulsating pleasure. When she stops moving, I ease my cock out of her and turn her around. Embracing her soapy body, I push my tongue into her welcoming mouth and we kiss deeply while the shower spray washes over us.

We finally make it out of the shower, dry each other off and walk naked, hand in hand into the kitchen where Cindy has breakfast waiting.

"Well, aren't you two adventurous?" Cindy smiles, discarding her robe, as we sit down to breakfast. Cindy has made pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon.

"Looks like we're feeding the multitudes." I say, grabbing the syrup and pouring it over my pancakes.

"We need to keep up our strength." Cindy says, smiling mischievously, her eyes focused on Lauren's naked body. My cock is standing at attention, fully recovered from my shower fuck with Lauren, having rapidly responded to the naked flesh of my wife and niece, sitting at the table with me.

As we eat breakfast, my eyes shift back and forth between Cindy's and Lauren's tits, mentally comparing them. Cindy's are larger, hanging from her chest, with bigger areolas and longer, thicker nipples. Lauren's nipples are thin and pertly, sticking almost straight out from her perfectly round tits, that sit firmly against her chest, with hardly any noticeable hang.

"Save room for dessert." Cindy says to Lauren, spreading her legs suggestively. Dipping her finger in the syrup on her plate, Cindy touches it to Lauren's erect nipple, smearing the syrup around her small areola. Returning for more syrup, she does the same thing to her other nipple.

"Would you care to join me for a little maple coated nipple?" Cindy asks me, as she kneels by Lauren's chair and sucks her right nipple into her mouth.

"Absolutely!" I answer, moving into position and wrapping my lips around her left nipple.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Lauren moans, closing her eyes and leaning her head back, while Cindy and I continue our double onslaught on her hard nipples. Our eyes meet and Cindy winks at me, conspiratorially. We've done it! Our niece is our willing partner in our erotic dream of a threesome.

"I still haven't tasted our niece's treasures." I say, pulling my lips from her nipple and kissing my way down her stomach. She slides forward on the chair and spreads her legs, welcoming me to her warm, wet delicacies. Cindy stands up, quickly clears the table, while I lick my way up our niece's smooth inner thighs.

"Lauren hasn't had dessert yet." Cindy says, sitting on the edge of the table, and pulling Lauren's head down between her legs. Lying back, Cindy places her legs on Lauren's shoulders, as Lauren tentatively starts licking around Cindy's dripping, pussy lips.

"Ohhhhhh! Yeah!" Cindy cries, as Lauren's tongue begins exploring inside her yearning pussy. Kneeling, under the table, I hear Lauren's muffled moan, as I suck her pussy lips into my mouth and nibble all around them. God! She tastes so fucking good! She's so wet that pushing my tongue between her pussy lips is like breaking a dam. Her watery juices soak my face as I savor their slightly salty flavor. I'm used to Cindy's thick cream that ooze out of her pussy with a heavy aroma and strong flavor. Lauren's runny juices gush out at me, with a more subtle fragrance and much more delicate taste. I'm swallowing as much as I can, but this girl is like a fucking river, once she gets going. Flicking my tongue against her clit, I push two fingers into her soggy pussy and begin rapidly finger fucking her.

"Oh fuck!" Lauren moans, pressing her pussy tightly against my face.

"Don't stop!" Cindy yells. "I'm getting so fucking close!" I hear Lauren resume her slurping noises, while I suck her clit into my mouth.

"Oh god! I'm cumming! Keep doing exactly that, sweetheart!" Cindy yells, as the table starts to shake from her movement. At the same time, I feel Lauren's body stiffen and she clamps her legs around my head, as her pussy spasms against my face, gushing more of her delectable juice into my mouth. I lap up as much of her sweet nectar as I can and the rest pools on the chair between her legs.

I crawl out from under the table, sporting the biggest hard-on I think I've ever had. The sight of these two satiated women, does nothing to diminish it's aching throb.

"You looking for someplace to put that?" Cindy smiles. "Take your pick." She says, opening her mouth and spreading her legs at the same time.

"Don't forget about me." Lauren says, mimicking her Aunt Cindy's actions. Holy fuck!

"What a wonderfully, impossible choice." I say, my eyes shifting between the two amazing temptresses. I enjoy watching them catch their breathes, their tits swelling delightfully with each breath they take. "What I'd really like." I finally offer, with a twinkle in my eye. "Is another of your joint blowjobs."

"No problem." Cindy answers for both of them. "Just give us a minute to recover and I think we can accommodate you." She looks at Lauren, who nods as she tries to slow her breathing.

"God!" Lauren says, as we settle onto the bed, a few minutes later. "I can't believe all this is happening. My parents would freak!" She laughs, as I roll onto my back and Cindy wraps her hand around my throbbing cock.

"Maybe... maybe not." Cindy says, as Lauren lowers her mouth over my hard cock. "Your parents might not be as conservative as you think." She says, before taking her turn sucking my cockhead into her mouth.

"What do you mean?" Lauren asks. "My mom shits a fit if I don't wear a bra!" Lauren starts licking around the sides of my cock, while Cindy continues to stroke up and down with her hand.

"She may be trying to protect you." Cindy says, smiling. "But remember the summer I stayed at your house and babysat you during the day?" Cindy asks, sliding her lips down my hard shaft and licking her way back up, before continuing.

"Yeah." Lauren says, taking her turn sliding her lips down the entire length of my cock, deep throating me. "I was about seven, I thought you were the coolest person in the world." She sits back while Cindy takes her turn.

"Well, after putting you to bed at night, your parents and I had a very adventurous summer." Cindy says, mirroring Lauren's deep throating action and holding my cock in her throat for minute before slowly sliding her lips back up. "I was about 19, a couple of years younger than you are right now, when your parents introduced me to my first threesome."

"What?" Lauren and I both say in unison.

"My parents?" Lauren gasps."

"Your parents." Cindy says. "I was doing the same kind of tease on your dad, that you've been doing on your Uncle Jim." She says, holding my cock toward Lauren, offering her another turn. "And it ended up the same way." She adds. Lauren is just sitting there wide-eyed, with her mouth open, starring at Cindy.

"The guy you were telling me about yesterday?" Lauren finally asks.

"Yes, that was your dad." Cindy smiles. "Of course, your mother and I had already been experimenting with girl-girl stuff for a few months, so it wasn't as much of a leap for me." Cindy says, pulling Lauren's head down towards my cock. Lauren sucks absently on it as Cindy keeps talking.

"I was pretty surprised when your mom offered to share your dad with me, but now I understand the erotic appeal of a threesome." She says, smiling. "I've been waiting ever since to find the right person to share the experience with and fate brought us you." Cindy says, matter-of-factly.

"Enough talk, I think your Uncle Jim is anxious for us to finish him off." She's right about that!

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