tagFirst TimeExpanding Horizons Ch. 02

Expanding Horizons Ch. 02


Dear readers,

This is chapter 2 of a four-chapter story. If you haven't read chapter 1 already, I suggest you might enjoy this installment more if you read chapter 1 first.

A great big THANK YOU to aussie_101 for his fantastic work editing this story for me. Any errors you find are purely my fault. :)


Keira and Nico were frozen on the bed, even as Gus, the camp director, started pounding on the door to Nico's cabin.

"Nick!" he was yelling.

Both Nico and Keira's faces registered disappointment at Gus' intrusion, and terror at the implications of being caught. Nico jumped off the bed and grabbed some shorts, while Keira covered herself with the bed sheet.

Gus' voice bellowed again, "Nicky! You awake? We got a problem!"

"Yah! Yah! Coming, Gus!" Nico called out, as he slipped his shorts on. He put his finger over his mouth, making the 'hush' signal, and then smiled reassuringly at her.

Keira's eyes were wide with horror, and her heart was beating hard and fast at the prospect of being caught, as she clutched the sheet up to her chin.

Nico leaned over her and whispered directly in her ear, "Wait a few minutes after we're gone, and then go back to your cabin."

"Ok", she half-squeaked, half-whispered in reply, fear and disappointment written on her face.

"Don't worry. It's okay," he said calmly, and kissed her briefly but passionately on the lips.

All she could do is nod at him, wide-eyed. She wondered how he could be so calm with Gus bellowing outside the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow," he whispered as he smiled sadly, and pulled away from her, looking like it was the last thing he wanted to do. He pulled a T-shirt over his head and nodded to reassure her one last time before slipping out the door.

"What's up, Gus?" she heard Nico ask with a good affectation at nonchalance.

"That Jenkins kid is drunk again. He threw up in his cabin," she heard Gus reply angrily, his loud voice getting fainter as they moved away.

Keira's heart was beating madly as she scrambled out of bed and began frantically searching for her clothes. She found her thong and shorts by the bed, but her top was clear across the room from where Nico had thrown it earlier. She realized her robe was still outside on the Muskoka chair by Nico's door and wondered how Gus hadn't seen it. She slid into her top and pulled on her thong, which was wet and uncomfortable, then the shorts. It pressed the wet thong against her, reminding her physically of what she'd just done. She looked at the clock and waited a few minutes while she paced in his cabin.

A mixture of emotions swirled within her. She was so glad she'd had the courage to come here tonight. It had turned out so well, except for being interrupted at the end. The things he'd made her feel! It was like nothing she'd ever felt before. The two boys she'd been with before had gone down on her, but they didn't take the time and care Nico had. Neither one of them had made her come. The only orgasms she'd ever experienced were by her own hand.

It seemed he had been focused entirely on nothing but her pleasure. And what pleasure! It was amazing. She shuddered as she remembered it. But, oh, to be interrupted just as she was about to lose her virginity. Such disappointment. They were so close. She wanted him so badly. Wanted to know what it felt like. She ached to feel his hard cock inside of her.

'Oh well, there's always tomorrow night', she thought to herself as she slipped out the door, wrapped her robe around herself and made her way quietly through the dark to the bath house to wash up. In the bathroom she couldn't help the smile that was plastered across her face as she looked in the mirror. She made her way back to her cabin and quietly slipped back inside and into bed, pleased to note that everyone seemed to be still asleep.

The next day was a frenzy of activity. She had to help the kids in her cabin pack to go home, and there were a plethora of tasks for the counselors. The CIT's would be going home today too.

In the Dining Hall at breakfast, she looked for Nico and was disappointed that she didn't see him. Then just as she and her table of kids were getting ready to leave, she spotted him coming in. Her heart leapt in her chest, seeming to constrict her breathing. How would he react when he saw her?

Within a few seconds, he noticed her. He didn't look away as she feared he would. On the contrary, a broad smile spread across his face and he held her gaze with a look full of hunger and promise. A rush went through her and she smiled back broadly. Her face flushed and her heart started beating madly.

After a few moments, she realized one of her girls was trying to talk to her. She turned to the girl, blushing, mumbled an apology and asked her to repeat what she'd said. When she looked up again, Nico was gone.

At the bus loading zone, she saw him again. He smiled that smile at her and gave her that look that made her melt every time their eyes met. After the kids and CIT's were packed off and the buses had left, there was only the management team and about a dozen counselors remaining at the camp. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and then they all moved off in teams to take care of their remaining tasks. There was a lot of work to be done. The cabins had to be cleaned out. All equipment had to be put away for the end of the season. Any broken equipment had to be taken to Gus' shop for repair or disposal.

Keira found herself passing him or near him at several points throughout the day. Every time she saw him she wanted nothing more than to run into his arms and kiss him hungrily. That look in his eyes seemed to make her legs liquefy. Her anticipation, and the wetness in her panties, grew steadily throughout the day.

She kept thinking about the night before. She was amazed with herself for having had the courage to go there. Thank god she had! She kept thinking about how she felt kissing him, the rush of pleasuring him with her mouth, the incredible orgasm he'd given her. Imagining what it was going to be like tonight, she was almost giddy with anticipation.

She debated telling him she was a virgin. She wondered how he would respond to that. When would she tell him? Before? After? There didn't seem to be a right time. What if she told him and then he didn't want to?

Keira knew Nico was leaving in a few days, moving to Vancouver to go to UBC. He'd told a group of them earlier in the summer when they had all been talking about their plans for the fall. Somehow she knew that these last two days they had indulged their attraction did not make him beholden to her. She still had a year of high school left. She knew she couldn't ask him to be her boyfriend, or ask him to be faithful to her in some kind of long distance relationship. Of course, some part of her did want that, but she knew it wouldn't be fair to him. He should go to university and have fun and not feel tied down to her. Even though it caused a pang of irrational jealousy, she knew that fun would include having sex with lots of college girls. Hell, the way he looked, they'd be throwing themselves at him. She did not begrudge him, even though it hurt her to imagine him with other girls.

Yet, even though he was leaving, she knew she wanted him and this was her last chance. Circumstances had put them together here now. She would take what she could get and be grateful for the experience. She wanted nothing more than to feel him inside her. She knew it was the right time to lose her virginity, she wanted it to be with him, and she had no qualms.

After a long day of hard work, admittedly in a lust-filled haze, she decided to have a shower to freshen up before dinner. In the shower, she couldn't help imagining Nico's hands on her as she lathered and shaved and rinsed herself smooth and clean. After putting on new panties, she realized she wasn't going to be able to keep these ones dry either. She found a very flattering sundress she hadn't worn much this summer, and brought a little sweater for after dinner.

In the dining hall, the few remaining people at the camp had dinner together. It seemed strangely empty in the large hall with only sixteen of them instead of the usual din of a hundred and thirty. Nico sat across from her at dinner and she participated in pleasant conversation with him and those around them. She noticed his gaze dart down to her cleavage repeatedly. Every time their eyes met, she saw that look in his eyes and felt that rush go through her again and she was sure she was blushing. Her cheeks felt so hot. She hoped no one else noticed.

After dinner there was another campfire. She was glad she'd brought the sweater. The evenings were getting cool. Gus offered beer to anyone who wanted it, even though some of them were under nineteen, and not legally old enough to drink. Keira wondered when the evening would ever end. This felt like the longest day of her life, waiting till she could be alone with Nico again. At the campfire, she was surprised when Nico came and sat next to her on the same bench. She thought he might want to maintain distance in front of the others. She reveled in the warmth of his leg against hers, while at the same time she fought the urge to lean against him. She found herself edging closer and closer to him in small increments. The closeness was nice, but was driving her crazy at the same time. She could feel him, she could smell him, but she wanted, no needed so much more. She wondered if he was experiencing the same kind of angst and impatience that she was.

It was a subdued group. Everyone was tired from the frantic activity and hard work of the day, and there was an undercurrent of sadness that they would all be leaving the next day. Keira and Nico sat in companionable silence staring at the dancing flames in the fire pit, listening to a few quiet conversations around the circle.

After a while, Nico surreptitiously whispered to her, "wait a few minutes then come to my cabin."

She looked straight ahead at the fire, but inclined her head slightly to show that she'd heard and understood. Her heart rate sped up and she felt another tingly rush go through her.

Nico made a show of looking at his watch and then he yawned and stretched. He announced to the group he was tired and rose to leave. She mumbled "good night" along with the others seated around the circle, and watched him leave. She hoped her longing and the flush on her face was not visible to the others by the light of the fire. Nico's leaving, it seemed, gave a number of others around the circle the same idea. People started leaving in ones & twos, heading back to their cabins to turn in for the night. It was a natural time for her to leave and cover the fact that she was following him.

Her heart was racing as she made her way through the dark to Nico's cabin. Looking around to make sure no one saw her, she quickly approached and knocked softly on the door. He opened it almost immediately.

She was greeted by his broad grin as he pulled her inside, closed the door and drew her against him in a swift fluid motion. He immediately captured her mouth with his while one hand pressed against her lower back, and the other hand tangled in the hair at the nape of her neck. She responded enthusiastically, opening her mouth to him, dancing with his tongue and wrapping her arms around him. She formed her body against his and felt his swelling bulge against her pelvis. She ground against it, and he groaned low in his throat.

They both pulled away from the kiss, panting, and he leaned his forehead against hers, looking into her sparkling green eyes.

"That was the longest day of my life," he whispered against her lips.

"Mine too," she said. She was so glad he felt the same way.

She flicked her tongue at his lips, and he captured her mouth in another drugging kiss. She started tugging at his shirt, as his hand slid from behind her neck, down across her collarbone, down over the swell of her breast. He squeezed it in his palms, feeling the weight and firmness of it. He felt her taut nipple, hard as a pebble, beneath his palm as he rolled over it. She gasped and he brought his thumb and finger together around her nipple, causing her to moan slightly and pause on her journey to remove his shirt. Meanwhile he pressed his pelvis against hers and she could feel the heat emanating from his hard bulge against her.

She pulled at his T-shirt and he reluctantly released her breast and lifted his arms to allow her to remove it. Her breath hitched as inch after inch of his tantalizing flesh was revealed. As soon as they tossed his shirt aside, his mouth descended on her again, kissing her lips, then quickly down over her jaw, down her neck, licking and nibbling into her cleavage. He pulled the fabric of her sundress gently across her shoulder, revealing more skin, as his lips and tongue devoured. Her chest was heaving with her heavy breaths as he slid her other strap down too and let them both fall down her arms. He peeled down the sundress, revealing her round breasts, her areola puckered, her nipples hard and standing up for attention.

He looked at her with a devilish grin and dipped his head down and sucked her left nipple and areola into his mouth, flicking the nipple with his tongue. She gasped loudly, running her fingers through his hair, letting her hand trail down his bare back, caressing the contours of his lean muscular frame. He released her nipple with a pop, squeezing it between his lips and moved to the right one, while his hand came up to tweak the left one between his thumb and fingers.

Nico's other hand was on the move too. She felt it slide over her backside around to the front of her pelvis where he cupped her sex through the dress. She knew he must be able to feel the heat and moisture emanating from her. She'd been wet all day. Now she was sure her panties were positively soaked.

As he slid his hand down to pull up at her dress, she moved her hand from his hair, down his shoulder, across his chest and down to his pelvis. His cock was hard, hot and straining the fabric of his shorts. She stroked its length firmly, causing him to moan.

Nico's hand trailed up the inside of her thigh to the wetness at the juncture. He ran his fingers over the tiny strip of soaking fabric. Keira gasped finally feeling his hand there, and slid her own hand into the waistband of his shorts to stroke his hard cock. Nico groaned in response, released her nipple and looked into her eyes as he slid his finger under the strip of fabric, between her wet swollen lips. His eyes widened in delight and he grinned wickedly finding her so wet.

"I've been like this all day," she whispered. "I could hardly wait for tonight."

She gasped as he slid two fingers into her.

"I had a hard time controlling myself too," he said hoarsely. "Especially every time I saw you."

His breathing became deeper as she stroked him

"I know!" she returned his smile, colour rising in her cheeks, "Every time I saw you I just wanted to..."

"Do this," he said wickedly as he thrust his fingers up inside of her. She gasped in pleasure, staring into his dark eyes as her tight muscles clenched around his fingers.

"Actually, I wanted to rip your clothes off," she said with a slight giggle, as she stroked him harder.

Nico groaned again, and with a low raspy voice, he said, "You are so beautiful and so sexy, you know that?"

Her green eyes shone as he leaned forward and captured her mouth again as he slid his fingers out of her and up over her clit causing her to shudder and moan into his mouth.

Pulling away from the kiss, and from his magic fingers, she whispered, "I want you now," as she pulled her sundress down over her hips and let it drop to the floor. He pulled his shorts down and his cock sprang to attention as she wiggled out of her wet panties. He stalked toward her like a predator, pushing his body against hers, kissing her again.

Keira laid down on the bed and spread her legs wide revealing her swollen, dripping pussy. Nico stared at it with a mixture of awe and hunger on his face as he got into position between her knees. He leaned over her with his arms supporting him on either side of her head. His movements were confident and sure.

She was glad he knew what he was doing.

She looked at his face and then looked down to see him swirl his cock head up and down in her juices. He placed it at the opening to her pussy and looked back into her eyes as he slowly pressed forward. There was a little pain as her lips stretched to accommodate him. She furrowed her brow and he stopped, looking concerned.

"Are you okay?" he asked, concern etched in his voice and face. He seemed to sense she was inexperienced. She wondered if it was that obvious she'd never done this before.

"Yes, it's okay. Keep going," she breathed.

He pressed forward slowly, watching her face intently. It was slightly uncomfortable for her, feeling so full. Up to now, she'd only had fingers and tongue inside her. Suddenly she realized he was all the way inside her. His pelvis was against hers, his balls against her ass. He held there for a moment, looking into her eyes.

"Is this okay for you," he asked.

"Yes, it's good," she said, and realized she was telling the truth. The discomfort was dissipating and it felt amazing to have him all the way inside her, filling her up so completely. She'd never felt anything like this before. She smiled into his eyes reassuringly, pulled his head down and leaned her head forward to kiss him. He kissed her deeply and she wrapped her legs around him, reveling in the feeling of touching so much of him, of feeling him so deep inside her.

He pulled his pelvis back slightly and she released her legs to let him move more easily. He pulled out a little and slid back in tentatively, watching her face all the while, to gauge how she felt. Her pussy felt so hot and tingly, stretched and full. She smiled warmly and seductively at him, caressing his back and shoulders with her hands, encouraging him to continue. He slid out almost all the way, till just the head was inside her, and slid slowly back in.

She felt the tip of his cock hit something inside and it sent a jolt of pleasure coursing through her from her pelvis outward. "Unh," she moaned, and then smiled seductively at him to show him that she liked it.

Nico smiled wickedly, pulled out and pressed back in again, a little faster this time. Again she moaned and he picked up the pace even more. Keira noticed that his pelvis was grinding against her clit and his cock was hitting something deep inside her on every down stroke. The combination of sensations was overwhelming. She watched Nico's face, tight with concentration. He was breathing heavily and his arms and body were tense with the effort of going slowly and maintaining control.

Nico began pulling out and thrusting back in more quickly now. Keira was amazed at feeling so many things at once. She felt an intense heat throughout her pelvis; she felt jolts of electrical pleasure course through her as his pelvis grinded on her clit and his cock slid past her opening and hit somewhere deep inside. She could feel an incredibly tingly hot pressure building within her and knew she might come soon.

She could see that Nico was getting close. His breathing was fast. His face was an intense mask of concentration. He was going faster now, thrusting harder each time. Suddenly Nico changed positions. Barely slowing in his thrusts, he leaned up slightly so there was more space between their bodies. While continuing to support himself with one arm, he reached down with the other and pressed his thumb against her clit. She cried out and arched her back at the intense sensation, which jolted through her like an electric shock. On top of everything else, it was too much.

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