tagLoving WivesExperiencing Parisian life

Experiencing Parisian life


On our first evening in Paris a dinner / dance function had been arranged for all the sales conference delegates and their partners. Seated at the same table as Mike (my husband) and me were a delightful French couple. They were significantly older than us, with Pierre and his wife being around 50, whereas Mike and I were in our early 30's. Despite the age difference we found them to be friendly and charming and were a pleasure to chat to.

Pierre asked me to dance a few times. In chatting during these dances I established that he was not attending the conference, as he was actually on the commercial side and so not directly involved with sales. When he found out that I had not been to Paris before he immediately volunteered to show me around. He said it would not be a problem for him to take some time off work to do so. I was later to find out that he was in fact very senior in the group of companies and so few people asked questions about where he spent his time.

I accepted Pierre's offer thinking that it would be great to have a Parisian show me around on my first day there. Not only would it help get me orientated, but Pierre could show me some of the true French lifestyle. Little did I know how intimate my experience of the French lifestyle was going to be.

The next morning Mike and I had breakfast together before he set off for the conference. Around mid-morning the Pierre collected me at our hotel. I was pleased to see that he had dressed just as I had guessed he would -- casual but chic. I had worked out that this was probably the Parisian style, so had tried to dress similarly. I hoped that I had got it right, not wanting feel embarrassed by being over or under dressed for whatever Pierre had in mind.

Being a soave Frenchmen, Pierre complimented me on my outfit. I had chosen to wear a simple, but stylish dress which fitted my figure very well. The buttons all the way down the front added an element of casualness, and prevented it from looking too chic for the daytime. I had quite a good figure with firm legs so most of my dresses were about mid-thigh length.

Pierre steered clear of the typical tourist sites explaining that he wanted to show me how real Parisians lived, shopped, dined etc. He was excellent company, very informative and was always charming. He had a way of making me feel great, and that it was actually a privilege for him to spend time with me. The Frenchmen have a reputation for knowing just how to charm a woman -- and Pierre certainly lived up to this.

We stopped at really quaint restaurant for a late lunch. Pierre had this way of taking control, but making me feel like he was treating me as something special. He ordered delicious seafood and salads, with some beautiful French wine. Over lunch Pierre asked me a lot about myself, my interests, my work and my personal life. It seemed to me that he was genuinely interested to know more about me and that he was not just making polite conversation. I was charmed that despite our age difference he wanted to know about my life.

We had a long lazy lunch, and I found myself quite comfortable in the company of this older man. He was charming, polite and very attentive, all of which made me relaxed and happy. No doubt the excellent wine contributed to my enjoyment of the afternoon as well. As the lunch drew to a close, I thought Pierre might want to, or need to go his own way. I thought I would give him the opening to be able to leave if he wanted to do so.

"Pierre, you have been fantastic company and I really appreciate you taking out so much of your time to show me around. It has been great to see Paris from a Parisian's perspective. I really just don't know how to thank you for the time you have spent with me today!"

"Oh.... I am sure we will find a way," he winked at me and gave me a naughty smile. We both laughed at the subtle suggestiveness of his comment.

He settled the bill and led me out of the restaurant. As we walked along the crowded pavement he took my hand and asked if I would like to find out more about how real Parisians lived. He assured me that he had set aside the day to entertain me, so I gladly accepted.

Pierre said he found it refreshing that I was not only interested in the traditional tourist aspect of Paris and offered to show me where he lived, so that I could get a feeling for suburban Paris.

Although I felt a brief pang of uncertainty about going to his home with him, I accepted his offer. I reasoned that he was married, a good 20 years older than me and besides he had been a real gentleman since I had met him the previous evening. Although I knew his wife worked, it was already quite late in the afternoon and I figured she would be home anytime soon as well.

Pierre's apartment turned out to be very impressive. It was on the top floor of a 6 story building, and had very nice views from his large balcony. Theirs was the only balcony at this level in that area so was also very private. The rest of the apartment was beautifully furnished with very expensive looking furniture and fittings. It was then that I started to realize that Pierre was obviously in a position where he earned well.

Pierre produced a bottle of champagne and suggested that we sit outside to enjoy the balmy late afternoon climate. I was already a bit light headed from the wine at lunch but could not refuse a glass of genuine French champagne. Pierre poured two glasses of the chilled champagne and sat down next to me on their bench, looking out over the Parisian roofs.

We drank to each other's health and the good day that we had together. We relaxed and made small talk as we enjoyed our drinks. At some point when the conversation had stalled briefly, Pierre turned to me. "Let's talk about how you could thank me for today?" he suggested.

Innocently I encouraged him to go ahead. He gave me gentle, appreciative smile and put a hand on my knee.

"You are a very beautiful woman, Ann. I would like to see you naked, or at least in your lingerie. May I unbutton your dress, so that I can truly appreciate your beauty."

I was stunned. This mature Frenchman was suggesting that I reward his generosity to me by letting him see me naked or at least in my underwear. My initial feeling of rejection was quickly tempered by the realization that he was complimenting my looks by asking to see more of me. I sat there just looking at Pierre not quite knowing quite how to respond.

"Oh Ann, you are so sexy. I am sure that you look fabulous under that dress. Do you wear French style lingerie? ........ Let me see for myself - just as a little thank you for today." Pierre made it seem so uncomplicated and straight forward to just show him a little appreciation in this simple way.

I did want to show Pierre my appreciation. I found myself thinking that maybe this would actually be a fun, special and slightly naughty way of doing so -- but that I would stop at him seeing me in my underwear. His comment about French ladies underwear also had me a little intrigued. What did they wear that was potentially different to my underwear? Just as I was about to agree I suddenly thought about his wife, and that it was probably about time for her to return from work. I would not want to be in a compromising situation when she arrived home. I told Pierre that I thought it was too risky.

"Oh no, she has gone to Marseilles today. She tells me it is for her work, but I think she has gone to see her lover," he replied casually.

"You seem quite relaxed about that Pierre. Are you sure she has a lover?" I asked surprised at Pierre's apparent acceptance of the fact.

"Oh it is quite common for married French people to take lovers. Frenchmen have for long had the "bad" reputation for taking lovers. But you must realize that for each man with a lover there is a woman --so basically just as many women have lovers as the men do. We never ask each other about our lovers, but it is usually understood that this works for both sides."

A bit shocked, but also intrigued I asked Pierre more about these lover relationships and how they worked. He explained quite casually that they were largely sexual relationships, and that they lasted anywhere from a few meetings to a few years. I was quite taken aback that these relationships were apparently widely acknowledged, unlike the mostly furtive sexual escapades in our society.

"So, since there is no problem with my wife, shall we undo your dress?" Pierre chuckled, giving me a disarming smile as he slid his hand up my thigh to the hem of my dress.

"May I?" he looked at me as he fingered the bottom button on my dress hem. As I looked down at Pierre's hand half way up my thigh, a rash of thoughts flew through my mind. Would this stop at just undoing my dress? Most probably not. Did he want to have sex with me? Most probably yes. Was I willing to let it go this far? I was not sure - but found myself not entirely averse to the idea of being seduced by this charming, elegant, older Frenchman.

Pierre was such a charming and pleasant gentleman, and at the same time was able to be so "matter-of-fact" way about the French and their lovers. He made sensual excitement seem like part of everyday life. I found it hard to under these circumstances to justify why I should not go with his proposal. I was also feeling quite relaxed and less inhibited after all the wine and champagne and the thought of some naughty fun had some appeal. I ended up thinking that I would take it one step at a time. Since Pierre had seemed very considerate I was sure he would stop at any time if I had had enough.

All this went through my mind in a flash, ending with me giving Pierre a slightly sheepish smile and agreeing to him undoing my dress.

Pierre turned to face me and started undoing the lower buttons on my dress. He kept talking as he slowly undid one button after the other, all the time looking me in the eyes. I was captivated by his piercing look and felt a little thrill at the fact that I was allowing this mature man to undress me for his pleasure.

With each button he undid, his fingers brushed the inside of my thighs. I was experiencing a little pleasurable sensation each time his fingers subtly brushed the inside of my thighs, and it felt more erotic the higher the buttons he was undoing. As he got close to my panties I actually let out a little sigh, which Pierre noticed immediately.

Smiling at my reaction he continued undoing my dress buttons. He was now at the top of my legs and could probably see the thin crotch of my panties. He was still looking deep into my eyes, as if trying to gauge my reaction. I took my eyes off Pierre's and watched almost mesmerized as he undid the crucial button and his finger eased between my thighs. He touched my pussy gently and briefly through my panties, making it seem so natural and incidental. My body twitched at his touch, as an erotic current shot through me.

Pierre smiled at again at my reaction, and continued with the buttons. I suddenly felt some reservation about what was happening and put my hands over his, and explained to Pierre my uncertainty.

"But you agreed to let me see your lingerie Ann. Let me just get your dress off, so that I can see how sexy you look in your lingerie. " Pierre urged me.

I knew that I was wearing quite sexy lingerie under my dress and felt that I had to meet Pierre's subtle challenge, by letting him see that my underwear was as sexy as any French lady would wear. I also felt a bit of naughty thrill at the prospect of him seeing me in my bra and panties, since I knew that my bra was quite sheer, and my panties rather skimpy. Pierre had really treated me fantastically during the day so I also justified in my own mind that maybe I owed him the little thrill of seeing me dressed in only my underwear.

"Okay Pierre, you can undo my dress ..... then you can tell me what you think," I relented. Pierre smiled and promised he would make it fun.

He continued his upward path with the dress buttons. All the while he made sure that the unbuttoned part was pushed well out of the way so that I was exposed as much as possible. I sat there feeling more and more of a naughty tingle as I watched passively as this man undid my dress. As Pierre got to breast level he contrived to fiddle with the buttons a bit more, brushing extensively against my tits. I had to admit I was enjoying the sensations and did not mind that he was taking his time.

Eventually he undid the last button and pulled the sides of my dress apart. He took me a bit by surprise when pushed the dress off my shoulders fully revealing my underwear.

"You look gorgeous Ann. You have very exciting lingerie ..... and a most sexy body in that lingerie. You would make many Frenchmen very excited -- and many Frenchwomen very jealous."

I was taken aback and thrilled at his comments. Although I knew I had a god figure and sexy underwear, I had not anticipated such a complimentary response from this older Frenchman.

"Absolutely beautiful!" Pierre breathed out as he leaned across and kissed me. He mouth was open and in surprise I instinctively opened mine to respond. I quickly discovered that he was a fantastic kisser, and knew just how to make a girl swoon. When he broke off I was breathless, but tingling.

"Lovers always kiss passionately. It is like the aperitif for the pleasure to come and part of the whole seduction." Pierre looked me in the eyes and smiled at me as he spoke.

"Pierre, I don't think we should be taking this any further," I said feeling concerned about the implications of his comments, but also excited by his kiss. I wanted to feel another of those amazing kisses, but certainly was not sure that this should go further.

He seemed to read my mind and leaned in to kiss me again. It felt just as good this time, and I tried to return the pleasure. I could not really work out what was different to my husband's kisses, but Pierre's kissing was thrilling. He broke off the kiss and looked into my eyes. I think he saw that he had me enthralled as he smiled and moved forward for yet another kiss. As I responded I sensed his one hand moving and then felt it gently caressing the side of neck. His fingers glided along my cheeks and underneath my chin. It made me relax and feel desirable, making the kiss even more thrilling. After a while his fingers traced down my neck before moving to gently caress the underside of my bra covered breasts. I tensed a little knowing that despite it feeling really pleasurable that this was developing into something quite sensual.

I broke off the kiss and said to Pierre, "You are a wonderful kisser, but we should not go further. We are both married and I am much younger than you."

Pierre smiled at me, while responding. "This is what you need to be taught about French lovers. Mostly they are married and indulge in some sexual adventure for the excitement and pleasure that they no longer get in their marriages. Secondly, many lovers are of very different ages. Younger women often enjoy the experience and patience of older men, while older women enjoy the outright passion and thrill of a younger man."

"I want to show you how it feels to be desired and what makes older men interesting to French women," Pierre said kissing me yet again. This time his hand massaged my tits through my bra a little more forcefully, making my nipples go hard. It felt good and although I felt that I should stop him I let him continue. Pierre gently rubbed my hard nipples through the sheer fabric. My nipples have always been quite sensitive and his actions were sending erotic little signals through my body. I could not stop myself from putting a little more passion in the kiss as Pierre made my body tingle. Pierre broke off the kiss but kept his hand on my breast gently massaging it.

"Let's have another glass of champagne to celebrate such a sexy woman," Pierre said turning to pour us each another glass. As we sipped our cold champagne his eyes roved over my scantily covered body. It was a bit of a thrill knowing that this man was really enjoying this sexily dressed woman sitting next to him. The thrill caused my nipples to harden a little more.

Pierre noticed my erect nipples pushing against the sheer bra material. He smiled at me and reached out to touch them. "Are you finding this a little exciting and naughty, sitting in just your sexy lingerie with an older man?"

I could not help but sigh as Pierre gently stroked my nipples through my bra. The material was so sheer that it almost felt like skin on skin. His touch was just right and was sending pleasure signals through me. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations.

"No," said Pierre, "You must watch what is happening to you. It increases the excitement much more. Now watch carefully while I do this."

He did not give me a chance to respond but made sure I was watching as he pulled a bra strap off my shoulder and down my arm until one tit popped out and was completely exposed. Pierre then poured a trickle of cold champagne over that nipple. The sensation of the cold liquid running down over my aroused nipples was incredible, and the anticipation created by seeing the events unfold increased the thrill hugely. I then carried on watching as Pierre moved closer, stuck out his tongue and slowly licked the champagne off my breast and nipple. It was very erotic watching this man slowly run his tongue around and over my nipple, while enjoying the pleasurable thrills it was sending into my body's lower regions.

I was rapidly forgetting my resolve not to go beyond having my dress taken off. Not only was I getting quite turned on by now, but there was the exciting anticipation of what Pierre would think of next. He certainly had been full of surprises up till then.

He did not disappoint. Leaving my one breast out of it's cup Pierre looked me in the eyes again and said that he really wanted me to watch his actions now, as he was sure I would find it exciting. With that he placed his hand on my naked thigh and gently stroked the inside of it. His soft caresses slowly migrated upwards to close to my panties. Pierre was watching me as I watched his hand. Using gentle pressure he got me ease my legs apart a little so that he could caress my pussy through my panties. It just seemed so erotic watching this mature Frenchman doing this, while I was enjoying the thrill of the touch. His fingers stroked all around my pussy lips and then softly rubbed my aroused clit through the thin cotton.

Again my eyes closed in pleasure, as his gentle touch was so different but so erotically thrilling. I could feel myself getting quite wet between my legs.

Pierre stopped his touch making me open my eyes again. He smiled at me and said he insisted that I watch if I wanted more pleasure. I looked down again, to see him brush against my clit before slipping a finger under the elastic of the panties. It was almost surreal feeling the exciting touch on my hot pussy, while watching this stranger's hands provide that erotic pleasure. He pulled my panties aside and softly stroked over my pussy lips, before parting them and slipping a finger right up, what was by now, a very wet cunt.

"Oh God -- that feels gooooood," I sighed as I watched him insert another finger and slowly finger fuck me. I spread my legs wide to give him full access.

Not breaking his finger fucking rhythm at all Pierre brought his other hand up and deftly unclipped the clasp on the front of my bra. The bra slid off the sides of my tits exposing them completely and adding to my thrill of being exposed to this Frenchman. Quickly his mouth closed over one of the very hard nipples. I looked down at this erotic sight of a stranger sucking my nipple and expertly finger fucking me, and let out a deep sexual groan as my body shuddered from the pleasure.

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