tagMind ControlExperimental Ethics Ch. 04

Experimental Ethics Ch. 04


** Chapter Four: Consciousness is Key **

Twelve days after the start of their gentlemen's agreement, Cromwell came by the lab and asked Victor if he could stay late to help him "run some numbers" on a possible biochemical refinement to the formula. When Denise came over to see what was up, he explained that his chemistry background had provided him with an idea quite out of the blue.

"I've been watching the tapes of Trial 3, and it occurred to me that the immediate drop-off of energy might be controllable. We need a way to minimize the lasting energy-depletion which seemed to result from the extreme levels of sexual arousal and neurological stimulation. If we can level off the metabolic crash, we'll have a much better chance of marketing it as a once-daily maintenance pill. Not to mention, we might be able to undercut the black-market somewhat." This last appealed to Denise, but part of her was irritated that William--whose expertise was somewhat dated, if nothing else--was tinkering with the formula on his own.

Just then, Neda made some kind of exclamation from across the lab, drawing all eyes. Excited by something in front of her, she called out to Denise who hurried over, leaving the men to resume their conversation. Her irritation wasn't really fair, she reasoned. After all, he's a skilled chemist, and it's a good idea, though somewhat impractical. Her irritation at what she'd already subconsciously dismissed as harmless enthusiasm on the part of an envious has-been was swept aside by the promise of a breakthrough.

Resuming their exchange, Cromwell told Victor that he'd added a biologically harmless synthetic stimulant to the compound and wanted to test its efficacy. Eager to pocket a sample of the drug prototype for his own "research" purposes, Victor eagerly agreed to stay late again that night, in the interests of science.

When he came into the observation room, he found that the ex-chemist was already in the room with his wife, who was at that moment naked and on her knees at his feet, trying to claw his belt open and get his clothes off but hampered by waves of tremors that seemed to pass through her every few seconds.

"Please...please...Willy. Let Willy out. Want." She panted between words, all but incoherent.

Cromwell addressed the one-way glass: "Victor, are you in there? Let me know if you're getting this." Victor spoke into the mic for the room, letting the other man know he'd just arrived and was starting recording. Satisfied with what he heard, the executive narrated briefly, taking on a detached tone of observation at the same time that his crazed wife managed to get his pants open and free his cock, swallowing it without pause. "The subject has received 40 doses in a one hour period, showing heightened response after five and reaching an apparent peak of arousal potential at 35 drops."

He twined a hand through her coppery hair as she fervently fellated him, guiding her head almost absently as he continued to speak. "Pulse rate remains elevated, blood pressure slightly heightened but within acceptable limits. Patient's psychological state progressed from anxious and distracted to clinically monomaniacal at approximately twelve doses, reaching an apparent state of mental suggestibility at thirty." At this, he paused briefly, looking down at his wife as she wrapped her hands around his body and gripped his still-clothed ass, pulling him further into her.

The eerily calm chemist responded by using her hair to pull her back from his body. Separated from the object of her desire, the glassy-eyed woman began to whine wordlessly. "Now, now, little slut. Be good, or no more for you." Immediately, she fell silent, though still eyed him as he quickly undressed, following his erection with her eyes like a cat tracking prey. Once nude, he stepped forward again, abruptly pulling her head back onto his prick, pushing her down further. "Good girl, down your throat," he praised her gently before resuming his narration of the research data for posterity.

"In order to test the potentially lasting neurological impact and psychological consequences of the trance-like state, subject has received a few simple suggestions for minor behavior modification which should allow us to trace the subconscious patterning and potential side effects that might result from this unforseen reaction to high dosages. Further testing will be necessary to determine the relative prevalence of this secondary reaction in other test subjects." Victor had the gnawing suspicion that he was missing something here--but it wasn't easy to focus on the implications of what he was hearing while trying to record everything and feeling more than a little envious of the enthusiastic blowjob his boss's attractive wife was giving right before his eyes.

Finished recounting the events before Victor's arrival, William turned his attentions back to his wife. He tenderly gathered her hair with both hands, pulling together loosely behind her head and using it as leverage to hold her head still while he started actively fucking her face. Her tongue pulsed along his shaft on every thrust, the muscles of her throat squeezing around the head as he pushed past the ring of her esophagus and into her throat, choking her. "Yeah, take it." When she pulled against his controlling hand, fighting not to gag and trying to get air, he spoke to her as one would a dog. "No. Bad girl. Now try again, and this time relax. Take it all.." and thrust back into her mouth.

This time she gave no sign of resistance, and Cromwell beamed down at her, pushing his cock all the way into her spasming throat. "Good...that's a good girl." His face betrayed his impending orgasm. "Okay, my good little cocksucker. You can cum now."

Victor's jaw literally fell open when the hyper-dosed Allison's body flushed and quivered with apparent pleasure at her husband's command. Her body shook and she would have fallen if not for William's hand, now not just wrapped in her hair but holding her weight up by it. Thus utterly empowered, he exploded in orgasm while buried deep in her, sending his cum straight down her throat and causing her body to shake once again in apparent orgasm.

Sated for the moment, William pulled back slightly but still held the subjugated woman's head in place while she quavered. Releasing his death-grip on her fiery mane, he allowed her mouth to slide off his deflating prick as her body slowed its tremors and she gasped for breath. Still kneeling on the floor, she gazed up at him with adoration and what seemed like expectation or request. Pleased with her responses and astonished at the ease with which she performed sexual acts she would not even discuss a few weeks earlier, he asked her "who takes care of you, baby? Who lets you cum so good?"

"You do. You do." At this, Victor noticed that her skin flushed again and her pulse rate spiked briefly, indicating another wave of arousal. Her right hand snaked between her spread thighs, apparently of its own volition, but her movements stopped when Cromwell spoke again.

"And who am I?"

"The boss?" Cromwell chuckled at this, patting her head.

"That's right, my Alli-cat. But you can call me Sir."

"Yes, sir. Thank you."


Author's note: it can go a lot of places from here. Want to see where it goes? Have an idea you'd like me to consider? Drop me a feedback and let me know...

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