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Experimental Exposure


It was a few weeks after the party where much had been revealed, and after which Brigitte had treated me to the most monstrous sex session of my life. The weeks since then had been a whirl of work, drinking and inevitably nudity.

Brigitte and I weren't exactly living together but in the weeks since we had officially become 'an item', I had been juggling an intense time-table of work in the lab, nights out with the boys and the new demands of Brigitte as my girlfriend. As she could easily see the window of my room from her room, it was very straightforward for her to make herself available to me at the instant that I returned home every evening. I was unused to these sorts of domestic demands, and found her arrival at strange times of day or night odd and unexpected.

One Wednesday, I had been working late in the lab, trying to complete the latest production for our group project, when I finally returned around midnight carrying a takeout from the local Chinese to sate my appetite. On my window came a rapid and somewhat desperate sounding hammering, the source of which I had little doubt, particularly as I heard her voice yelling 'Jack, Kitchen door. Now! Quick!'

I walked into the kitchen to let Brigitte in and shook my head as she stood there at the door. She was wearing a towelling dressing gown which gapped open at the front, as the belt was obviously missing. It was not clear what exactly she was wearing underneath but I could see it was lacy and brief. The lines of her breast were somewhat visible through the big gap that she was singularly failing to keep closed as she jiggled with the handle of the clearly locked door.

It was a chilly night and her face was a mixture of pleasure at seeing me, discomfort at the breeze blowing round her bare legs and embarrassment as the three guys sitting in a state of post beer intoxication leered at this heavenly visitation. One of the guys tottered over to the door and unlocked it as she hopped lightly up over the doorway, ran over to me and kissed me on the lips.

The three blokes continued to stare at us as if they had never seen a girl before in their lives.

'Alright gentlemen, you can go back to your slumbers now.' I commented, keen for them to ignore us. They seemed to twig that perhaps staring at your housemate's bird was not perfect protocol, particularly when she was in a state of semi-undress, and eventually they looked away. I showed her into my room, her bare feet leaving wet footmarks across the floor.

'You couldn't have perhaps have got dressed before barging into my kitchen?' I asked, once we were safely ensconced in my room with the door closed. While I was considering having a go at her, I couldn't help but feel aroused by their having been looking so obviously at her.

'Why?' She shot back challengingly.

'Well look at you.' I walked up to her and ran my fingers down her partially lace covered breasts that remained open for inspection. My cock was really hardening now at the anticipation of her body.

'Do you like it?' She smiled widely and slipped the gown further open to expose a brief white nightdress. It had thin straps over her shoulders, coming down to a lace top around her breasts. Her nipples were opaquely visible as two slightly darker patches covered by thin white triangles of satin. The body of the night gown was also satin, with lace panels going all down the sides to her thighs where it ended abruptly just below her pussy. It was clear that she was wearing nothing underneath as it was tight around her hips and there were no knicker-lines visible through the lace.

'I got it for you. Do you like it? Does it arouse you?' She asked as she slipped the dressing gown off completely.

The whole of the back was in fact lace I now saw as she did a gentle twirl. My suspicions of her wearing nothing under the nightdress were confirmed as the thin lace on her back exposed her body and lovely bum.

'Brigitte, the question is not whether it arouses me. Obviously it arouses me.' Even as I said it I could feel my cock hard against my trousers. 'The question is whether you want to arouse the boys next door at the same time. Let's be quite clear, they would be happy to see you walk around in as little lace as you want, but is that what you want?' I thought back to their watching her, and felt a wave of intoxication.

'Oh don't be a spoil-sport, it looks like they could do with a little innocent diversion.' She retorted, coming up to me and pressing herself into me as she kissed me again. 'Besides, I get a bit turned on by a bit of gentle exposure.' She forced her tongue into my mouth and kissed me very passionately.

'OK well, you can wait before any more of that.' I explained. 'I have to have something to eat.' I went to my Chinese food that was sitting neglected on my desk. 'Now I have to get a plate and stuff and eat it in here, I naively presume you don't want to go into the kitchen with me and let them ogle you more?' I wondered even then whether she might in fact follow me as I opened the door to my room and walked into the kitchen in search of eating irons.

Brigitte stood right in the middle of the room in her nightdress, defiantly daring me to expose her. I opened the door and left it open as I walked through and in to the kitchen. The guys glanced through at me, and then caught a glimpse of her turning her back to them, showing off her bum through her lace covered back. They all grinned at me, enjoying her showing off. I felt a ripple of excitement go through me, thinking about them checking her out.

When I went back into my bedroom, Brigitte was lying back on my bed, the hem of her nightdress even higher up her thighs than when she had standing, her legs just a little apart so I could just catch a glimpse of the little tidily trimmed hair between her legs. Her arms were up above her head, her breasts pulled high, and her nightdress pulled tight over them, a crescent of nipple visible through the lace.

'Well whenever you fancy fucking me, just let me know.' She observed dreamily, licking her lips.

'Do you want anything to eat?' I asked. 'I have roast duck, spicy pork and chow mein.' I piled my plate high as I was starving, having eaten nothing since lunch, stuffing some into my mouth.

She looked over at me, evidently disappointed that I would even consider eating food rather than her.

'Is it hot?' She asked.

'Not especially, I seem to have been somewhat delayed in consuming it.' I observed.

'Nah, not really hungry really.' She commented.

As I tucked into my dinner we chatted aimlessly, she told me about her on-going project on French nude painting and I described some of music that we had been making in the labs. I watched her right hand as it slowly moved down to her pussy, very gently started pressing into her clit through the thin satin covering. Her right hand also moved slowly up to gently rub her tits.

'Do you mind waiting until I have finished?' I asked as I felt my cock pulsing in frustration.

'You don't understand, I have been waiting for a shag all week, I could hardly concentrate when studying these naked women this afternoon, all I could do was think about how much I wanted you.' She replied seductively.

Her hand had discovered a greater confidence now and the satin around her mound had been dragged upwards, completely exposing her light brown pubes.

'I have an idea, come here. Bring your food.' She instructed me.

I stood obediently and walked over to her. She pulled herself forward and slipped the nightgown over her head, unbothered as she sat completely nude in front of me. She took the dressing gown and spread it over the bed behind her. She then took the plate of food and started to distribute various chunks of duck, pork and noodles over her breasts, tum and pubes.

'What the fuck?' I exclaimed, in no way finished with my dinner, and somewhat disturbed by the mess.

Brigitte threw the chop sticks in the bin nearby as she completed the distribution of the food across her naked form.

'Don't worry; you can eat it off me. No hands. Fun!' She instructed simply.

I looked down at her beautiful nude body, food scattered messily all over it, her eyes looking up at me encouraging me to come and eat off her.

I started at her mouth as she had carefully placed a tasty piece of duck on her lips. As I licked it off her, sucking the sauce from her lips, she kissed me back, biting a chunk off the duck as I pulled away.

Next I moved to her collar bones where a neat pile of noodles waited for me to lick them up off her. She purred a little in enjoyment as I gently ran my teeth over the line of her body.

On her breasts was the remainder of the pork with a sticky spicy sauce, I spent several happy minutes licking her tits, pulling her nipples into my mouth as I cleaned most of the gooey mess from her. All the time she mewed appreciatively, enjoying the enforced intimacy, I nibbled her nipple a little as I pulled away.

Most of the chow mein was on her tummy and I sucked that up in two large mouthfuls, licking the remainder from her belly button, eliciting a giggle as she obviously found the whole thing rather ticklish. By this time my face was very messy, completely covered in a sticky coating of goo and soy sauce.

Finally, I moved down to her pussy which was surely the messiest part of her, pork and duck mixed together, noodles over her pubes, sauce running down between her legs. She had opened her legs and while I had been licking her tits had placed various pieces of duck on the lips of her pussy. I sucked the noodles off her pubes, and ran my tongue through her short hairs, pushed my mouth down to her pussy and picked off the duck pieces, while at the same time licking her clit from time to time as she moaned appreciatively.

The more aroused she became the more the duck changed in flavour, from soy sauce to 'essence of aroused Brigitte' as I could see the juices start to flow from her aroused hole.

Finally there was little left to clean up and I could focus on just licking her clit, and fingering her vagina. She was already very aroused, my finger slipped into her soaking pussy, and she quickly came with a series of gentle exclamations, panting in a relieved way.

'Strip naked now.' She instructed.

I quickly discarded my clothes and stood in front of her, my cock pointing rock hard towards her face as she lay in front of me, she slowly rose and brought her mouth up to my cock.

'Yum.' She commented with an appreciative grin.

She took me into her mouth and immediately I felt her tongue licking around my tip, exploring my slit and then ramming the whole shaft deep into her face.

She sucked and licked me for a few minutes as I let my head go back, closing my eyes and just enjoying the exquisite feeling of her mouth surrounding me. As her mouth enveloped me, one hand cupped my balls, and the other went round behind my bum to fondle that.

I was really getting into it and could start to feel my orgasm coming, but she was too perceptive to let me finish, slowing her speed and reducing the force of her sucking to let me recover a little.

'Lie down on the bed. I want to fuck you now.' She commanded and I was happy to oblige, lying back onto the bed, I lay on top of her now slightly saucy dressing gown.

She climbed over me, her pussy straddling my cock and then her hand gently guided me inside her. As she lowered herself over and around me, her mouth opened and she quickly inhaled, making a quiet mew as she did so. I closed my eyes again and just enjoyed the sensation as her tight wet vagina enveloped me.

She was in a hurry now though and quickly started bouncing her rear up and down over me, I could feel my cock ramming over and over into her, and there was an audible slap as she pushed herself down onto me. At first she sat back and I could feel the front of my cock rubbing onto the front wall of her pussy, she opened her legs as wide as she could and put her hand down to her clit, where she swiftly started pressing, rubbing and loving her ever-more swollen clit.

'Jack.' She whispered, getting slightly puffed out by her exertions.

'Yes.' I replied.

'Promise me something.'


'After you cum in my cunt.'


'I want you to let me do whatever I want with you.'

'Like what?'

'I am not telling you, but promise me you will let me.'

I was trying to think what she might be on about, but frankly at that moment, the thought of pumping her full of my cum was all I really cared about.

'OK.' I replied, starting to move my hips to push myself even more forcefully into her.

'You mean it.'

'Whatever.' I continued, increasingly close to orgasm and increasingly unconcerned about what she might want.

'OK, now fuck me, fuck my cunt, fill me with your cum.'

She increased the force and frequency of her movements, slapping her pussy down onto me, leaning forward, and rubbing her tits against my chest. She lowered her mouth to my face and started to bite my ear, mewing as she did so.

I reached and passed the point of no return grunting 'Yes, yes, yes.' as I felt her pussy fill with my warm seed.

She remained in place for a minute or two after I had finished inside her, I could feel her finger still down at her clit, gently playing with it, keeping herself aroused. Her lips roamed my face, kissing my lips and ears and forehead. I suddenly started to wonder what exactly she might have been meaning before, when I had promised that she could do 'Whatever I want with you.'

Exactly what kind of thing might she have in mind? That she would make me promise to do, without telling me what it was?

'Now, what happens next is a fantasy that I have had for a long time; I sometimes make myself cum thinking about this.' She whispered in my ear.

'Do exactly what I want, and on Saturday, as a reward, I will do anything you want.' She continued, her lips right next to me ear.

'Like what?' I asked.

'Anything you have always fancied but were too afraid to ask a girl to do.' She licked my lips.

Suddenly she started moving forward; I felt my soft cock slip out of her sopping pussy, sliding down onto my stomach. Then quickly she moved her knees up my torso and then over my shoulders until her pussy was positioned right over my face, over my eyes. A globule of thick white liquid dripped down onto my forehead, she put her finger down to me and smeared it across my eyebrows, smiling down at me and licking her lips.

I looked up silently, starting to get an idea of what she might want to do, or what she might want me to do. Her pussy was very messy, still covered with some of the sauce from the duck, also coated with sweat from the vigorous pounding that she had performed as she fucked me hard. All around her labia, mixed into the lightly trimmed hairs, there was a thick white goo, a mixture of her juices and my cum.

Finally, down by her vagina, a thick white stream of cum hung down from her opening. She looked down at my face, just a few centimetres from her sex. She moved her hand down to her pussy, and using her second and forth fingers, pushed the lips apart. She exposed the opening of her hole, even more cum welling up at the edges.

'Lick it.' She commanded.

I looked up at her doubtfully.

'Remember, Saturday. Whatever you want.'

I had never eaten a cum filled pussy before and moved my head slowly towards her. Her hands took my head and gently pulled them towards her. 'Yes....' She hissed slowly to herself, enjoying the control and my obedience.

I kissed her clit lightly, tasting the sweet and salty mixture of pussy goo and cum. Her hands pulled me closer, forcing my face right into her wide open lips.

'Lick my pussy, put your tongue right into me.' She commanded with a slight air of desperation.

I moved down her slit until my mouth was right over her vagina, taking the thick stream of cum into my mouth and swallowing it.

'Oh yes, eat it. Eat your cum out of me.' She exclaimed, her finger returning to her clit as she raised her arousal once again.

I forced my tongue as far into her as I could, with her fingers banging into my nose as she massaged her clit while I was licking her out.

'OK now stop.' She demanded.

'Right, this is going to really freak you out. But just do it.' She panted, demandingly.

On the table next to us was a Kit Kat, left there from where I had bought it for a post Chinese snack. She swiftly opened the packet and then broke off a single finger, slightly thinner than a finger on my hand. She broke it in half so it was about five centimetres long and then looked down at me with a wicked glint in her eyes.

Finally she took the chocolate finger, with one hand pulled the opening to her vagina fully apart, and with the other, slid the chocolate finger up into her opening, cum and juices still leaking down from it. Just a small part of the finger was left emerged from her lips, and even that was soon covered in cum and her wetness.

'Now eat it.' She insisted.

I remained stationary.

'Now.' And she took my hair in one hand and pulled my head roughly up again to her, slamming my nose into her clit. I felt like her sex slave, fulfilling her every wicked demand, unable to say no, unable to resist. It was a strange mixture of slight disgust and immense arousal.

With my mouth I licked around her lips until I could feel the end of the chocolate, the sweetness mixing into the salt of my cum. I took the end of it in my teeth and they slipped over the already softening edges. Slowly I started to tug it out of her, and as it partially pulled out, along with the chocolate, a stream of sticky white and brown goo came running out of her, avalanching down into my mouth and onto my face.

I swallowed the salt and sweet wetness as Brigitte exclaimed 'Oh fuck yes.', rubbing the remainder around my face and into my hair.

Eventually the chocolate bar emerged fully and I let it fall into my mouth before chewing it and then swallowing it. The taste was a strong brew of sweetness and sex, and she watched every aspect of my actions with a look of glee on her face. Once I was done, she forced my face up to her again, pulling my mouth to her clit.

After just a few seconds she was screaming out as another huge orgasm ran through her body, another wave of wetness and goo running down my chin onto my chest.

'Now clean up all the mess.' She continued, pushing my mouth back down to her vagina. 'Lick it all out.'

I put my tongue back inside her pussy, as deep as it could again, and this time she mainly tasted sweet from the edges of the chocolate that had been inside her. Brigitte moaned and grunted approvingly before she eventually was satisfied and pulled gently away from me.

I felt tired and yet very sexy, I had not really had a fantasy of cum eating previously but it had been a big turn on and I had enjoyed the feeling of doing exactly what she had asked, and also of giving her the pleasure that she had obviously enjoyed.

I looked down and my cock was already hard again, I had found it all quite strange but very arousing too.

'Fuck Jack, that was so hot, thank you so much for doing that. I have had this fantasy of a guy eating out of my cum filled cunt for ages but never quite found the moment. That was absolutely mind blowing. I hope you weren't too horrified.'

'No.' I replied. 'Don't worry about it, it was really.... Interesting. I never did anything like that before.'

'God I feel like such a slut.' She looked doubtfully at me as she lowered her naked body down alongside me.

'Not at all. Don't worry. We all have fantasies.' I assured her.

'Well what are yours then? What would you like me to do? After all, I have promised.'

'Oh well, I don't know.' I thought doubtfully to myself as to whether telling her the dark corners of my mind was necessarily a good plan.

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