tagErotic HorrorExpirement Gone Wrong

Expirement Gone Wrong


Greg ran through the forest as his heart pounded in his chest. His eyes darting left and right keeping a watch in front of him for some sign of whatever the monstrosity hunting him was. He paused momentarily leaning against a dense growth of trees as he attempted to catch his breath. Holding his hand over his chest he could feel the thumping of each beat and it sounded to him as if his heart was pumping an entire drum solo loud enough to roar above any crowd.

“AIEEEEEEE!”, it cried out swooping down from the trees.

At once Greg was off running again, this was getting closer to his end now and he knew that if he couldn’t find shelter soon inside the cabin it was all over. Perhaps it would be anyway. The leaves rustled beneath his feet as he trampled over the grass and snapping twigs. He was afraid now to look behind him. Afraid of what he would see. Or rather what he wouldn’t see until it pounced upon him. He wondered just what had gone wrong and if he would be able to ever find out. If he could only find shelter, he thought again.

And there it was not two hundred yards in front of him, the little cabin that he and Bridget had come to for a short working weekend. They had hoped once the trials were done they would be able to sit down and perhaps relax and just talk, away from the office and everyone else. It had been fine, until... well just until.

Greg saw the little lights on inside and as he hurried to the cabin he saw IT, again. It’s lithe form still held shreds of what remained of some of Bridget’s clothing and yet even whatever womanly form she had possessed earlier while still there was altered enough to completely shock Greg into a standstill. He gazed upon the thing that Bridget had become and almost gave in and stood his ground ready to receive whatever damnation she was about to wreak upon him.

Then reality set in and his internal flight mechanism set his feet in motion. No one can just stand there and accept death without putting up a fight or running for their lives and even if he had somehow created this thing he knew that in the end given half a chance he would kill it as well.

Nearing the cabin Greg did take a moment to look back and what he saw now made him cringe and fight back the bile rising in his throat. The thing was growing long green legs out of what used to be Bridget’s thighs. So now it would have an extra set of legs to speed down on him and rectify the wrong that had been done to its host.

Greg could see the doorknob to the cabin door now and knew that within seconds he would be safe. Or at least stall enough to work out a way to mentally attempt to find a remedy for Bridget. As his hands reached the door he stumbled on the last step and the creature shrieked again and fell upon him. Its razor sharp talons or whatever those things were that had grown from her hands were now raking across the back of his legs as he attempted to scramble back to the door. It appeared that the Bridget thing was going to drag him free of the porch and destroy his body limb from limb. His ankles and calves were ablaze with pain as the blood ran down his legs and he knew he was nearing shock from the sheer pain and agony of what his body was being put through.

Turning making one last effort he kicked out with one leg and struck the Bridget thing directly where her mouth used to be. He could see the awful misshapen head recoil and the pinchers where her mouth had been try to close around his foot. Pulling his foot back he fought through the pain and pulled himself across the porch. As soon as his hands locked around the doorknob he gave it a turn and as the door swung in and open he scrambled through it. As soon as he slid his leg through the opening he was spinning on his bottom and trying desperately to get the door to his back. He swung with one hand and heard the latch of the door handle click as it hit home. Greg pushed up with all his might letting adrenaline take over for the time being and then spun on his heel and flipped the bolt lock in place. He hobbled over to the nearest chair and drug it limping back to the door. Setting the back underneath the handle he managed to secure the door just as the Bridget thing banged into it threatening to knock the door in.

Greg relieved for the moment limped towards the bathroom and dropped his pants, as he tended to his wounds behind the closed and locked bathroom door his mind went back to what had started this all just less than an hour ago.

________________________________________________ Greg had been working on a super strength formula for his company that would nearly eliminate the need for steroids or any other body building supplement or muscle strengthener from a doctor. No longer would one have to worry after surgery or work out in the gym countless hours to achieve raw strength. With a few short injections of the serum they would have undefinable strength and with none of the drawbacks that had been encountered before.

Bridget had been his assistant through the whole process and she was amazing. When he had lacked the conviction to go through and find where something was wrong she had sat with him and gone over every detail and often pointed out where he had tweaked this thing or that just a little too much and show him where that mistake could be corrected. It had taken five long years and this weekend was supposed to be the culmination of all their fruits of labor.

Supposed to be was the key here.... The initial tests last week on the lab mice had shown no side effects at all through the entire week and now they were ready to progress to human testing. But neither of them felt prepared to risk someone else’s health or even possibly given someone that edge over another person just yet. So they had decided to take a weekend go to the cabin he owned up in the mountains and one of them would be the guinea pig.

Greg had decided he would go first but he wanted to celebrate prior to injecting himself. He had Bridget had grown close over their time together these past years and even though she was a complete brain and sweetheart she also had the body of a vixen. She had long red hair, that she normally kept up in a ponytail or bun, and a body that most men fantasized over. Her breasts were full and just more than a mouthful he had discovered and her waist had just a little baby fat left. That was more exciting to him than any model thin woman could be just the right extra flesh on her body in all the right places. Her hips fanned out and her ass was tight and firm and yet had a soft bubble shape to it. He had heard one of the male interns refer to it as a ghetto booty and he thought that was appropriate.

Over the course of their time they had worked long hours of overtime and their lives mostly consisted of work. The company they worked for had housing units right inside the main complex and this was for security as well as convenience. This allowed all the doctors and scientists and their assistants a place to live and when they needed down time they were able to go the corridor and go get a few winks. This only applied to the staff working on sensitive projects and they only other requirement was that they be single. No one could take on such a project without being cleared by security and then taking up residency inside the complex. Bridget had shared the living quarters next to his from the beginning and eventually they had just fallen into each other’s arms one night. It had been passionate and wild. The girl that was so intelligent and awkward at times around other men as he had witnessed could have equally been gifted in the adult film industry. She held nothing taboo and within a week or two they had gone through the Karma Sutra and took more and more little breaks just to go back to one of their rooms and fuck to their hearts content.

As their deadline had narrowed the sex had gotten more creative and kinky and less frequent. Spontaneity was what they had to go on for the past six months only getting a few hours of sleep before having to return to the lab to further their work. She had gone into the routine of waking him up with a blow job or rubbing her tight, wet slit up and down his thigh as she jacked him off. As soon as he woke up she would slide down over him and ride him to the point of both their orgasms and then slide away and either force him to cum all over her or to ram his big meaty cock into her ass hard. She didn’t care what anyone else thought and knew the looks they would get after an extremely loud session before work. She craved the sexual times with Greg and felt free to be the freak she really was in bed with him.

That’s why they had been allowed to come out to the cabin. The director had told them to take a weekend and celebrate and get some fresh air not recycled for once in nearly half a decade. Greg and Bridget had decided to bring a vial of the serum with them and to finish writing the paper for the Journal of Medicine so that when they got back everything would be green lighted to proceed. Neither could expect the results that happened in the lab 6 hours after they had left it. Nor would they foresee the horrible twist of fate they were about to be dealt.

Greg had slipped into the bathroom to relieve his bladder and prepare for some good old fashioned kinky sex when Bridget had decided to take the serum and surprise her lover with a newfound strength. She didn’t take all of it just enough to feel the effects.

Greg walked out of the bathroom just as Bridget was lying down on the floor. Her clothes had been discarded and as she lie there looking at him she ran her fingers down her body pausing to pinch and tease her nipples to their erect state before working her way down to her pussy. Her long fingers slid through the sparse patch of red pubic hair before working their way inside her pink center. She pumped her hips up against her hand and with her other crooked a finger beckoning to him. As he had stepped to her and the lie down beside her she had reached for his cock and directed him at her mouth.

Bridget had started to then suck his large cock and take him deep inside her mouth before pulling her fingers from her soaked pussy and stroking his cock before pressing them back inside her. She loved the taste of her pussy juices and even more when they were all over Greg’s big cock. It hadn’t taken long to have Greg panting and just about to release his load when she pulled away and got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass back at him. “Come fuck me lover,” she had cooed.

More than willing to oblige his lover Greg had grabbed her hips and rammed his prick home. As soon as he started pumping inside her though he noticed the changes. Her arms had more definition to them and for some reason every time she thrust her hips back against him it hurt his abdomen something fierce. She managed to keep distracting him though by rolling her hips and reaching under him and stroking his big balls.

That’s when the changes started to occur. She had known something was wrong and her body started to shiver. She pulled away from him and spun around to face him. Greg thinking she was about to finish him off with her mouth grabbed her head and started to push her head down. That is when he felt the abnormalities on her head. Bridget’s head had small antennas coming from the top of it and her face was growing more oblong with each second. The tinge of green then washed over her face as her mouth opened to accept him her cheeks widened and where her mouth had just been was now a gaping hole. Her cheeks had split as well and small pinchers were forming on the crooks of the gape of her mouth. She could no longer speak just make clicking sounds and shriek in some strange voice.

Greg had pulled away just in time as she had attempted to grab his quickly growing flaccid cock with her pinchers. Greg had grabbed his pants and scrambled out the door to run to the car and flee for his safety. As soon as he was inside the vehicle though Bridget had appeared on the hood, denting it and destroying the engine beneath. The car had nearly toppled over and as he made to get out of the car she had punched right through the windshield as it didn’t even exist. Greg had narrowly missed getting hit by what could now be classified as claws or talons where her fingers used to be.

------------------------------------------------- He knew she must have done something with the serum but he couldn’t figure out what went wrong. Greg thought back to what this serum had contained and the only thing he could figure is that the preying mantis secretions they used as the form of strength serum had a horrid side effect. Somehow it had morphed her into a likening of where the serum had been hosted and she was turning into a giant preying fucking mantis was all he could figure out.

Greg sat there bandaging himself up when the thump came at the bathroom door. She was about to get in and all he could do is sit here and think about what went wrong and the sex they had been having just before she had changed. Greg looked down and saw his cock was sticking straight up in the air now as he finished bandaging his wounds. That could work in his advantage he thought, since Bridget loved sex and cum some much if he could fuck her until the serum wore off or at least she fell asleep maybe he could find a cure or at least get her back to the confines of the company complex.

Greg took a deep breath and opened the door. There she stood in her grotesque form, her body still beautiful as ever if you could look past the extra set of legs that now sprung from her thighs and her misshapen bug head. Greg knew she saw his hard cock and it excited her. Her reaction was to start rubbing together those extra legs and she spun around offering her backside to him. Apparently even in this form she would need sexual gratification. He quickly slipped behind her and even though she appalled him at the moment her wet pussy didn’t. He needed to be inside her again, needed to feel connected to her and reminded why he should save her and not try and kill the beast she had becoming.

“I will find a cure for you Bridget,” Greg told her as he slipped his penis deep inside her opening. He thrust for all he was worth pumping in her nice and hard just like she loved to be fucked. Then without warning he spanked her bubble ass and squeezed it and slid a finger deep inside her tightest of openings. She had always loved this before and even more now in some primal way. Greg knew he was about to cum and yelled so as his breathing became ragged. As soon as he started to cum he knew his mistake though.

Bridget’s preying mantis like head spun around and her extra legs slid between her own and locked around Greg’s waist. She saw the panic, fear and understanding in his eyes yet couldn’t stop herself. She opened her mouth wide and leaned back as her spine cracked and she could now feel the rest of her body altering itself to the mantis form. She let her pinchers open wide and engulfed Greg’s head as he shrieked and ripped it from his shoulders.

Greg’s hips continued to pump and his seed continued to flow inside what was once his lover and assistant. As soon as his body fell to the side Bridget spit his head out of her mouth and slid out the door to go hunt down another delicious male.

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