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Explaining the Mysterious


Club Cistern's normally full dance floor was jammed with twice as many sweaty, drunk bodies as usual. Halloween night, and the club overflowed with dancers. A trio of ghosts danced in flimsy sheets, naked bodies glowing beneath them. Unclear how they saw anything from under the sheets when they were gyrating out of control. The eye holes shifted wildly. The requisite cheerleaders bounced and shook their pompoms. A few of the women wore patches of cloth that barely covered their slick, oiled bodies. They weren't really costumes. It didn't matter. The point was to be as sexy as possible. The dizzying, swirling array of dancers, thumping music and flashing lights made it hard to concentrate on one person. It was a whirling mass of hot, sweaty confusion.

After a fight with my boyfriend, I'd arrived at the club alone. Last week, he'd convinced me to miss a house party with friends so that we could spend time alone together.

Tonight, he'd called me on my cell as I'd finished dressing for our date.

"Are you almost here? You didn't mention if we're going for dinner or drinks." I twirled in front of the mirror. I'd chosen a silk dress in a deep plum color. The shoes and accessories would depend on where he was taking me.

"Babe, I have to work late tonight."

"We made plans." I tried not to sound irritable or pouty, but I was both.

"I couldn't know that this customer would be such a problem. I'll have to call you later." He hung up.

I stared at my phone in disbelief. He could have called me earlier. It was already late. I refused to sit home like a good little girlfriend waiting for him to spend time with me.

I'd ripped off the dress and rummaged in my closet for a suitable costume. The beautiful thing about Halloween was anything could double as a costume. Two years previously, I'd attended a party dressed as a cat, so the ears were still in my closet. That year, I'd gone the tame route by wearing a short black skirt. This year, anger and recklessness made me bold. I'd have to wear a long coat to cover this costume on the streets. Women could be naked in Club Cistern and nobody cared. It had a reputation as an anything goes type of establishment, but out on the street was a different story. The outfit I planned on wearing might get me arrested for indecent exposure.

Anger carried me to the threshold of the bar. I'd need alcohol to carry me the rest of the night. My tiny designer purse vibrated. I didn't bother checking it. I knew who called me. He should have been off work hours ago, or not talked me into staying home with him. I should have been with my friends. If I knew where they were, I'd be there now.

At the bar, I ordered a Zombie. All the drinks for Halloween had creepy sounding names. Zombies were always named Zombies. It fit. That's what I wanted to become tonight. A zombie, not feeling anything. With three kinds of rum, it was almost guaranteed.

By the second drink, I'd taken off my coat and left it at the coat check. As it slipped from my shoulders, the surrounding air swirled cool across my bare, heated skin. I wasn't naked, but close enough. The costume, normally my sexiest lingerie, scooped down to the very tops of my nipples, the pale pink flesh around them created a tantalizing view of my cleavage almost to the nipple.

The waist had light boning in the corset before flaring out into the shortest of flimsy skirts. Under the skirt, I wore nothing more than strings of a thong. Round, plump cheeks peeked out of the bottom when I moved. Walking back to the bar, the hem of the skirt skimmed gently over my ass. I felt incredibly sexy and on my way to becoming extremely drunk.

By my third Zombie, I was out on the dance floor sweating and gyrating between a sexy witch who had on even less clothing than I did, and a guy in a cape. In flashes of the cape, I noticed he had the smallest bit of material covering his groin. Occasionally, he bumped against my ass. His cock escaped from the bare covering to touch my bare skin. With each contact, I twitched as an electric current ran from my pussy to my nipples which caused them to poke against the corset material creating a small gap that shifted with each dance step. It became a game. How long before the material shifted under my breasts and left me topless?

The anticipation left me breathless. I needed air and a bit of coolness across my skin. I weaved my way past my dance partners. Hands plucked at my clothing and soft bodies brushed against me. An adventurous finger slipped between my ass cheeks and traced the line before trailing over my rounded ass cheek. All the attention caused me to become more heated. I hurried to the ladies' room.

Like most ladies' rooms in clubs everywhere, this one was packed tight with women checking themselves in the mirror, using the stalls and fixing their clothing. Fighting my way to a mirror, I ran cold water in the sink and let it run over my wrists. Gazing into the mirror, I noticed my face was flushed. Eyeliner smudged under my eyes and my cat ears sat crookedly on top of my head. Laughing softly, I straightened them.

I turned off the faucet, dabbed water onto my face, and grabbed a paper towel. I used the edge to neaten the eyeliner. Ignoring my phone, I reapplied lipstick. I noticed the bathroom slowly clearing out, so I took advantage of an empty stall. I didn't fix my top. I liked how the lace prickled my nipples and hovered on the edge of becoming indecent. I left the stall, and as the door banged behind me, I looked up to find the bathroom completely empty.

Must be my lucky night. I deserved some luck. I stepped to the sink to wash my hands. When I looked up from the running water, a woman stood at the sink next to me. We smiled at each other in the mirror.

She spoke first, "It cleared out fast in here, didn't it?"

I laughed softly and nodded. "A crowd will be here soon. They must come in waves." My voice only slightly slurred. Not bad for three Zombies in less than two hours. I frowned as a thought occurred to me. Was this bathroom empty when I came out of the stall?

She interrupted my thoughts. "That's a beautiful shade of lipstick. Where did you get it?"

Stumbling slightly, I fumbled for my purse on the counter and dug through it until I found the tube. "It's called Passion's Desire. Hm. I dun know where I got it."

She laughed holding onto my back so I wouldn't fall. "You've had quite a bit to drink, haven't you?"

Brushing her hand away, I laughed and swayed. "I drank three Zombies, and I feel great!"

"I can see this. Do you mind?" She held out her hand for the lipstick.

I shrugged, which tilted my vision. Every movement set me off balance. As if my neck supported a wobbly bobble head. The drinks were creeping up on me. Rum tends to do that. A fact I'd forgotten as I downed them one after another.

With the lipstick in hand, she hovered over me making sure I didn't fall. When I remained upright, she grinned into the mirror and leaned forward to apply the lipstick. After smacking her soft lips, she turned for me to see. "What do you think?"

"It's a great color with your skin tone. Might look better on you than me." She was a tall blonde with golden skin. The coral color of the lipstick made her lips shine and gave her face a healthy glow. On my darker olive skin with my black hair, it looked good, but not great.

Until now, I hadn't noticed her clothing. She wasn't dressed in a costume. Unless pretty, golden blonde was considered a costume. Her blonde hair was straight and smooth, the kind I'd always wanted. We always want what we don't have, don't we? She wore a silver, light cotton skirt that came down to mid-thigh and a halter top. A bit slutty perhaps, but not a costume. She wore bangles on both wrists and a beautiful, silver choker around her neck.

"What's your costume for Halloween?"

She replied, "Is it Halloween? I hadn't realized."

I frowned. "You didn't see all the costumes out there on the dance floor?"

She smiled as she answered, "I only just arrived and found myself in the bathroom."

The longer we stood, the more I realized that the rum might have been a bad idea. I leaned into the counter as the room swirled. Closing my eyes made it much worse.

"Let's get you home. You've had enough rum Zombies, don't you think?"

Aside from the swirling in my head, something else nagged at me. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but the spinning of the room might be to blame. She led me into the club's main floor.

Suddenly, I was being crushed and battered by dancing bodies. One of my breasts wrestled free of the corset top. Every hand in the club squeezed and groped the flesh pinching and pulling the nipple. I gasped as heat radiated through me. This overwhelming sense of naughtiness made me flush with desire.

It was hard enough to remain upright. There didn't seem anything wrong with the whole club touching my nipple. The sensations shot straight to my pussy. I hoped my boyfriend would be home. I'd be willing to forgive him for leaving me alone tonight if he'd take advantage of my drunk-induced horniness.

Outside the club, the fresh air hit me. I welcomed it with a sigh. It woke me and cleared my head slightly. I remembered my anger at him. My arousal and the alcohol wiped the anger from me in waves. Angry one minute, drunk and aroused the next. We hadn't been dating long, so it was extremely important that at the beginning stages of our relationship I didn't let him get away with too much. Especially making dates then canceling them at the last minute.

The girl from the bathroom, I didn't even know her name, waved her arm whistling for a passing cab. When it stopped, she opened the back door.

I murmured, "Thanks, I--"

She crowded behind me as I slid into the backseat and scooted in further. "I should make sure you get home okay."

I lay my cheek against the cool leather of the backseat as I stared at her. I had a vague sense of unease. Before I pinned down the thought, the cabbie interrupted.

"Where to, lady?"

She nudged me. "Tell the man where you live."

For a moment, I stopped and considered the situation. "Why--"

She smiled while wrapping an arm around me and pulling me in towards her. Slim fingers brushed over the side of my breast. Her nail flicked across my puckered nipple, which made me gasp.

She whispered, "Let me take you home. You're very drunk, and I want to make sure you're okay. Tell him your address."

Gazing into her bright blue eyes, I mumbled my address to the driver. He muttered and hit the gas hard. We jerked back against the seat.

While she caressed my nipple, she brushed her lips over mine in a soft kiss. Pressing against her, I made a small soft noise in the back of my throat while arching my back into her hand. She responded by squeezing my breast lightly while deepening the kiss. My boyfriend's face filled my head.

I pulled away from the kiss with a soft sigh. "I have a boyfriend. One who is probably waiting in my apartment for me right now."

She frowned and opened her mouth to speak but I interrupted her before she could. My jumbled brain filled with scattered thoughts, and the vague sense something was missing. I glanced at my purse then around the interior of the cab.

I slurred, "My coat..."

The cab pulled in front of my building quicker than expected. The cabbie slammed the brakes, slapped at the meter and announced the price; $17.25.

I dug around in purse until I found random dollars; change from the drinks I'd ordered tonight. I dropped it over the seat and followed the blonde out of the cab. Weaving slightly, I wobbled my way towards the door to my building. I would have banged into the glass if she hadn't steered me around the open doorway.

Brushing my hair out of my face, she gazed at me with concern and fondness before tugging my top to cover my breasts. My foggy mind registered a problem. I didn't feel threatened, but a vague concern. I couldn't latch on to the problem and each time I tried to focus, my mind drifted.

The ding announced the arrival of the elevator. As the doors slide open, I stumbled inside and slapped at the button for my floor.

Leaning against the wall of the elevator, I mumbled, "Why are you taking me home?" That was the problem with this. Or part of it. The only part my mind was able to latch onto and verbalize.

She smiled as she answered my question. "I'm taking you home because once long ago, there was nobody to care for me when I needed them. You need my help."

Tears prickled my eyes. "That's so nice of you. How come nobody helped you?"

With the ding of the elevator announcing my floor, her response was muffled, but it sounded like she said, "...didn't know I'd need it."

At the door to my apartment, I slid the key around the lock three times. The key circled the slot as if homing in on its location through touch. Finally, I got it unlocked and opened the door wide for my new friend.

She'd grown tense and quietly on alert.

Keeping her voice low, she whispered, "Is anyone home?"

I kicked off my shoes by the door, dropped my purse onto the table and wandered away as it fell to the floor next to my shoes. I slapped at the light switch in the galley kitchen. My apartment's small kitchen opened over a tiny counter into the living room. The floor plan gave an illusion of open space when in reality, the apartment was tiny. Off the hallway, past the living room, was one bedroom and a bathroom. I'd decorated the place myself with found furniture at garage sales and second hand stores. My style was a bit shabby chic and eclectic without the country touch.

I motioned her into the living room, turned and banged into the kitchen door frame. Immediately, she was by my side. Her voice still low as she steered me into the living room and deposited me onto the couch. "What are you trying to do in the kitchen?"

Slurring more with each passing minute, I murmured, "I'm trying to be a good hostess and bring you a drink."

With a smile, she brushed hair out of my face. "I don't need anything except a place to crash."

I reached up to touch her face, and my eyes crossed. I closed them and let my hand fall to my lap. "You can stay on my couch."

Trying to rise to my feet, it took me two tries before I remained upright. I left my house guest on the couch with a vague wave towards the kitchen and a mumble about drinks.

I went in search of my boyfriend. It was likely that he would be here waiting for me. He knew where I kept the spare key and would often surprise me. Drunk and without light, the bedroom felt disorienting. Stumbling towards the bed, I avoided the foot board but banged my shoulder into the post. I hissed at the pain, but continued. At the edge of the bed, I touched a covered bump. Smiling, I crawled in beside his warm, hard body spooning against his back. As he shifted slightly, I kissed the side of his neck.

Without warning, I found myself flat on my back with my arms pinned over my head. He straddled my waist. Breathlessly, I laughed as a small, surprised thrill moved through me. With one hand pinning both my wrists, he flicked the lamp and light flooded the room making me blink.

"Rachel. Where have you been tonight? You reek of rum."

I giggled. "Baby, that's because I was drinkin' rum. I drank two...no, three...no...hmm. It might have been a lot of Zombies."

He brushed a hand over the top of my breasts, barely grazing the corset hem. His expression was thoughtful. "This is what you wore out of the house tonight? Where did you go? I called you more than once."

Without waiting for my answer, he wrestled the top under my breasts folding the material so it stayed framing them. My nipples were tight and hard. Instantly, the skin around them pebbled with goosebumps. He'd never been this rough with me. My body responded to that roughness in ways I didn't expect.

I pouted at him, "It's Halloween. I made plans, but canceled them for you. Like you asked! And you worked instead so I went to party on my own without you."

He'd been sleeping in a pair of light blue boxers. The first thing that had ever attracted me to him was his gorgeous smile, but seeing him naked, I was rocked by the sleekness of his body. Smooth and hard, his chest was the second thing to turn me on about him. He straddled my waist. I longed to run my fingernails down his chest to his stomach and under the waistband of those boxers. As I watched, his cock hardened slightly and the head peeked through the slit in the boxers. I glanced up at his face to see him staring at my tits. I purred lightly in the back of my throat as he watched me hungrily.

"You went out dressed as...what for Halloween...a slut?"

My anger returned in a hot wave. He'd stood me up, but the way he stared at me caused my insides to become liquid and hot with desire. The fire of my anger made my nerve endings flash. I pushed against his grip. Testing to see how serious he was about restraining me. He held fast, tightening his already iron grip. I wiggled pretending to whimper as if he hurt me. It didn't make him release my wrists. His gaze lingered on the way my tits bounced and shook.

I frowned, "I have ears on. Don't you see them? I went as a cat this year. If you hadn't ruined my Halloween plans, this wouldn't have happened."

Sliding down my body, he kept my legs pinned between his knees, stopping when his mouth was level with my nipples. He sucked one into his mouth. Arching my back, I whimpered. He responded by biting onto the nub of flesh until I let out a sharp cry of pain.

He released my nipple before saying sternly, "You went out as a slutty cat."

"I didn't..."

He pressed his lips over mine cutting off my protests. We kissed hungrily for a few minutes. Panting and moaning as he devoured my mouth. His hard chest pressed against my breasts. I arched my back into him. I wanted his mouth back on my sensitive nipples.

Hopping from the bed, his voice had an edge as he whispered, "Stay still."

I did as he commanded while watching him intently. He moved with a grace and power that made me tingle. I wondered when he'd let me introduce him to my friends and family. We'd been taking this slow, but I was ready for the next step. Hopefully, it wouldn't scare him.

The four poster bed didn't block my view of him as he wandered to the closet, grabbed something out of it, and sifted through his clothes on the small armchair in the corner.

My eyes drifted shut.

A light slap brought me back to consciousness. When I reached for my face, my hand wouldn't move. At that point, I realized my hands and feet were tied to the bed. I yanked and pulled frantically. I must have passed out. What did he do? What was happening?

He hushed me, "Rachel, relax. You need to be punished for tonight, don't you agree? We made plans and even if I was a few minutes late, you should have waited here for me."

I yanked and pulled at the restraints. I pleaded with him, "Please, let me up. You're scaring me, Brian."

He pinched my nipple as he opened the night table drawer pulling out scissors. "You deserve this punishment, Rachel. I can't have you running all over town dressed like this because you got angry at me."

When he slipped the edge of the sharp scissors under my outfit, I let out one sharp gasp then willed my body to be still. He gazed at me. His eyes flashing with anger and holding me pinned under it as effectively as the ropes. For the first time, fear slid through me quickening my pulse. With a few snips of the scissors, the lingerie lay in strips of rags on the bed.

"Hey, I liked this lingerie. You'll be replacing it."

He laughed like it was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever heard. "No, I won't."

My heart raced, but I wasn't truly afraid now that the scissors weren't cold against my skin. It was a weird twist, but he wouldn't seriously hurt me. I'd heard friends talk about bondage games with their boyfriends. I'd always been curious but never wanted to initiate or mention it. Brian must have taken this as an opportunity to introduce this into our sex. The rum made this line of reasoning perfectly understandable.

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